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Mar 6th '12, 12:37 AM

Avatar of the Week Rules

Thread Rules

‡ Remember this is for fun.
‡ Keep the entry and voting thread spam/flaming free, no double posting or off-topic content.

Entry Rules

‡ The size for the Avatars must be 150x300.
‡ The entry's must be made by you.
‡ Ripping is strictly forbidden!
‡ The submitted Avatar must be based on the theme.
‡ Do not use your Entry(even on NB) until the voting closes.
‡ If you get caught, you will be disqualified, and your work will be deleted.
‡ Include the render/stock you used when you send your entry to me.
‡ Gif Entries are not allowed.
‡ Only 1 entry can be submitted. The first pm you send me will be the one I use....
...You have all week to do it, no need to rush it.

‡ Avatars that show....
‡ ...forms of violence or cruelty
‡ ...meant to attack/disrespect/show in a wrong way ANY individual/race/group of people
‡ ...are vile/disgusting/unpleasant/not civil...
...are strictly forbidden!!!

Title of the pm with your entry should be as follows: Avatar of the Week Entry # <USERNAME>
Body of the pm with your entry should include the avatar itself and the render/stock used in a spoiler.

Voting Rules

‡ Do not criticize other peoples work in the voting thread.
‡ Voting with multiple accounts is not allowed.
‡ Asking people to vote for you is is not allowed.
‡ You cannot vote for yourself.
‡ One vote per person.
‡ Voting is anonymous, keep it that way!!
‡ Do not show anyone your work or give away the entries creator!!!
‡ Do not go to any other forum and ask people to vote for you!!!

1st Place

Award (http://www.onepiecebay.net/forums/awards.php?do=viewaward&award_id=21)
Star Username
Username Change
500 Beli

2nd Place

500 Beli

3rd Place

300 Beli

If you have any other questions regarding the contest, feel free to VM/PM me.
You can also contact me on skype or irc.

Rules V. 3.0

Jan 22nd '15, 09:54 AM
As talked about with Rain. This contest will be on hold for the time being, not enough people entering.