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Mar 19th '16, 12:26 PM
Literature of the week

Ladies and Gentlemen! The results are in for the Literature of the week contest with the theme:

"I woke up in Hell"

The criteria on which the entries were hopefully judged were:

Impact on the reader

Without further delays here are your winners!

First place goes to Stein !

I woke up in Hell. Not the kind of hell the nave people believe in. No demons or eternal flames. Nothingness. From the very first moment I tried my best find a way out, an exit, but I discovered I couldnt see anything. My ears wouldnt hear a thing either, absolute silence everywhere around me. All attempts to break this silence by screaming were in vain too, no voice would come out of my mouth. I wanted to burst into tears, but I couldnt do that either. I should be dead, I concluded. If this is afterlife, then I am in Hell.

Anger followed these futile attempts. A silent anger, like I wanted to explode into a million pieces and wither away. But this didnt happen either. I was trapped in this place, furiously cursing my fate again and again. Gods, demons, if anything of the sort exists, I cursed them all for making me go through this. I tried to move, even if aimlessly, I didnt care anymore, I just wanted to run. To no avail, as I quickly found out. No matter how much I tried, I would find myself exhausted but in the same position.
I refused to accept this cursed fate of mine. How and why could I deserve this punishment? I wanted it to stop. Maybe it was all a big nightmare. I tried going back to sleep, but whenever I woke up, nothing changed. After a while, I couldnt endure this anymore, I wanted to end it. I wished I could kill myself, but you dont get to do that when you are already dead.

Alone in this state for I dont know how long, having lost track of everything, including myself, I lost hope. But I clung to my miserable self. I did, with all my might, because I could still remember her. Her eyes, her voice, her smile. My Melody. As long as I could bring her memory to my mind I would keep going. I didnt need anything else. Please, stay with me, even like this. Every time I felt exhausted enough that I lost consciousness, terrible fear conquered me. Fear that when I wake up again in this darkness, I wont be able to remember her anymore. Days, maybe even months or years passed. Every time I woke up, I felt relieved that I still could recall her face, only to spend all my remaining time in agony, horrified that she will fade away.

Alfred? Can you hear me my love?
I couldnt believe my ears. A distant voice, that I could barely listen to. But it was her voice. There couldnt be any mistake about it! Shocked, I tried to answer her, forgetting that I no longer had my voice. Why can I hear her only to be unable to speak to her? Do demons exist after all? Did you come here to torture me? Taunt me some more? Reveal yourself! However, silence was all I got in response. Frustration dominated my mind, but I waited. I had a goal now. If there was even a remote chance that I could hear her again, I would wait all eternity. I dont know how much time passed since I reached this decision. Doubts about how my cause could be a lost one tormented me every day, but I didnt give up. Until one day, the darkness became a little brighter. I wouldnt give up. Until one day
Alfred! Alfred can you hear me?
It was her! I wouldnt miss my chance this time. I gathered all the power I had been amassing this whole time in this cursed place in a last ditch effort to try to respond to her, try to maybe see her. And it was then, that a blurred image appeared before me. Changed compared to my memories, but familiar. The shape of it, I could unmistakably recognize it. Melody! My love, dont leave me now, stay with me and I wont ever leave you again. I felt tears gushing from my eyes.
The newspaper had an amazing story that Sunday; Man wakes up after 5 years in coma. His wife, who never left his side, talks to us exclusively. Interview on page 19.

Second place goes to Kylo Ren !

Next up, we have Robert, announced the councilor. He wishes to plead his case for moving up.
His appearance was that of a frail old man, weak and pitiful. Robert walked up the governor. He dared not look him straight in the eye. From what he had been told, doing so would incinerate you instantaneously. Dying after death, its not something most people think of. But when given the option between living in Hell, and simply not existing, believe it or not, most people will choose Hell.
Dear Lord of the vast Underworld, I am innocent, Robert said, looking up at the seated figure before him. Yesterday, I fell asleep in my own bed. Today, I woke up in Hell! Its not right Its I never did the things they said. Such an unspeakable act is beneath me, even now, here in Hell, the place below everything else.
Lucifer was disinterested. He never considered that the real torment of being banished to Hell would be this; the repetitiveness. The terrible boredom. He surely had enough company, unsavory as it may be, so loneliness couldnt get to him. New people shipping in day in, day out. Trials to be had for the wrongfully accused.
You know He sees everything, dont you? he asked Robert, his voice resonating throughout the hall.
Roberts eyes moved about, trying not to lock on to Lucifers. He was about to speak.
Dont even bother, said Lucifer, with his head resting on his fist. You think youre the first one to come in here and proclaim to have been misjudged? Father does not care, child. He sees a spec of evil in you, evil which He planted there Himself, and He will put you where He thinks you deserve to be. You humans are cursed with evil, greed, jealousy, as a trial. Some are given more than others. Keep your urges at bay and you shall be granted a seat in His kingdom. An impossible task. Our leader of justice on this grain of sand in this endless desert you call a universe condemned you to eternal suffering before you were even born.
Robert shook his head in confusion of what he was hearing. But he also felt relieved. The choices he made werent his. It was just his design.
You seem rather speechless, Bob, said Lucifer. Ive seen that look countless times, as I have spoken these words countless times and more. You just had an epiphany. You are innocent. Thats what youre thinking. Rest assured, youre not the worst scum thats inhabited this place. But you are not innocent.
Lucifer stood up and started to slowly walk down the steps until he reached the frail Robert. He was trembling. Lucifer enjoyed such displays of fear towards him. It was just about the only thing that ever gave him any happiness.
I am on a mission, he said to the cowering man, his voice shaking the hall in which they stood, his chest wide. My goal is hard to reach, but I have been preparing for it a long time. I will turn his beloved desert into a sea of glass. Then I will mold it into the most beautiful of marbles. I will rid this world of evil.
Robert mustered the courage to speak.
How my Lord? he asked in a shivering voice.
By eliminating the root of all evil, of course. Kill Father. Kill God.
He raised his hand. Robert flinched at the sight of its movement. But instead of the beating he expected, he felt a warm and embracing hand gently grabbing his shoulder.
But first, dear Robert, he said with a smile on his face, look into my eyes

And our third place goes to Keotsu !

The screams of anguish and cries of agony pierce into my consciousness, and woken from my stupor I turn my eyes to my new prison. One could not say that one could see in this place, for the shapes that could be made out were not truly illuminated, but places where the darkness was not so thick.

How strange, where once my light burned brightest of all, that I know lay in a prison devoid of light.

The smell of sulfur was pungent, and I could feel the brimstone underneath me, and my shackles, burning hot against my being.

This pandemonium was a prison of my own design, a place where my punishment was to be wrought for seeking was my right by birth for my place had been at His side, but with my light burning so bright, was the throne of the Most High not mine to hold?

I had been stripped of my wings and my glory, my beauty and my power, though not all. This Hell that I had awoken to was to be my prison for all eternitybut, I was beaten, not defeated.

I felt scorned, as He would not even end my existence how dare He show such arrogance to me? If He believed I would not seek revenge after being struck such a blow, He would be dearly mistaken.

My light was the brightest I was the Morning Star. I shook forth and wrest my being free from the ground below me, breaking the fragile shackles of brimstone; while my power had been greatly stripped, I was still powerful. All but the Archangels bowed to my powers such were they that in the face of war with the Most High, one third of the host of Heaven believed my strength enough to turn the tides. A mistaken belief, it seemed.

But, shinning high in the sky was orb of golden light, a sphere with which life would flourish for eternity. A paradise a garden where His most infant children did live, and grow, and prosper, with happiness. What lot was theirs, that they deserved His love more than I?

No, such lowly creatures did not deserve His eye, His love, His devotion. Stripped and burned, charred and naked, were my wings, but still, they held much strength. My form, while diminished, was still of a beauty that could not be comprehended by mortal eyes.

With a tremendous beat, I took to the air and to the skies, pride in my power still evident even with my wings stripped and cast down into this pit, naught was there a prison that could contain my being.

Passing through the mouth of Hell, leaving behind that lake of fire and the cries of the fallen, I moved through the darkness and towards the Garden. Eden.

As I approached, I changed my form to that of a simple, lowly serpent, a creature of the earth He had created, lest my shining form draw the observation of those I wished to avoid.

Blessed with a guile and wit beyond that which could be understood by these lesser creatures, in my new body I slithered forth. I knew the one stipulation that He had given these creates so that they may live in Paradise eternal, and thus I knew the one way how they could invoke His ire.

For all His foresight, I doubted he foresaw my second rebellion against Him.

In the form of an unassuming serpent, I slithered up to one of the creatures; naked, with flowing locks and a body that was curved like fruit; I approached her from a nearby branch.

Using my tongue of silver, I set them forth on a path of devastation, in an effort to take the one thing from Him that he so loved, for my vengeance; if I could not have what was mine by right, nor could He.

Yea, hath God not said, Ye shall not eat of every tree in the Garden?

Again if you see anything wrong please notify me about it.
If you have a suggestion or a critique, please leave it in the comments.
I hope both our contestants and our voters enjoyed this contest and that I'll see you again in our next one!

Mar 19th '16, 12:36 PM
I am happy to win this one, I was quite proud of my story this time.

Mar 19th '16, 12:38 PM
I am happy to win this one, I was quite proud of my story this time.

You are now one Bronze medal over Aertes. Both of you have 2 Golds and 2 Silvers :bm

Greek power? You are both Greek right?

Mar 19th '16, 12:41 PM
Congrats people!

Mar 19th '16, 12:42 PM
Those were some nice entries guys :swag:

Mar 19th '16, 12:47 PM
You are now one Bronze medal over Aertes. Both of you have 2 Golds and 2 Silvers :bm

Greek power? You are both Greek right?

Yeah but I have never ranked higher than her when we both participate. I had hopes for this time but she dodged :p

Hahaha yes. Although the fact that we normally write in greek is influencing us both in a negative way I think. At least for me, I think in greek I can describe what I imagine in a more lyric way than in english.

Mar 19th '16, 12:48 PM
Congrats guys :)

You are now one Bronze medal over Aertes. Both of you have 2 Golds and 2 Silvers :bm

Greek power? You are both Greek right?
Haha, yeah we are. Scummy host wants to initiate a rivalry between us Stein :maybe

Mar 19th '16, 12:48 PM
Yeah but I have never ranked higher than her when we both participate. I had hopes for this time but she dodged :p

Hahaha yes. Although the fact that we normally write in greek is influencing us both in a negative way I think. At least for me, I think in greek I can describe what I imagine in a more lyric way than in english.

I actually think you did once... Let me check.

Edit: Nope. You suck. You tied with her on Haikus though. :p

Mar 19th '16, 12:54 PM
Haha, yeah we are. Scummy host wants to initiate a rivalry between us Stein :maybe

Implying that he needs to do that, as if there isn't one already :maybe

Mar 19th '16, 02:08 PM
Congratulations everyone :innocent:

Mycal Phelps
Mar 19th '16, 03:16 PM
Congratz to everyone! There were some great entries this time around I'll tell you.

Mar 19th '16, 04:48 PM
Thanks, and congratulations to the other winners :)