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Week 1 - About to be killed by a Monster

usso - Surprise

The moon was full and the forest was infested with insects. My skin was burning after being bit by fire ants but that was the least of my worries. I was in a forest, far away from the comforts of my 1 bedroom appartment. Far away from civilisation. Far away from any form of help.

I tried to make sense of it all. It had to be a dream. No, a nightmare. Lisa was dead. I'd seen her die. I buried her that Sunday afternoon, four years ago. She couldn't be alive. Sweat came down my forehead, my breath became shallow and my heart beat grew faster. Lord, please let this be a dream. I tried to wipe the sweat off my face but my hands were covered in crimson red liquid. My daughter Molly's blood. It dawned upon me, this was real. That my own daughter was brutally murdered in front of me by my Lisa. The image was burnt into my mind. The screams of mercy, her pleading eyes� why wasn't I strong? I curled into a ball and wept.
"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry."

"Sean, I've got a surprise for you. Don't you want your present?"

Lisa was nearby. My eyes grew wide as I became scared. I held my breath. She couldn't see me. I grew more at ease with that thought in my mind. It was then that I heard a twig break. She was drawing closer. I could hear her breathing heavily, as though each breath required effort. I could sense her or so I thought. Was she behind me? I closed my eyes, hoping that the world would disappear.

After what felt an eternity I heard a voice whisper into my ear."Dad, open your eyes. It's me Molly."

I opened my eyes and stared intently at the face. "Molly? How?"

"Happy birthday Dad, did you like your present?" She asked with a smile.

Kylo Ren - Rudolph: The Beginning*- 3rd Place!
The children were playing happily in the park on a cold December night when the fat, old man came crawling out of the neighboring woods. He was covered in scratches and blood, and was panting heavily. Innocent as they were, they didn�t consider running over there would be dangerous. Over to him they went, to see if they could help.
�They betrayed me,� the man shouted before any of the kids could ask him if he was okay. �The bloody beasts betrayed me!�
Branches could be heard from the woods as shadowy figures started coming close. The children were frightened now.
�How could you do this?� asked the fat, old man. �We�ve been friends, worked together, for so many years.�
�Work?� sneered the beast as cold air blew out its nose. �You always sat on your ass while we did all the work.�
The beast, on all four, made its chest big, its eyes turning black.
�Sat on my ass?� said the fat man, blood running from his forehead. �I brought joy to so many, and you helped me do it!�
The children, in the midst of all this, started realizing what was going on. This wasn�t a dream come true, this was a nightmare brought to life.
�Why would you hurt Santa?!� shouted one of the children.
�You don�t know him like we do,� said the reindeer. �He�s a slaver, a slaver with the world�s greatest mask to hide behind. We work, the elves work, but he takes all the credit. It has to stop!�
�Rudolph, please,� said Nicholas softly. �I can change. I will change.�
�This has gone on too long,� said Rudolph. �Farewell, Nic.�
Rudolph stood up on two legs, readying the final blow to Santa. The children couldn�t stand for such treason, so they stepped in front of the jolly man. But Santa, being a saint, tossed aside the children.
�Not the children,� he shouted.
Rudolph saw right through him.
�An act of redemption, that�s what you�re going for? As if we would ever murder children.�
Nicholas, completely transparent in Rudolph�s eyes, became furious.
�Fine! If this is how it ends, then so be-�
A hoof cracked his skull open before he could finish. Blood gushed out and painted Rudolph�s nose.
�It�s time we find a proper replacement for you,� he said as he walked back into the forest.
The children were left behind. Having witnessed Santa�s death, they would never again feel joy in their lives.

And so goes the true story of how Rudolph became known as the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Owner Zeff - The Killer with Red Eyes

Did you ever have a feeling that there is something out there just waiting
to hunt you down . Well i have this feeling every time its cold and chilly outside.
I still remember the day when i first saw that horrid monster , the very sight of it
sent chills down my spin.

Long Ago when i still lived in a village, The village elders told us children a story that they had seen a huge monster that lived on the snowy mountains which where close to the village.They told us that when ever the weather was too cold the monster would come down the mountains and hunt . Well me and my friend's never belived this story we only thought that the elder's made this story up because they did not want us to go near the mountains . So one day me and some of my friends decided to go to the mountains to check it out . But as the day passed and the sunlight was almost gone we started hearing growls of an animal , Everyone was very afraid to stay there any longer when suddenly the growls started to come closer and closer . That was the first time i saw this huge monster behind the trees just staring right at us with bloody red eyes. It suddenly attacked us and we scattered in the woods one by one i started to hear the scream's of my friends . I just kept running as i heard my friends screaming for help , After sometime i stopped running to catch my breath near a tree when suddenly i heard the nasty growl again . I thought this is it for me then out of nowhere i saw those Red Eyes staring at me from behind the bush the monster was stalking me as i was to exhausted i sat there besides the tree thinking i was going to die . Then i looked around and there it stood the monster with those red eyes and sharp teeth just started running towards me , I got up and started running as fast as i could but he caught up to me and swinged his huge hands with sharp claws at me but i was lucky he just scratched me a couple of times i kept running the whole night with that thing still chasing me around when suddenly i lost my footing and fell down. I was knocked out by that fall and then I was found out side the woods near the mountains covered in wounds the next morning by some villager's who were looking for us.They took me to the village where the elder's said they found no trace of my friends anywhere in the forest.Then the Elder's told me that i was lucky to be alive.

From that day on i knew there was something in the mountains that killed my friends.I moved to the city after some years But even today whenever there is a cold chilly weather i still have night mares about those Bloody Red Eye's staring at me from a distance.


Rohan - The Demonic Golem's Rampage

The Village was in ruins. There was fire everywhere as the huts burned. In the midst of the hellish scene, there were many stone statues standing, the faces marred by sheer terror. Joe was hiding near a tree as he kept staring blankly at the statues of his former villagers and friends. He was shocked by the terror of the Demonic Golem's rampage as it turned everyone into stone statues.

Just then Joe felt the ground shaking. He knew it was coming. He ran for his life towards the river near the village corner. But Joe tripped on the foot of a statue, fell down and wounded his legs. As the Golem burst from the trees, it's fiery gaze fell on Joe and he was instantly turned into stone. The cracks on his legs spread and his statue shattered completely. Leaving behind only small stone pieces........

Stein - Alone*
Alone. I am alone. It is wrong. So wrong. I don�t want to be alone. She was alone since her husband died and being alone was scary lately. Having a child would be nice but after many miscarriages they had given up.

She always felt uneasy in this house. If only I wasn�t alone, she thought, scratching one hand with her fingers. Calm down. Something felt off in the air, a strange smell, faint, but it was there, definitely there. She anxiously smelled around. What a strange smell, like something�s rotten. Maybe open a window? But it is so cold outside. She was doing it again, this time she made her hand bleed from the scratching. Stop it. But the smell gets worse. Where is it coming from? Unable to stand it anymore, she opened the window. Yes, maybe the cold air will calm me down.


She turned but there was nothing there, nothing but cold air. Shaking, her heart racing, she stood there, gazing nervously all over the room. I saw it, I definitely saw it, a figure behind me. Vague, yes, but a figure, it was there. A grotesque reflection. It was there. Without any thought she snapped the window shut so fast that she almost shattered it. Breathing had become difficult. Her chest was pounding. Trying to comprehend what just happened, trying to figure out what that figure was, she felt dizzy. Breathe. She took a deep, slow breath, but felt a nasty taste in her mouth and almost choked. What was that, what was it? Suddenly she realized. The smell. Why is the smell still here and it only gets worse and worse? I will faint. She was sweating too much and breathing was now painful.

I have to run, flee this place, she thought, but she stood there, frozen in terror. What the hell was that figure? Is it after me? The smell was so strong but in her mind there was now only the figure. Who, what was that, why was it there? Will I die now? Trembling, she turned the bedroom lights on, when she heard it. Her heart missed a beat but she was positive, she heard it. Footsteps. It sent shivers down her spine. Footsteps in the living room. Will I die here? Terrified, she stood there focusing, trying to hear the footsteps, only now they were loud and clear. Why? Why now? I don�t want to die. She felt the sweat pouring down her face, all over her now numb body. Her mouth was completely dry. Disgusting, the taste was unbearable anymore. She would choke. Rip it off. She bit her tongue hard and felt the sour taste of blood blend with the already gross taste and that made her puke.

She ran towards the bedroom door and shut it, petrified from fear. Leaning against the wall, she started pulling her hair and slamming her head against the door in panic. Blood. What a mess. I am a failure, I will die here, alone. She started crying. Then heard it, a sound coming from inside the room this time. No, no, no, I am alone here, all alone. I will die alone. She screamed and clawed her face in despair. Her eyes moved frantically as she scanned the room, but there was no one. No, it�s here. She stopped breathing when she saw it. The same figure standing meters away. A rotten creature, a hideous face with hardly any characteristics left. But it looked strangely familiar, slowly moving towards her, stinking of rot while parts of its flesh were falling, leaving a repulsive trail behind it. She felt her heart stop and, unable to move, breathe or even scream anymore, with tremendous effort she managed to shut her eyes. Why? Why? Stop, don�t do this, I don�t want to die alone. A hand grabbed her by the hair. The last thing she felt was another revolting hand on her stomach, tearing it apart and moving upwards until it reached her throat.

Matternativ - Love Kills*

"Oooohhh you are a monster in Bed.", the young Woman mumbled with a wide smile on her face. She was lying on a comfortable double bed in a expensive Hotel Suite, stroking the naked Back of her Partner, kissing his neck softly. "You aren't half bad either.", he responded. "I'd say we are really killing it."


"Terrible Pun is terrible.", the blonde, young Man said, rolling his Eyes.
"It's Sextalk, it isn't supposed to be clever.", the blackhaired girl next to him giggled.
"Besides, she doesn't seem to mind it. Most girls are suckers for flattery."
"Either way, this is cruel, you know?", he changed the topic which resulted in a confused look on the girls face.
"How is it cruel? Is there a better way to die than this?"
The Guy shook his head. "Not that, Silly. I mean you could have made her strip her clothes first. You know that I have a thing for redheads.", he said and looked back at the, still dressed, woman lying on a dirty mattress in the small Motelroom who was running her hand through thin air. She herself didn't know that as she was still falling for the Illusion of a handsome hunk and some sensual intercourse.

"I'm here to still my hunger for blood, not to get distracted by ..."
"...wait, so you would get distracted?", the Man interrupted, the blackhaired girls answer.
This time she rolled her Eyes but couldn't help but laugh a bit. "Maybe, maybe not. Chances are that I would even get in the mood for..." Once again she wasn't able to finish her sentence.
"I'd totally watch."
"Another reason to leave her clothes on."
"Gaaaah, why did you have to give me ideas? That's torture you know?".
This time the girl didn't even try to hold back her laughter. It took her a few seconds to catch her breath before she was able to answer.
"Well of course. I am evil! That was part of the whole vampire starter pack. You should know that."
"True that, it is kind of our Thing.", he had to admit before he added: "Alright I'll leave the two of you alone and catch me a 'blood donor' of my own."
"See 'ya later, Blondie", the girl responded.

After her friend left the room, she stood up herself and walked up to the mattress just to kneel down next to it a couple of seconds later.
She gave her victims cheek a soft stroke while mumbling: "Alright Mary Jane, lets get this done."
With those words she grabed one of her arms who were still hugging an imaginary lover and moved the redheads wrist next to her mouth.
"Bye bye, Honey.", she whispered before she sank her teeth into her victims delicate flesh.

Aertes - Yoru's ascent* - 1st Place!
The sounds of heavy steps faded in the gaunt hillside. Shambling feet, strained to exhaustion carried the ravaged figure of the lonely wanderer. The distant sound of a passing flock made the blood freeze on Yoru�s veins. He gazed upon them with a sentiment of relief and then continued his lonely march. Six days passed since the slaughter of his entire squad. Horror and pain took over his soul since that day, numbing his mind and senses. He could find no solace in these forsaken lands though. The more he traveled the more he came to realize the inevitability of his fate. These are ancient grounds, haunted with ghosts of the past and ghastly memories and we were but mere intruders, fated to be lost and swept away.

As the last rays of the sinking sun caressed Yoru�s weathered face, he felt the swift change in the atmosphere. The air stirred with the heavy essence of magic and the faint smell of metal and blood. Yoru fixed his gaze on the moving mass emerging from the east. Sweat ran down his body, his heart racing in his chest. Cold desperation took over him, a feeling so unfamiliar that made him uncomfortable in his own body. Legs trembling, he took some steps backwards. He looked around for a place to hide but nothing more than low bushes and scattered trees were visible. He fell to his knees, hard to breathe, the sweat blinding his eyes. Or was it the tears? The demon had sniffed him already, approaching with a hunger that made Yoru freeze. Five meters in height a grey-ochre mass of muscles and spikes. His front legs had the diameter of a tree trunk, three fingers with long claws large enough to tear apart his flesh in a single move. His long reptilian tail was moving in anticipation as he approached him. His mouth, wide and long with two rows of huge, sharp teeth was dripping with drool and blood, large enough to devour him whole.

As it stood before him, Yoru saw his eyes, small in the color of molten gold with two vertical lines of light grey. There�s a strange beauty in these eyes. He remembered the strange beauty of some other eyes; he last gazed upon them years ago. He stood up, drew his sword from the sheath and felt the familiar warmth of the hilt. The blade was subtly shuddering, driven from the promise of blood, sending waves of eagerness throughout his numbed body. A crooked, wry smile shaped on his lips as he took a step closer to his oblivion.
So this is how it ends.
No, an oddly familiar voice whispered in his mind. This is how it begins.

BlackLeg - Face Collector*- 2nd Place!
Damn Stephen! I should never have made that bet with him!", says Ralph as he walked through the hallway. It was dark, even though Ralph carried a flashlight to show him the way. It smelled like old wood and copper, and the wooden floor creaked as he walked on the first floor of the building.

Ralph was cautious and trying to not make much noise. There was a chill and he felt like he was being watched. If it wasn't for that bet, he would have never entered that building. "Just have to get to the top and place my shirt on that gargoyle, that'll prove it", Ralph thought as he glanced over the stairs to the second floor, regretting the decision he made. There was blood drops going up the stairs, and deep dents in the walls, like a bull charged in there. The smell was still fresh.

Suddenly, Ralph knew he was not alone. He started hearing something heavy being dragged along the floor and fragile steps with it. Startled, he crouched and stood quiet to see what it was. A tall creature, as tall and as large as the 3 man width hallway, was dragging a huge mallet across the floor. An impressive feat, given that "it" was skinny and lean, almost as thin as bones. It was naked and had a grayish skin. Ralph slowly walked upstairs, putting some distance between them. But as he walked, the floor creaked.

Chills of terror went across Ralph's body. The creature looked at him and started charging. Ralph could see it's face. Or what looked like it. It was a decaying, rotting human face. Ralph ran in terror and reached the second floor. He looked around to see if any door was open so he could sneak in. All shut. He kept on running and reached the stairs to the third floor, with the creature pursuing him. As he started going up, he tripped and fell. The creature leaped at him and grope his left leg as he turned around. He could feel it piercing his very flesh with it's bony hands. "It's over", Ralph cried with despair, as the creature lifted the huge mallet.

However, without giving up and full of adrenaline, Ralph kicked it in the face and it fell back, losing it's balance due to the huge mallet. The mask fell as well. There was nothing but 2 holes resembling nostrils, and a stitched up mouth grinning at him. With this chance, he got up and ran up stairs. On the third floor, still in shock and bleeding from his left leg, Ralph found a open door. As fast as he could, he jumped in and closed it, turning his backs towards it to remain shut.

Looking around and thinking of a way to get out of there, he saw bones spread across the bloody floor, with bits of flesh here and there, and blood, still fresh, near a corner. Perplexed and hyperventilating, he looked at the walls. There was human faces hanging in there. A collection of them. Stephen's face was among them."No!", he gasped in terror. As he said this, focusing on his hearing again, he heard the floor creaking behind the door. Steps. Trying to hold his loud breathing, he could hear something sniffing around. Finally, he heard: "I caaan smeeeeeell yoooou!"

*Entries that weren't titled by the author, but rather the host. Should the authors wish to rename those they should VM me.

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Week 2 - A Christmas Tale

BlackLeg - Nic's true calling* - 3rd Place!
- "They didn't make it. I'm sorry for your loss kid. Can I do anything for you?" - says a kind officer to a crying young boy. Nic wakes up. He already lost count of how many times he had the same dream.

He gets out of his mattress and walks across the room. Everyone else was still sleeping. As usual, he was the first one to wake up.
- "Morning Nic" says Tom waking up after Nic passes by. Tom was an orphan that never met his parents, like many in there.

- "Come along Tom, lets try to sneak out before the Director rounds everyone up" said Nic as he opened the window, preparing to bail out. He would do that almost everyday. A chilly wind came through it and there was snow on the streets. It was Winter, after all.

Nic was planning to leave the orphanage the next day. But he was thorn apart. He wanted to live free, but he didn't want to abandon his family, like it had happened before. Everyone liked him a lot. Nic would give them gifts everytime he went out, and he would steal and sneak around some food for everyone. Most of the kids there never had what he had. A family. Parents. Their love. Nic remembered that everytime he went outside, as he would see kids with their families having a joyful day, laughing and smiling while holding hands with their parents. Something that was always missing from the Institute. Laughter and smiles. And Nic knew it would be worst once he left.

Tom knew Nic's plan and saw that he was conflicted. "Nic, if you mind, I think you should do what makes you happy. But, it's going to be hard for us, you know? You're like, the guy who brightens up our mood and takes care of us, but I don't want to restrain you from living your live, no one back at the dorm wants that" said Tom mournfully.
- "You're a lucky guy ... you know the day you were born, you spent 8 years with your parents, receiving love and gifts from them ... many of us never had that...", said Tom upon seeing a parent kissing his son and giving him a gift.
- "Thanks Tommy boy. I've made up my mind. Lets go, I have a plan and I'm going to need your help" Having said this, they turned to a narrow street. The neighborhood was full of old buildings, but all had people living in it. Except for one.

- "Why are we going in there man? Is this part of your plan? We're going to get robbed or worse if we stay here for long!" dreaded Tom.
- "It's my old house, we're going to need some stuff from there. Hurry on, we don't want to stay long outside with this breezy, chilly weather. We will just grab a few stuff and then we go"

On they went. The house was dirty and messy. There were some hints that trespassers were there before, stealing or using it as shelter for a while. Tom noticed some pictures with a younger Nic and his parents on it. He was uneasy and was shaking with fear, but Nic knew what he was doing. It wasn't the first time he was there after the accident that took his parents away from him. Noticing this, Nic tried to comfort his friend.
- "I had a chest full of toys back when I lived here. I hid it the first time I came here so no one could find it. They're my favorite ..." said Nic with a smile on his face. "What you said about the kids in the dorm, that I brighten up their mood, and that some of them never received love or gifts from their parents. We're going to change that. Tomorrow, 25th of December, is my birthday, but we'll be the ones giving gifts to every kid in there. They deserve it"

Bambino - Bells of Christmas*

Bells of Christmas winter linger
A rhythmic match to glitter
In silence sits a boy
Towered by bags of toys
His heart alone and bitter

Bells of Christmas' winter linger,
Distracting the lonely nimble figure
She makes it past a cafe
and sees a couple's buffet
Their ebullient beckons the sweeter

Bells of Christmas winter linger
With warmth to wash my reader
May you understanding be clear
While reading this here
Merry Christmas and happy new year

Stein - Hope's Christmas Journey* - 2nd Place!
A sudden bounce felt like a hand grabbing little Hope and pulling her away from the temporary peace she had found sleeping in her mother’s arms. The bus must have just hit something but after that day she was easy to scare. The sound of bombs, the scenery of death and destruction she had witnessed a few days ago haunted her dreams the few times she could actually manage to sleep. Horrible images burnt in her mind, memories that would follow her forever. She instinctively glanced at her hand, where she meticulously marked each day passing since they fled their home city. It was Christmas Day.

Her mother was sleeping next to her, finally giving in to exhaustion after days with no rest. Two seats in front of them, her father was having a heated conversation about the latest news and their next destination. Unlike Hope and her mother, he had remained calm. The serene determination in his eyes gave both of them strength and a feeling of security, even though when she asked him whether he was afraid or not, he admitted he was.

It was Christmas Day. Years later she would identify the irony in the events. A year ago, she remembered playing snowball fight with her friends, carefree and full of joy. The only thing troubling her mind would be what gift her parents would surprise her with. Sounds of Christmas carols, sounds of laughter, a warm atmosphere around the Christmas table and a good festive meal was how Christmas were supposed to be, how they were until all this madness.

This year though, the snowball fight had transformed into real war and the sound of bombs had taken the place of Christmas carols. There was no snow, only the seemingly everlasting rain that accompanied them all the way since they left their home. As if the skies were weeping for this calamity. Hope had stopped crying days ago. Each day passing felt like a month and disasters like this mature people quickly, even if she had not realized it yet. A piece of bread, shared among the three of them would be considered luck. Crying, mourning and cursing everywhere around her. In her mind there was only uncertainty about where they were going, about their future, about survival. Most of the people around her were devastated, continuing on this journey as if dead inside, looking through everything.

All of a sudden she was overcome by a need to escape, if only for some moments, this bleak reality. The bus bounced again, waking her mother up. Hope turned towards her with a sweet smile. “It’s Christmas mom, Merry Christmas”, she said, even though it felt quite strange given the situation. Her mother, still dizzy and taken by surprise, took some moments to respond. “Merry Christmas to you too my little angel”, she said softly, smiling back at her. The tight hug and the warm kiss on her cheek her mother gave her would be remembered as the best Christmas present she ever received.

Uzumaki - Christmas spirit once more - 1st Place!
Twas two nights before Christmas, I had finished my chores,
it just seems like Christmas is not like before;

Time spent with the family, instead of my peers,
not to mention no snow on Christmas, it's been the same way for years;

When I was young and excited, I couldn't sleep for a week,
Now I fall into slumber, without even a peak;

I'm not sure what it is but I'm willing to wage,
this sad way of thinking just comes with old age;

But what's this I see, just before I close my eyes?
A deer? No a reindeer up in the sky?
impossible, unreal, there's really no way,
eight reindeer, a fat man, bells and a sleigh.

I was excited on Christmas for the first time in a while,
the first time in years on this day I would smile;

Almost in tears, I felt as if I would blow up,
I ran into the hall, and then I woke up;

I dream... Fake, how sad it seemed so,
sad until I peaked outside... And it started to snow.

Owner Zeff - The Festival of Joy - 3rd Place!

A long time ago there was a Roman kingdom which had a very rude Prince who thought that he was better than any other Prince in the lands. He was so arrogant that he proclaimed himself as the god of his people and forced his people to worship him as a God. The people in his Kingdom were so fed up by his behavior that they even rebelled against him, but as the Prince had a powerful army no rebellion would stand against him for too long. Soon after the Father of the rude prince who was a good king fell sick and he asked his son the Prince to marry a girl that would love him and take care of him. The sick King then passed away soon after, but his wish was not yet fulfilled to see the marriage of his son to a kind hearted girl. The Prince who now had become the New King of his kingdom searched for his bride as his father wanted but due to his Rude nature he never found such a girl who could keep up with his Tantrums.

Then one day the Rude King felt to bored of his palace and decided to go out in his kingdom to kill his boredom. He disguised himself as a fruit merchant and went out in his kingdom. He went in the market, there he saw a girl sitting under a pine tree who was giving away free food to the people who could not afford it. Out of curiosity the King approached her and asked her if there was any food for him. The girl gave two apples to the King and said eat this for now and if you feel hungry even after eating those apples come to me again I will get you something to eat. The King was surprised to see that the girl did not ask for any money so he took the apples and went back to his palace. That night the King wondered why would a girl who had very less to eat, gave food to others and that too for free. The next day The King ventured in to the Market again but this time he was not wearing any disguise and the girl and other people quickly bowed down as they saw him coming. The King asked the girl why do you give your food to others, the girl replied your majesty I am a poor girl but my father who is a farmer has grown more than enough food for us for the year so I bring these fruits over here in the market so that everyone gets enough food. The king was happy to hear the girl's answer and rewarded here a hundred gold coins, but the girl refused to take the coins and told the king "your majesty me and my family are happy with what we have and I don't need this gold." The King was surprised that the girl was so pure of heart, after that day the King visited the market daily for a week and saw the girl doing her good deed to help the needy. As the days passed the King slowly became kind hearted and started to help out his people on his own. One night when the King was sleeping he had a dream, in the dream the same girl from the market told the king that my work here is done now it's your duty to look after your people. The King woke up the next morning and went to the market to see the girl who had appeared in his dream but the girl was not there, he looked for her in his entire kingdom but she was never seen again. The King understood that this was a message from god to him. He changed the way he used to behave and then he later announced that each year during the time he met the girl was to be celebrated as a festival for the people. The people started to decorate the tree near which their king had met the girl and had a change of heart.

Every house in the Kingdom celebrated this festival as their King had become a good person due to the girl , As the years passed and the culture changed this festival was known as Christmas - The Festival of joy .

usso - OPB Jingle*- He was late xd

If there was a rhyme
For every time,
For every musical chime her voice made
I'd give anything for trade
In the hope of living that joy once more
Wiping away my tears of yore
I look forward to the future
Lady Past was a great tutor
But holding her hand and always looking behind me
I tripped and hurt myself. Maybe this would remind me
To become strong
How could I be any more wrong
What I needed was not strength
Not money or time spent
But rather a friend to help me when I tear
On the start of the new year
I hope that all turns out well
You guys are swell
I hope my rhyme was worth it
Worth the time
For you to know that come what may be
What the future hides we shall see
As one big dysfunctional family
Living each day
As a member of One Piece Bay
Holding gold and beli in bags
I say to you, "Happy new year you scallywags."

Mar 22nd '16, 05:49 PM
Week 3 - Haiku: Winter

Sand, grass, trees and leaves -
In front of the winter world.
everything turns ice cold.

The cold winter wind,
here with the brown autumn leaves;
no snow to be found.

Kylo Ren - 1st Place!
Fingers deep dark blue
Freezing winds whistle loudly;
Fuck, I hate winter

Stein - 2nd Place!
Jon Snow knows nothing
but the most important thing;
Winter is coming

Caesar Clown - 3rd Place!
Winter pain!

Numb toes and dry lips;
Await the bus, when sudden
Yawn hits and cracks flesh!


Owner Zeff
Snow colder than ice;
The cold wind breeze in the night
All show Winter's Might !!!

Gir - 3rd Place!
Over frozen roofs
An eerie mist descends down;
Jingles in the night.

Cold, snowy, wet night;
You're laying on my bed, cold
but I'll warm you up

Mycal Phelps
Eyes open to light;
A brisk, bracing crack of dawn
Follows winternight.

Dimly lit snowfall
Breeze like malicious whisper;
Darkness raining down

Aertes - 2nd Place!
Cold veins, heart of ice;
Lord of winter now shall rise,
Freeze your summer eyes

Gray skies polish the earth
Crescent blooms as the man mourns -
Lonesome tune resounds.

Snow turns to water.
Christmas will always return
And more things we'll yearn

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Week 4 - A "X", a "Y" and a "Z" walk into a Bar

Beyonce and Jayz walk into a bar.
Beyonce; Baby order me a drink.

Beyonce drink and drink all night until shes all drunk. Eventually, shes walks up to the DJ and takes his mike.

DJ: It's Queen Bee on stage y'all!!!!

"Everybody horrays"

Beyonce: I'm gonna sing y'all b'tches my new single Drunk In Love.

Crowd: YEAAH!

Beyonce: Cuz im drunk!


Beyonce and i dedicate this song to my love.


Beyonce: Bonnie to my clyde!


Beyonce: and my night time daddy!

Jayz: Huh!!! 'flips his bald head. stands up infront of the crowd for the massive applause after she says his name".

Beyonce: The one and only....

Jayz: C'mon say it baby! We aint got all dayy Hee-hee yeahh!!

Beyonce takes a sip from the bottle and sings:

"I used to call him on his cellphone"


Gir - 2nd Place!
An American, a Russian and an Islamic Terrorist walk into a bar.
They look around for a while, then sit at the counter.
Soon enough a heated discussion ensues. After a few minutes they call the barkeep in frustration.
“Look mate” they said to him feverishly “We need you to settle a dispute. Which one of us is the most dangerous?”
The barkeep takes not a second to reply: “The American, easily.”
After being pressured to explain his reasoning he says.
“The Islamic Terrorist will walk into my bar, with a gun, and will start shooting at people until he runs out of bullets or is taken out by my trusty boom stick.”
“The Russian will walk into my bar, with a gun, point it at me, and threaten to take over my business. He will either put me out of business or, again, be removed by my boom stick.”
“The American, however, will walk into my bar with a lot of guns, and will give them to all my drunk customers so they can defend themselves against the Russian and the Islamic Terrorist. And then all of them will, under influence, start acting like the Russian or the Islamic Terrorist, making them impossible for me to deal with. ”
The Russian and the Terrorist walked out of the bar in shame while the American started belly-dancing on the counter.


Keistl - 3rd Place!
"Saffron, AppleCider and Nexus walk into a bar.

The bartender asks "What will you boys drink?"

Saffron says nothing because he is underage, AppleCider starts arguing about the prices of the bar and starts
shouting, Nexus asks "Why won't ya...hiccup...sell me some algohokl?????"
Bartender: "You are clearly way too drunk, i'm not selling you any alcohol sir."

So then Nexus proceeds to high five the bartender. In the head. With a chair."

Kylo Ren
Two men and a horse walk into a bar.
“We don’t allow animals in here,” said the bartender.
“Alright, I’ll tie them up outside,” said the horse.
After the horse named Harold, nicknamed Harry, had tied up the two men, named Robert and David, he went back to the bar.
“What’ll it be?” asked the bartender.
“Just a beer, thanks,” said Harold.
“It… behooves… you to try out our local brand,” said the bartender.
“That was a terribly lamb joke,” said Harold the horse to the bartender that was a sheep, “but sure, I’ll give it a try.”
The bartender poured him a bottle of their own special brand very stylishly, and served it to Harold.
“So what brings you by here?” asked the bartender.
“My wife, man,” said Harold. “Recently she’s been a complete night…mare.”
“I know what that’s like,” said the one sitting next to him.
Harold turned to the side to look at him , only to find out he wasn’t there.
“Down here,” said the drinking companion.
“Oh, there you are! So things aren’t going well with the lady of the house?”
“No, things’ve gotten real hare-y as of late,” said the rabbit and took a sip of his drink.
The horse and the rabbit sat together for a few hours and found the bottom of several beer bottles. The bartender even joined them with a few a beers of his own. They had noticed he hadn’t talked about his wife yet.
“So what about you, barkeep?” asked the rabbit. “No one to keep you warm at night?”
“Oh… oh yes,” he said. “My darling is wonderful. He’s Scottish.”
“You needn’t say anything else,” said Howard.
Another man walked past them and bumped into Howard. He turned around and looked at him with a hint of a scowl. Horses can’t really make scowls. It looks very stupid.
“Nevermind him, he’s just an ass,” said the rabbit about the rude donkey.
As more time flew by, eyes turned teary-eyed red, words became heavy on the tongue, another gentleman walked up to them. He had been sitting in the corner all night long.
“My wife’s a fat cow,” said the man from the corner with a sad look on his face. “Literally.”
Everyone looked at him. They felt his pain.
“It’s complete…-“ said the bull while his face turned red He took a shit on the floor and left.
“Alright, that’s enough for today,” said Harold and took with him Robert and David, and went home.

A proton, and two electrons walk into a bar.
The proton trudges to the counter and orders three beers.
The barkeeper sets the beers down, smiles and says "Stay positive".

Stein - 1st Place
I must find a way to put an end to this chase, I can’t run any longer. He racked his brains to determine the best way out of this situation. He didn’t know how many were after him but given his reputation guessing wouldn’t be fun. At least they had not seen his face. He noticed a bar and headed towards it. This is where they will lose me, he thought and stepped in.

“We have his description sir, this time he can’t get away. I request reinforcements to surround the bar “Lupin”. I am going in now.” They will arrive in ten minutes. This time we got you, Jones thought entering the bar, only to be stopped by a large man. A bouncer huh, well, looks like a fancy bar after all.
“Good evening sir, do you have a reservation?” asked the bouncer.
Shut up and let me through. “No, let me through, I am with the police” Jones replied, showing his ID.
“I am very sorry sir, is there any problem?”
“Man, average height, thin, wearing black pants. He entered five minutes ago, didn’t he?”
“He most definitely did sir; he looked nervous and in a hurry, seemed suspicious.”
I already know that, idiot. “Thank you for your cooperation. Please ensure that no one else enters. Reinforcements will arrive shortly.” he said and walked inside, passing a small corridor to enter the main room of the bar.

Jones scanned the room trying to determine who could be suspicious. The fugitive was after all the Eel, a master of disguise. The building would soon be surrounded. Ten minutes, all I have to do is not let him escape in these ten minutes. He nervously checked for his gun, ready to fire any time, his hands trembling with anticipation. Jones hated the bastard after being humiliated by him so many times in the past. Better keep my identity secret for now, any commotion caused could be used against me.

Carefully, not losing the exit from his eyes he approached the bar and asked the barman if a man that fitted the description had entered before him. “He did, headed straight to the restroom”, the barman replied. “Is there a way to get outside from there?” Jones asked anxiously, sweating. “A strange question” pointed out the barman, taken by surprise. “Answer me!” Jones demanded, losing patience. “Please”, he added, trying to cover up for this slip up. “No, there is no way out except the entrance” answered the barman annoyed. Jones looked him in the eye and then let out a deep sigh of relief. He is not lying, but I can’t relax yet. I won’t let you escape now, Eel. He ordered a drink but never touched it. He kept checking the patrons over and over, not missing a move. A middle-aged man stood up and moved towards the exit. Could it be him? A final, desperate attempt? If he continues, should I reveal myself or just inform the ones coming? He was still calculating the different scenarios when some tense moments later the man sat next to a couple of women, greeting them. That was close, just a couple more minutes remaining. Finally, his phone rang, giving an end to his agony.

“We have surrounded the building, Henderson and Thomas entering now.” Jones felt satisfied and allowed himself to finally relax. Surely this case would come to an end now. You were unlucky this time, Eel. A mocking smirk formed on his face. Henderson and Thomas appeared. “This time you got him Jones”, Thomas said laughing, patting him on the back. “Yes, I knew I got him this time, both the bouncer and the barman saw him, he is trapped”. Thomas smiled again. “Well, drinks are on you then, Jones. Barman, I will have a…” he started saying but the barman interrupted him.
“I am sorry to interrupt you and I apologize for overhearing you, my dear gentlemen, but what bouncer? We have no bouncer.”

Mar 22nd '16, 05:50 PM
Week 5 - Things i do for Love

Basil - 1st Place!
Oh the things I do for love. She just doesn’t quite understand how dearly I care for her, and I’m not quite sure how. The vibrant red roses I sent I sent must have gotten her attention. The tag reading, “Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman,” must have done something for her, but yet my love did not seem to even acknowledge them. They must have been stolen from her doorstep! There is no way she would ever be so rude as to just take them and not thank me, right? Well to be sure, I strolled across the street, from mine to hers. I had just watched her pull into her garage from my window, so I know my darling is waiting inside. I give her door 3 loud knocks, to make sure she heard, and stood waiting with my box of chocolates. She must be hard of hearing, that’s it! I knocked a bit louder this time, until the door finally opened. She must have been in a hurry, because the conversation didn’t last nearly as long as I had hoped, but she still smiled and took the chocolates.

I hoped our next conversation would be a bit longer, but it never happened. I waited until the next day to call her home number, which I obtained through the phone book. She seemed a touch surprised when I started to talk, and seemed a bit eager to end the conversation. I called the following day, asking if she would accompany me to dinner as my date, but she never called back to say yes or no. I tried a few more times, but to no avail. I waited in her driveway and confronted her, asking if she had received my messages, but out of nowhere she screamed at me to leave her alone. After all the things I had given her, all the wonderfully sweet voice messages I left, this is how I get treated? The most disgusting part of it is she threatened to call the police if I didn’t leave! I know she doesn’t mean it, but it still hurts.

Weeks had passed, and I had all but given up. I rarely see her come in or out anymore, I called her office, and was told she works nights now for some reason. I called a few more times, left some very romantic letters even, however all she did to repay me was a court notice in the mail? For a damn restraining order no less, who does she think she is? Does she not understand how much I love her, what I would be willing to do for her? I decided to give it one last attempt, before giving up on my one true love. I walked across the street a little before she shift ended, early in the morning. All of her doors were locked, but I managed to get in through a back window, and waited to surprise my darling in her bedroom. I felt anxious the whole time, the thought of us finally being together. By the time I heard her car pool in it took nearly everything I had to stop from charging out of the bedroom and embracing her, but I waited. By the time she finally came to meet me, she tried to turn around and flee. I couldn’t understand it, how dare she try, after all the months of effort I had put into dating her, she still rejects me? Well, lucky for me she doesn’t anymore. Things changed after I left the house, with her in my arms.

She doesn’t resist me anymore, and is always so polite and quiet. She has me carry her from room to room now, but I don’t mind. I love caring for her, bathing her, brushing her long thick hair, even doing her makeup for her isn’t too difficult now. In the bedroom, I have to do most of the work, however that’s how I’ve always liked it. I’m just happy that she will never try to leave me again.

Aertes - 2nd Place!
Mind absorbed by his thoughts, Vathar didn’t realize that his feet brought him in front of the tall wooden door. Your prisoner has been brought to the interrogation room to be questioned by the High Executor. Rage flooded inside him since the moment he heard those words but his face was a stone mask, devoid of feelings as he walked in.

His eyes were caught by the female figure in the middle of the room. Her body was bruised and she was bleeding. Down on her knees, her hands chained from the ceiling with a long chain, the only thing that seemed to hold her from completely falling down.

-Oh Executor. Congratulations on your mission. A valuable acquisition, the Emperor would be very pleased. She appears unwilling to speak though and you can’t say that I didn’t try.

-She was not to be harmed.

-What??? She’s an enemy of the Empire. High Executor frowned in an attempt of a smile. Don’t tell me you still have feelings for her…or any feelings at all?

-No, but I was to deal with her. Release her, he snapped at a soldier, and leave us alone.

High Executor studied his face for a short moment for the slightest sentiment that would give away his thoughts but he was cold, bereft any feelings as always.

-Do as he says, he concluded.

As soon as the soldiers left the room he opened his mouth to speak but he spat blood before he could say anything. Vathar’s sword had penetrated deep above his stomach. She was not to be harmed, he whispered and when their eyes met, High Executor saw for the first time a flame burning inside them. Rage, anger, fear and maybe even love appeared on those cold grey eyes he always thought to be dead of any feelings.

He took out his cape and covered her ravaged body as he took her in his arms. He held her steady as he walked down the secret passage of the castle.

-It wasn’t supposed to be like that…You and me…I am sorry. His voice was a gentle whisper.

- You left and then I changed. I never meant to hurt you…I love you, you know that right? How can you not? After all those years I still remember your smile, the smell of your hair, the sun in your eyes. You were my whole world. My strength…and then you left. Everything that was good in me died the day you disappeared. I had nothing. I had to turn somewhere…

-I just wanted to be free, she whispered in a weak voice.


-The war, all this pain, all those responsibilities. I wanted to live a life of my own. Make my own choices.

-Freedom yes. And power. I thought if I had enough power I could be free, so I did things, despicable things. But we can never be truly free on this world. Not as it is. Everything will change now. You and I…We are the same. One. You complete me. I am the piece that’s missing. Together we’ll be free, I promise. All who stands in our way, I will erase them. The Empire, the Legion, the Rebellion. All the things that can hurt us, I shall wipe them away from this world.

-You live in a dream, where the past is still living, beautiful and forgiven. I am not that girl anymore and you can never become the boy I used to love again.

-But….but I love you. I love you, Rain, with all my heart.

-Oh Vathar, you have no heart. Not anymore.

Kylo Ren
Luca had run for several miles without stopping, but he wasn’t tired in the slightest. The Angels, usurpers of God, had got to him earlier in the day he was hunting. They conducted their experiments on him, like they had done to so many before them. A new creation is what they wanted. A creation that could act as their bodyguards. But Luca managed to escape. The experiments had left him with increased strength and speed, so much so that none of the observers or guards could stand up to him. All of them were slaughtered.
His wife and daughter, Ana and Clara, had been waiting for hours for him to return home. He always came back before the sun went down, but that was several hours ago now. Ana knew something was wrong. They saw someone closing in on their home, but they couldn’t hear him until his feet hit the porch. Luca burst through the door in full panic. His eyes wide, Ana could see fear on his face.
“Honey, what’s going on?” she asked.
“The Angels,” he said. “They got to me while I was hunting. We have to leave immediately.”
Luca started frantically moving about the house. Ana walked up to him and grabbed him by the arms.
“What did they do to you?” she asked.
“I don’t know…”
Clara, just a child, walked up to him and grabbed a hold of his hand. She looked up towards him with teary eyes. She was scared, and with her father being equally frightened, she couldn’t help but cry. Luca calmed down to ease his daughter’s mind.
“Everything will be alright,” he told her. “Go pack your things.”

Around ten minutes later, they were all packed. Ana and Luca had discussed where they should go. They decided to go to Cluj-Napoca, the capital city of Transylvania. They could hide among the people.
Luca and his family took one moment to look around their home, to take it all in. They sat down to hold each other. Luca in the middle, with the women that made his life at each side. He loved them so much.
That’s when he heard it. Like his head was in a river, he could hear the water streaming by his ears. He leaned back and shook his head.
“What’s wrong?” said Ana.
“Daddy, your eyes,” said Clara.
Luca could smell his wife and child like he never had before.
“I…. Something’s happening,” he said while shaking his head. “I can hear your hearts beating.”
His vision became tinted with red. Then all sound left him. He fell unconscious.

After a while, Luca came to.
“Ana, what happened?” he asked.
He tried standing up. His hand felt something wet, but he couldn’t tell what it was.. He got up on his knees and turned around. Clara and Ana were on the ground, surrounded in a pool of blood. Luca couldn’t believe what he was seeing. He shuffled closer to them and grazed his hand across Ana’s face. It was real, he realized. At parts of their bodies, their flesh was torn completely off. Luca started screaming, not caring that the Angels might hear him. His tears ran down his face. He pulled them closer to him. As he did, Clara’s head almost fell off, only hanging on by a string of skin. Luca threw himself back in shock. He started vomiting. As he looked down on it, it was all red, and filled with pieces of flesh.
“I did this?” he said to himself. He leaned backwards and started screaming again, scratching his face maniacally. He couldn’t bear the thought that he had killed his family. No, consumed them.
He went and found himself a rope. He threw it over the structural beam of the house and tied it. He stood up on a chair, then made a noose at the end of the rope. He wrapped it around his neck, then without any hesitation, he stepped off the chair. But nothing happened. The small leap didn’t break his neck, nor did he need to breathe. He just swung back and forth. Becoming crazier by the minute, he got back on the chair, untied the noose, and found one of his hunting rifles. He stuck it in his mouth and pulled the trigger. His brains and skull fragments plastered the walls.
He woke up a few hours later. Everything was still the same, and his head was fine. Nothing could kill him. He started feeling that sensation again. Everything became red. The first vampire was born, and he would live with this memory for countless centuries. It would be his punishment.

BlackLeg - 3rd Place!
He left the room and went to the bathroom. His hands were wet and dirty, he needed to wash them. On his way back to the room he picked up some towels and bags to clean up the mess they made.

As he entered the room, she was still laying down. "Why did you take so long? We aren't done yet" she said. "Had to pick up some towels to clean it up. Lets go then, lets pickup where we left", he answered.

She got on all four while he got behind her. She grunted with all the effort she was making. "You need some help?", he questioned. "Yeah, it's stuck deep inside, you have to pull it out, I can't...". He grabbed the big cylindrical object inside of her and with a firm, slow pull, he got it out. Blood came from her hole and it squirmed all over him. "The things I do for love", he sighed.

"Phew, such a relief. I had a really hard time pulling that out, thanks. Now, lets saw the other parts of the body so we cab put it in the bags, then we will clean the blood", she said while they were bending over the dead body of the girl she killed.

if i owned the carpet of silver sparkles on velvet cloth that strecthes far and wide,
if i owned the large trinket of gold that shines in the light blue ocean,
if i owned the shiny diamonds on the dewy grass,
if i owned the giant pearl in this well,
if i owned the tapestry of many colours red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet,
if i owned the crimsons,
if i owned all things wonderful and beautiful,
I'd give it all away,
only for a smile
only to remove a frown
From your face.

Mar 22nd '16, 05:51 PM
Week 6 - Musings of a Madman

Aertes - 1st Place!
Kurt was sitting in the darkness on this unusual quiet night. The only sounds that broke the silence were the erratic movements of his wife lying on the bed next to him.
She always had a restless sleep, he thought with a bitter smile. And then he noticed it. That continuous ticking that could drive him crazy, a sound that echoed like a drum inside his head.

“A watch? She knows how much we hate watches”.
It was here again. That voice. It has been with him since he could remember himself; an imaginary friend in his childhood, a faithful companion throughout his youth. But everything changed that night 11 years ago. The innocent friend had turned into a hateful enemy, a ruthless ruler taking over his thoughts, his senses, even his life.

“The watch, another sign of her traitorous nature”.
“Leave me alone”.
“She knows we can’t stand that evil ticking. How unbearable, that continuous reminder of time slipping away. Make it stop. Make it stop!”
“Shut up!” he screamed in his mind as he took the watch and threw it outside the window. The voice, the ticking made his head spinning, he felt weak and feverish and his feet were unable to hold him anymore. Lying on the cold floor with a creased paper inside his palm, he felt desperate.

“Ah, here lies the proof of her betrayal”.
“Go away. It’s just a letter”.
“Just a letter?” squealed the voice inside his mind. “No, not just a letter. A love letter. Have you seen how he looks at her? And how she looks back?”
“She would never do anything to hurt me”.
“She did, she does, all she wants is to hurt us. We must do something”.
“But I love her so much” Kurt whispered in his head as tears ran down his eyes.
“Oh, yes, we do. But she wants to leave us. Abandon us.”
“She will never leave me!” replied as he started to rake his head in a desperate attempt to uproot this voice from within him.
“She will! Like our mother did 11 years ago. She will walk away and never look back!”
‘’No,no,NO!” Kurt was crawling on the floor, trying to flee from an invisible enemy.
“Do you remember how it felt? The pain we went through. The agony? The unfilled void she left in us? DO YOU REMEMBER???”
“Yes, I do” cried Kurt on his mind, desperately hitting his head in an attempt to shake away his feelings.
“We can’t go through this again, it will kill us”.
“No, I can’t, I can’t live without her”.
“We must stop it”.
“Show her! What pain means. How it feels to be hurt by someone you love. Teach her a lesson”.
“Yes, yes”, said Kurt as he walked down the stairs. ”Just show her how painful it is and then she won’t leave me, then she will never hurt me again.” His mind was blurry, his thoughts a tangle of pain and agony.
“Take a knife. Slice her! Cut her! Show her!”

As he stormed back into the room his eyes were caught by the distorted reflection on the mirror. It was not him who gazed back, it was a frantic demon.
What have I become, he thought to himself. The knife shaking on his hand he fell into his knees. “I can’t” he voiced in a mournful holler.
“Silence imbecile, you will wake her up!” demanded the voice.
Kurt looked terrified on the bed for any signs of her arousal. Everything was quite. She was lying there in a bed of blood, eyes wide open, still like a statue.
“Oh, how forgetful we are”, giggled the voice. “We already did it”.

Kylo Ren
“I was standing in the middle of the rain to be dramatic. It always looks so cool in the movies. Anyway, that’s how I got my cold.”
I looked at the shrink as he was dissecting every word. The man is in awe. He can’t figure me out.
“Come on, say something,” I said. “Time is money. Literally!”
As he leaned forward, the light bounced off his bald head. Well, half bald. He’s got that Caesar head ornament thing going on. Like a horseshoe wrapped around his shining dome.
“Jason, I think you’re a very handsome man(Jason, it seems you’re rapidly becoming more and more delusional),” he said. “May I take you out to dinner, then have sex with you?(If we don’t act fast, your mind might break.)”
I got up from the couch, or the shrinklounger, if you may. I do may. I stared at him for a few seconds to see if he was joking.
“Mr. Donal, I didn’t know you swing that way,” I said. “I’ve always been a little bit curious about it. But when you say ‘have sex with me,’ do you mean you do me, or I do you?”
Mr. Donal’s eyes became wide, surely with excitement. Still don’t know if he’s a butch or a bitch, though.
“Jason, I want you to do me(Jason, I want you to sit down for a minute),” he said, “and I like it rough(while I go talk to my assistant).”
I was a bit shocked at hearing that. Rough? Really? Perfect!
“Sure thing, Mr. Donal!”
I could hear him talking to his assistant through the door.
“Doris, I’m taking out Jason so he can tear my ass up(Doris, call security and tell them to help me restrain him),” he said.
I was so excited! I’d never done this before, not even with a woman! Well, there was that one time… Nevermind that. When Mr. Donal came back, he had two more guys with him.
“Hey, Mr. Donal, I didn’t sign up for a foursome,” I said. “With three other guys, my ass surely won’t remain a virgin.”
Mr. Donal walked slowly towards me, almost in a seductive way. I was wondering if his mustache would tickle me.
“Jason, why don’t we start the party here(Jason, please stay calm),” he said.
He inched closer to me, but the other two had moved ahead of him now.
“Wait, wait, wait, Mr. Donal!” I shouted. “This is a bit too much! There’s only so many holes, and I have the feeling the phrase ‘tearing me a new one’ will come into play here.”

Next thing I knew, I woke up in here, and I’m wearing this really weird sweater. Can’t even scratch my damn nose. But hey, there’s free candy. If only I could get more than one piece at a time.

Novi - 3rd Place!
Even in the thirty year old apartment complex on Davone Avenue, with it's rusting pipes and molding doors, broken glass windows and stray animals, and even the faintest smell of a decaying body that may have been left from a homicide, the slamming of the door at Apartment 28A was something that all of the remaining residents of the building had come to hear on a near-daily basis. Who lived in this particular room? No one knew. They could tell you the average time the sound was heard, the accompanying footsteps, the smells, and even the glow behind their doors as the resident walked towards his room, but they never knew who it truly was.

Donning his infamous mask, one that covered the majority of his face and flared with a white energy towards the sides, the criminal known as Silver Vine had once again returned to his 'home' to be met with defeat at the hands of the police. His clothes were torn up, his bag, once filled with riches from the local jewelry store, was completely empty. One could even say he had robbed air with the results of his work. A sigh escaped the man's lips as he slid to the floor, a record 376 defeats finally setting in on him.

"Tax collectors." He said to himself. "Always those DANG TAX COLLECTORS! When will they quit? I go out every night to make a hard-earned living in this god forsaken state and every time I do they tax me in full. What more do they want from me? I earned my citizenship, I work every night fixing doors, testing window thickness, and illuminating the world as best as I can, and this is how they treat me?"

The man thought about his recent endeavors, the slightest chuckle soon turning into a full laugh as he recounted the actions of the previous week. He took out an old door replaced it with explosives. He took care of an old safe lock and cleared out what was behind it for a better inspection. He had even done a full store clean-out and finished out the entire event with a bonfire.

"HAHAHAHA! God be with them all. Soon they'll all be fired and I'll be the one collecting taxes. They wanted to treat me unfairly. after all I've done for them? I could almost pout at those ignorant degenerates! The tax me 100%?! I'll tax them 200! Every dime, every penny that they earn will be taken from them, and afterwards, I'll take everything they have. I'll take their homes, I'll take their children, I'll take their wives and husbands, I'll burn their possessions. I'll make sure they never come back from taxing me."

The man got up, stretched his arms in front of him while he made a make-shift camera out of his fingers.

"And I know just where to start."

That same flaring mask brightened, as if it was responding to his utter bloodlust. His next target was no door, no lock, no jewel or gem, but the home of the Mayor herself.

Keotsu - 2nd Place!
Run forth, o crimson waves, like waters freed from a deluge – pierce forth from your vessel and lash at the walls of the canyon that contains you. Fall down, o flames, and rend them all to ash – watch as the field, the flowers, the fathers and sons, all turn to cinder.

With your might, stamp down your feet, your boots, your hooves, and trample mine enemy under foot. With brandished blades, bright and shining steel, plunge yourself into the bosom of their brides, and run forth from container, o crimson waves.

Angry, anguished, agonized, the generations turn against my armies, my might, and my blade. Their mountains flattened, their fields razed and slated, their kingdom broken, like the body of the babes battered in the spoils of war.

Let them feast upon chaff and hemlock, and leave the roasted flesh for me and my kin. Let the wrath they brought upon my father and his father be turned back, now by my hand, tenfold.

I will not rest until their “valleys of paradise” lay as but scars in the earth. I will not rest until their gods lay dead and defiled at my feet. I will not relent, until every ounce of you, o crimson waves, is reclaimed in full.

To them, they see a demon, cloaked in fire and with a crown of bones, who’s wake brings pestilence and disaster, who’s footstep rots the earth underneath.


Let their fear consume them, let my wrath engulf them. For it is not their fate that concerns me.

Where these beasts that stole our precious crimson waters see a tyrant, my people see their ruler, leading them out of the darkness, out of the ash and soot, and into the sun once more, where their beloved lived once long ago.

I will lead them back to glory, and take their sins and rage unto me. I will take them all unto me, and take them from this earth.

So, wash forth, o crimson saves, and bathe me in your sacred waters, so that my flesh and bone may be washed away and my soul laid bare before my creator.

For while I turn my rage outwards, I take on the appearance of a reaper to those who would oppose me.

But, to those behind me who observe my back, and my sun, I appear as tyrant or madman not.

No, to these people, o crimson waters, I am the force that leads them to a better life.

To these people, I am their hero.

Basil - 2nd Place!
Dear Father, I have seen the visions you sent me. Those men in their white suits with their “medication” can’t stop me from hearing your voice. I know I was chosen by you, my lord. The police are completely incompetent, refusing to listen to me about just how dangerous our enemy truly is. They’re completely unable to protect your sons and daughters from the evils of these savages! Innocent children murdered on the streets, women raped, and nothing is being done! This must be why I was chosen by your divine hand, to eradicate the problem. I will be your shepherd, and protect your sheep from the evils of the wolves. I shall use my holy dagger to purge the streets, and bleach them clean in your name! No more black or brown, no more filth littering the sidewalk, flooding our city with the devil’s substances! Soon I will wash them all away, so our fair city will finally once more reflect your perfect, white image. All I ask is you to please give me the power necessary to complete this task. I promise I will not disappoint you, it will be different this time. Amen.

sometimes i listen
sometimes i read
knowing that some lines i shouldn't tread
in my naivety i crossed a line and for this i bleed
it may be a situation of my greed
where the mad hatter and his friends stood out to greet me
welcoming me into a crazy house indeed
twisting my mind to no end
thoughts got bent to cook up a dream
orders were sent from the red queen
to cut off the head of the crazed or so it seemed
Applause came from all those who heard
of course it were a joke for it came with ice cream
But off went the head of the little boy sipping tea with the mad hatter
he had to be insane to think it were a game
but he felt no pain as he woke up on his bed
but it wasn't me, yet it had to be
unless it had not been
and i was just a dream

Stein - 3rd Place!
He caught his breath and let himself fall into the bus seat. Any sort of relief was short-lived with all these voices in his head though, constantly overlapping one another, never letting him rest. It was worse than usual that day. A continuous echo, going on and on and on in his mind. “You are so stuuupid. Pointless. Look at you. Stuuupid. Worthless.” He winced, disturbed, looked around and froze. Had they already found him? A tall man dressed in black entered and sat a few meters to his left, only to be followed by a woman, also dressed in black, which took the seat next to him.

“It’s Them”, said a child’s voice in his head. “They are here to kill you, get rid of you”. He adjusted the way he was sitting and got closer to the window. “Remember last time? You narrowly escaped. You do remember, don’t you, worm? But this time They will squash you, you cannot hide from Them you filth”, added the voice of an old man this time. He wanted to check on them but he didn’t dare glance. He decided to check through the reflection on the window, but the child’s voice intervened. “You look at them and they will know, they will know and boom, you will be killed. Yes you will, no doubt. They know all your secrets.” “Hello misteeer, you are baaad, you are filthy, you deserve this you bastard!” whispered the voice of an annoying little girl. He knew he couldn’t keep up with this for too long, he should act. He looked at the reflection and studied the woman in black. She appeared to not be paying attention to him. Or was she? “Watch out! They look at you, they can see you sweating, they can seeee youuu. There! She looks at you, she knows, she can smell you, smell your fear. She knows, yes, look away, quickly!” That was close.

The voices were now having an argument and some new ones joined. “You can’t stay here, you mustn’t stay here, They will catch you.” “No one will help you, you are doomed. You can’t save yourself, why are you even trying? Just give up already” “Look to your left. No, look right! No, you are doing everything wrong.” He tried his best to focus on a more distant one. “I am your only friend. Listen to me. Calm down. Don’t panic. Breathe in and out. I know you can do this. Just breathe.” An idea came to him. The window. He tried to open it. “Yes! Jump, jump down! Do it! Do it!” “ No, no, don’t!” The damned thing wouldn’t open anyway. “You look neeervouus, you are acting sooo scared. Boo!”” What are you even doing? You are wasting time. Stop.” “Pointless, worthless, stuuuupid” “Oh no! He’s getting up!” He immediately turned and saw the man moving towards him.

Chaos ensued in his mind. The voices got louder, muffled talking that made no sense and an evil hiss like a witch laughing added to the already existing noise. “You will die. He will kiiiill youuuu.” “ Five, four, three, six, seven, ten, four, two.” “Pointless” “Sulfur also referred to as brimstone lowers the ignition temperature required to start the reaction” “Worthless” “We‘ll be able to fly, don’t fear the Reaper” The door opened. “RUN! RUN NOW!”

And run he did. He pushed his way through the crowd, jumped out of the bus and crossed the street, thinking he got away. In his haste, he only noticed the truck coming his way when it was too late. During the split second before the collision, he felt a sense of euphoria. The voices had stopped. He felt relieved, happy.

BlackLeg - 2nd Place
"Hello everyone!", said a cheerful voice entering the bank with a theater mask on his face. "This, is a bank robbery!", continues, taking out a gun from his leather jacket and pointing it at someone near him, that was still grasping what was going on and couldn't believe what was happening.

"Now, I want all of you to be a nice crowd and do as I say, so we can reduce the amount of blood splatters on the floor, we don't want to give too much work to the cleaning lady, alright fellas? Now, everyone jump!"

As he said this, everyone looked perplexed at him. BANG. The guy the robber was holding falls down with a hole in his head.
"I'm so sorry everyone, I didn't mean to kill him, it was the fail safe ... It's not that safe after all!", he giggled. BANG. Another shot as he points the gun at a well dressed guy standing near the attendants.
At this point, people were crying and in panic, begging not to be killed, as he has just shot the security guy and a client.

"This one was on purpose. YOU KNOW WHY? BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T DO AS I TOLD YOU! JUMP!" the voice was angrier and threatening. Everybody jumped, crying.
"Tough crowd, I wonder if Oprah also has to shoot people to make the audience do as she says. Now get on the floor!"

As he reached the attendants, that were crouching behind the counter, he said with gun in hand and pointing at someone else "How much time is the police going to take to get here? Ah, doesn't matter. Be pretty girls and fill this bags with all the cash you can! Hooza hooza! Fast while I'm in a good mood, you don't want to see my trigger happy friend at work again, darlings!"

As they filled the bags with cash, he looked around with his grinning mask at everyone lying down and crying. "Good audience, good! You want to get out of this alive, yes? I'll give you a very simple mission then. When I say so, I'll allow you to go through that door without killing anyone! Isn't that a treat!? Aha!"
Everyone started looking at him with wonder, fear and confusion in their eyes. The police sirens could be heard from the outside.

As soon as the money girls had the bags filled with cash and handed out to him, he threw the bags at the hostages.
"Go now, pickup the bags, and run children! Be happy! Buy some gifts! Except you," pointing his gun at a suited up man. "You're staying with me, you've been a naughty boy. It'll only take 10 seconds", he said, giggling.

The police outside was busy dealing with everyone running with bags of cash, but a task force entered the bank. They found a suited up man, with a mask on one hand and a gun on the other, pointing at someone with a leather jacket kneeling down.

“I'm going to kill you, you bastard! You're not going to get away with this!” said the man holding the gun.

“Drop your weapon! " yelled someone while the task force surrounded him. Meanwhile, the man kneeling was looking down, crying and begging “please save me, save me from this maniac!”

The man was confused. The one kneeling smiled and whispered “3 seconds to go” with a smirk.

“We won't say it again! Drop your weapon right now!” insisted the cops. “1! BANG!” whispered the crouching man.

At that moment, the gun on the suited up man fired. The cops followed. A body fell down.

“Are you okay, sir? Did it hit you somewhere?” asked a cop to the terrified man. “I … I'm fine mister officer. Thank you so much for saving me from that lunatic! I thought I was a goner!”

They took him outside, where the hostages were captured and giving explanation on what happened and why they had the money bags. The cops took the poor, traumatized man to an ambulance so he could be treated.

Later that evening, the leather jacket man got a phone call.
-“Is it done?”
-“Why yes, it all went according to plan.”
-”I heard there was a big ruckus in a bank. That's not how I like things done."
-”Ruckus? We just had some fun! You would have enjoyed the show!”
-”Is the snitch gone?”
-”No, not yet. But turn on the TV. I bet the treats and tricks I put in the money bags will make quite a show on the police precinct, where the snitch is right now giving his testimony. One could say … it'll go with a BANG! Ihihih!”

Kylo Ren's withheld entry
[I]There I was, doing nothing. Why? Because there’s nothing to do. We mostly just live to die. And we usually die in very uncool ways. My woman broke her ankle a couple of thousand suns back. She died seven suns later. It’s enough to drive any man insane, I tell you. The loneliness, I mean. I decided to take a walk across the plains. Take in the sights. This time, there were new things on the horizon. There she stood, completely naked on the field. I went up closer to her. She didn’t move away. Mind you, I hadn't seen anyone for a long... long time I couldn’t help but admire her boobs. I looked around to see if there were anyone nearby. There weren’t. I looked at her for a second, then I bent down. I started sucking on one of her tits. Much to my surprise, my mouth was filled with this warm, white fluid. I liked the taste. Different from others. I felt myself becoming excited, so I started masturbating at the same time, too, while I pulled on her second tit. Crazy, right? What a delightful day this turned out to be. I was curious how she felt about all this, so I asked her, “How does it feel, girl?”
“Moooo,” she replied.

Mar 22nd '16, 05:51 PM
Week 7 - I woke up in Hell

I woke up in hell. Again. Nothing to be surprised. It has been like this for the past few days.

But it’s not that bad. Sure, there is the lake of fire and sulfur, demons torturing people, violence, rotten flesh, blood, but there’s also the good side.

It’s the warmest place I’ve been on. I can walk with my naked hot body, guys looking at me drooling themselves, and I won’t feel a bit of cold. The barbecue is pretty good. Never thought I’d like human rib cage so much. What? Don’t judge me! The smell of burned meat is mouth watering, quite irresistible. I just had to grab a piece of meat from the guy being burned alive for his sins, or whatever he did.

Of course, people here suffer, but it’s not like they die. It’s eternal suffering, for sure, but they had it coming. They’re murderers, thieves, rapists, perverts, wall street brokers, Jehovah Witnesses, politicians, bronies. All kinds of bad people.

Me? I honestly don’t know where I fit. I didn’t have the talk with Luci yet, he’s been kinda busy with so many people coming down here this days. This looks like a vacation resort! Can’t blame them. It’s hot, has good meat, has hot guys, and there’s plenty of entertainment!

But I’m next in line. Yeah, I’m going to talk with Lucifer himself right now. Satan. The big bad. I’m so excited, I heard he’s the hottest!

- “Hi Luci! I can call you Luci, right?”, I ask, a bit shy and embarassed.
- “Sure sure, let’s get this over with. Why are you here?”, he asks as he looks me up. His eyes judging every inch of my body, his tail wagging while he sits, arms crossed, in his skeleton chair.
- “Since you’re so blunt and right on to it … I … are you … are you single?”, I gagged. It’s pretty hard saying this to the hottest guy you’ve ever seen, specially Satan himself.
- “No …ugh. Oh my Father. I mean, why did you do to come to hell? Everybody here has a reason to be here, what’s yours?” , he looked impatient, but serious, all heated up with my question. Guess he’s not interested in.
- “I honestly don’t know. I don’t think I did anything that bad, but I’m glad I’m here, else I wouldn’t have met you” I try again once more. I guess nothing worse can happen to me, I’m in hell already after all.
- “Murder?” straight to the point, uh.
- “Nope, but I would kill for you” guess I’ll get there with my smooth talk.
- “Ever stole something?” ignores me, doesn’t even answer my reply.
- “Nothing too important, but I want to steal your heart”, urgh, I’m pushing too hard!
- “Lies?” he smiled! He smiled while saying this, as he heard my reply! I’m scoring!
- “Everybody lies, and I would be lying right now if I said you’re not the hottest guy I know”, I go in for the kill.
- “I’m genderless, but thanks. So, what did you do? You didn’t pay for WinRar?” Ah! Nice joke! I finally melted the ice!
- “You have a tail, so I bet you can pleasure a lady. And nope, nobody does.”, as I say the word tail, he smirks a little.
- “Are you a Jehovah Witness? Did you vote for someone?”, back to the serious questions uh.
- “Hell no. I voted for Trump”. As I said this, his eyes opened up in surprise and his mouth widened
- “Father damnit. So that’s why you’re here. You voted for him. Guess you got what you deserved. Now I have no choice, I’ll have to send you …” I interrupted before he could finish:
- “No! Please! I’ll sell my soul to you”, I begged. I couldn’t lose this chance. If I was sent away, there was no chance I could get in bed with the devil.
- “I already have your soul … but guess you can stay in the last circle of hell. Here, with me. I’ll deal with your punishment myself!” he stood up and smirked, with his eyes shining, tail wagging and hands on his hips
- “Can’t wait for the action to start Luci. No safeword, you can go on as long as you want with my punishment. I have one question though. Why are there no gingers in hell?” I asked, wondering. I haven’t seen one redhead through the 7 days I stayed here, till I reached the last circle of hell.
- “Oh, they don’t have souls, so they don’t come here. Anyway, what do you want first? Cuffs, whips, ball gags, or everything at once?”

Mycal Phelps

I woke up in Hell.

My eyes were closed and my ears had been stuffed with cloth, but there was nothing I could do about the smell. Fire, smoke and . . . was that cotton candy? Cheese flavour? I cracked half an eye open. Shock coursed through me, and I closed it immediately.

I slowly became aware of the noises around me. A loud, glib voice was projected across the amusement park from a megaphone.

“Come one, come all! See the man who hates cheese enduring his worst nightmares!”

"Enduring" was a bit of a stretch. ‘Oh, hell.’ Truth be told, this probably was Hell. It was just like I’d imagined it. I opened my eye again, this time a little fuller. Fountains of strong-smelling cheese bubbled all around me, filthy yellow waterfalls coursed in the distance. A plump red imp stood atop a precariously swaying pile of boxes right in front of me, addressing a crowd of tourists with a little red megaphone. What had I done to deserve this horrible fate?

Before long, a pair of hulking demons " much like gorillas, except without the hair and the noble profile " arrived out of the building behind me and carried me away. Another pair of the demonic gorillas brought in a second victim, who had apparently fainted. What kind of tourists would come to Hell? What kind of tourists would enjoy seeing someone in such torturous agony? My eyes passed over a large red sign hanging from the building. ‘The Park of Torturous Agony’, it read. This was probably what demons did when they had a day off from ruining crops and stealing tableware. I knew what boredom could do to a man, or a demon.

They brought me inside the building. “So, will you agree to my demands now?” Lucifera I (previously known as Lucifer) asked. The words were delivered in an air of self-satisfaction and confidence, but that was how she always talked.

“No,” I replied through clenched teeth (and a desperately self-pinched nose.[1]) “I won’t do it. Hell--“ Lucifera chuckled " “Hell,” I continued, insistent, “after the treatment you’ve given me, of course I won’t write a favourable review of your amusement park! Whatever demon possessed you to even contemplate that possibility?”

“Last I checked, I am a demon.” Lucifera I said lazily. “No possession required.”

“Still, I won’t do it. Not before you get me out of here and give me bearable quarters to live in.” Lucifera I’s eyes turned to rest upon me. She smiled.

“That can be arranged.”

‘Oh no.’

[1] Oh boy, learning that took me far longer than I’d ever imagined.

Stein - 1st Place!
“I woke up in Hell. Not the kind of hell the nave people believe in. No demons or eternal flames. Nothingness. From the very first moment I tried my best find a way out, an exit, but I discovered I couldn’t see anything. My ears wouldn’t hear a thing either, absolute silence everywhere around me. All attempts to break this silence by screaming were in vain too, no voice would come out of my mouth. I wanted to burst into tears, but I couldn’t do that either. I should be dead, I concluded. If this is afterlife, then I am in Hell.

Anger followed these futile attempts. A silent anger, like I wanted to explode into a million pieces and wither away. But this didn’t happen either. I was trapped in this place, furiously cursing my fate again and again. Gods, demons, if anything of the sort exists, I cursed them all for making me go through this. I tried to move, even if aimlessly, I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to run. To no avail, as I quickly found out. No matter how much I tried, I would find myself exhausted but in the same position.
I refused to accept this cursed fate of mine. How and why could I deserve this punishment? I wanted it to stop. Maybe it was all a big nightmare. I tried going back to sleep, but whenever I woke up, nothing changed. After a while, I couldn’t endure this anymore, I wanted to end it. I wished I could kill myself, but you don’t get to do that when you are already dead.

Alone in this state for I don’t know how long, having lost track of everything, including myself, I lost hope. But I clung to my miserable self. I did, with all my might, because I could still remember her. Her eyes, her voice, her smile. My Melody. As long as I could bring her memory to my mind I would keep going. I didn’t need anything else. Please, stay with me, even like this. Every time I felt exhausted enough that I lost consciousness, terrible fear conquered me. Fear that when I wake up again in this darkness, I won’t be able to remember her anymore. Days, maybe even months or years passed. Every time I woke up, I felt relieved that I still could recall her face, only to spend all my remaining time in agony, horrified that she will fade away.”

“Alfred? Can you hear me my love?”
“I couldn’t believe my ears. A distant voice, that I could barely listen to. But it was her voice. There couldn’t be any mistake about it! Shocked, I tried to answer her, forgetting that I no longer had my voice. Why can I hear her only to be unable to speak to her? Do demons exist after all? Did you come here to torture me? Taunt me some more? Reveal yourself! However, silence was all I got in response. Frustration dominated my mind, but I waited. I had a goal now. If there was even a remote chance that I could hear her again, I would wait all eternity. I don’t know how much time passed since I reached this decision. Doubts about how my cause could be a lost one tormented me every day, but I didn’t give up. Until one day, the darkness became a little brighter. I wouldn’t give up. Until one day…”
“Alfred! Alfred can you hear me?”
“It was her! I wouldn’t miss my chance this time. I gathered all the power I had been amassing this whole time in this cursed place in a last ditch effort to try to respond to her, try to maybe see her. And it was then, that a blurred image appeared before me. Changed compared to my memories, but familiar. The shape of it, I could unmistakably recognize it. Melody! My love, don’t leave me now, stay with me and I won’t ever leave you again. I felt tears gushing from my eyes.”
The newspaper had an amazing story that Sunday; “Man wakes up after 5 years in coma. His wife, who never left his side, talks to us exclusively. Interview on page 19.”

Kylo Ren - 2nd Place!
Next up, we have Robert, announced the councilor. “He wishes to plead his case for moving up.”
His appearance was that of a frail old man, weak and pitiful. Robert walked up the governor. He dared not look him straight in the eye. From what he had been told, doing so would incinerate you instantaneously. Dying after death, it’s not something most people think of. But when given the option between living in Hell, and simply not existing, believe it or not, most people will choose Hell.
“Dear Lord of the vast Underworld, I am innocent,” Robert said, looking up at the seated figure before him. “Yesterday, I fell asleep in my own bed. Today, I woke up in Hell! It’s not right… It’s… I never did the things they said. Such an unspeakable act is beneath me, even now, here in Hell, the place below everything else.”
Lucifer was disinterested. He never considered that the real torment of being banished to Hell would be this; the repetitiveness. The terrible boredom. He surely had enough company, unsavory as it may be, so loneliness couldn’t get to him. New people shipping in day in, day out. Trials to be had for the “wrongfully” accused.
“You know He sees everything, don’t you?” he asked Robert, his voice resonating throughout the hall.
Robert’s eyes moved about, trying not to lock on to Lucifer’s. He was about to speak.
“Don’t even bother,” said Lucifer, with his head resting on his fist. “You think you’re the first one to come in here and proclaim to have been misjudged? Father does not care, child. He sees a spec of evil in you, evil which He planted there Himself, and He will put you where He thinks you deserve to be. You humans are cursed with evil, greed, jealousy, as a trial. Some are given more than others. Keep your urges at bay and you shall be granted a seat in His kingdom. An impossible task. Our leader of justice on this grain of sand in this endless desert you call a universe condemned you to eternal suffering before you were even born.”
Robert shook his head in confusion of what he was hearing. But he also felt relieved. The choices he made weren’t his. It was just his design.
“You seem rather speechless, Bob,” said Lucifer. “I’ve seen that look countless times, as I have spoken these words countless times and more. You just had an epiphany. You are innocent. That’s what you’re thinking. Rest assured, you’re not the worst scum that’s inhabited this place. But you are not innocent.”
Lucifer stood up and started to slowly walk down the steps until he reached the frail Robert. He was trembling. Lucifer enjoyed such displays of fear towards him. It was just about the only thing that ever gave him any happiness.
“I am on a mission,” he said to the cowering man, his voice shaking the hall in which they stood, his chest wide. “My goal is hard to reach, but I have been preparing for it a long time. I will turn his beloved desert into a sea of glass. Then I will mold it into the most beautiful of marbles. I will rid this world of evil.”
Robert mustered the courage to speak.
“How… my Lord?” he asked in a shivering voice.
“By eliminating the root of all evil, of course. Kill Father. Kill… God.”
He raised his hand. Robert flinched at the sight of its movement. But instead of the beating he expected, he felt a warm and embracing hand gently grabbing his shoulder.
“But first, dear Robert,” he said with a smile on his face, “look into my eyes…”

Keotsu - 3rd Place!
The screams of anguish and cries of agony pierce into my consciousness, and woken from my stupor I turn my eyes to my new prison. One could not say that one could see in this place, for the shapes that could be made out were not truly illuminated, but places where the darkness was not so thick.

How strange, where once my light burned brightest of all, that I know lay in a prison devoid of light.

The smell of sulfur was pungent, and I could feel the brimstone underneath me, and my shackles, burning hot against my being.

This pandemonium was a prison of my own design, a place where my punishment was to be wrought for seeking was my right by birth – for my place had been at His side, but with my light burning so bright, was the throne of the Most High not mine to hold?

I had been stripped of my wings and my glory, my beauty and my power, though not all. This “Hell” that I had awoken to was to be my prison for all eternity…but, I was beaten, not defeated.

I felt scorned, as He would not even end my existence – how dare He show such arrogance to me? If He believed I would not seek revenge after being struck such a blow, He would be dearly mistaken.

My light was the brightest – I was the Morning Star. I shook forth and wrest my being free from the ground below me, breaking the fragile shackles of brimstone; while my power had been greatly stripped, I was still powerful. All but the Archangels bowed to my powers – such were they that in the face of war with the Most High, one third of the host of Heaven believed my strength enough to turn the tides. A mistaken belief, it seemed.

But, shinning high in the sky was orb of golden light, a sphere with which life would flourish for eternity. A paradise – a garden – where His most infant children did live, and grow, and prosper, with happiness. What lot was theirs, that they deserved His love more than I?

No, such lowly creatures did not deserve His eye, His love, His devotion. Stripped and burned, charred and naked, were my wings, but still, they held much strength. My form, while diminished, was still of a beauty that could not be comprehended by mortal eyes.

With a tremendous beat, I took to the air and to the skies, pride in my power still evident – even with my wings stripped and cast down into this pit, naught was there a prison that could contain my being.

Passing through the mouth of Hell, leaving behind that lake of fire and the cries of the fallen, I moved through the darkness and towards the Garden. Eden.

As I approached, I changed my form to that of a simple, lowly serpent, a creature of the earth He had created, lest my shining form draw the observation of those I wished to avoid.

Blessed with a guile and wit beyond that which could be understood by these lesser creatures, in my new body I slithered forth. I knew the one stipulation that He had given these creates so that they may live in Paradise eternal, and thus I knew the one way how they could invoke His ire.

For all His foresight, I doubted he foresaw my second rebellion against Him.

In the form of an unassuming serpent, I slithered up to one of the creatures; naked, with flowing locks and a body that was curved like fruit; I approached her from a nearby branch.

Using my tongue of silver, I set them forth on a path of devastation, in an effort to take the one thing from Him that he so loved, for my vengeance; if I could not have what was mine by right, nor could He.

“Yea, hath God not said, Ye shall not eat of every tree in the Garden?”

Apr 8th '16, 04:55 PM
Week 8 - A Song tells a Story


Diary Entry Number 40. Story "Changes" pt. 1. 1995.

I see no changes. Wake up in the morning and I ask myself, "Is life worth living? Should I blast
myself?" I'm tired of being poor and even worse I'm black in this world of racists. Even the "good
guys" are bad. Cops give a damn about a negro? Pull the trigger, kill a nigga, he's a hero. Give the
crack to the kids who the hell cares? One less hungry mouth on the welfare. I've seen what
government does with the guns. First ship 'em dope and let 'em deal to brothers. Give 'em guns,
step back, and watch 'em kill each other. I remember this like yesterday. "It's time to fight back",
that's what Huey said. 2 shots in the dark now Huey's dead. This can't go on. We gotta start makin'
changes. Learn to see me as a brother 'stead of 2 distant strangers. That's how humans are
supposed to be. How can the Devil take a brother if he's close to me? Rage piles up as I'm aging.
I'd love to go back to when we played as kids but things changed, and that's the way it is.

Diary Entry Number 41. Story "Changes" pt. 2. 1995.

Another day passed. I see no changes. All I see is racist faces. I've said this countless of times.
Misplaced hate makes disgrace to races we under. I wonder what it takes to make this one better
place. Only time we chill is when we kill each other. And although it seems heaven sent, army is not
the way. Now tell me what's a mother to do? Watch her son walk into death? Ain't no way I can
survive without cash they say - atleast I send my money to my ma'. But I see people operate the
easy way. "I made a G today" But you made it in a sleazy way. Sellin' crack to the kids is not
something to be proud of. "But I gotta get paid," is not an excuse - there are ways to earn
legit without the evil. It's hard and tough but it's worth it.

Diary Entry Number 42. Story "Changes" end. 1996.

Maybe people will listen to me once I'm dead. We gotta make a change. It's time for us as a people
to start makin' some changes. Let's change the way we eat, let's change the way we live and let's
change the way we treat each other. So many years have passed and I still see no changes. There's
war on the streets and the war in the Middle East. Instead of war on poverty, they got war on drugs
so the police can bother me. But I ain't never did a crime I ain't have to do. Instead of changing
themselves people pry on the misery of others. You gotta learn to hold ya own. Always watch your
back because you got to worry 'bout the payback...

End of diary


I went from walking home and talking loads, to seeing shows in evening clothes with you. From nervous touch and getting drunk, to staying up and waking up with you. From miles and hours away, to inches close from you. It was wonderful. Every second, every moment, anywhere, as long as I was with you.

But not everything worked out right. We were just too different to work, 2 pieces of different puzzles trying to fit together. Even if you try to force the 2 together, theyll come apart, eventually.

To fit in that puzzle, I was becoming something else, a different piece. I couldnt even recognize myself. So I think it was time to walk away. But I tried

I tried to fit your hand inside of mine when we knew it just don't belong. There's no force on earth that could make it feel right.
I tried to push this problem up the hill but it was just too heavy to hold. When its just too heavy to hold, then its time to let it slide.

Despite all the sacrifices we made, theres just people that dont work out. Pieces that dont fit. There was no use pushing anymore. We were just holding something we didnt need. This delusion, love, feelings in our heads just brought us to our knees.

So I asked myself: If this is all we're living for, why are we doing it anymore?
So we just let it go, just let it be. Ill let you be you, and Ill be me.

Stein - 1st Place!
I will tell you everything said the man, and let his mind travel back, to his memories of the previous day, when he arrived to this town on the back of his mule, wearing his trademark leather hat and poncho. He remembered how they watched him in silence getting off his ride. An intimidating appearance, his step steady, calm yet determined. Everyone was watching me as I walked in town, my silver spurs jingling being the only thing breaking the deadly silence. Like any newcomer I thought visiting the saloon to get some information from there would be a good idea. He recalled how he stepped in, took his hat off and rested on a chair after ordering his drink.

That was when I noticed her, at a table close to mine, wearing a long deep blue dress. Her straight black hair, combed in a way that was giving her an almost aristocratic appearance, covered the part of her cleavage that the dress would otherwise reveal. As I studied her, subconsciously a song came to my mind, a song that I had only sang to just a few. She looked at me straight in the eye, piercing me with her blue gaze, a look more intense than most of the desperados I have fought, yet equally hypnotizing at the same time. You are confusing me stranger, she remarked in an odd accent. Your eyes promise a man much braver than your luxurious outfit does. She saw my silver spurs and said Lets pass some time, and I will give to you summer wine all while keeping her eyes fixed on mine. As if under some kind of a spell, I complied. She had a weird shaped bottle on her table, filled with wine, red like her lips, those lips that mesmerized me with every word that came out of them. While we were talking, she poured me some.

No matter how charmed, I was still suspicious and asked why should I trust her and drink her wine. Strawberries cherries and an angels kiss in spring. My summer wine is really made from all these things, she enigmatically answered, taking a big sip out of her glass. You commented on my outfit before, woman. What does yours show then? I playfully asked and drank too, but I immediately found out I was no match for her in words. When it comes to my clothes, stranger, whats important is not what they show, but what they hide, she countered with a faint smile, pushing her hair behind her back. Enticing and mysterious, like your wine, I noted. She smiled again. Take off your silver spurs and help me pass the time, and I will give to you more summer wine she replied in an inviting tone. I followed her upstairs to one of the rooms of the saloon. I remember sitting on the bed and her standing before me, facing away from me, as she slowly unbuttoned her dress and lowered it, revealing a crimson spider tattoo on her shoulder. At that point, my eyes grew heavy and my lips could speak no more. Barely able to stand, I dropped onto the bed. I tried to get up but I couldnt find my feet. I could hardly see in front of me anymore as I watched her coming towards me smiling. She reassured me with an unfamiliar line; You know what they say, stranger? Seeing a spider is not a problem. It becomes a problem when she disappears, she said and gave to me more summer wine. That is where my memories stop. When I woke up the sun was shining in my eyes. My silver spurs were gone. My head felt twice its size.

And thats where we found you, the sheriff stopped him. We have been chasing this venomous woman for quite a while now. Looks like we were late this time too, but you should consider yourself lucky. You are the first one that she has left alive in her path
How am I lucky? the man painfully thought to himself. She took my silver spurs, a dollar and a dime, and left me craving for more summer wine.

Aertes - 2nd Place!
The days were passing torturing slow under the scorching desert sun, traveling shapeless seas of sand. The caravan was an endless dragging mass, pacing over undefined lands. Ismir felt as a slave riding with them, bound and sold to a cause that seemed unreachable; a journey of dull surrender until the day she met him. His emerald eyes captured her the moment she gazed upon them. It was in one of the few oasis they came upon that he sought to trade her camel to reach the nearest city. Instead of that, Ismir offered him a ride with her.
Azrael, he said to her with a mesmerising smile as he shook her hand to seal the deal.

In the horizon the sun started to dive into waves of sand. Ismir welcomed the warmth of Azraels body, who was sitting close behind her, even on the burning desert heat.
So, Ismir, what brings you on this God forsaken land?
I am an archaeologist, Ive been searching the area for the undiscovered ruins of Babylonia.
Ah, an archaeologist so interesting. I take it you havent found much yet.
No, not yet. So what do you do?
I? I, my dear Ismir, am an adventurer.
Ismir frowned. Doesnt sound much of a profession she said.
I never claimed to be a professional adventurer. Its but a lifestyle that allows me to freely seek my true desires. Thats what you are after too, he whispered what sounded like a spell to her ears. Let me show you, I can take you anywhere, he said and gently took the bridle to turn the camel on a different route.
What youre doing?!Ismir was upset, she tried to take control of the camel again but Azrael moved her closer to him and locked her between his arms. Share this vision with me, he whispered to her and tied a black foulard on her eyes, I will take you away.

Ismir felt weak to disagree. A burning desire boiled inside her, a feeling she never experienced before. The atmosphere had shifted. A cool breeze blew around them carrying smells and flavours she thought to be forgotten into eternity. She drifted with the chasing wind that carried her away from the world she knew, into the gates of heaven.

The sun rose from the West following their every step. Ismir could discern with her eyes closed a city of great beauty, so enchanting that could only exist in the wildest corners of imagination. Vibrant music bloomed all around her, divine voices that called for her, inflaming all her senses. The sun with the wind were partaking in an infatuated dance cancelling all her inhibitions. The city was calling her.

What's this feeling she asked into the winds. Take me with you.
Can you feel it? The power thats calling for you? Azrael kissed her softy on her neck. I can take you away with me, but theres a prize to pay.
His words shook her mind and Ismir opened her eyes, to see the vision of the mystical city fade away. Suddenly, she felt as she should run away from the mysterious man with the hypnotising powers. She jumped off the camel and ran, looking around but the caravan was nowhere to be found. Desperate, she fell on her knees, trying to concentrate and find her way back but the only thing she could see on the horizon were the huge black gates of a forgotten city.

Azrael approached her from behind and took her into his arms. Didnt you like what you saw?, he said while caressing her face. Such sinful beauty can only be the work of a devil, she replied and clung into his arms. As he walked with her into his arm towards the black gates, her vision of the city slowly came to life around them. She didnt want to flee anymore, she was surrendered.

Who are you? she asked while looking into his fathomless eyes.
Azrael sealed her lips with a kiss that stole her soul before he replied.
The devil is me and I am holding the key to the gates of sweet hell Babylon.

Kylo Ren
Sarah awoke in a dark room. No furniture, no pictures on the walls. Not even a single mirror. It was an empty space, yet boxed in, and she had no idea how she ended up here. Her last memory was that of bright lights coming towards her. She looked at her arms and saw that they had taken the color of gray. An uneasy feeling coursed through her veins. She started breathing faster. Steam came from it. Then she felt it: an ice cold hand gripping her shoulder, sending chills down her spine. She turned in terror, but no one could be seen. Then a face slowly started to appear. In just a moment, the darkness surrounding it formed a being. A man - tall, pale, and cloaked in black. She stumbled her way from him, her breath heavier than before.
He started walking towards her. Theres no need for that anymore. His voice was calm, low, deep. As you would expect it to sound like.
Sarah tripped on her own feet and fell to the ground, but no sound could be heard. She started crawling away, trying to find a door. But the wall was even further away than when she was standing in the middle of the room. What is this, she thought.
Her eyes as gray as her skin looked at the man with a frightened stare. Who are you? What do you want with me?!
The man inched closer to her in a slithering way, as if he didnt even need to walk. When God is gone and the Devil takes hold, who will take care of your soul? Now he was at her feet, and her back was up against the wall. Of simple needs I am. I exist for one purpose. I seek no fortunes, no fame, though, I suppose I am infamous. I require only your soul.
His hand gently touched Sarahs leg. As he did, the leg started to darken.
Get away from me! she screamed. She got back up only to fall back down. The leg he had touched was gone, as if it had been erased. Her heavy breathing grew louder, with shrieks hiding beneath.
I told you, theres no need for that. Not here. Not anywhere. Not ever again. Your soul is for the greater good, part of an endless cycle. You sow, I reap. For eternity to keep living.
Tears ran down Sarahs cheeks. She could taste the salt on her lips. I dont want to die
He came closer, this time more gently, and with a smile. But you are already dead the worry is over.
Sarah shook her head. This isnt real, she thought. Please, spare me O Death.
He stood up. No, I cannot. Death shall remain undefeated, as it has always been, and always shall remain.
Darkness surrounded Sarah, like a cloak embracing her. She didnt feel cold anymore.
I am Death, and the end is here.


Gir - 1st Place!
Nubian assault was quick and decisive. The Governor, placed by Alexander, already fled the town with his treasury, leaving his legionaries to fight isolated and leaderless.

Clio and I were one of those isolated legionaries in the market, responsible for a group of civilians, too young or too old to fight. We watched the other ones back since we were two years old, but in twenty years we hadnt said the important things we wanted to.
I heard the drums echo in the night, but she heard only whispers of some quiet conversation. Nubian patrol was moving between the stalls.

Get to the storehouse. She told me, and I led the people there.

Soon she came in, after thirty fights, covered in blood, but not a single drop was hers.

The river dock is just across the square. I told her
As are enemy archers. She worried
My turn to deal with those. I said smiling Go.

I rushed towards enemy to cover Clios retreat. The moonlit sails reflect the stars that guide them towards salvation. She talked to an old man along the way, hoping to find some old forgotten words or ancient melodies, as much as I knew her.
They boarded the ship and were ready to set sail, but the foe I was facing was relentless. I couldnt get to the ship and keep them safe. She turned to me as if to say, "Hurry boy, it's waiting here for you", like she said so many times in our childhood.

I was merely able to shout Run! as I plunged into the enemy once more.
Dont worry I thought It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you. There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to me

Nubian children were starving, yet they shared their food with me for a month now. Entire village was close to ruin, yet their spirit was unwavering. The wild dogs cried out in the night, as they grew restless, longing for some solitary company. I stepped in front of their shaman.

Governor stole our idols. The Shaman said He stole our rain. Our children are dying. You are strong and righteous. Will you help us in our plight? Will you bless the rain with me?

I know that I must do what's right, as sure as the Kilimanjaro rose like Olympus above the Serengeti. For the next month I learned more of their ways, the sun painted my skin, my hair grew wild, and my face and chest covered in war paint by their women. Yet I only thought of Clio as my heart ached. I seek to cure what's deep inside, frightened of this thing that I've become

The Governor was dead... Slain by my hands. The idol fell from his hand, and he transformed back from his monstrous form. As soon as the shaman picked up the idol the rain began to fall.

Let our people fight no longer. He said, bowed to me and walked away with the rest of Nubians. We freed the woman from the dungeons. He turned to me to say: Hurry boy, she's waiting there for you!

Clio What will she think of me? Of what I become? Of the people I killed for the rain As soon as she appeared through the doorway and our eyes met, I knew my worries were for naught. We both dropped our swords and rushed to one another, trying our best to hold our tears.

I collapsed from exhaustion before I reached her. She kneeled next to me and put my head in her lap.

Where have you been! she said tearfully, moving my hair from my face.

I blessed the rains down in Africa. I smiled, and wiped the tears from her face

She brought her face closer to mine, our noses touched, and she said: Were gonna take some time to do the things we never had.

Apr 26th '16, 03:29 PM
Week 9 - Haiku: Spring

BlackLeg - 3rd Place!
My allergies start,
Everybody shagging,
Damn, spring is coming

Aertes - 2nd Place!
Lady Spring arise
Flowers bloom with breath of life,
Colors dancing blithe

Kylo Ren
White gives to lush green
Chilling greet to warm welcome;
Light returns once more

Gir - 2nd Place!
Nightcrawler sings aloud;
Vivid bloom glitters by moon
through the sea of green.

Mycal Phelps - 3rd Place!
Fear the pure white light!
Vibrant, powerful, carefree,
the Lightdance begins.

Springtime Tears

March, April, and May;
Pollen dances on the breeze.
Hay fever, engage.

SniperKing - 1st Place!
Passed has winter's gloom.
Live on, it was not thy doom;
Now new flowers bloom.

Charmed sings the swallow,
ending Persephone's sleep.
Farewell, Lord Winter.

May 16th '16, 01:13 PM
Week 10 - Heroic Rescue


The bells ring and the capital city echoes with rumors and talk of the latest tragedy to befall the Kingdom of Velon. They say that Princess Elaine was kidnapped by rogue separatists of the Seran region. Nobody knows quite yet what is going on or what the King will do and anxiety rises in the capital city.

The King calls for an urgent meeting. He is faced with a dire situation. He knows his Kingdom cannot afford to lose the Seran region or pay the 50,000 gold ransom asked for by the separatists, but this was his child and he had no one else.

You are first and foremost the King of Velon. Said head of the Council, Xavier. Without the King, the Kingdom will fall, the nation torn to shreds and thousands of citizens will die, and in exchange for what? he asked with anger in his eyes.

I know everything you are telling me, Xavier. But I am a human and my feelings restrain me. Replied the old King in a defeated tone, sitting on his throne. Everything I have ever done was for the Kingdom and my daughter but now I must make a choice, and I will leave it to fate. The King said as he stood up with a stern look on his face.

Call the two greatest warriors of our Kingdom, Jade The Knight of Silver and young Rik The Devil of Velon. I have a task for them both. He said.

Hours later, Jade, a large and powerful armored man, with a face covered in scars and stern look on his face, walked into the Royal Court, bowing to the King.
I am honored to be in your service- he said before he was interrupted by a large bang across the room as Rik rolled in through the windows, dressed in casual attire, with a single sword on his back and the Elite Royal Guardian badge worn over a draped and tight-fitted cloth. Hello, sire. Sorry about the window. He shrugged.

The King shook his old hand gently and said, Listen- I have an important task for each of you. They are separate and you are not allowed to disobey me or obstruct each others way. Jade, you are hereby tasked with the duty of saving my daughter, Princess Elaine from the rogue separatists in Seran. The King said with his chest puffed.

Yes, sir. I will bring her home safely. Jade said with stern determination.

Now, Rik you are one of little regard for rules or safety but your loyalty is something not even Xavier doubts. Which is why, I am hereby tasking you with killing my daughter, Princess Elaine and all of her kidnappers and the leadership of the Seran Separatists. He said calmly.

WHAT? Rik exclaimed. I am not doing that! Whats wrong with you! You cant do that to your daughter, I refuse! he shouted.

You dare obey the King!? Xavier screamed.

Silence! The King roared, beating his staff to the ground. She knows of the risk. My people will die if we bow to their demands. My blood-line is dying and my time is limited. I will leave the chance to fate. It will be more honorable to die at the hands of a Velon Royal Knight than a filthy rebel. Her life now lies in the hands of fate. Should Jade fail, you must kill her he said, looking straight to Rik.

Storming out of the court instantly, Rik stops and thinks, What should What can I do?

Mycal Phelps - 1st Place!

Laren staggered through the thick underbrush, blood seeping from a wound in her thigh. Blood pumped in her head as she launched into a desperate sprint, her feet slipping on the soggy, leaf-covered earth. Several times she felt her clothing snagging on a tree branch or a sharp twig, but she paid them no mind; time seemed to slow down as she dodged between trees, jumped over roots, using every ounce of her skill to stay ahead of her pursuers. Her face burned not only with the flush of exertion, but of deep, overwhelming shame. Tears rolled across her cheeks, calls of pursuit sounding in the distance behind her.

Only hours before shed abandoned the battlefield, discarding spear and knife and sacred oath as if they were nothing to her, leaving her friends to die. Only a hide buckler, still strapped to her arm, remained. How proud shed been, back then, how firm. Comparing that person with the terrified, teary-eyed ruin that now shambled through the forests was impossible. But it was too late, now, to regret her decision. The Hunters were after her now. And nobody escaped from the Hunters.

She leaped across a small crack on the ground, beginning to feel her strength waning. Then she spied a clearing up ahead, a patch of earth free of trees. Avoid it! Her muscles groaned painfully in protest as she tried to suddenly change course, feet skidding on damp, rotting leaves.

It was too much. Larens wounded leg gave in and she crashed to the ground, panting heavily. The thigh felt numb, but soon a tingling sensation began to work its way up her leg. She screamed when the pain hit. A searing pain exploded there, leaving her writhing on the ground in agony. Her vision swam, her mind was only capable of acknowledging the pain, and her body was too weak to do anything about it. She could only wait for the Hunters to finish her off.

You! Hey! Get up!

Laren felt two pairs of arms dragging her up, trying to right her into a standing position. At some point, theyd dragged her to the clearing. Vision blurry, she almost lost consciousness again. Her leg burned like the seven suns combined.
Pain was good. Pain she could use. Larens vision snapped into focus.

We wont... get far... she mumbled, listening for the unmistakable gait of the Hunters beasts. She heard only the wind. That could only mean one thing.

Theyre close...

The pair placed themselves in front of Laren, a male and a female. They nonchalantly eyed the woods, weaponless.

Its been a while since we crashed a Hunting, eh, Maya? the male rescuer said to his companion, never taking his eyes off the forest. There was a faint impish quality to his tone, she noticed. For some reason, he didnt seem the least bit worried. The Hunters would be on them at any moment, now.

It began abruptly. The first arrow whizzed right past Larens ear, and she saw her death approaching in the second one. But then the female suddenly jumped, catching the arrow in mid-air even as the male one disappeared from sight, only to reappear right next to a charging Hunter and tear its head off with his bare hands. Laren sat back on the ground, barely even feeling the damp. She regarded the slaughter happening before her eyes with fervent disbelief, blinking rapidly as years upon years of lived experience suddenly crumbled into lies.

The Hunters were supposed to be immortal warriors, blessed by the One Above. She watched as a Hunter was disarmed easily and ran through by its own sword. They were supposed to be undefeatable. She saw a Hunter being thrown several feet into the air, propelled by an impossibly powerful kick. They were supposed togah, it doesnt matter! They were supposed to be indestructible, and they were being utterly demolished. That was all that she saw, all that she could comprehend, and everything that she could have hoped for and more. She began to feel slightly nauseated. Then, in a sudden rush, unconsciousness took her again.


- Greg, Mark and Amy, you guys go inside. Henry, Steve and Ben, control the fire from getting bigger. Bob and Mary, the hose is on you. Cut out the fire between the house and the forest. We do not need more fuel and fire on our hands the Captain ordered, planning out how to deal with the problem.

In less than 1 minute since they arrived, the 3 man team burst through the door. Greg was the first in and went upstairs. As usual, they put their smoke masks on and started looking through the house for anyone that could be inside. Mark turned left, where there was the living room and the kitchen. Most of the kitchen was on fire already, and part of the living room was turning into a living hell. All of a sudden, they heard a scream:
- Help! Im over here!

The sound came from the other side of the house, where Amy went. There was a hall, a door that connected to the garage and another door that was shut due to all the rubble that fell from the ceiling, leaving a gaping hole to the 1st floor.

- Mark, Greg, I need some help moving all this rubble to open the door said Amy
- Im on it answered Mark

Together, they moved the rubble away from the door and released the little kid in the bathroom. Luckily, since it was on the other side of the house, it hadnt been affected much by the fire on that floor yet. The kid didnt inhale smoke and wasnt bruised.
- Can someone help me out? asked Greg, panting Im having a hard time carrying 2 persons by myself guys.
- Get the kid outside Amy, Ill give him a hand

Amy went outside carrying the kid, and a few moments after, Greg and Mark showed up with the parents.
- Good job guys, and just in time, the house is about to fall any minute said the Captain

The parents, dirtied by the smoke, hugged their kid, consoling him and themselves.
-Its all ok now son. Were safe. Were all wait. Wheres Betty? the dad turned to Greg wheres our daughter?!!

He was anxious and shaken up, while his wife hugged their kid, tearful and afraid.
- Captain, Im going back inside, I had one room left to check said Greg, determined
- I cant let you do that son, else youll be buried under that house. Im sorry responded the Captain, sternly, but with a sour sound in his voice
- Im going in, whether you let me or not. I cant let a little girl die. I cant let this kid grow without his sister, and this parents lose their daughter he said running back to the house

It was too late. Greg was already inside, and he didnt hear the Captains angry and worried command. He ran upstairs as fast as he could, dodging the flames left and right. The fire had almost consumed the whole house already. Walls were caving in, furniture and pieces of wood being consumed by the fire and laying on the parts of the floor that didnt have a gap in it.
Suddenly, Greg stopped. The gaping hole where the rubble fell earlier stood in front of him. He called out for Betty, but all he could hear was wood creaking and burning, fire consuming the house and snapping its very structure. Not even his fire proof suit kept him safe from the intense heat he was exposed to, and he was panting and sweating profusely, making it even harder to see beyond the hole.
Without much time to lose, he got rid of some weight from his gear, and jumped over the hole. The floor disappeared beneath his feet when he landed, and he had to grab the floor so that he wouldnt fall to a living hell. Right in front of him was a place where a door once stood and he saw a little girl, in the middle of the room, about to be consumed by the flames.

The fire was extinguished. The Captain and the squad looked incessantly in the rubble, looking for any signs of Greg and Betty. The parents were being taken care of, weeping and shaking from the loss they had suffered.

- Over here! I found something said Steve, while lifting up some rubble
- Is is he ? the Captain hurried, as Greg was curled up, a bit outside the area where the house fell
- Im sorry sir, hes gone replied Mary, with clear pain in her voice - But the little girl is still alive.

Kylo Ren

She looked at him with endearing eyes, clearly struck with love.
I want you to give me a compliment, she said.
The boy scrunched up his face and tilted his head sideways. Thats an odd request. You dont ask for compliments, theyre just given to you.
The girl timidly took a step back and looked down on the ground, swaying back and forth. Clearly she had watched too much anime. Ive never been given a compliment before.
His shoulders and head dropped while giving a sigh. Fine he said. You dont sweat much for a fa-
Blitzing past the girl was an older man. He tackled the boy to the ground. He quickly pulled him back up and ran off with him as the boy screamed and cried. The girl ran away and looked for help.

Not too long of a distance away, the old man, who was really only in his forties, sat the boy down and muzzled his screams with his hands.
Shut the fuck up, you shit! he whispered loudly. Im not here to hurt you, Im here to save you.
The boy, being only a boy, meaning not very smart, stopped screaming.
I dont have much time. Im from the future.
The boy started opening his mouth, but found it shut by the old mans hand again.
I said shut up. Listen closely. I am from the future. More precisely, I am you from the future.
The boy didnt open his mouth this time. Instead, his lips started sagging.
The old man sighed. I know, its depressing. But whatever I look like now, you dont have to. Ive traced where our life went wrong to this precise moment. What you were going to say to that girl starts a chain reaction of the most unbelievable assfuckery. You cannot give her that compliment! For one, it isnt a compliment. He pulled his younger self closer to him. Heres what you say

When the boy came back, everything and everyone was on high alert. The girl had gotten the police and the entire neighborhood involved.
As things settled down, the boy finally walked up to the girl.
I owe you a compliment, he said.
The girl shaked with happiness.
You would look really good if you lost some weight.

Aertes - 2nd Place

The spring had fully demonstrated her beauty that evening when Coby and his mother were walking back home from the playground.

Hello Mr. Bolt", Coby greeted cheerfully a homeless man resting at the corner of the street. The man was barely awake, his eyes red by the sleep or maybe the alcohol, Coby dared think- as he nodded back.

Coby tried to approach him to pet the dog that was resting on his feet, but felt his mother's grasp pull him away.

Who is that man?" she demanded.

He and his dog have been living on the streets for quite sometime and Coby looked around suspiciously, Can you keep a secret?....He is a super hero, he concluded whispering in her ear.

Enough Coby! his mother was upset. You are too old for this stuff anymore.
But mom, he is a good guy.
A good guy? Look at him.

Coby had to admit that mr. Bolt was far from what it was considered descent in their little preservative town. He usually dressed himself in torn jeans and leather biker boots. The metal band t-shirts he preferred left his tattooed arms exposed and the red cape resting on his shoulders was weathered and stained. He had a kind face that was hardly ever distinguished among his long brown hair and beard and his blue eyes were usually red from the alcohol.

Listen to me Coby, I dont like this man and I dont want you anywhere near him. Coby tried to answer but his mother tone was non-negotiable.

Go straight to your room and dont come out until you finish your homework! she shouted as they walked into the house, immediately regretting for yelling at him. Frustrated, she stormed into the kitchen and opened the stove to prepare dinner. She felt tears wetting her eyes as she looked at the old family photo and leaned on the kitchen table. We promised until death do us part but I never thought this moment would come so earlyI am so weak and tired, she whispered at the picture trying to keep her eyes open.

She woke up breathing scorching air, her eyes blinded by thick black smoke. Coby! she thought to herself but before she could run to his room two firm hands grasped and carried her out of the house.

No, she shouted, my son is still in there!
Her screams were erratic and her head felt dizzy. She saw flames and dark clouds of smoke rise around her.
Let me go in! she pledged.
Theres nobody in the house, your son must have gotten out, replied the fireman.

No, above the bathroom, theres a little storage, he has his fortress there, let me go in! she shouted and tried to escape her holders grip.

The small explosion that came from the house froze the blood in her veins. She fell into her knees, staring at the burning house. With all hope lost and dreams shattered, she thought she was dreaming when she saw a sloven man wrapped around a red cape carrying her son on his hands. His kind lively eyes, slightly red from the smoke or was it something else, she dared think- was the last thing she remembers before everything went dark.

The sun was still up as Coby and his mother walked back from the football court. Few days in the hospital and both were as healthy as ever.

Hello Mr. Bolt! they greeted cheerfully the man crouching in the corner of the street drinking heavily from a bottle. The man almost choked in attempt to reply and Coby turned his gaze to giggle. As he turned around to look at the man again, he swore he saw the flicker of magic on his eyes.or was he imagining things again?

Keistl - 3rd Place!

Thump. It can't be. Thump thump thump. My heart is pounding so quickly. It felt as if it would explode at any moment. My blood, my body - I feel it all. It's full of adrenaline. Time stopped while I was floating in my mind. And yet it couldn't shield me from the world I wanted to escape from. Those screams. Those damned screams. You can't compare the scream of a child or scream of pain to those screams. The sound of it sends shivers down your spine and suddenly you can feel what they are feeling. The sheer agony in their tone. The helplessness in their voice. They are so afraid. Those are their last screams before they die. Everywhere I looked my fellow magicians of Aylia are dying. Why did the scorpions come to my homeland? So many thoughts were rushing through my head. As I thought about my life up until this point I noticed that in one fell swoop the 5th squadron was destroyed. Those damned scorpions are winning. They are one of the most powerful species of the neighbouring sand country Zryxnia. Their 4 meter large body which looks as brown as the sand is covered with dark brown hide as strong as the black metal. You can notice that on their hide they have big thorns. Their 3 light brown tails are quite long and as fast as ligthning and are piercing my brethren. The army of thousands shrunk to half of that in matter of minutes. I can hear the squadron Captain screams - "THERE ARE ONLY 5 OF THEM!" But they should know by now that it is futile to resist. All of them died at once as they tried to use forbidden magic which uses all of it's user life force as mana to manifest the Black spell. But before they managed to release that combined spell the scorpion pierced multiple people at once and they imploded and killed most of the squad from using that unstable magic. That big explosion only took down one tail of the scorpion. That damn hide is too strong. Clearly it is not worth struggling if even such desperate measures won't bare any fruit. While i'm waiting for my demise I can hear all of those screams. They keep getting closer. Suddenly my eyes get wide open. My heart felt as if it's crushed by tremendous pressure. My heart ached as I remembered Julia. My dear sister. As I regained my will to live those screams I heard felt so close to me and yet i'm not afraid. As I shot my blasting magic to the incoming scorpion I felt excruciating pain for the first time on this magnitude. As I look what happened I choked as some disgusting smell overcame my nose. The smell of blood in the air was suffocating me. I looked to my left and I saw a fellow magician being pierced on the tail of that scorpion. He was the 15th body stacked on top of those tails. That's when i noticed I had lost both of my legs. I was sitting in a pool of blood. My blood. It kept pouring and pouring. My life started to flash before my eyes. As I lost my senses the world suddenly went into a blur as I lost grip on my conscience. I'm sorry Julia. It seems your stupid brother won't return. Forgive me...

Something is wrong. It felt like I am being pulled back by invisible chains. Something is not letting me continue this path. I hear somebody shouting...Jack...jacK..JACK... The voice was stronger with every shout. I feel like I recognize this voice. I wonder who it is. Those thoughts quickly diminished as I noticed the light at the end of this path. My path to heaven is certain but the shouts didn't let me move in peace. The light got brighter but suddenly I heard something more besides the screams. Thump. Thump thump. Could it be? Thump...JACK! That last shout before I moved on to the other world made my mind tingle as I remembered something important. I was euphoric because I remembered who that voice belonged to. It was my dear sister. Suddenly the light came towards me and there was a loud noise. It felt as if the whole world is crushing down on me but instead of ascending I woke up somewhere with a massive headache. "How can this be?" I thought. I saw my dear sister Julia. Her face of relief filled my heart. I felt my throat burning but I managed to utter those two words - "What happened?" My dear sister looked at me and smiled while saying "You are a hero. A Hero of Aylia. You gained the medal of honor by battling those scorpions. You were the only one who returned. The scorpions retreated after they finished off the last defender of Aylia. You fought bravely to protect this land. Now you can rest" ...I thought to myself...me? A hero? How pathetic I am. The only hero who is here is my dear little sister who saved me from death...


With spray of blood and a sharp cry, the helmet was wrest from her head by swipe of blade alone. Tearing off the remnants of the leather straps that once held it in place, the knight threw the mangled metal to the floor, letting off both clang of metal and chime of bell as it struck the crystalline floor.

Bathed in the teal light of the sky above, and the golden light of the stars that shone through their crystal prison below, the womans straw colored hair danced in front of her face, in front of piercing, icy eyes, puppets to the breeze that endlessly swept through what remained of reality.

Eidolon, surrender yourself to me, spoke her attacker, a phantasmal body whos appearance was if as void, speckled by a universe that shone from within. The rest of this realm has been made a part of me, and greater for it. The rest of Humanity bent at the knee before my might, and you loved ones are taken by the void, and adrift in my abyss. Cease your resistance and join them in eternal tranquility. Or do you intend to try and save them, by attempting to slay me?

An armored gauntlet came to her face, as Eidolon wiped blood from her brow, where the phantasms spectral blade had struck her. She eyed its shape, visible, but not truly so, as if it were a shadow made corporal.

Your words are hollow, Gestalt. You alone should be aware that I will resist until the bitter end. Your blade of entropy wears me down, but by it alone will I kneel before you.

With a shout, Eidolon raised and blade and charged forward and let loose a furious blow, met in kind by the dark blade of Gestalt. This close, she could feel the breeze that blew towards him, everlasting, his ravenous hunger drawing in the very atmosphere around him.

The shadowy blade scratched against the gleaming, golden, blade of light in Eidolons hand, the collision birthing a universe its own, snuffed out in an instant in this clash of titans.

Gestalt, an ageless entity that was the death of countless realms before, seemed bemused by the strength that Eidolon harnessed, growing ever stronger as the fight drew on.

Such is the power, fighting for those I robbed of you? laughed Gestalt, as he raised his blade, after parrying away a strike from Eidolon. Impressive, to say the least, but ultimatelyfutile!

Golden ichor poured forth, and splashed across the sky itself Gestalt looked with what seemed to be disbelief.

The glowing fluid poured form Eidolons hand, the shadowy blade clenched above her head between a closed fist. Blade met bosom, then bone, then back, as the golden light tore at Gestalt from within trading blow for blow.

The look of determination of her face was absolute, betraying naught a trace of pain or fear.

Resting her blade free from its purchase, she stood from her staggered position and raised it skyward, as Gestalt stood frozen.

Its not for others that I fight you, Gestalt, and such was your fatal mistake. No, this was a battle upon which my own survival hinged, and your pride beget your own ruinous end. Now, begone, ancient specter. Perhaps Ill fall to you when I am old and frail, but that day is not this day.

Bificurated by a tremendous strike, a howling wind blew forth from the corpse of Gestalt and cloaked Eidolon in a blinding light, a birth of the stars anew.

Jun 12th '16, 08:30 PM
Week 11 - PHRS Post Heroic Rescue Syndrome

Aertes - 1st Place!
Fog crawled in the small alley as the sky was painted with dark clouds. On the horizon, a storm was building up with sudden flash of light and distant sounds of thunders. She took a deep puff of her cigar and continued staring at the top window of the tower building across the street. She loved ominous nights like this one. A sudden movement on the window drew all her attention, that she hardly noticed the dark shadow lurking behind her.

She woke up to the sound of rain that flayed the windows, to find herself tied up in a chair in the center of the empty dark room. She tried to free her hands but the rope was too tight around her wrists.

I am sorry, sounded a voice from the corner of the room. I didnt want to meet like this butbut I couldnt find any other way.

As the shadow approached, she distinguished a tall girl with fragile thin body. Her pale face with big blue eyes and dark hair was slightly familiar.

What do you want?, she demanded with a brisk manner.

The day you saved me, do you remember? My life was horrible, she said with eyes filled with sadness, I wanted to die but as the possibility became reality I was terrified. But you helped me, you saved me and then all became clear. You gave my life meaning again and now I know, that you and me are meant to be and I will do anything for us to be together, said and concluded her irrational speech with a passionate kiss on her lips.

Listen girl

My name is Margery.

I dont care. First off, I am no hero. I had a job to do, you were in the way, I happened to save you but thats as far as this goes. I am sorry about your life, but I am the last person to help you with that and finally sorry, but I dont swing that way.

I thought you might say something like this, she whispered in her ear. You cant see things the way I do, her gaze became darker with every whisper, I am willing to do anything for us to be togetherin life or death.

Margery reached her pockets and took out two syringes and a small bottle. Shsss, she caressed her long auburn hair. Death will come fast and peacefully for us.

Wait! she moved nervously on the chair. We can talk about this. Untie me and we will go through this together.

Margerys eyes brightened up.Together.you promise you wont do anything funny? Promise you wont hurt me.

I promise, I will never hurt you.

As soon as she felt the ropes loosing, she pushed back Margery with her shoulder. She tried to immobilize her but her grasp was numb and weak from the tight ropes. Margery attacked her with a fury that pushed her down. Her pale thin fingers clutched her neck with a strength she could never imagine she held. A sudden thunder filled the room with light and revealed Margerys eyes, glimpsing with rage and insanity. Gasping for air, she managed to move her leg in front of Margerys torso and push her back down to climb on top of her. A strong punch sprayed blood on her pale face. As she lifted her arm to punch again, she saw Margerys begging eyes, wet with tears of innocence.
You promised you wouldnt hurt me, she whimpered with her hands trying to protect her face.

She held Margerys face with tenderness as she whispered in her ear, I lied.

A swift turn of her hands and the snapping sound of neck bones crushing was swallowed by the thunder that echoed in the empty room.

BlackLeg - 2nd Place!
It was a nice, sunny day. Not a rainy, gloomy day like in the movies when someone dies. No, it was a normal day. Like the heavens didnt even become sad for a heros death. This is real life, not a movie. The hero wont rise up from the grave by some miracle or occult force. He will stay down, dead, and the heavens wont even acknowledge that.

There were a lot of people attending his funeral. His coworkers, family, friends and the family who he and his fellow heroes saved. He, however, did not survive. He was not given such a chance. Or perhaps it was taken from him, given to someone else.

No surprise to say that people were crying. Some, devastated. Others merely sad and mourning. The little girl, however, did not quite understand what happened. You see, she was the one who this hero gave his life for. And she wasnt old enough to realize what that meant, and why people had to die. She was confused, but at the same time sad. She did not know what to make of it, how to react. Like many others older than her.

Even then, looking down at the casket, she felt guilty that he died for her. That she wasnt strong enough to survive by herself and that her lack of strength meant that someone had to protect her. That if it wasnt for her, he would still be alive. All this made her look gloomy, depressed, and took out the radiance in her once bright blue eyes.

An old lady, the heros mother, noticed this little girl. Despite being shaken and overwhelmed by the death of her son, she felt compassion when looking at this girl, as she knew that her son died to give her a chance, to give her a future.
Hello, little angel she said it must be pretty hard for you. Such a pretty girl should not have to worry by such things at such a young age. Thats not what would have wanted, my son the girl looked up, as a tear rolled down the old ladys face into a pure, yet sad, smile.

The girl did not know what to say, as a wave of feelings she did not yet fully understood rushed through her upon seeing a mom that lost her son, yet was compassionate and lovely towards the cause of his demise. The lady held the girls hands and looked in her pale blue eyes.

Life is a gift. Do not let it go to waste. Do not bring yourself down by sad things in life. Honor my son, shall you? He would have wanted you to live happily and fully, and bring many joys to yourself and to others. Do that for him and for me, will you? the lady had a radiant smile when saying this and thus, a radiance of hope emanated from her into this little girls heart. She wasnt sad anymore, not like before. She didnt feel guilty either. She felt a new strength, a new hope. Like a flame burning inside her, like one that is given a second chance at life feels.

10 years later

It was a chilly autumn day, with rays of sun passing through a clouded sky. Leaves floated in the wind throughout the graveyard. The trees were starting to let go of their once green leaves.

A brown haired teenage girl, with bright blue eyes, stood near a gravestone.

Hi, its me again. I hope youre doing well I am, thanks to you. I cannot thank you enough for what you did to me. I wish you could be here, to see what Ive become. Well, maybe you can see that from where you are now I hope youre proud of me. I am. Im changing lives around me, helping them, saving them. And that wouldnt be possible without you. Thanks again, Mark.

She left a newspaper and some flowers on the grave, and walked away.
The newspaper had the title Flame Girl saves the day once again!

Matternativ - 2nd Place!
She woke up to a loud noise and almost fell out of her bed as she sat up.
Said bed was a mess.
A look across the room where her mirror was located revealed that she herself didn't look better.
Her dark hair was messy, she looked tired and had a black eye plus two cuts on the cheek.
She had put on her oversized, red hockey shirt the wrong way around in her drunken state yesterday and one of her socks was missing.
Not that she would care too much about that right now. The real question was who the bloody hell had rang the fucking doorbell at 3:34 AM in the morning?
Especially on her day off? Yes even Superspies have days off in their life.
Thus Lauren was in a even worse mood than under other circumstances.
Being hungover and wrecked from a fight to the death mere hours ago definitly didn't help either.

"...'m comin'. Wait a sec....", she grunted as she swung her bare foot out of the bed, followed by the clothed one. Not caring about her state of dress she dragged her sore self towards the frontdoor.
She didn't bother looking through her peephole before opening the door.
As an agent of a secret anti terror agency and wielder of some incredible convenient superpowers there aren't many people who can get the drop on you.
Lauren would have been able to deal with any kind of assassine or mercenary trying to take her out. Reporters and Papperazzi however were a whole nother matter.

The first photo flash left her nearly blind for a moment, more followed.
At the same time a countless number of reporters stuck their microphones in her face and yelled questions.
It took her a few seconds before she was able to react.
The confusion passed and was replaced by anger. Thus the only thing she said was: "Leave me the hell alone. NOW!" before she tried to slam the door shut.
However Someone managed to get his foot between the door and the frame and immediately the mob tried to push said door open. Lauren on the other hand tried to prevent that from happening but super strength was sadly not part of her powerset.
She would have lost that test of strength for sure weren't it for the people outside suddenly becoming quiet for a second before buzzing off in a hurry, blabbering even louder than before.

The woman sighed in relief and closed the wooden door before sliding down with her back leaned against said door. She had no idea why the reporters and photographers had disappeared and frankly she didn't care.
The Girl was just glad that they had left her be.
Now being alone with her thoughts lead her to an interesting question: What would she do with her live now?
Being a secret undercover agent was kind of impossible with a newfound celebrity status. Her Dismissal was probably already being written at this moment.
The impact on her social live on the other hand... Oh who was she kidding? She didn't really have a social life to begin with.
Her thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the....living room window? Really? Did those parasites get a 30 meter high ladder or something?
She focused on the shadow that was cast by the closed curtain and teleported there immediately.
Yep, that was her superpower. Traveling through shadows in sight.
Pushing the curtain aside she got big eyes.

Hovering in front of her Window was a man with a crimson mask and cape.
It was General Jon, founding member of the Superhero team 'Bromantic Justice' (don't ask).
Underneath him on the streets were the photographers and reporters from before, busy taking pictures and videoclips.
Only now Lauren noticed that he had a smartphone in his hand with the screen pressed against the window. She took a closer look. It was a newsheadline with the picture of a woman in a black eveningdress fighting heavily armed Kidnappers.

+++ Drunken Superheroine rescues Hostages. Also ruins beautiful dress. +++

After he was sure that she had read it he removed the phone for a second and typed something before pressing it against the window again.
- That was good work. Can I interest you in a job? -

For the first time today a smile appeared on her face ash she opened the window.
"As long as I don't have to wear a silly mask.", she answered jokingly.
Well that was one worry less. This day might not be a complet disaster after all.

Kylo Ren - 2nd Place!
With his outstretched arm and open hand, Thalin, the eldest of four, reached for the sword that was sheathed at his enemys hip, knowing it would be summoned to him if he was its rightful owner. The Winters Breath was passed from king to king for generations, and now he was king. But his father, who would entrust the sword to his son, was slain, along with his youngest brother, by the man who stood before him. He who betrayed his king, he who was his loyal right-hand man. His brother, Gail the Brave, now known as Gail the Wicked.
Gail grabbed the sword, and Thalin noticed it started wriggling in his hand. He knew then that the sword would come to him, until he heard a hearty laughter from his uncle, who stood there, shaking the sword back and forth with a mocking grin on his face.
You fool, he shouted. Thats what they will call you the Fool King. The sword doesnt work like that. It has to be handed down, or taken by force. And this was taken forcefully, as you well know, Fool King.
Thalin clenched his hand into a fist so hard that the skin turned white. His lips wrapped tightly as he began to speak.
Then that is how it shall be, he said as the skin around his fist could be heard tightening, almost tearing. I will take back my fathers sword.
Let me cleave your head off with it, as I did your father.
As he grabbed the sheath, ready to pull The Winters Breath out to bring the kiss of death to his foes, this time he did feel it rattle and resist his touch. He looked at Thalin, unsure of what was happening. Behind the king, a man walked forward.
You will do no such thing, said the man.
The voice was familiar to both the king and his uncle. Thalin turned around to look at him. His vision quickly blurred, and he fell into disbelief. He looked back at his two brothers, only to see the same look on their faces.
You Youre alive? he asked, voice shaking, hand now unclenched.
Aron, the kings youngest brother, looked at him with a smile and nodded. He gave him a warriors tap on the shoulder as he walked past him.
Hello, uncle, he said. Pleasant seeing you again.
Gail swallowed his breath, then spoke.
And how is it youre standing before me now? he asked composed, masking his confounded and worried mind, as he could still feel the Winters Breath trying to escape his firm grasp. Last time I saw you, you had a spear sticking through your chest.
I do wonder. He smiled as he gazed at the sword his uncle gripped in his treacherous hand.
Ah, so were being coy now Gail shouted, becoming visibly frustrated. He staggered forth as the swords pull was getting stronger.
Many different types of magic in this world, none of which are stronger than a mans spirit willingly given before it was taken.
Aron lifted his arm softly, his hand opened like a flower blooming in the spring. Gail held on as hard as he could, cursed as vigorously as he could, but it was all for naught. The Winters Breaths want to be back with its true master was too strong for him to hold, as it unsheathed and sliced open his hand. A red streak of ice formed in his palm.
I believe this belongs to me, He looked at the blade as if he saw a friend long lost. His eyes wandered over to his uncle, seething with wrath and vengeance. He gripped the sword firmly, and moved towards him.
Gail roared furiously. Despair crept in on him. For all his cunning, killing his own brother, who he loved, only not as much as power, it would all end like this. His roar was silenced by the coldest steel to ever exist.

Honorable mention
Nope. Just four this time. :tears:

Jul 10th '16, 10:18 PM
Week 12 - Freestyle

Keistl - 1st Place!
Year 2306. World Wide Announcment by one of the world leaders - Ornald Trump: "Today is a sad day indeed. Not only has science made enormous leaps in the past few centuries it has also greatly increased our quality of life throughout the world. We were about to excitedly announce another leap in science that would shake the world - theoretical transfer of matter or energy from one point to another without traversing the physical space between them. In other words - teleportation. However one of our lead scientists has stolen all the data and vanished from the strictly secured Area 51 for several weeks now. So I shall issue a 100 billion dollar bounty for whoever will find Isaac Asimov - dead or alive. End of transmissi-arghhthttrl..."

3 weeks ago.

Wind strolling through the earth and picking up small pieces of sand and shifting them further was only natural in an area like this. In an abandoned oasis which has clearly dried up one can notice a weird scene occurring. A blue hologram shaking dozens of times horizontally and if looking closely one could notice it with each passing time it would shake even less. From that seemingly shaking hologram slowly appeared a human form and only in a few moments it stabilized and man appeared. This scene occurred quite quickly and only a fractions of a second had passed.

I can't believe it actually worked. I actually teleported with "matter transmitter" which seemingly relied on magnetism. So as long as magnetism was present one could teleport there. Many worlds have magnetism and clearly Earth is one of them. But only the question is what now?

Of course I can't let Ornald Trump get his hands on this device. It could teleport anything anywhere as long as that place had magnetism. Blowing up any country without warning would be so easy. Naturally I didn't want to see Ornald Trump dominate the World so I must run away. Only this prototype device had one major flaw. It could only teleport twice.

3 weeks. It takes 3 weeks to get from anywhere in the world to Area 51. I assume that's how long they'll wait before they start world-wide manhunt. I must think of a plan. Judging by the layout of the oasis I can conclude that I am at Sahara Desert in the "Africa continent" which is obviously now under European Council.

Judging by the circumstances this was one of the luckiest places I could have teleported to. First of all this country security system isn't as developed as USA's and the Scottish Islands. So the face recognition program could be overcome by wearing a human face mask. Of course human face masks are illegal since the government are aware of their own security flaws so whoever is caught with these masks are executed on the spot. These masks obviously circulate through the Black Market so getting one in these parts should be relatively easy.

After buying a mask I must think where to go afterwards. Teleporting is only wasting it if I'm not being hunted yet. Thinking of where to teleport my heart suffered greatly as a thought flashed up in my mind. Even if I hide myself - judging by my calculations I'll only delay them catching up to my research by 20 years. That is still within the Trump dynasty age of triumph. So there is only one option - assassinate Ornald Trump but how?

Shit. I just remembered about the almost invincible defense. In year 2284 the world could witness an elite protective gear in all its might. Somebody tried to assassinate the pope John Cena IV with 8 curved penetrative bullets striking at multiple vitals. Death was certain but what happened next shocked the whole world. Once the bullets reached the pope they lost all their speed and fell vertically to the ground. In the sunlight seemingly fish scaled protective gear thin as glass appeared around the pope's body. No damage appeared on the pope's protective gear.

Same thing happened next year with highly damaging explosives. A kamikaze attacked the pope and what shocked the world most was that John Cena IV was running towards the kamikaze and suplexing him to the ground. A huge explosion occured. In thirty seconds once the dust passed the world saw John Cena IV triumphally walking out without a scratch.

An idea suddenly clicked into my head and happiness and sorrows at the same time flew through my heart...

Almost 3 weeks forward. 1 minute till Ornald Trump announcement.

That will be my chance to strike. Naturally security in the last few centuries has made leaps and bounds. An assassin has to worry about not only the notorious protective layer but also multiple levels of security. Naturally I don't have to worry about this as I have one teleportation use left. Ornald Trumps bodyguards won't even have the chance to react.

As Ornald Trumps announcement began my heart started beating much faster and the air felt heavy. My heart started aching as he was approaching the last few words of his speech but I knew what had to be done. "End of transmissi-arghhthttrl..." - those were Ornald Trumps screams of agony. Multiple thoughts flashed through Ornald Trumps heart. "How can this be? No way it's Isaac Asimov. I don't want to die..." But one thought surpassed all of them.

Through Ornald Trumps body was pulsing a green sword melting his insides. Ornald could only ask "Are you mad? You know what will happen?"

I quickly replied: "I know the consequences of using the forbidden light saber. It can pierce anything but the energy is clearly your own life force. Thinking about the future of this world - my life compared to a world without the Trump family is a world worth living in..."

Ornald Trumps bodyguards reaction was naturally slower because of the surprise of teleportation. After grasping the situation at hand they killed Isaac at the time as he finished those last words. Naturally Ornald Trump died as well from the light saber. What pondered the bodyguards most was how did Isaac suddenly appear here and what's more with a light saber! Light sabers emit special waves even without being in use. So naturally all the world security can see these waves so it's not hard to catch these types of assassins.

The age of Trump was finally over. But who could have thought that Hillary would take over?

BlackLeg - 2nd Place!
This assignment led me to a goddamn cave. If it was not for the reward on that freak’s head, I wouldn’t even be doing this. But I need a way to pay for my expenses, especially with all this upgrades I got.
Thanks to them, I won’t need a flashlight in this dark pitch cave, as my bionic eyes will adjust to it and I’ll be able to see as clear as day. Hopefully that will help me hunt this mutant, that and the combat adaptation software my eyes have, that helps predict movements, attacks and reacting according to it.

As I move deeper into the cave, I notice it gets broader and full of stalactites and stalagmites, a rough terrain if I’ll have to fight.
Up ahead, I see a crouched figure in a corner. I reach for my gun, but something tells me the creature already noticed me. I point at it’s shoulder and shoot. Miss.
The creature moved just in time to avoid my shot, without even looking at me.

“That’s useless against me. You’d be better off blowing up this whole cave” – says the winged man.

“Eh, don’t give me ideas. That was impressive, how did you do that?”

Turning around, I can clearly see it’s features. Not only does he have leather wings, he also has big bat ears, fur and fangs in his mouth.

“Oh, I see … you were able to hear me as soon as I entered the cave, and echo located the shot, right man bat?”

“You’re quite observant for the place we’re in … I suppose you have some gadget that allows you to see in the dark. But you’re wrong in something. I’m not a man bat! I’m bat man!”

“Oh, did your parents die when you were young? Where’s the cowl and the cape? Do you like little boys in green leggings too?” – I mocked.

“So are you going to keep making fun or are you going to take my head?” – gnarled Bat man.

“One more question before I shut you up forever. Why a bat? There’s so many great animals to mutate your cells from, and you chose a bat? I could understand a T-Rex, a lion or a swan, but a bat?” – I say, trying to provoke him once more.

“Well, because a ba- wait … a swan? Why would I mutate into a swan?” – he asked, confused.

“Because swans are fucking fabulous!” – and as I said this, he chuckled. Just the distraction I needed to leap at him and throw a blow. See, against someone who can basically hear everything you do, I would be spending my whole clip on him and I wouldn’t get a shot. Facing him head on would be pretty much useless too, as he’ll be able to predict my movements. So distractions are the way to go.

And as I expected, I’m able to approach him fast enough before he notices. He barely blocks the blow though. I followed it with a left uppercut, but he dodged it. Then he swings his huge wings at me, and I back off before I get pinned into a wall.

“Bringing wings into a fist fight isn’t fair!”

“Says the one who brought a gun!”

“Oh come on, that wasn’t a silver bullet, that won’t kill you Vlad”

“I’m not a vampire!”

“That’s exactly what a vampire would say! Fangs, check. Enjoys darkness, check. Fast movements, check. Flies, check. Drinks blood, check. Shines in the sun … check?”

“You’re so fucking annoying! Just die already!” – he says while jumping at me with a kick, which I dodge and he hits the wall. Then I follow with a punch to his chest and a headbutt. He falls down, rolls back and gets on his guard.

Good, I’m getting to him. – “Ah, my ex wife used to say that too. One more thing you have in common with her, along with being fucking ugly. I wish I had garlic for lunch, this would have ended way faster!”

“If you don’t shut up, I’ll make you, you little twat!” – as he says this, he starts shrieking, a kind of super sonic scream much louder than a bat’s and in a frequency I can barely stand. The whole cave shakes. I start bleeding through my ears and if this keeps up, I’m as good as dead.

Noticing a stone near me, I grab it and throw at him, hitting him in his mouth and shutting him up for a while.

“You’re worse than Miley Cirus man! I hope you don’t pursue a singing career” – as I’m saying this and plotting a plan to get to him, he recomposes and restarts his hardcore deathscream.

The cave keeps shaking and I notice the stalactites and stalagmites getting fragile. I grab one, pull it and comes off easily. He keeps screaming like a woman giving birth, almost bursting my ear drums. I aim above him and throw the stalagmite, as I know that he’ll be more focused and ready to dodge it now.

“What kind of aim is that? You’re so weak that you can’t aim anymore?”

He isn’t wrong. It’s affecting my balance and my strength, but I can still think rationally. As it hits the stalactites in the ceiling, they start falling, one after the other.

“Shit, bastard!” – he says, while desperately trying to dodge the falling rocks.
I grab another one and start running towards him, who’s distracted with the cave falling on him.

“You thought some rock rain would stop me? Ahah, pitiful humaaaaa – gasp“

“Looks like a stone stake will do for a vampire” – I say as I stab him with the stalagmite I grabbed, hearing him gasp for his last breath of air.

Kylo Ren - 3rd Place!
Once upon a time, there were fours brothers: Khalo, Keran, Kurr, and Kevin, said the father, telling his son a bedtime story.
Kevin? asked the son. That’s the dumbest name I’ve ever heard.
You won’t even let me begin the story! screamed the father.
I’m already bored! Yawn! the son screamed back.
The father leaned back in his chair and looked back at his son’s scowl.
I’m gonna tell you a different story, he said. You want to know how you were born?
Dad, I’ve already heard this story.
Oh, but you haven’t heard the real story. It’s scary, James.
The father went and found a flashlight. And not just any flashlight. A BIG flashlight.
It was a terible and frightful night!! he said, all boogy-woogy. The winds howled, and-… The flashlight isn’t working.
James shook his head in disappointment. Dear old dad felt it tug at his heartstrings. Not even a teenager, and he’s already hated by his very own flesh and blood.
No matter, he said and sat the flashlight down in front of him. It’s better this way. Now, where was I?
He rubbed his chin and wound his memory tape back a few seconds.
Ah, yes! The winds howled, and the sounds of whimpering dogs could be heard in the distance!! A short while later, the sirens went off. A beast had entered our beloved village. This beast, so vile, so vicious, so villainous, so… v… Oh, so villainous, yes…
He stood up and screamed like he’d gone mad, and flailed his arms back and forth. It took the boy off guard, a little girlish squeak came out. The father smiled at his successful scare.
Yes… a voracious beast, as I was going to say, he said as he sat back down. Your mother, the sour to my sweet, was sighted by the beast while she was taking a walk.
He stood up again and screamed even louder, and flailed his arms even more. James got spooked yet again. He held the bed cover close to his face, eyes wet and shiny in the dark. The father smiled again, almost giggled.
The monster ran towards her at a blinding speed. They say moose have no depth perception. Not that your mother is a moose. I’m just saying because one moment the creature was far away, the next it was up close. And very personal.
He stood up and screamed again, this time high-pitched with his hands hugging his face. The son covered his ears and closed his eyes. Fortunately James couldn't see the joy his father was taking in this. Finally, a successful bedtime story. One that would probably keep him awake for many nights to come. But whatever.
That was your mother’s scream, or, as she would call it, her battle cry. The dogs around town whimpered even more, hearing this ultrasonic frequency piercing their mutton ears. The monster froze for a second, too. Enough time for me to arrive and rescue your mother. ‘Fooouuul beast!!’ I yelled at it. ‘You shan’t eat my wife. Thine… hunger will not be quenched this dreadful break of dawn!’ As I said those words, the sun started peeking out behind us. Oh, this was in the morning, by the way. As the sun passed the ridge of the valley behind us, it hit the bulgering behemoth’s face! It let out a scream and twisted like- AAAAAAARRGGHH!! MY EYES!!!!

The mother rushed up the stairs after hearing the echoing screams from her son and husband. As she burst into James’ bedroom, the boy laid in the bed hiding completely under the cover, and the father was on the floor, twisting and turning, screaming, his hands covering his eyes. And a flashlight – a big flashlight- that lit up the entire room.
Oh, honey, she said. I forgot to tell you that we need a new flashlight.

"And stay down." the squire mocked the beaten Guard before him.
He was defeated but still very much alive which could not be said about the woman next to him lying face first in the mud with a spear sticking out of her back.
A weapon which belonged to the Tribesman standing next to the Squire on the left side seeing as the red haired assassine to his right had both hands full with deadly looking daggers.

"Tie him up." the Tribesman ordered the young squire while grabbing the shaft of his spear pulling it out of the dead womans back revealing a bloody spearhead.
Eager to obey, the Boy didn't hesitate a second before kneeling down and pushing his knee into the Guards back who grunted in pain helpless to stop said Boy from tying his Hands behind his back.

The Assassine who had remained quiet so far turned away and told her companions: "I'll get Mylord Stark. He'll be pleased to hear that we captured the Traitor."
She didn't get very far though as a noise from somewhere close by in the thick fog startled the lot of them before she could even make a second step.
It was the noise of an armored man marching towards them.
Immediately the Assassine and the Squire dropped to their Knees, the Tribesman only bowed his head as the Lord himself appeared on the scene, walking over the corpses of dozens of fallen men. The Uprising had cost quite a huge number of lives.
"I am pleased indeed." he said but there was a certain sadness in his voice.
"Hopefully that puts an end to the bloodshed." he added while signaling his followers to stand up again.
"Pick him up." he ordered and both, the assassine and the squire immediately grabbed the Prisoner pulling him to his feat making him face that helmeted, hidden face of his.
"Look around Captain. This is your fault. Yours alone.", Stark shouted angry and made the captured Guard look at the Corpses of the Men that fell today.
Before he could answer, the Lord added: "And allying yourself with a witch? How desperate were you?" While he asked those questions he slightly kicked the dead woman with the hole in her torso.
After taking a close look around the Captain turned his attention to the armored Lord again only to comment:
"Thats the problem with you Stark. If you defy the natural order it is called science. If someone else does it, it's witchcraft and should not be practiced."
"I never said that it shouldn't be prac-...you know what? We had that debate already. Nothing I say will change your mind. And now I have to execute you, you god damn fool. You think I wanted this to happen?"

"Don't try to blame anyone else. This is all on you."

Annoyed the Lord just sighed before giving the Rogue Guard a backhand strike with his armored fist.
Not wanting to look the Traitor in the eye for even one second longer he averted his gaze and looked on the ground instead.
That is where he found a unique and famous shield.
The Captains shield to be more specific. Silently he picked it up and gazed upon it for a few moments.
With his face hidden behind a full helmet, there was no telling what he was thinking.

The voice of another Man teared him away from his thoughts eventually.
It was neither the Tribesmans nor the Squires.
It came from a few meters away where another armored Knight appeared.
He was wearing a similiar armor to the one the Lord himself wore, however his dark skinned Bodyguard didn't wear his helmet and so he could see the concerned look on the mans face.
"My Lord, we have a problem.", he said. "I looked everywhere but his two most trusted henchmen are not among the dead."
"Impossible, we saw them all at the Frontlines before!" the Lord gasped in disbelieve.
"Maybe they ran away.", the Tribesman offered his thoughts but the assassine knew better: "Trust me, they did not." She let go of the Captains Arm and left the Squire to carry the whole weight alone as she took hold of her weapons again certainly seeming uneasy all of sudden. And she had every reason to be.

It was at that moment a birds cry could be heard before a shadow shot out of the sky. The squire cried out in pain as a falcon crashed in his face, doing its best to claw his eyes out.
"It's them, they ar-..." the Bodyguard yelled as an Arrow interrupted him by piercing his left eye through the back of his head.

"NOOOO!", the armored Lord screamed with tears in his eyes, tears that remained unseen. But there was no time to mourn as the ambush wasn't over yet.
A dark skinned man appeared behind the Squire who was busy keeping his eyeballs inside of his head and impaled the young boy with a sword.
He would have had trouble defending himself against the Tribesman standing close by weren't it for an Arrowshaft sticking out of that mans mouth.
Blood poured from his mouth before he went limb and fell to the ground.
Another man, appeared out of the fog throwing his Bow and empty quiver aside before grabbing two swords from fallen Warriors.

Both Men now came closer, weapons ready for the fight which would decide the final outcome of this entire conflict.
"Does the whole City Guard betray me today? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.", the Lord yelled in disgust. "How could I expect loyalty from guards who wre led by a traitor."
A grin appeared on the bowslingers face: "Oh we are loyal Mylord. Just not towards you."
And the falconer added: "You Madman don't deserve our loyalty. Unlike him."
With that he nodded in the general direction of the bound and wounded Captain who was still dizzy after the punch with the iron gauntlet earlier.
"Speaking of loyalty...", the Archer added. "'Tasha I think it is time." Before Stark knew what was happening he felt a hurtful sting in his left side. A dagger had penetrated one of the very few less protective bits of his armor and he cried out in pain as he fell to his knees.
"You too?!", he screamed in disbelieve at the woman who just used her other dagger to cut through the Captains bonds.
"What can I say? For a supposed genius you are pretty easy to trick."

"YOU HAVE MADE YOUR LAST MISTAKE!", Lord Stark shouted as he started floating above the Ground, his Gauntlets glowing brightly.
The Two Guards exchanged concerned looks.
"Uhm...'Tasha, take the Captain and get him to safety. We'll meet up later.", the archer said. An obvious lie.

The woman hesitated.
"NOW NATASHA!", the Falconer yelled upon noticing her lack of reaction.
Swallowing hard she turned away picking up the Captains Shield and supporting the wounded, barely conscious mans steps. As the fight interrupted behind her back a single tear made its way down her cheek.

Dishonorable mention

The Song of the Tumbleweed!

Hoo woo shoo moo thoo.

Woosh oosh shooshoo boosh moosh woo;

Shoosho foowosh hoosh!

Moar entries guise! Pls! -Scumhost

Oct 13th '16, 06:00 PM
Special #1

First place Aertes !

The sky had the color of ash; densely dark-grey clouds that lit up by scattered lightings, were visible on the horizon. The city beneath them seemed like a grey doodle on wet painting, tall buildings smudged by the heavy rain, city lights blurry under the hazed sky. The rain never stops in this damned city, thought the woman with bitter nostalgia. She watched the airplane shakily approaching the ground and suddenly, it felt uncomfortably cold and hostile.

Inspector Piker looked nervously on his right hand to check the time. The flight has been delayed. He took few steps and then gazed groggy the sky above. What time was it again? He checked his right hand once more. No watch. Oh my, where did I put it? Alas, poor Alexander, these murders and this woman are driving you crazy.

The tall, young man, that waited for her by the car, was pacing nervously as he murmured to himself. The woman took a moment to observe him. He had a nice shaped figure, brown thick and shaggy hair. His honey colored eyes had a sparkle, despite his seemingly empty gaze. His facial characteristics were harmonic and rather pleasant apart from his slightly big nose.

-Miss Wornwood, the man interrupted her observations by his greetings, ah, such a pleasurable day this one just turned out to be, he said and kissed her hand softly. The woman smiled with the old-fashioned charm the man seemed to posses.

-You can call me Iris mister…

-Alexander Piker, he said, I would be delighted if you call me Alexander, now allow me to offer shelter from the rain and escort you to the headquarters. You will be fully informed about the cases there and I am thrilled to inform you that I am at your services, as your partner for as long as those investigations continue.

Iris graced Alexander with a bright smile that almost made him blush and took him by the arm as she walked towards the car.

-A pleasurable day this one might turn out to be after all, she noted with a simper.

The blood ran thick, soaking the already wet by the rain ground. Glass eyes stared at the hazed sky above them, the sound of the air running wild through the trees. The shovel was working rhythmical; a melody lost within the storm’s echoing noise. A sudden kick and the body rolled into the big whole on the ground. The rain water had created a small pool inside the freshly opened grave. The glass eyes kept staring at the black sky, lifeless and cold, until mud covered them.

Erzo took a big sip of whiskey and continued staring at the picture. A beautiful woman that was smiling brightly, her long brown hair graciously falling on her shoulders, her green eyes painted with happiness. Such a long time since I saw those eyes smiling. The man’s thoughts were interrupted by the phone ring.

-26th of Greyhound road. There’s been a murder.

-Aye, getting there.

Half awake, after a long time of wondering in the city that resulted to a restless sleep, Erzo felt drained, his black hair falling in front of his grey eyes, his facial characteristics strained by the deprivation of sleep. With the cigarette burning low on his hand, the man continued looking at the picture, until he felt his skin burning. Swearing, the man put on his coat. Still wet. God I hate this rain.

Erzo was examining closely the studio, troubled by the new developments.

-You seem puzzled, chief.

-Sharp as always, Dave.

-Well, my friend, I have the answer to all your questions. We are not getting paid enough for this shit!

Erzo shook his head in disappointment and got back to examining the photographic equipment in the room.

-I mean look at this shit! Pictures of the “victim” everywhere, but no blood, no body, no anything! Oh and in case you were wondering, there are no fingerprints anywhere. The fucking room looks like it has been sterilized!

Erzo raised his shoulders in a lukewarm reaction. Dave sighed.

-My job here is done, he said walking out of the room and then stood for a minute looking the man up and down.

- Iris is on her way in case you are interested, he finally said. Maybe it’s time to remember your good manners. And try to do something about this, Dave pointed out at the inspector’s figure, you know try and look like you haven’t been rotting away the past few years.

Erzo shook his head indifferently, his eyes fixed on a tripod.

-Aight, off my way, he said and waved Erzo goodbye.

Iris had barely had any sleep when inspector Alexander called. A new murder took place last night and she was eager to examine the crime scene. Her night had been long but fruitful. She had finally managed to link most of the cases and build the killer’s profile. The day that came though, appeared to be challenging Iris patience and sentiments. A day she feared for long, an encounter she had postponed for years; a meeting, that if she could, she would never have. The futility of the inevitable is almost cruel, she thought as she gazed upon the tall muscular man with the black hair falling in front of his face.

-Inspector Erkheart, Iris nodded and glanced away.

-Professor Wornwood, Erzo replied, since when you cherish formalities? I take that it comes with the new profession.

-Since always, Erzo. Now, in to the case if you may?

Erzo fashioned a cold nod and turn his gaze into the room once more.

- Well, as you can see we don’t have a dead body yet, but we have the whole time line of the victim. Judging from the blood, he said pointing in a picture, the victim must be dead by now, wound in the stomach area. The cleaning lady reported that the room is different; someone must have moved the furniture. Other than that, we have nothing.

Iris examined the room. The equipment was intact and organized with perfect order. The room itself looked as a picture, perfectly clean with only one big office desk with a golden scale on top of it. From the roof hanged pictures of what seemed to be the victim’s torture and death. Besides that, the only picture in the room that didn’t belong to the victim was a big framed portrait of a young girl.

-Who’s the girl?

-Looking on it. The cleaning lady that called us didn’t recognize her.



-Not even the victim’s?


Neat freak, Iris said to herself in a whisper.


-Nothing, just talking to myself.

Iris stepped closer to the frame picture and pulled out a small photo behind it.

-I’ll be damned, she whispered in surprise. He didn’t die from a stomach wound, they chopped his genitals.

Iris spent most of the morning inspecting the crime scene and in the police department where she made a long debriefing to rest of the crew.

The killing methods imply a man of young age 30-40 years old, tall with physical strength.

Most of the cases indicate broad knowledge of the human anatomy. He might have had medical training, but I find it more likely to have some sort of military, maybe some martial arts training as well. He’s well organized and pedantic, most likely a person who loves order and neatness. All murders took place at night, so our killer can be a well socialized person, with a morning job and responsibilities. He doesn’t try to hide; most crime scenes were public or not very disclosed. He’s certain about himself, knows the city very well and he craves for our attention.

All cases are linked with unsolved murders or charges, charges that the police didn’t pay attention to, or closed without further examination. Kills of justice. Our killer has high moral standards and a very unique approach on justice and punishment. The most important thing though: Our killer knows us. He knows how we work and what we look for; hence we have no clues on the crime scenes. We are looking for someone who might have worked with the police or any profession close to that.

The last sentences of her report left the crew uneasy. Iris was familiar with how personal police officers take accusations of such, yet she knew she was not mistaken. She was trying to settle down to the extremely messy office Alexander provided for her when he approached her with a wide smile.

-Prepared to be awed.

-You found the body?

-Erm..no. The girl on the frame though? Joseline Adler, deceased. Aspiring model, she had booked a casting with our victim. Few days after she visited the studio, she reported Mr. Coldberg for sexual assault. Due to lack of evidence, the girl withdrew the charges. Two months later, the girl was found dead. Overdose, her body was found at the abandoned hill park, near the cemeteries. The family said that Joseline was trying to reopen the case. Also, reported that the girl never used any kind of drugs.

Iris had a spark in her eyes that mesmerized Alexander.

-Maybe our killer wasn’t convinced of Mr. Coldberg’s innocence. I will check the family background, see if anyone tried to help with her case or approached them for information lately. You inform Erzo. Also, take a team to the place her body was found, maybe we can sniff out something about our body’s location. I am taking your car, she concluded, keys on her hand, already walking away before Alexander could reply anything.

The rain that started again late last night continue unceasing, a melodic dripping that she started getting accustomed to, so much that she hardly noticed the tap on the car window. Erzo was staring at her, hair dripping wet and Iris opened the window with a sigh.

-That’s my car.

-I took it from Alexander.

-Well, he said and pushed her to the other seat, Alexander doesn’t have a car. He’s my partner, so I lend it to him.

-I have some work to do,Iris said irritated.

-I know, so do I. And let’s get some things straight. You report to me and Alexander is your partner, not your boy toy. He’s a very sharp and resourceful detective, I will have him work undistracted.

Frustrated, Iris began an attempt to reply but Erzo proved faster.

-Save your breath, I have seen how enchanted he has become by your games.

-So that’s what this is about, she concluded with a sharp tone.

Erzo took a moment before he spoke again, his hands pressing against his face. When he looked at her his eyes were red.

-Why did you come back?

Iris turned her gaze away. She had no answer to that. Why was she back? When the police headquarters contacted her to ask aid on the cases, they made no demand. She missed her old job, but she hated this city. She had a good life, another life, far away from here. She missed Erzo as well. She couldn’t stand being in the same room with him anymore, but she still missed what they had and what has been lost. So why was she here after all?

-I am here for the job, she managed a reply.
-No, you are not. Look at me, Erzo demanded with his hands on her face. Iris eyes were wet, filled with pain.

-I missed you so much, he said in a whisper, his lips a breath away from hers.

-Please don’t do this, I can’t, she said her hands pushing him away. His grip was strong and warm, Iris felt weak, her reactions heartless.

-I know you miss me too, he said, his lips kissing her tears dry.

-No! Her sudden snap pushed Erzo away. I miss you, yes, but I can’t even stand looking at you without my heart being torn apart! I loved you Erzo, so much. You did too, I know it. But you killed everything we had! I am empty and cold now, there’s nothing left, can’t you see?

The car door slammed shut, but Erzo’s thoughts were far away. He stood there cold and shocked and watched her moving away in the rain until she was lost with the crowd. Even when he couldn’t see her anymore, in his mind he could still visualize her moving away from him, ever away.

The air was moist and stained by the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Alexander slid through the crowd and sat next to the woman on the bar. He took a brief moment staring at her before he spoke.

-We found the body.

Iris nodded, drinking a sip from her glass.

Alexander continued staring at her, then sighed defeated and sat himself on the nearest stand.

-You’re my first disappointment today, don’t you have any questions?

Eyebrows raised and arms crossed in front of her chest, Iris smiled sarcastically at him.

-Are you going to drink something?

Alexander pulled closer to her and took a sip of her drink while looking at her eyes.

-Not a game I enjoy playing, this one.

Iris shook her head indifferent.

-We found the body at the park, as you suspected, incredibly insightful of you by the way. We found no other clues though. Cause of death was hit by sharp object on the neck which caused his instant death. Ah, yes, I see the surprise in your face. Merciful, our killer, the victims genitals were badly wounded, yet all wounds were made after his death. Now, to the studio. Mr. Coldberg had arranged a renovation.The furniture is kept in a warehouse, we sent a team to search for prints and take photos.

-So the killer must have been watching his victim.

-Yes, we sent someone to check with the family and neighbors. What did you find from the girl’s family?

-Nothing in particular. They said that no one tried to help them, nor had Joseline any friends within the police. Whoever our killer is, he’s working from the shadows.

Iris sighed loudly and sank her head inside her arms.

-Oh that defeatist attitude doesn’t suit you, dear. We have made quite the progress since you came, why the long face?

-We have nothing!, she snapped. No leads for the killer, no links on motives!

-But you linked the cases…

-Yes, we have his methodology, the ways he likes to work. This man is sharp, clever, he’s not a psychopath; he’s like you and me. What turns a lawful man into a serial killer? Initial motive, that’s what we don’t have.
Iris took a moment staring at her drink before she continued.

-There must be a case, a murder that took place long ago, one that has strong emotional meaning for the killer. If we don’t find that, we can’t catch our killer.

-Alright, I will do my best to find what you seek. Now, allow me to escort you to your apartment.

Iris looked at him with an arch smile, while she pulled closer.

-Are you planning on seducing me, dear Inspector?

Alexander smiled back at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, which found Iris unprepared and surprised.

-Not under such circumstances, he replied in a steady whisper. Never under such circumstances.

The woman ran fast towards the car to take shelter from the rain. The weather was getting worst by the hour. Engine running, she turned back to back off the car from the parking spot. A black figure blocked her gaze; shocked, she tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth. Hands and nails tried to crawl beneath the flesh to cut her lose, but the grip was firm and steady. Heart pounding, she inhaled the air around greedily, her senses numbing away with every breath, until her eyes shut close.

Erzo was reading through a file, his mind absorbed in his thoughts, that he hardly noticed the tall figure standing in his desk. Eyebrows raised he stared at Alexander.

-How long have you been standing there?

-Long enough to notice that your eyes are looking in one direction but your mind elsewhere. That’s not the reason of presence here though.

Erzo looked up at him and he saw something unprecedented coming from his ex partner. Alexander Piker was hesitating and Erzo could not be more intrigued.

-I was looking at some old cases and…What do remember about the Bagio case?

Erzo’s gaze became darker.

-I can’t tell you more than what is include on the file you’re holding. It was a…difficult case.

-Yes but…-

-Look, lad, this case was classified. It still is. I don’t have the jurisdiction to give you further information, not that I know anything more. I am not the man you should be asking. But if you should be asking, you have my permission to whatever you want to do, if permission is indeed needed.

Alexander left the desk confused, thinking about the confusing answer Inspector Erkheart provided when his phone rang.

Remember the golden scale? It was troubling me for too long, why would the killer put it there? So I looked through the old cases and I found that judge Logan has been involved in some of them. The scale symbolizes justice. I think she might be the next victim Alexander, find her and have someone watching her.

Iris phone call left Alexander even more confused.

The man was standing in the dark, his clothes wet from the rain, his hair dripping on his face. The room was unlit and quiet. Light footsteps were heard within the room before the lights turned on.

-Damn you Alexander, are you trying to scare me to death? What’s up with that mess? Iris was looking at him surprised by his presence.

Alexander didn’t move from the desk, yet continued staring at her with an inquiring gaze.

-Elena Logan is missing.

-Damn, we are too-

-I was looking over the Bagio case, the drug dealer who was found shot in his office. I am sure you remember the case, Alexander interrupted her. Iris nodded concerned.

-It seemed to fit our cases. But what seemed to fit our cases more was the Dawn case.

Iris eyes became darker and turned her gaze away from the inspector.

-Angelo Dawn…He was found dead by overdose. There was an attempt from the family to charge Bagio for his murder but judge Logan concluded that there were not enough evidence to go to trial. Another junkie case closed.

Alexander stood up and got closer to Iris who continued looking away.

-But he was not just a junkie, was he Iris? No, he was undercover, working for Narcotics. He spent more than a year trying to build a case and arrest Bagio and he ended up dead in an alley. Must have been heartbreaking for the family.

Alexander pulled Iris by the arms and turned her face that was wet by tears to face his.

-How hard is it, to know that your little brother sacrificed everything for his job? How hard is it to be unable to find justice for the one you love, Iris? How hard is it to not be able to tell your family how your brother truly died because the case is still classified? Hard enough to turn a lawful person into a serial killer?

Iris mumbled a reply, trying to move away from Alexander, but he firmed his grip and pushed her against the wall.

-It’s not like that…My brother…He deserved some recognition but I would never…

-Save your tears dear, they are not convincing! You’ve been a riddle for quite some time, but I have all figured you out now. You couldn’t find justice for you brother so you decided to take things into your hands. But you couldn’t stop, could you? No, because you love this power game, you love the chase, the thrill of being pursued. So much that you had to get into the game.

Alexander pushed her away and walked towards his desk. Iris voice was steady and cold, when she decided to reply.

-I was not here when some of the murders took place. Alexander, things are not the way they look.

-I have your flights records.

Alexander took some papers from the desk and threw them her way. She felt her heart stopping as she watched the papers slowly falling to the ground.

-You can’t put me in the crime scenes. You have no proof for any of this. Your case will never stand.

Alexander pulled her close to the wall once more, trapping her between his arms.

-I can play your game till the end, but beware, he whispered, you’re not going to like the end.

The bell tower was dark and silent, footsteps echoing in the old walls. Iris breath was steaming in the daybreak cold, her eyes wet by frozen tears. The body of the dead woman was hanging inside one of the huge bells and created a haunting melody while moving with the air’s currents, a cacophony staining the beautiful landscape. Iris raised her gun against the figure that ascended from the stairs.

-Erzo, she whispered with a cold relief as she looked upon his grey eyes.

-Put the gun down Iris, I am here to help you.

Before Iris could move, another figure appeared, gun pointing at her as he entered the small room.

- It’s over Iris, he shouted.

-It’s him Erzo, she said, gun pointing towards Alexander. You thought I have not checked who my partner was, Alexander? Your “admiration” for my work, how you tried to get closer to Erzo for informations.

-I was in the academy when Bagio died, how could I know about your brother? Classified case Iris! Game is over!

Erzo stepped in front of her.

-Put your gun down Alexander.

-Erzo, step away. I know all about her.

Erzo lowered his head and stepped closer to her.

-When Angelo died you changed. You became cold and shut me away. I watched you wither away, day by day and it was killing me. Then more cases appeared and it just got worst. I warned you Iris, not to get emotionally involved. I watched you aching, unable to help you. I thought...I thought if Bagio was dead you could find some peace.

Iris was trembling. She could hear Erzo’s voice but his words were too painful to conceive.

-So you decided to frame me? She managed a reply, her eyes filled with tears once more.

-No, never. You left me Iris. I thought that if the cases would reopen you would come back and I could have another chance with you.

-I left you? I was aching for my brother's loss and you had an affair behind my back!

-It was one night Iris! One mistake! You were always away!

-How did you know when I was here?

-When your mother got diagnosed with cancer she called me. She was all alone and I kept her company during her treatments. She told me all about you, your visits, your lonely life…

Iris shook her head in disbelief. Her tears had run dry, her mind cold and vulnerable to the cruel truth.

-But you are not that person Erzo. You’re sloppy and clumsy and kind and…

Her voice was a faint whisper; words were too painful to come out of her lips.

-I know… Silly, what a person can do to keep his loved one close. I started being more and more like you every day. Your habits, your oddities…Everything to feel that you are still close to me.

-Those people…

-They were far from people Iris. They were monsters. They destroyed so many lives, so many families wrecked by the consequences of their actions. They deserved worst. Aye, he said his gaze turned to Alexander, who had turned his gun on him, I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions. I just needed you to know Iris. I need you to understand. I gave up on the thought of forgiveness that day you fled my car in the rain. I never had realized how much I hurt you. I know you can’t forgive me, but I hope you will one day understand me.

-I have forgiven you, she whispered with a faint smile, it’s myself I don’t know if I can ever forgive.

Iris raised her gun against Alexander, her body moving in front of Erzo.

-Run away, she whispered.

Birds flew from the trees in the sound of the loud gunshot. Iris fell back into Erzo’s arms and they both hit the cold stone floor. Her face sprinkled with blood, she stared at the fiery sunrise, her anguished breath fading before she could gaze upon Erzo’s grey eyes for one last time.

Second place Mycal Phelps !

Glow of the Neon

I opened my eyes and yelled into the darkness of my bedroom, frantically scrambling myself into a sitting position. That nightmare had felt very, very real. It was as if I could still feel a coldness in my chest, a coldness that I logically realized could only have come from the window I’d left open. The feeling was so surreal that even now the world around me didn't quite feel familiar; instead, it felt foreign, as though I wasn’t home at all. That feeling would begin to haunt me: the feeling that this place, though it must’ve been the same, no longer felt familiar to me.

I took a few seconds to calm my frantic breathing. Complete and utter blackness still surrounded me, but after a moment, I no longer felt as fearful and panicked as I had before. In fact, I quickly began to register a burning throb in my crotch. I hadn’t gone to the toilet before going to sleep.

Feeling cold, I drew up from the bed and began to tiptoe my way towards the bathroom. I accidentally hit a pair of earphones on my worktable as I groggily passed them by, leaving them hanging at the verge of falling off and crashing to the floor. I knew they'd drop soon, but I simply had to go to the toilet.

A few seconds later I was at the door to my bathroom, dizzily trying to get a hold of the handle. The blackness was still complete, all around me: I didn't think it was necessary to turn on the lights. That would waste energy and precious time.

I opened the door and walked past the washing machine into the narrow, tight toilet room. I sat down and began to conduct the necessary business.

Suddenly I heard a sudden clang from my bedroom, followed by another, sharper noise, like metal dragging against wood. The ear buds, I thought.

I finished my business in the toilet room, cleaning up with a piece of toilet paper, and stood up, walking out into the small, narrow corridor that separated my room from the bathroom. I couldn't see anything, but I had a rough idea of where my room was. I instinctively walked over to it.

I jumped. Even surrounded by that permeating darkness, I saw that the door to my bedroom stood closed. The handle glowed with a faint, ethereal light. I stood very still, the hairs at the back of my neck standing up as I listened intently for a sound – any sound. I did not have the courage to look around, so I held my gaze strictly at the handle. And slowly, as if to embrace it, I reached out to bend it down.

The door opened without the smallest creak, falling inwards into the crushing blackness of my bedroom and vanishing from my view. An eerie silence surrounded me. I stepped in. Nothing had happened. It was the nightmare, wasn't it? The nightmare must be messing up my memories. I had shut the door, but forgot about it later. It had just been my imagination.

But try as I might, I could not rid myself of that very same feeling creeping up on me, that base instinct which I’d felt before, sitting half-awake on my bed.
The feeling that I wasn’t home.

I reached my hand to where I knew I’d find the light switch, right next to the door and above the worktable, but my fumbling hand met only a patch of cold cement. And then, I felt something different entirely.

I felt the loose, jagged edges of cut electric wires, I felt the smooth plastic edges of the switch against my fingers. The switch was gone.

Absolute and sudden panic penetrated my consciousness. I kneeled down on the floor and began a blind search for the ear buds, but they were nowhere to be found. Panting, I leaned against my worktable to regain balance, but just then I felt a creeping chill coming from deeper within my room. And this time, I knew it wasn’t from my window.

My breath ragged and frosty, I backed out of the room, almost tripping on my own two feet as I retreated away from that horrific, freezing darkness. I remembered now. I remembered why I’d woken up. My frantic hands fumbled against the walls in search of a light switch, or a lamp, anything to let me see. Anything to grab, anything to defend myself. But the further away I managed to retreat from my room, the further out the freezing coldness seemed to pursue me, and slowly a deep, guttural howl – like a piercing gale – rose out of the black nothingness that engulfed my room. The wind should’ve picked up, I knew it should’ve turned into a whirling tempest, but suddenly the air felt still, stale, thick – dead. The freezing chill penetrated into the living room, probing the area for me, and suddenly I saw that same faint, ethereal light reflecting off of the bedroom door. I tried to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. I felt like choking on my own panic.

I had had enough. I turned and ran, towards the kitchen, towards the only light switch I knew the location of. Suddenly I heard swift, heavy clanking behind me, something heavy and dark picking up speed to catch me, bone-chilling wind running before it. Just then I felt like weeping and falling down in desperation, just giving up; but then, surprisingly, my hands clasped around something smooth and plastic.

The kitchen suddenly became very cold. The clanking turned faster, louder, and out of the corner of my eye I saw an eerie neon glow rushing towards me from the darkness. I screamed in terror, pushing the switch with all my might.

A blinding flash of light exploded above me even as something heavy crashed into me. Like a lump of ice, it pulled me to the ground. I thrashed, kicking with my feet, hearing a strange hiss above me, and suddenly, through the tiny slits of my eyes, I was granted a glimpse of the thing on top of me.

And there was nothing there.

Third place BlackLeg !

Everyone heard the shot in the surrounding area and many got agitated. Only one shot was heard, and a thud right after it. In a corner, near a wall, laid a body, devoid of life.

Some ran for a safe place to hide, others panicked and didn't know what to do, but the most curious ones got close to the body. Once they turned it over, gasps of horror, shock and sadness ensued throughout the present living souls. All of the present knew who it was, someone loved by the masses. An important figure among the community. And it had been murdered, right in front of their very selves.

The community did not have a detective or a force tasked to police and to ensure safety. It was not an usual community, that's for sure, but it was a peaceful one. Never in its history a crime had occurred, at least not according to their definition of what a crime is, so it was the first time they saw one of their peers killed in cold blood, all of a sudden, by a gun no one was supposed to have.

However, there was a chief that everyone respected and looked towards for leadership, guidance and protection when it was needed. Someone they could rely, depend on in times of chaos, great need and suffering. The Chief took a step forward in order to investigate how such a gruesome crime happened and what was it's perpetrator.

“Whoever did this will not get away with it. I promise. I will find the murderer who took the life of our dear beloved brother and get justice for all of us! Whoever hurts one of us, hurts us all, and we will pay with the same coin!”

With this, the Chief ordered some of his closest assets to remove the body from sight and to give it a proper burial, while he investigated and interrogated nearby individuals.

“I saw a child near him before I heard the shot. I did not recognize the young one, but we all know how kind and loving he was. He was taking care of him and protecting him from what I could see.” - said one of the onlookers.

“He was holding the children by it's arm. Maybe he was taking the kid somewhere? Kidnapping? We know how strong he was, so any resistance from the boy would be futile” - answered another when asked about the subject.

"The kid fell and started crying, that's how I noticed there was a kid there. He cried so loudly. No one was nearby to help the poor boy, but he ran to him and helped the little kid. Then I got back to my activities and didn't see anything else until the shot."

"There was just him and the kid there when there came the bang. I was entering home with my wife when it happened, when I looked."

All of the many answers had 2 things in common. There was a boy, and they were alone. Therefore the Chief reached a conclusion that the motive for the murder would have been this young boy, and the shot came from far. But he wondered, where was the boy now? Was it a love crime, was the criminal trying to protect the boy? Or was it a hate crime, and wanted to steal it away?

“I didn't see no boy, I was far away from where it happened” - answered one of the elders.

Others didn't even want to get involved, over how traumatic and sad the experience had been. The Chief was having some difficulties getting the answer, but as he looked around, he saw some people holding a little frightened boy in the distance as they walked away, right over a big wall. He tried to reach them, but he couldn't get past that wall. When he was able to look again in the same direction, they were gone in a crowd of people. It was too late.

As he walked away from the wall, disappointed, he realized that the only clue he had was gone and that he had failed his community. Now he would never know the cause of the murder, if it was to protect the child from an aggressor, or if it was to steal it away from a loving protector. He would never know why Harambe was killed, and the gorilla community would never know who the murderer is.

And Min !

Squeezed eyes and wheezing breaths. He took his first step. Fallen tears and quiet whimpers. He took his second. Coughing harshly and heartbeat sounds. His pulse edged extreme.

"This is it. This is the end." his thoughts deem.

Recultantly, he took another step. He disobeyed the voices in his head, and pushed forward.

He took another step upwards. There are times when difficulties strike harder than ever before, to give up is a loser's resolution. Going back is no option. He grabbed the railling and held it tightly. He pulled his feet up and took another step. The stairway's end was now in sight and he smiled ever so weakly.
Sweaty clothes and dizziness.

"Almost there" he told to himself.
The first time is always the hardest.

- Stairs training.
The lonely road of a single man.