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Dec 21st '15, 12:04 AM
Literature of the week

Ladies and Gentlemen! The results are in for the Literature of the week contest with the theme:

"About to be killed by a monster"

The criteria on which the entries were hopefully judged were:

Impact on the reader

Without further delays here are your winners!

First place goes to Aertes !

The sounds of heavy steps faded in the gaunt hillside. Shambling feet, strained to exhaustion carried the ravaged figure of the lonely wanderer. The distant sound of a passing flock made the blood freeze on Yorus veins. He gazed upon them with a sentiment of relief and then continued his lonely march. Six days passed since the slaughter of his entire squad. Horror and pain took over his soul since that day, numbing his mind and senses. He could find no solace in these forsaken lands though. The more he traveled the more he came to realize the inevitability of his fate. These are ancient grounds, haunted with ghosts of the past and ghastly memories and we were but mere intruders, fated to be lost and swept away.

As the last rays of the sinking sun caressed Yorus weathered face, he felt the swift change in the atmosphere. The air stirred with the heavy essence of magic and the faint smell of metal and blood. Yoru fixed his gaze on the moving mass emerging from the east. Sweat ran down his body, his heart racing in his chest. Cold desperation took over him, a feeling so unfamiliar that made him uncomfortable in his own body. Legs trembling, he took some steps backwards. He looked around for a place to hide but nothing more than low bushes and scattered trees were visible. He fell to his knees, hard to breathe, the sweat blinding his eyes. Or was it the tears? The demon had sniffed him already, approaching with a hunger that made Yoru freeze. Five meters in height a grey-ochre mass of muscles and spikes. His front legs had the diameter of a tree trunk, three fingers with long claws large enough to tear apart his flesh in a single move. His long reptilian tail was moving in anticipation as he approached him. His mouth, wide and long with two rows of huge, sharp teeth was dripping with drool and blood, large enough to devour him whole.

As it stood before him, Yoru saw his eyes, small in the color of molten gold with two vertical lines of light grey. Theres a strange beauty in these eyes. He remembered the strange beauty of some other eyes; he last gazed upon them years ago. He stood up, drew his sword from the sheath and felt the familiar warmth of the hilt. The blade was subtly shuddering, driven from the promise of blood, sending waves of eagerness throughout his numbed body. A crooked, wry smile shaped on his lips as he took a step closer to his oblivion.
So this is how it ends.
No, an oddly familiar voice whispered in his mind. This is how it begins.

Second place goes to BlackLeg !

Damn Stephen! I should never have made that bet with him!", says Ralph as he walked through the hallway. It was dark, even though Ralph carried a flashlight to show him the way. It smelled like old wood and copper, and the wooden floor creaked as he walked on the first floor of the building.

Ralph was cautious and trying to not make much noise. There was a chill and he felt like he was being watched. If it wasn't for that bet, he would have never entered that building. "Just have to get to the top and place my shirt on that gargoyle, that'll prove it", Ralph thought as he glanced over the stairs to the second floor, regretting the decision he made. There was blood drops going up the stairs, and deep dents in the walls, like a bull charged in there. The smell was still fresh.

Suddenly, Ralph knew he was not alone. He started hearing something heavy being dragged along the floor and fragile steps with it. Startled, he crouched and stood quiet to see what it was. A tall creature, as tall and as large as the 3 man width hallway, was dragging a huge mallet across the floor. An impressive feat, given that "it" was skinny and lean, almost as thin as bones. It was naked and had a grayish skin. Ralph slowly walked upstairs, putting some distance between them. But as he walked, the floor creaked.

Chills of terror went across Ralph's body. The creature looked at him and started charging. Ralph could see it's face. Or what looked like it. It was a decaying, rotting human face. Ralph ran in terror and reached the second floor. He looked around to see if any door was open so he could sneak in. All shut. He kept on running and reached the stairs to the third floor, with the creature pursuing him. As he started going up, he tripped and fell. The creature leaped at him and grope his left leg as he turned around. He could feel it piercing his very flesh with it's bony hands. "It's over", Ralph cried with despair, as the creature lifted the huge mallet.

However, without giving up and full of adrenaline, Ralph kicked it in the face and it fell back, losing it's balance due to the huge mallet. The mask fell as well. There was nothing but 2 holes resembling nostrils, and a stitched up mouth grinning at him. With this chance, he got up and ran up stairs. On the third floor, still in shock and bleeding from his left leg, Ralph found a open door. As fast as he could, he jumped in and closed it, turning his backs towards it to remain shut.

Looking around and thinking of a way to get out of there, he saw bones spread across the bloody floor, with bits of flesh here and there, and blood, still fresh, near a corner. Perplexed and hyperventilating, he looked at the walls. There was human faces hanging in there. A collection of them. Stephen's face was among them."No!", he gasped in terror. As he said this, focusing on his hearing again, he heard the floor creaking behind the door. Steps. Trying to hold his loud breathing, he could hear something sniffing around. Finally, he heard: "I caaan smeeeeeell yoooou!"

And our third place goes to Kylo Ren AKA @Jon Snow !

The children were playing happily in the park on a cold December night when the fat, old man came crawling out of the neighboring woods. He was covered in scratches and blood, and was panting heavily. Innocent as they were, they didnt consider running over there would be dangerous. Over to him they went, to see if they could help.
They betrayed me, the man shouted before any of the kids could ask him if he was okay. The bloody beasts betrayed me!
Branches could be heard from the woods as shadowy figures started coming close. The children were frightened now.
How could you do this? asked the fat, old man. Weve been friends, worked together, for so many years.
Work? sneered the beast as cold air blew out its nose. You always sat on your ass while we did all the work.
The beast, on all four, made its chest big, its eyes turning black.
Sat on my ass? said the fat man, blood running from his forehead. I brought joy to so many, and you helped me do it!
The children, in the midst of all this, started realizing what was going on. This wasnt a dream come true, this was a nightmare brought to life.
Why would you hurt Santa?! shouted one of the children.
You dont know him like we do, said the reindeer. Hes a slaver, a slaver with the worlds greatest mask to hide behind. We work, the elves work, but he takes all the credit. It has to stop!
Rudolph, please, said Nicholas softly. I can change. I will change.
This has gone on too long, said Rudolph. Farewell, Nic.
Rudolph stood up on two legs, readying the final blow to Santa. The children couldnt stand for such treason, so they stepped in front of the jolly man. But Santa, being a saint, tossed aside the children.
Not the children, he shouted.
Rudolph saw right through him.
An act of redemption, thats what youre going for? As if we would ever murder children.
Nicholas, completely transparent in Rudolphs eyes, became furious.
Fine! If this is how it ends, then so be-
A hoof cracked his skull open before he could finish. Blood gushed out and painted Rudolphs nose.
Its time we find a proper replacement for you, he said as he walked back into the forest.
The children were left behind. Having witnessed Santas death, they would never again feel joy in their lives.

And so goes the true story of how Rudolph became known as the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Again if you see anything wrong please notify me about it.
If you have a suggestion, critique or a gratitude to give, please leave it in the comments.
I hope both our contestants and our voters enjoyed this contest and that I'll see you again in our next one!

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Nafan Is it ok if i give this medal for first place?


Only one person has it so i don't know if it's exclusive. Also i didn't put the "Wanted" username as a reward as we didn't agree on that.

Also what do you think of the contest's success? :innocent:

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Thank you guys for the votes :tears:

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Congratulations to 1st and 3rd place :p

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Congratulations, guys :)

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Nafan Is it ok if i give this medal for first place?


Only one person has it so i don't know if it's exclusive. Also i didn't put the "Wanted" username as a reward as we didn't agree on that.

Also what do you think of the contest's success? :innocent:

Yeah that's fine. And, yeah go ahead with the contest.

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