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Literature of the week

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, it is time to vote for your favorite entry our contestants made on the theme:
"A Christmas Tale"

Remember, you can only vote for one entry so choose wisely.

The criteria on which you should probably judge the entries are:

Impact on the reader (yourself)

- "They didn't make it. I'm sorry for your loss kid. Can I do anything for you?" - says a kind officer to a crying young boy. Nic wakes up. He already lost count of how many times he had the same dream.

He gets out of his mattress and walks across the room. Everyone else was still sleeping. As usual, he was the first one to wake up.
- "Morning Nic" says Tom waking up after Nic passes by. Tom was an orphan that never met his parents, like many in there.

- "Come along Tom, lets try to sneak out before the Director rounds everyone up" said Nic as he opened the window, preparing to bail out. He would do that almost everyday. A chilly wind came through it and there was snow on the streets. It was Winter, after all.

Nic was planning to leave the orphanage the next day. But he was thorn apart. He wanted to live free, but he didn't want to abandon his family, like it had happened before. Everyone liked him a lot. Nic would give them gifts everytime he went out, and he would steal and sneak around some food for everyone. Most of the kids there never had what he had. A family. Parents. Their love. Nic remembered that everytime he went outside, as he would see kids with their families having a joyful day, laughing and smiling while holding hands with their parents. Something that was always missing from the Institute. Laughter and smiles. And Nic knew it would be worst once he left.

Tom knew Nic's plan and saw that he was conflicted. "Nic, if you mind, I think you should do what makes you happy. But, it's going to be hard for us, you know? You're like, the guy who brightens up our mood and takes care of us, but I don't want to restrain you from living your live, no one back at the dorm wants that" said Tom mournfully.
- "You're a lucky guy ... you know the day you were born, you spent 8 years with your parents, receiving love and gifts from them ... many of us never had that...", said Tom upon seeing a parent kissing his son and giving him a gift.
- "Thanks Tommy boy. I've made up my mind. Lets go, I have a plan and I'm going to need your help" Having said this, they turned to a narrow street. The neighborhood was full of old buildings, but all had people living in it. Except for one.

- "Why are we going in there man? Is this part of your plan? We're going to get robbed or worse if we stay here for long!" dreaded Tom.
- "It's my old house, we're going to need some stuff from there. Hurry on, we don't want to stay long outside with this breezy, chilly weather. We will just grab a few stuff and then we go"

On they went. The house was dirty and messy. There were some hints that trespassers were there before, stealing or using it as shelter for a while. Tom noticed some pictures with a younger Nic and his parents on it. He was uneasy and was shaking with fear, but Nic knew what he was doing. It wasn't the first time he was there after the accident that took his parents away from him. Noticing this, Nic tried to comfort his friend.
- "I had a chest full of toys back when I lived here. I hid it the first time I came here so no one could find it. They're my favorite ..." said Nic with a smile on his face. "What you said about the kids in the dorm, that I brighten up their mood, and that some of them never received love or gifts from their parents. We're going to change that. Tomorrow, 25th of December, is my birthday, but we'll be the ones giving gifts to every kid in there. They deserve it"


Bells of Christmas winter linger
A rhythmic match to glitter
In silence sits a boy
Towered by bags of toys
His heart alone and bitter

Bells of Christmas' winter linger,
Distracting the lonely nimble figure
She makes it past a cafe
and sees a couple's buffet
Their ebullient beckons the sweeter

Bells of Christmas winter linger
With warmth to wash my reader
May you understanding be clear
While reading this here
Merry Christmas and happy new year

A sudden bounce felt like a hand grabbing little Hope and pulling her away from the temporary peace she had found sleeping in her mothers arms. The bus must have just hit something but after that day she was easy to scare. The sound of bombs, the scenery of death and destruction she had witnessed a few days ago haunted her dreams the few times she could actually manage to sleep. Horrible images burnt in her mind, memories that would follow her forever. She instinctively glanced at her hand, where she meticulously marked each day passing since they fled their home city. It was Christmas Day.

Her mother was sleeping next to her, finally giving in to exhaustion after days with no rest. Two seats in front of them, her father was having a heated conversation about the latest news and their next destination. Unlike Hope and her mother, he had remained calm. The serene determination in his eyes gave both of them strength and a feeling of security, even though when she asked him whether he was afraid or not, he admitted he was.

It was Christmas Day. Years later she would identify the irony in the events. A year ago, she remembered playing snowball fight with her friends, carefree and full of joy. The only thing troubling her mind would be what gift her parents would surprise her with. Sounds of Christmas carols, sounds of laughter, a warm atmosphere around the Christmas table and a good festive meal was how Christmas were supposed to be, how they were until all this madness.

This year though, the snowball fight had transformed into real war and the sound of bombs had taken the place of Christmas carols. There was no snow, only the seemingly everlasting rain that accompanied them all the way since they left their home. As if the skies were weeping for this calamity. Hope had stopped crying days ago. Each day passing felt like a month and disasters like this mature people quickly, even if she had not realized it yet. A piece of bread, shared among the three of them would be considered luck. Crying, mourning and cursing everywhere around her. In her mind there was only uncertainty about where they were going, about their future, about survival. Most of the people around her were devastated, continuing on this journey as if dead inside, looking through everything.

All of a sudden she was overcome by a need to escape, if only for some moments, this bleak reality. The bus bounced again, waking her mother up. Hope turned towards her with a sweet smile. Its Christmas mom, Merry Christmas, she said, even though it felt quite strange given the situation. Her mother, still dizzy and taken by surprise, took some moments to respond. Merry Christmas to you too my little angel, she said softly, smiling back at her. The tight hug and the warm kiss on her cheek her mother gave her would be remembered as the best Christmas present she ever received.

Twas two nights before Christmas, I had finished my chores,
it just seems like Christmas is not like before;

Time spent with the family, instead of my peers,
not to mention no snow on Christmas, it's been the same way for years;

When I was young and excited, I couldn't sleep for a week,
Now I fall into slumber, without even a peak;

I'm not sure what it is but I'm willing to wage,
this sad way of thinking just comes with old age;

But what's this I see, just before I close my eyes?
A deer? No a reindeer up in the sky?
impossible, unreal, there's really no way,
eight reindeer, a fat man, bells and a sleigh.

I was excited on Christmas for the first time in a while,
the first time in years on this day I would smile;

Almost in tears, I felt as if I would blow up,
I ran into the hall, and then I woke up;

I dream... Fake, how sad it seemed so,
sad until I peaked outside... And it started to snow.


" The Festival of Joy "

A long time ago there was a Roman kingdom which had a very rude Prince who thought that he was better than any other Prince in the lands. He was so arrogant that he proclaimed himself as the god of his people and forced his people to worship him as a God. The people in his Kingdom were so fed up by his behavior that they even rebelled against him, but as the Prince had a powerful army no rebellion would stand against him for too long. Soon after the Father of the rude prince who was a good king fell sick and he asked his son the Prince to marry a girl that would love him and take care of him. The sick King then passed away soon after, but his wish was not yet fulfilled to see the marriage of his son to a kind hearted girl. The Prince who now had become the New King of his kingdom searched for his bride as his father wanted but due to his Rude nature he never found such a girl who could keep up with his Tantrums.

Then one day the Rude King felt to bored of his palace and decided to go out in his kingdom to kill his boredom. He disguised himself as a fruit merchant and went out in his kingdom. He went in the market, there he saw a girl sitting under a pine tree who was giving away free food to the people who could not afford it. Out of curiosity the King approached her and asked her if there was any food for him. The girl gave two apples to the King and said eat this for now and if you feel hungry even after eating those apples come to me again I will get you something to eat. The King was surprised to see that the girl did not ask for any money so he took the apples and went back to his palace. That night the King wondered why would a girl who had very less to eat, gave food to others and that too for free. The next day The King ventured in to the Market again but this time he was not wearing any disguise and the girl and other people quickly bowed down as they saw him coming. The King asked the girl why do you give your food to others, the girl replied your majesty I am a poor girl but my father who is a farmer has grown more than enough food for us for the year so I bring these fruits over here in the market so that everyone gets enough food. The king was happy to hear the girl's answer and rewarded here a hundred gold coins, but the girl refused to take the coins and told the king "your majesty me and my family are happy with what we have and I don't need this gold." The King was surprised that the girl was so pure of heart, after that day the King visited the market daily for a week and saw the girl doing her good deed to help the needy. As the days passed the King slowly became kind hearted and started to help out his people on his own. One night when the King was sleeping he had a dream, in the dream the same girl from the market told the king that my work here is done now it's your duty to look after your people. The King woke up the next morning and went to the market to see the girl who had appeared in his dream but the girl was not there, he looked for her in his entire kingdom but she was never seen again. The King understood that this was a message from god to him. He changed the way he used to behave and then he later announced that each year during the time he met the girl was to be celebrated as a festival for the people. The people started to decorate the tree near which their king had met the girl and had a change of heart.

Every house in the Kingdom celebrated this festival as their King had become a good person due to the girl , As the years passed and the culture changed this festival was known as Christmas - The Festival of joy .

The End

If anyone notices anything wrong send me a PM about it and I'll see what I can do about it.

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I missed the deadline :face:
Well I'll put it aside for now. :) all the best guys :)

Sorry man, I thought you gave up. :\
You can post your story here if you wish and have it done. I'd find it a shame if your effort were to go to waste.

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Sorry man, I thought you gave up. :\
You can post your story here if you wish and have it done. I'd find it a shame if your effort were to go to waste.

Nah. it's cool bro. I'll post it in the next one. I need to polish it. :( plus it'd be unfair if I posted now

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So how do I send in submissions?

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So how do I send in submissions?

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This is the voting phase, so you have to wait until next time to send in your own work.

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I want to know how one can submit a piece of writing to this contest. Do you mean that there is a person they must be sent to, or a thread where they must be submitted to?

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If there was a rhyme
For every time,
For every musical chime her voice made
I'd give anything for trade
In the hope of living that joy once more
Wiping away my tears of yore
I look forward to the future
Lady Past was a great tutor
But holding her hand and always looking behind me
I tripped and hurt myself. Maybe this would remind me
To become strong
How could I be any more wrong
What I needed was not strength
Not money or time spent
But rather a friend to help me when I tear
On the start of the new year
I hope that all turns out well
You guys are swell
I hope my rhyme was worth it
Worth the time
For you to know that come what may be
What the future hides we shall see
As one big dysfunctional family
Living each day
As a member of One Piece Bay
Holding gold and beli in bags
I say to you, "Happy new year you scallywags." :p

Gir we got 15 votes. Not bad, I'd say. Considering that it's the holidays

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This contest can get more votes :)


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What is the point of bumping a thread when its last post was three hours ago, and it's still the most recently commented in the section? :yuno:

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Cos we need super mass taggers :yuno: Going Merry

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I told you before what qualifies for a mass tag u_u

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:hmm I guess I'll have to go about this in another way. RobinNico AppleCider can you help me by mass tagging?

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