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  1. Theories thread
  2. [Theory] Noah, Mermaids and Prophecies (Spoilers)
  3. You may all want to see this
  4. ☆ Pandaman Hide-and-Seek Thread ☆
  5. Spoiler Rules
  6. Usopp's Lies
  7. Marines as children
  8. Volume 65 SBS!
  9. I wanna see more of Roger's crew
  10. Should We Expect Alot of Haki Users in New World?
  11. Caribou loop hole
  12. Facts...
  13. [Spoilers]Admiral Changes Post Time-Skip
  14. Rank the Shichibukai
  15. a battle made in heaven?
  16. Improvements and powerups for Marines
  17. [Spoilers] Is Basil Hawkins one of the new Shichibukai?
  18. Does Nami realize that
  19. [Spoiler] The legendary ship - Noah
  20. How would you rank the current Yonkou?
  21. Things you want to see in the manga
  22. Cp9 rokushiki
  23. [Discussion] Strawhats Battle Formations
  24. [Theory] Jaguar D. Saul and Kuzan
  25. [Theory] Blackbeard Theory: Parallel World
  26. Last episode
  27. Shanks has been to raftel !
  28. Catching Up
  29. [Discussion] Whose laugh u like and dislike
  30. Will coby stay a marine?
  31. Luffy's Natural Enemy?
  32. [Discussion] Something strange about Kidnappers...
  33. [Spoiler] Punk Hazard
  34. [Spoiler] Favorite One Piece Quotes
  35. Sakura Kingdom, Kureha, Roger and Blackbeard
  36. wait, what?
  37. Cnet's 651-655 translations
  38. Tranlator discussion between MangaStream and Viz Media?
  39. How did Sanji find his way to East Blue?
  40. YEAH! I have reached 100 manga!
  41. Lost in anime
  42. No OP next week :(
  43. [Prediction] Trafalgar Law is the guy who sliced him up
  44. Colouring manga
  45. [Spoiler] Giant kids
  46. [Theory] Dr. Vegapunk, good or bad?
  47. [Theory] Regarding Ch. 657
  48. [Prediction] One piece manga ending predictions
  49. [Spoiler] Mother of Lola
  50. Mangafox's Big 3 got taken down
  51. [Discussion] Do You Think Some Thing Like This Will Happen?
  52. Second Jump Preview and Summary by MangaStream
  53. No manga this week? (658)
  54. one piece better than naruto
  55. The One Piece
  56. [Spoiler] How will the second half of the story compete?
  57. Favourite character and why?
  58. on what chapter are you?
  59. [Prediction] Eary Vegapunk concept art?
  60. [Spoiler] Couple of thoughts on Punk Hazard
  61. Hahah....those theories were on "Point"
  62. [Debate] My brother pissed me off
  63. [Spoiler] Will we see the fight
  64. [Theory] Aokiji on Punk Hazard
  65. [prediction] I think M might be this man...
  66. The hat
  67. One Piece Mis-Translations help
  68. [Theory] The Master-shishubukai-children-mutilated experiments at vengapunk
  69. [Discussion] Always wondererd.
  70. Punk Hazard 2, Raftel, Warlord, Goverment spy and weather balls!
  71. [Theory] The Boss is Jean Bart???
  72. [Discussion] Some Evidence to Zoro and Sanji Having Haki
  73. the one piece?
  74. [Spoiler] Supernovas with Haki
  75. [Discussion] Why didn't Boa Hancock/Jimbe....
  76. [Spoiler] Plot hole in recent chapters?
  77. [Spoiler] Heart pirates
  78. [Spoiler] About Punk Hazard
  79. [Discussion] Welcome to our Xcution
  80. [Spoiler] Oka Shichibukai
  81. [Spoiler] Chapter 659 Front Page
  82. cp9
  83. Question about Law.
  84. [Theory] Woah. Look what I just noticed.
  85. The new Admirals
  86. [Spoiler] Interesting match up
  87. spoiler: who will luffy fight ..... or .......
  88. [Spoiler] New News!!!
  89. [Spoiler] Buggy Shichibukai!
  90. [Spoiler] will law fruit work on Buggy Bara Bara no mi ?
  91. [Spoiler] Brownbeard: old vs new
  92. [Discussion] (Spoiler) What does Trafalgar Law Want?
  93. Chapter's 657-660 Hq9 translated by Cnet128
  94. spoiler-laws true intentions?
  95. Aokijii?? what?- spoiler
  96. small manga break down-latest
  97. how strong is the SH crew? *spoiler*
  98. the greatest op female pose.
  99. How Powerful is Dragon?
  100. Top 5 One Piece Arcs
  101. [Spoiler] New SH bounty posters???!!??
  102. Shanks looking for one piece?
  103. What's so special about X-Drake?
  104. Law is OP!
  105. [Spoiler] Regarding Chapter 662
  106. law's fruit type? - spoiler
  107. [Discussion] [Possibly-Spoiler] Tekkai
  108. [Spoiler] Luffy's DF vs. Others
  109. [Spoiler] Law / Brook
  110. where is the new chapter??
  111. [Spoiler] Franky's New Surprise
  112. Is smoker going to survive?
  113. [Spoiler] Being a Pirate
  114. Does Going Merry just speak??
  115. [Debate] Zoro is not the First Mate
  116. Doflamingo strongest sichibukai?
  117. [Spoiler] Shanks
  118. [Discussion] Ace's strength
  119. [Prediction] New Nakama
  120. [Discussion] how long do you think OP will continue for
  121. anime/manga
  122. [Spoiler] Coby's current rank
  123. One Piece Media Section Rules!
  124. [Spoiler] One Piece Volume 66 Cover
  125. [Prediction] Bepo..
  126. Spoiler.....will zoro fight?
  127. [Spoiler] Does Tashigi Own a Bra?!?!?!
  128. Funny of the Week (FOTW)
  129. [Spoiler] New Shichibukai
  130. [Spoiler] Next strawhat crew member
  131. [Spoiler] StrawHats exploring team
  132. [Theory] The Will Of D
  133. [Spoiler] Law's shamble technique
  134. [Discussion] Luffy and Smoker
  135. [Discussion] New Admiral?
  136. One Piece Manga 665?
  137. [Discussion] Big Mom being Lola's mother Official Discussion Thread
  138. [Spoiler] is luffy learning sum self control
  139. [Spoiler] One Piece's Final Arc?
  140. [Spoiler] Young Thriller Bark Villains + Kokoro
  141. Usopp will fight the Cool Bros
  142. New strawhats recruits
  143. [Spoiler] Raftel
  144. Garp?
  145. Who do you think will die till the end?
  146. SH vs yonkou
  147. [Discussion] Which supernova will luffy fight first?
  148. spoilers Kizaru should be the strongest
  149. [Debate] Garp - part of revolutionary?
  150. [Spoiler] sea prism stone weapons
  151. Abilities used against the CP9 and so on....
  152. zoro as a swordsman in the the new world - where dose he rank
  153. Rank the 3 admirals PTS
  154. [Discussion] Gear Four
  155. [Discussion] Admirals (Spoilers)
  156. aokiji strongest haki?
  157. [Spoiler] Ceaser Clown
  158. Happy Birthday To Luffy!!!!!!!!!!
  159. pirate king luffy?
  160. Blackbeard is the strongest person alive right now
  161. [Spoiler] What type of powers do you think Dragon will show?
  162. [Prediction] Gecko Moria
  163. [Spoiler] What happened to Bon Clay?
  164. [Theory] Law Isn't Really After One Piece (Has Spoilers)
  165. Romance Dawn Vol 1...Anyone !?
  166. Mysteries of One Piece
  167. [Discussion] Devil Fruit Discussion Thread
  168. Whitebeard and Ace's Bounty Revealed!
  169. [Spoiler] guess i was right
  170. [Spoiler] about one piece manga 667
  171. [Spoiler] Sea of Survival: Super Rookies Saga
  172. [Discussion] Fastest Character Discussion Thread
  173. [Spoiler] Luffy and Law
  174. [Prediction] [Spoiler] Kaidou gave law the Moria treatment.
  175. Favourite Supernova and Shichibukai.
  176. [Spoiler] Conquerors haki limits?
  177. [Theory] Jewelry Bonney is on Punk Hazard.
  178. manga- war surprises - spoiler
  179. [Spoiler] luffy's immunity -spoiler and..
  180. [Theory] sanji powerup
  181. Blackbeards Powers
  182. [Discussion] So Why isn't Akainu dead yet ?
  183. [Spoiler] Plans of the New World
  184. [Discussion] Chapter 93
  185. [Theory] Weird One Piece theory
  186. [Prediction] what happened to Admiral Aokiji
  187. [Debate] 3 cups on the cover page - confirmed!
  188. [Theory] Do you think Shanks and Mihawk formed alliance before?
  189. [Discussion] what is luffy strongest move?
  190. who can use Conqueror's Haki
  191. Zoro wearing an eye patch?
  192. [Theory] Theory on Koala.
  193. Favourite pirate flag
  194. [Debate] Zoro
  195. wheres the download button for any of the downloads
  196. [Spoiler] The Blackbeard Thread.
  197. [Theory] Crocodiles secret ?
  198. Strongest shown devil fruits( of each type)
  199. [Discussion] The Ascension to Mansopphood
  200. One Piece: Volume 66!
  201. [Spoiler] One Piece Chapter 670 RAW
  202. Devil Fruits
  203. Popular mangakas' drawings of the Straw Hat Pirates.
  204. [Spoiler] is it weird that oda never mention buggy in the deck of the world ?
  205. War of the Best
  206. [Spoiler] Moments of Genius
  207. [Spoiler] Discussion: Law's weakness - spoiler
  208. [Spoiler] Does flu affect Logia user?
  209. Gol D. Roger did NOT have a DF [Proof]
  210. [Debate] Would it ruin One Piece if Zoro or Sanji were to eat a DF?
  211. one piece tresor
  212. [Prediction] BB and Shanks will have a rematch
  213. [Spoiler] The mysterious guy in the recent chapter.
  214. [Theory] Monkey D. Crocodile?
  215. [Theory] BB may help luffy ?
  216. [Discussion] What would happen to a/Could there be a Water Logia user?
  217. [Prediction] Tenth Strawhat Nakama to be a Logia
  218. [Discussion] The Ancient Weapons Discussion Thread
  219. What would you request for a Front Cover if you can? (To Oda)
  220. tomboy nakama.
  221. shanks
  222. Any other Positions in Luffy's Crew?
  223. [Theory] Madame Shirley's Prophecy about Luffy
  224. [Theory] Blackbeard's Yami Yami fruit hidden power?
  225. why people are so weird about luffy beating big mom so soon
  226. Betting on the Future: Roger Pirates Pro-Luffy
  227. Robin needs more fights!
  228. Luffy
  229. welgo
  230. [Theory] I think Wa no Kuni is gonna be Zoro AND Sanji's arc
  231. joker pirates
  232. [Discussion] Doflamingo Discussion Thread
  233. [Discussion] Do u guys think that Doflamingo told Law to save luffy?
  234. Favorite Villain
  235. [Discussion] Supernova Discussion Thread
  236. [Discussion] Who can beat Doflamingo?
  237. Vergo is not the only one
  238. doflamingo
  239. [Prediction] Predictions for entire manga
  240. [Discussion] Poneglyphs Discussion Thread
  241. [Spoiler] The comparison of "Pirate Kings"
  242. Doflamingo (or Shichibukai) > Yonko? / Yonko all hype?
  243. who is the strongest swordsman?
  244. can anybody help me.....
  245. [Prediction] Coby version Timeskip?!
  246. [Spoiler] The mysterious afro-cigar smoking spectator is..
  247. Suggested reading
  248. [Spoiler] We need someone to die
  249. [Prediction] What do you think the voice of CC will sound like?
  250. Over powered