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Ladies and Gentlemen! The results are in for the Literature of the Week Special contest!

The criteria on which the entries were hopefully judged were:

Impact on the reader

Without further delays here are your winners!

First place goes to Aertes !

The sky had the color of ash; densely dark-grey clouds that lit up by scattered lightings, were visible on the horizon. The city beneath them seemed like a grey doodle on wet painting, tall buildings smudged by the heavy rain, city lights blurry under the hazed sky. The rain never stops in this damned city, thought the woman with bitter nostalgia. She watched the airplane shakily approaching the ground and suddenly, it felt uncomfortably cold and hostile.

Inspector Piker looked nervously on his right hand to check the time. The flight has been delayed. He took few steps and then gazed groggy the sky above. What time was it again? He checked his right hand once more. No watch. Oh my, where did I put it? Alas, poor Alexander, these murders and this woman are driving you crazy.

The tall, young man, that waited for her by the car, was pacing nervously as he murmured to himself. The woman took a moment to observe him. He had a nice shaped figure, brown thick and shaggy hair. His honey colored eyes had a sparkle, despite his seemingly empty gaze. His facial characteristics were harmonic and rather pleasant apart from his slightly big nose.

-Miss Wornwood, the man interrupted her observations by his greetings, ah, such a pleasurable day this one just turned out to be, he said and kissed her hand softly. The woman smiled with the old-fashioned charm the man seemed to posses.

-You can call me Iris mister

-Alexander Piker, he said, I would be delighted if you call me Alexander, now allow me to offer shelter from the rain and escort you to the headquarters. You will be fully informed about the cases there and I am thrilled to inform you that I am at your services, as your partner for as long as those investigations continue.

Iris graced Alexander with a bright smile that almost made him blush and took him by the arm as she walked towards the car.

-A pleasurable day this one might turn out to be after all, she noted with a simper.

The blood ran thick, soaking the already wet by the rain ground. Glass eyes stared at the hazed sky above them, the sound of the air running wild through the trees. The shovel was working rhythmical; a melody lost within the storms echoing noise. A sudden kick and the body rolled into the big whole on the ground. The rain water had created a small pool inside the freshly opened grave. The glass eyes kept staring at the black sky, lifeless and cold, until mud covered them.

Erzo took a big sip of whiskey and continued staring at the picture. A beautiful woman that was smiling brightly, her long brown hair graciously falling on her shoulders, her green eyes painted with happiness. Such a long time since I saw those eyes smiling. The mans thoughts were interrupted by the phone ring.

-26th of Greyhound road. Theres been a murder.

-Aye, getting there.

Half awake, after a long time of wondering in the city that resulted to a restless sleep, Erzo felt drained, his black hair falling in front of his grey eyes, his facial characteristics strained by the deprivation of sleep. With the cigarette burning low on his hand, the man continued looking at the picture, until he felt his skin burning. Swearing, the man put on his coat. Still wet. God I hate this rain.

Erzo was examining closely the studio, troubled by the new developments.

-You seem puzzled, chief.

-Sharp as always, Dave.

-Well, my friend, I have the answer to all your questions. We are not getting paid enough for this shit!

Erzo shook his head in disappointment and got back to examining the photographic equipment in the room.

-I mean look at this shit! Pictures of the victim everywhere, but no blood, no body, no anything! Oh and in case you were wondering, there are no fingerprints anywhere. The fucking room looks like it has been sterilized!

Erzo raised his shoulders in a lukewarm reaction. Dave sighed.

-My job here is done, he said walking out of the room and then stood for a minute looking the man up and down.

- Iris is on her way in case you are interested, he finally said. Maybe its time to remember your good manners. And try to do something about this, Dave pointed out at the inspectors figure, you know try and look like you havent been rotting away the past few years.

Erzo shook his head indifferently, his eyes fixed on a tripod.

-Aight, off my way, he said and waved Erzo goodbye.

Iris had barely had any sleep when inspector Alexander called. A new murder took place last night and she was eager to examine the crime scene. Her night had been long but fruitful. She had finally managed to link most of the cases and build the killers profile. The day that came though, appeared to be challenging Iris patience and sentiments. A day she feared for long, an encounter she had postponed for years; a meeting, that if she could, she would never have. The futility of the inevitable is almost cruel, she thought as she gazed upon the tall muscular man with the black hair falling in front of his face.

-Inspector Erkheart, Iris nodded and glanced away.

-Professor Wornwood, Erzo replied, since when you cherish formalities? I take that it comes with the new profession.

-Since always, Erzo. Now, in to the case if you may?

Erzo fashioned a cold nod and turn his gaze into the room once more.

- Well, as you can see we dont have a dead body yet, but we have the whole time line of the victim. Judging from the blood, he said pointing in a picture, the victim must be dead by now, wound in the stomach area. The cleaning lady reported that the room is different; someone must have moved the furniture. Other than that, we have nothing.

Iris examined the room. The equipment was intact and organized with perfect order. The room itself looked as a picture, perfectly clean with only one big office desk with a golden scale on top of it. From the roof hanged pictures of what seemed to be the victims torture and death. Besides that, the only picture in the room that didnt belong to the victim was a big framed portrait of a young girl.

-Whos the girl?

-Looking on it. The cleaning lady that called us didnt recognize her.



-Not even the victims?


Neat freak, Iris said to herself in a whisper.


-Nothing, just talking to myself.

Iris stepped closer to the frame picture and pulled out a small photo behind it.

-Ill be damned, she whispered in surprise. He didnt die from a stomach wound, they chopped his genitals.

Iris spent most of the morning inspecting the crime scene and in the police department where she made a long debriefing to rest of the crew.

The killing methods imply a man of young age 30-40 years old, tall with physical strength.

Most of the cases indicate broad knowledge of the human anatomy. He might have had medical training, but I find it more likely to have some sort of military, maybe some martial arts training as well. Hes well organized and pedantic, most likely a person who loves order and neatness. All murders took place at night, so our killer can be a well socialized person, with a morning job and responsibilities. He doesnt try to hide; most crime scenes were public or not very disclosed. Hes certain about himself, knows the city very well and he craves for our attention.

All cases are linked with unsolved murders or charges, charges that the police didnt pay attention to, or closed without further examination. Kills of justice. Our killer has high moral standards and a very unique approach on justice and punishment. The most important thing though: Our killer knows us. He knows how we work and what we look for; hence we have no clues on the crime scenes. We are looking for someone who might have worked with the police or any profession close to that.

The last sentences of her report left the crew uneasy. Iris was familiar with how personal police officers take accusations of such, yet she knew she was not mistaken. She was trying to settle down to the extremely messy office Alexander provided for her when he approached her with a wide smile.

-Prepared to be awed.

-You found the body?

-Erm..no. The girl on the frame though? Joseline Adler, deceased. Aspiring model, she had booked a casting with our victim. Few days after she visited the studio, she reported Mr. Coldberg for sexual assault. Due to lack of evidence, the girl withdrew the charges. Two months later, the girl was found dead. Overdose, her body was found at the abandoned hill park, near the cemeteries. The family said that Joseline was trying to reopen the case. Also, reported that the girl never used any kind of drugs.

Iris had a spark in her eyes that mesmerized Alexander.

-Maybe our killer wasnt convinced of Mr. Coldbergs innocence. I will check the family background, see if anyone tried to help with her case or approached them for information lately. You inform Erzo. Also, take a team to the place her body was found, maybe we can sniff out something about our bodys location. I am taking your car, she concluded, keys on her hand, already walking away before Alexander could reply anything.

The rain that started again late last night continue unceasing, a melodic dripping that she started getting accustomed to, so much that she hardly noticed the tap on the car window. Erzo was staring at her, hair dripping wet and Iris opened the window with a sigh.

-Thats my car.

-I took it from Alexander.

-Well, he said and pushed her to the other seat, Alexander doesnt have a car. Hes my partner, so I lend it to him.

-I have some work to do,Iris said irritated.

-I know, so do I. And lets get some things straight. You report to me and Alexander is your partner, not your boy toy. Hes a very sharp and resourceful detective, I will have him work undistracted.

Frustrated, Iris began an attempt to reply but Erzo proved faster.

-Save your breath, I have seen how enchanted he has become by your games.

-So thats what this is about, she concluded with a sharp tone.

Erzo took a moment before he spoke again, his hands pressing against his face. When he looked at her his eyes were red.

-Why did you come back?

Iris turned her gaze away. She had no answer to that. Why was she back? When the police headquarters contacted her to ask aid on the cases, they made no demand. She missed her old job, but she hated this city. She had a good life, another life, far away from here. She missed Erzo as well. She couldnt stand being in the same room with him anymore, but she still missed what they had and what has been lost. So why was she here after all?

-I am here for the job, she managed a reply.
-No, you are not. Look at me, Erzo demanded with his hands on her face. Iris eyes were wet, filled with pain.

-I missed you so much, he said in a whisper, his lips a breath away from hers.

-Please dont do this, I cant, she said her hands pushing him away. His grip was strong and warm, Iris felt weak, her reactions heartless.

-I know you miss me too, he said, his lips kissing her tears dry.

-No! Her sudden snap pushed Erzo away. I miss you, yes, but I cant even stand looking at you without my heart being torn apart! I loved you Erzo, so much. You did too, I know it. But you killed everything we had! I am empty and cold now, theres nothing left, cant you see?

The car door slammed shut, but Erzos thoughts were far away. He stood there cold and shocked and watched her moving away in the rain until she was lost with the crowd. Even when he couldnt see her anymore, in his mind he could still visualize her moving away from him, ever away.

The air was moist and stained by the smell of alcohol and cigarettes. Alexander slid through the crowd and sat next to the woman on the bar. He took a brief moment staring at her before he spoke.

-We found the body.

Iris nodded, drinking a sip from her glass.

Alexander continued staring at her, then sighed defeated and sat himself on the nearest stand.

-Youre my first disappointment today, dont you have any questions?

Eyebrows raised and arms crossed in front of her chest, Iris smiled sarcastically at him.

-Are you going to drink something?

Alexander pulled closer to her and took a sip of her drink while looking at her eyes.

-Not a game I enjoy playing, this one.

Iris shook her head indifferent.

-We found the body at the park, as you suspected, incredibly insightful of you by the way. We found no other clues though. Cause of death was hit by sharp object on the neck which caused his instant death. Ah, yes, I see the surprise in your face. Merciful, our killer, the victims genitals were badly wounded, yet all wounds were made after his death. Now, to the studio. Mr. Coldberg had arranged a renovation.The furniture is kept in a warehouse, we sent a team to search for prints and take photos.

-So the killer must have been watching his victim.

-Yes, we sent someone to check with the family and neighbors. What did you find from the girls family?

-Nothing in particular. They said that no one tried to help them, nor had Joseline any friends within the police. Whoever our killer is, hes working from the shadows.

Iris sighed loudly and sank her head inside her arms.

-Oh that defeatist attitude doesnt suit you, dear. We have made quite the progress since you came, why the long face?

-We have nothing!, she snapped. No leads for the killer, no links on motives!

-But you linked the cases

-Yes, we have his methodology, the ways he likes to work. This man is sharp, clever, hes not a psychopath; hes like you and me. What turns a lawful man into a serial killer? Initial motive, thats what we dont have.
Iris took a moment staring at her drink before she continued.

-There must be a case, a murder that took place long ago, one that has strong emotional meaning for the killer. If we dont find that, we cant catch our killer.

-Alright, I will do my best to find what you seek. Now, allow me to escort you to your apartment.

Iris looked at him with an arch smile, while she pulled closer.

-Are you planning on seducing me, dear Inspector?

Alexander smiled back at her and gave her a soft kiss on the lips, which found Iris unprepared and surprised.

-Not under such circumstances, he replied in a steady whisper. Never under such circumstances.

The woman ran fast towards the car to take shelter from the rain. The weather was getting worst by the hour. Engine running, she turned back to back off the car from the parking spot. A black figure blocked her gaze; shocked, she tried to scream but a hand covered her mouth. Hands and nails tried to crawl beneath the flesh to cut her lose, but the grip was firm and steady. Heart pounding, she inhaled the air around greedily, her senses numbing away with every breath, until her eyes shut close.

Erzo was reading through a file, his mind absorbed in his thoughts, that he hardly noticed the tall figure standing in his desk. Eyebrows raised he stared at Alexander.

-How long have you been standing there?

-Long enough to notice that your eyes are looking in one direction but your mind elsewhere. Thats not the reason of presence here though.

Erzo looked up at him and he saw something unprecedented coming from his ex partner. Alexander Piker was hesitating and Erzo could not be more intrigued.

-I was looking at some old cases andWhat do remember about the Bagio case?

Erzos gaze became darker.

-I cant tell you more than what is include on the file youre holding. It was adifficult case.

-Yes but-

-Look, lad, this case was classified. It still is. I dont have the jurisdiction to give you further information, not that I know anything more. I am not the man you should be asking. But if you should be asking, you have my permission to whatever you want to do, if permission is indeed needed.

Alexander left the desk confused, thinking about the confusing answer Inspector Erkheart provided when his phone rang.

Remember the golden scale? It was troubling me for too long, why would the killer put it there? So I looked through the old cases and I found that judge Logan has been involved in some of them. The scale symbolizes justice. I think she might be the next victim Alexander, find her and have someone watching her.

Iris phone call left Alexander even more confused.

The man was standing in the dark, his clothes wet from the rain, his hair dripping on his face. The room was unlit and quiet. Light footsteps were heard within the room before the lights turned on.

-Damn you Alexander, are you trying to scare me to death? Whats up with that mess? Iris was looking at him surprised by his presence.

Alexander didnt move from the desk, yet continued staring at her with an inquiring gaze.

-Elena Logan is missing.

-Damn, we are too-

-I was looking over the Bagio case, the drug dealer who was found shot in his office. I am sure you remember the case, Alexander interrupted her. Iris nodded concerned.

-It seemed to fit our cases. But what seemed to fit our cases more was the Dawn case.

Iris eyes became darker and turned her gaze away from the inspector.

-Angelo DawnHe was found dead by overdose. There was an attempt from the family to charge Bagio for his murder but judge Logan concluded that there were not enough evidence to go to trial. Another junkie case closed.

Alexander stood up and got closer to Iris who continued looking away.

-But he was not just a junkie, was he Iris? No, he was undercover, working for Narcotics. He spent more than a year trying to build a case and arrest Bagio and he ended up dead in an alley. Must have been heartbreaking for the family.

Alexander pulled Iris by the arms and turned her face that was wet by tears to face his.

-How hard is it, to know that your little brother sacrificed everything for his job? How hard is it to be unable to find justice for the one you love, Iris? How hard is it to not be able to tell your family how your brother truly died because the case is still classified? Hard enough to turn a lawful person into a serial killer?

Iris mumbled a reply, trying to move away from Alexander, but he firmed his grip and pushed her against the wall.

-Its not like thatMy brotherHe deserved some recognition but I would never

-Save your tears dear, they are not convincing! Youve been a riddle for quite some time, but I have all figured you out now. You couldnt find justice for you brother so you decided to take things into your hands. But you couldnt stop, could you? No, because you love this power game, you love the chase, the thrill of being pursued. So much that you had to get into the game.

Alexander pushed her away and walked towards his desk. Iris voice was steady and cold, when she decided to reply.

-I was not here when some of the murders took place. Alexander, things are not the way they look.

-I have your flights records.

Alexander took some papers from the desk and threw them her way. She felt her heart stopping as she watched the papers slowly falling to the ground.

-You cant put me in the crime scenes. You have no proof for any of this. Your case will never stand.

Alexander pulled her close to the wall once more, trapping her between his arms.

-I can play your game till the end, but beware, he whispered, youre not going to like the end.

The bell tower was dark and silent, footsteps echoing in the old walls. Iris breath was steaming in the daybreak cold, her eyes wet by frozen tears. The body of the dead woman was hanging inside one of the huge bells and created a haunting melody while moving with the airs currents, a cacophony staining the beautiful landscape. Iris raised her gun against the figure that ascended from the stairs.

-Erzo, she whispered with a cold relief as she looked upon his grey eyes.

-Put the gun down Iris, I am here to help you.

Before Iris could move, another figure appeared, gun pointing at her as he entered the small room.

- Its over Iris, he shouted.

-Its him Erzo, she said, gun pointing towards Alexander. You thought I have not checked who my partner was, Alexander? Your admiration for my work, how you tried to get closer to Erzo for informations.

-I was in the academy when Bagio died, how could I know about your brother? Classified case Iris! Game is over!

Erzo stepped in front of her.

-Put your gun down Alexander.

-Erzo, step away. I know all about her.

Erzo lowered his head and stepped closer to her.

-When Angelo died you changed. You became cold and shut me away. I watched you wither away, day by day and it was killing me. Then more cases appeared and it just got worst. I warned you Iris, not to get emotionally involved. I watched you aching, unable to help you. I thought...I thought if Bagio was dead you could find some peace.

Iris was trembling. She could hear Erzos voice but his words were too painful to conceive.

-So you decided to frame me? She managed a reply, her eyes filled with tears once more.

-No, never. You left me Iris. I thought that if the cases would reopen you would come back and I could have another chance with you.

-I left you? I was aching for my brother's loss and you had an affair behind my back!

-It was one night Iris! One mistake! You were always away!

-How did you know when I was here?

-When your mother got diagnosed with cancer she called me. She was all alone and I kept her company during her treatments. She told me all about you, your visits, your lonely life

Iris shook her head in disbelief. Her tears had run dry, her mind cold and vulnerable to the cruel truth.

-But you are not that person Erzo. Youre sloppy and clumsy and kind and

Her voice was a faint whisper; words were too painful to come out of her lips.

-I know Silly, what a person can do to keep his loved one close. I started being more and more like you every day. Your habits, your odditiesEverything to feel that you are still close to me.

-Those people

-They were far from people Iris. They were monsters. They destroyed so many lives, so many families wrecked by the consequences of their actions. They deserved worst. Aye, he said his gaze turned to Alexander, who had turned his gun on him, I am ready to accept the consequences of my actions. I just needed you to know Iris. I need you to understand. I gave up on the thought of forgiveness that day you fled my car in the rain. I never had realized how much I hurt you. I know you cant forgive me, but I hope you will one day understand me.

-I have forgiven you, she whispered with a faint smile, its myself I dont know if I can ever forgive.

Iris raised her gun against Alexander, her body moving in front of Erzo.

-Run away, she whispered.

Birds flew from the trees in the sound of the loud gunshot. Iris fell back into Erzos arms and they both hit the cold stone floor. Her face sprinkled with blood, she stared at the fiery sunrise, her anguished breath fading before she could gaze upon Erzos grey eyes for one last time.

Second place goes to Mycal Phelps !

Glow of the Neon

I opened my eyes and yelled into the darkness of my bedroom, frantically scrambling myself into a sitting position. That nightmare had felt very, very real. It was as if I could still feel a coldness in my chest, a coldness that I logically realized could only have come from the window Id left open. The feeling was so surreal that even now the world around me didn't quite feel familiar; instead, it felt foreign, as though I wasnt home at all. That feeling would begin to haunt me: the feeling that this place, though it mustve been the same, no longer felt familiar to me.

I took a few seconds to calm my frantic breathing. Complete and utter blackness still surrounded me, but after a moment, I no longer felt as fearful and panicked as I had before. In fact, I quickly began to register a burning throb in my crotch. I hadnt gone to the toilet before going to sleep.

Feeling cold, I drew up from the bed and began to tiptoe my way towards the bathroom. I accidentally hit a pair of earphones on my worktable as I groggily passed them by, leaving them hanging at the verge of falling off and crashing to the floor. I knew they'd drop soon, but I simply had to go to the toilet.

A few seconds later I was at the door to my bathroom, dizzily trying to get a hold of the handle. The blackness was still complete, all around me: I didn't think it was necessary to turn on the lights. That would waste energy and precious time.

I opened the door and walked past the washing machine into the narrow, tight toilet room. I sat down and began to conduct the necessary business.

Suddenly I heard a sudden clang from my bedroom, followed by another, sharper noise, like metal dragging against wood. The ear buds, I thought.

I finished my business in the toilet room, cleaning up with a piece of toilet paper, and stood up, walking out into the small, narrow corridor that separated my room from the bathroom. I couldn't see anything, but I had a rough idea of where my room was. I instinctively walked over to it.

I jumped. Even surrounded by that permeating darkness, I saw that the door to my bedroom stood closed. The handle glowed with a faint, ethereal light. I stood very still, the hairs at the back of my neck standing up as I listened intently for a sound any sound. I did not have the courage to look around, so I held my gaze strictly at the handle. And slowly, as if to embrace it, I reached out to bend it down.

The door opened without the smallest creak, falling inwards into the crushing blackness of my bedroom and vanishing from my view. An eerie silence surrounded me. I stepped in. Nothing had happened. It was the nightmare, wasn't it? The nightmare must be messing up my memories. I had shut the door, but forgot about it later. It had just been my imagination.

But try as I might, I could not rid myself of that very same feeling creeping up on me, that base instinct which Id felt before, sitting half-awake on my bed.
The feeling that I wasnt home.

I reached my hand to where I knew Id find the light switch, right next to the door and above the worktable, but my fumbling hand met only a patch of cold cement. And then, I felt something different entirely.

I felt the loose, jagged edges of cut electric wires, I felt the smooth plastic edges of the switch against my fingers. The switch was gone.

Absolute and sudden panic penetrated my consciousness. I kneeled down on the floor and began a blind search for the ear buds, but they were nowhere to be found. Panting, I leaned against my worktable to regain balance, but just then I felt a creeping chill coming from deeper within my room. And this time, I knew it wasnt from my window.

My breath ragged and frosty, I backed out of the room, almost tripping on my own two feet as I retreated away from that horrific, freezing darkness. I remembered now. I remembered why Id woken up. My frantic hands fumbled against the walls in search of a light switch, or a lamp, anything to let me see. Anything to grab, anything to defend myself. But the further away I managed to retreat from my room, the further out the freezing coldness seemed to pursue me, and slowly a deep, guttural howl like a piercing gale rose out of the black nothingness that engulfed my room. The wind shouldve picked up, I knew it shouldve turned into a whirling tempest, but suddenly the air felt still, stale, thick dead. The freezing chill penetrated into the living room, probing the area for me, and suddenly I saw that same faint, ethereal light reflecting off of the bedroom door. I tried to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. I felt like choking on my own panic.

I had had enough. I turned and ran, towards the kitchen, towards the only light switch I knew the location of. Suddenly I heard swift, heavy clanking behind me, something heavy and dark picking up speed to catch me, bone-chilling wind running before it. Just then I felt like weeping and falling down in desperation, just giving up; but then, surprisingly, my hands clasped around something smooth and plastic.

The kitchen suddenly became very cold. The clanking turned faster, louder, and out of the corner of my eye I saw an eerie neon glow rushing towards me from the darkness. I screamed in terror, pushing the switch with all my might.

A blinding flash of light exploded above me even as something heavy crashed into me. Like a lump of ice, it pulled me to the ground. I thrashed, kicking with my feet, hearing a strange hiss above me, and suddenly, through the tiny slits of my eyes, I was granted a glimpse of the thing on top of me.

And there was nothing there.

And our third place goes to BlackLeg !

Everyone heard the shot in the surrounding area and many got agitated. Only one shot was heard, and a thud right after it. In a corner, near a wall, laid a body, devoid of life.

Some ran for a safe place to hide, others panicked and didn't know what to do, but the most curious ones got close to the body. Once they turned it over, gasps of horror, shock and sadness ensued throughout the present living souls. All of the present knew who it was, someone loved by the masses. An important figure among the community. And it had been murdered, right in front of their very selves.

The community did not have a detective or a force tasked to police and to ensure safety. It was not an usual community, that's for sure, but it was a peaceful one. Never in its history a crime had occurred, at least not according to their definition of what a crime is, so it was the first time they saw one of their peers killed in cold blood, all of a sudden, by a gun no one was supposed to have.

However, there was a chief that everyone respected and looked towards for leadership, guidance and protection when it was needed. Someone they could rely, depend on in times of chaos, great need and suffering. The Chief took a step forward in order to investigate how such a gruesome crime happened and what was it's perpetrator.

Whoever did this will not get away with it. I promise. I will find the murderer who took the life of our dear beloved brother and get justice for all of us! Whoever hurts one of us, hurts us all, and we will pay with the same coin!

With this, the Chief ordered some of his closest assets to remove the body from sight and to give it a proper burial, while he investigated and interrogated nearby individuals.

I saw a child near him before I heard the shot. I did not recognize the young one, but we all know how kind and loving he was. He was taking care of him and protecting him from what I could see. - said one of the onlookers.

He was holding the children by it's arm. Maybe he was taking the kid somewhere? Kidnapping? We know how strong he was, so any resistance from the boy would be futile - answered another when asked about the subject.

"The kid fell and started crying, that's how I noticed there was a kid there. He cried so loudly. No one was nearby to help the poor boy, but he ran to him and helped the little kid. Then I got back to my activities and didn't see anything else until the shot."

"There was just him and the kid there when there came the bang. I was entering home with my wife when it happened, when I looked."

All of the many answers had 2 things in common. There was a boy, and they were alone. Therefore the Chief reached a conclusion that the motive for the murder would have been this young boy, and the shot came from far. But he wondered, where was the boy now? Was it a love crime, was the criminal trying to protect the boy? Or was it a hate crime, and wanted to steal it away?

I didn't see no boy, I was far away from where it happened - answered one of the elders.

Others didn't even want to get involved, over how traumatic and sad the experience had been. The Chief was having some difficulties getting the answer, but as he looked around, he saw some people holding a little frightened boy in the distance as they walked away, right over a big wall. He tried to reach them, but he couldn't get past that wall. When he was able to look again in the same direction, they were gone in a crowd of people. It was too late.

As he walked away from the wall, disappointed, he realized that the only clue he had was gone and that he had failed his community. Now he would never know the cause of the murder, if it was to protect the child from an aggressor, or if it was to steal it away from a loving protector. He would never know why Harambe was killed, and the gorilla community would never know who the murderer is.

And Min !

Squeezed eyes and wheezing breaths. He took his first step. Fallen tears and quiet whimpers. He took his second. Coughing harshly and heartbeat sounds. His pulse edged extreme.

"This is it. This is the end." his thoughts deem.

Recultantly, he took another step. He disobeyed the voices in his head, and pushed forward.

He took another step upwards. There are times when difficulties strike harder than ever before, to give up is a loser's resolution. Going back is no option. He grabbed the railling and held it tightly. He pulled his feet up and took another step. The stairway's end was now in sight and he smiled ever so weakly.
Sweaty clothes and dizziness.

"Almost there" he told to himself.
The first time is always the hardest.

- Stairs training.
The lonely road of a single man.


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I so knew the Harambe one was BlackLeg's.

what gave it away? :maybe

Oct 17th '16, 10:23 AM
what gave it away? :maybe

:hmm The first paragraph actually. You do this thing where you give a description in a very static way. You should make it "flow" more naturally imo.

Oct 17th '16, 10:27 AM
:hmm The first paragraph actually. You do this thing where you give a description in a very static way. You should make it "flow" more naturally imo.

taking notes ... maybe I can apply it in the haiku contest :maybe

Oct 17th '16, 10:31 AM
taking notes ... maybe I can apply it in the haiku contest :maybe


Oct 17th '16, 03:43 PM
Congratulations to the winners! :)