OnePieceBay Global Rules
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By becoming a registered user at OPB Forums you automatically agree to the following rules. If you break any of the rules you will either receive a warning, infraction, get muted (blocked from commenting and posting) or get banned. In a number of situations the punishment is much more serious, for example if you posted advertising or shared child porn - your IP will be banned and in the latter case your ISP contacted. You have the right to appeal any ban via e-mail if you think the mods have misjudged your situation, however you have to include a reason or explanation in the appeal! Appeals without a reason or explanation will be rejected.

We are always open for communication, so if you feel that your comment or post was removed for no reason and a punishment was administered, due to a mistake or personal conflict - feel free to contact the administrators (mainly Nexus) by PM.

Site Usage

A great amount of people have spent many hours, days, weeks and months to make this forum welcoming and comfortable, so when you use it keep that in mind and have some respect for the work done by others.

Posting and Messaging
  • Do not leave any comments that are obscene, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violate any laws.
  • Multi-posting is not allowed.
  • Any type of content describing or showing the death and murder of a human being is ground for account deletion, unless it is posted as news and in good faith.
  • It is absolutely unacceptable to use any racist, sexist, bigoted or otherwise snide remarks whether in a friendly manner, jest, or outright insult and will be met with a 3 point infraction lasting 15 days (and consequently a 1 day ban, or longer if infraction points already exist).
  • The deltZ Rule because apparently morons still exist: It has been made clear in February 2013, and then again in December 2014 what bigoted terms are, and what the punishment for them is. We're not stupid, and we don't have time for your special case of "faggot" meaning something else. The rules are clear. 1 day ban for using a term you're not supposed to, and if you go the extra length of negatives in your IQ value like someone did, you wont be warned, or banned. An admin will attend you: And admins don't warn, they dominate your sorry ass.
  • Any type of advertising and SPAM in comments, avatars, usernames, posts, visitor and private messages is not welcome. If you are interested in cooperation with OPB Forums as another website or forum please contact the administrators via e-mail.
  • Linking to manga or anime websites (to avoid any kind of confusion: sites that host manga and/or anime, or forums dedicated to such content), either directly or through an image, is under any circumstance forbidden.
  • Mentioning manga hosting sites or manga or anime forums is permitted, however mentioning them with the intent to draw users from OPB Forums is forbidden and will be met with a permanent ban. What qualifies as "intent to draw users" is up to staff discretion, so if you're uncertain, it's probably best not to mention it.
  • Any type of outside links in visitor or private messages as well as posts, which contain illegal games/movies, or sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content are not allowed, save for what is clearly news. Other, permittable sites in question and links have to be virus-free.
  • External images are forbidden if they contain a direct reference or link to another anime or manga community website.

  • Any kind of reputation point system abuse will be regarded as a serious violation.
  • When you engage into discussion with the community please stick to these rules: Respect the people that you communicate with, dont post tons of meaningless messages and keep the discussion normal even if you are provoked into some conflict, it is better to leave it to the Moderators.
  • Our Forums allow you to report posts, comments, images and private messages that violate the rules of the website. But please use this function wisely. Contrary to popular belief the amount of reports you produce does not make you stand out as staff material.
  • The Noir Rule. Don't abuse the steal feature in the market. It was put there for some tom foolery and fun but don't try to steal from someone 70 times in 60 seconds. It puts a strain on the database that is unneeded and if you are found to be abusing the system, you will receive a special kind of infraction.
  • Use common sense. Common sense goes a long way. Just because there isn't a "no smoking allowed" sign somewhere doesn't mean it's okay to smoke. Or troll.

In General
  • OPB Forums have no religious priorities whatsoever, we support the freedom of choice in what concerns religion and therefore are not entitled to remove religious content that may appear abusive to followers of any of the existing religions. Nevertheless we leave the right to remove any religious content if we consider it generally extremist or harmful.
  • We also have nothing against the LGBT community and any abuses based on the sexual preferences of others will be classified as common abuse and punished by the Moderators.
  • If you for some reason skipped these rules, you will still be punished for violating them. Our Staff is really busy with various tasks and real-life, so they might have no time for understanding your unique "I was unaware of the rules" reason.
  • The Greed Rule. If a user is unable to understand our rules or cooperate with the Moderators in solving the rule violation issue, he or she will fall under the the Greed Rule and declared a persona non grata. Any of his or hers further posts will be removed after a first serious violation and the Staff will refuse to cooperate with this user in order to solve their problem.
  • If you contact a moderator, dont expect them to respond immediately. Moderators, Super Moderators and Administrators are very busy individuals, and it might take a while for them to respond to your message.

Your Account

Creating multiple accounts is strictly forbidden!
  • Proxies are allowed, but all infraction and ban times are (at least) doubled if you break a rule using one. You may use a proxy. There is nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind that a number of proxies are already banned from the forum. If you try to log in using a proxy and find yourself banned, drop that proxy and use another. If you create an alternate account using a proxy, the proxy will be permanently banned, and if we know the original account name, that will be banned for no less than 1 month.
  • You are only allowed one account. You may not create a second account unless you have permission from an Administrator. If there is more than one person using the same computer and you all want separate accounts, the first member to register from that computer must contact an Administrator. If there is more than one person using the same network (router) and you all want separate accounts, the same principle applies. The primary account will be held liable for anything the secondary accounts do. If the second account joins and immediately starts to break rules you will more than likely both be infracted and/or banned.
  • Do not share your password for your OPB Forums account with anyone else. There should be no reason people are logging into other people's accounts. Infractions will be given to both accounts involved.
  • Please use good judgment when choosing your username and later on your avatar/signature. Anything obscene, racist, hateful, threatening, or otherwise violating any laws will be removed by the Moderators. You have the possibility to change your nickname after registration in a handful of ways and you are very welcome to look into those immediately after realizing your choice could've been smarter.
  • Any attempt to imitate a Moderator, Super Moderator or Administrator username or profile will be seriously punished.

The following types of accounts will periodically be deleted:
  • Accounts that registered but haven't activated within a month
  • Permanently banned accounts that haven't appealed their ban within a month
  • Activated accounts with 0 posts and no activity for more than 3 months
  • Accounts with incorrect e-mail addresses regardless of activity, if no appeal has been made within 1 month of being notified about their incorrect e-mail address

Your Profile

Your profile is your personal space, but nevertheless the overall rules concerning racism, hatred, obscenity, personal abuse and violence still apply. It is forbidden to post real violence, pornographic materials or any kind of offensive or religious propaganda. Any content violating these rules will be removed or edited.

You are allowed to use curse words, but if the content is maliciously directed to another user or overly harmful in general it will be removed.

  • The look and feel of your profile is how you represent yourself to the members and Staff, make sure it presents you in a good light.
  • Your signature, avatar and profile pictures as well as your profile intro are subject to the same rules as posts, so, if something is not acceptable to post, then it is not acceptable for the listed items either.
  • In the case of non-compliance, a moderator will ask you to change or delete your inappropriate image: Please do so immediately. Failure to do so will result in your material being deleted. A repeat offense usually results in an infraction and ultimately a ban.
  • Deleting Visitor Messages posted on your profile by a Staff member is not allowed under any circumstance. If you feel as if something should be removed, contact Nexus through PMs.
  • The signature size limit is 600x350px. And additional 150px are allowed for text/links. Again, all links must be in accordance with these rules.