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Nov 18th '16, 10:26 PM
http://i.imgur.com/rs6C9Ey.jpgLiterature of the week

Ladies and Gentlemen! The results are in for the Literature of the week contest with the theme:

"Freestyle Horror"

The criteria on which the entries were hopefully judged were:

Impact on the reader

Without further delays here are your winners!

First place goes to Mycal Phelps !

”The House Under the Hill?” the girl asked, her round eyes widening fearfully.

“Aye, that be it. We’s livin’ there now.” Hili replied, making her voice level. She sounded distinctly different from the younger girl, having just moved in from the north. The younger girl squinted her eyes, trying to make out Hili’s words, and completely missed the mischievous glint in her eyes.

“But it’s haunted! There are ghosts there, and little mean elves! Aren’t you afraid that they’ll snatch you from your bed?” the younger girl asked, her voice the very image of childlike naivety.

“Aye, that be it, Clea. There be little spirits there, and elves and hobgoblins too! But they daren’t touch me, nay, they serve me instead. Me and me mum! They’s our servants!”

Clea breathed out a sigh of awe. “Ooh… you must be a magician!”

Hili chuckled, patting the younger girl on the head. “A magician, eh?” she said, pausing in thought. What was the harm in prolonging the lie for a bit? She’d tell Clea tomorrow. Just seeing her face would be worth it.

“Aye, a magician.”

That was the end of class. The girls began to shuffle out of the simply furnished classroom, holding their skirts above the muddy ground as they crossed the yard. Evening was well on its way; the sun was slowly sinking into the horizon as Hili finally said goodbye to her friends and set off on the road.

The road would quickly dwindle down to a cart track, winding its way o’er the hills and snaking up the hillside, until finally arriving at a small clearing. That was where her home was: a wooden hovel with a chimney and a sizable front porch, with the forest looming beyond. They called it the King’s Forest. She lurched up the front steps of the house and wandered to her room, tired to the bone. She bid goodnight to her mother, who was dozing off by the fire. She’d worked herself half to death to keep their little family fed. When Hili returned to her room, sleep snatched her away almost instantly.

The next day, she left to the village feeling unnaturally tired. Mum’s freshly baked bread had tasted burnt, and her sleep… it was as if she hadn’t slept at all. At school, her friends began to ask more about the elves, hobgoblins and spirits Hili had as ‘servants’. She found that she could not retract her words anymore. So she invented a fresh batch of lies.

“The elves,” she said, “they’ll only come out when the moon’s shining. And they’s not tiny, nay, they’s tall ‘n handsome! So handsome, that you’ve ne’er seen anyone like’em! And them hobgoblins, aye, fiendish! Tiny, but angry! They’s like badgers!”

And so she walked up the winding path once again, picking up a stick to help herself on the way, and arrived at the clearing. Once again, evening had painted the forest in a myriad of dark hues; the sun was no longer up, and moonlight would soon reign in the night. Once again, Hili clambered into the house, bone-tired. Once again, she made her way to her little bedroom…

The very next morning, Hili felt more tired than ever. It was as if she had spent the whole night hauling sacks of grain from one end of the room to the other. When she pulled open the door of her room, however, something seemed to change within her. It was as if the air she had been breathing up until now had become fresher. But she suspected nothing more than a little spring cleaning by mum.

At school, she once again had to invent new lies to cover up her old ones. A whole new mythology had sprang up into existence: the mythology of Hili and the House Under the Hill. But the joy of lying had gone out of her long since. She returned home.

The freshness was even stronger, now. It was as if she had stepped into a different realm; somehow, the air seemed lush with colour, if that was possible at all, full of alien but soothing fragrances, almost… dreamlike.

That was when Hili saw the tall man standing in the living room, his back turned to her. He had a plain green coat, the colour so vivid and strong that she doubted whether she had ever seen such a strong green anywhere. It was green as summer leaves. The man turned around; he had white, shoulder-length hair, and thorns grew out of his hair like branches from a tree. The man waved a slender, white hand. It was the most beautiful hand she had ever seen in her life. Then, all went black.

Hili awoke to the dry rustle of leaves in the wind. Her first sensation, cold and hard: a rock, a bed of dead leaves, a…

She opened her eyes, gasping for air, flailing about with her limbs; the dry leaves fell aside, were torn apart, and too late did she realize that they were the only protection she had from the freezing night. She took a closer look at what lay in front of her.

She was looking at the moon from a hole in the ground.

There was not much space to wriggle around, she realized. And the moon…

The moon filled the entirety of the hole. Hili wriggled, Hili squirmed, Hili spasmed; nothing seemed to work, for she was too cold and tired, and her muscles had turned to water. She could only stare at the moon - the full moon…

Panic began to well up in her throat. She was all alone. Only the moon stared down at her, mocking, scornful and disgusted. The leaves shied away from her now, too, so that whenever she tried to pile them on top of her to keep the cold away, they simply slid back to the ground; it was as if they wanted nothing to do with her. Hili gathered her strength, taking a deep breath.

“HEEEEY!” she screamed.

Neither the moon nor the forest deigned to reply.

Instead, something changed.

The moonlight, once white, pure and impassive, now seemed to Hili somehow different. It was as if, if that was possible, the moonlight had - ever so slightly - changed color. An ever-so-tiny speck of red in her field of vision, a slight change in the tone; but it was there. She knew it.

Another speck penetrated her field of vision, then another; the moon, like a light at the end of the tunnel, began to change. Orange, then darker, then even darker; redder, even redder, until it was all she could think of; red, red, dark, moon… blood. The blood moon.

She had not noticed closing her eyes until she opened them. Her vision was blurry, but she noticed that something had changed in the light - again. It was very dark, now. But she could see - recognize - something, something from up high, from the hole, peering down, a face, features, a disfigured nose, a pair of ravenous eyes, sharp teeth a-clacking, it reached down, further, crazed, driven, forcing its head lower and lower - closer and closer, its breathing growing ragged, frenzied, almost… reaching…

Hili screamed. She kicked. She thrashed about, blindly flailing her limbs, fighting back, anything, escape, fight, survive! Several times she felt the shock of impact, heard the cry of agony, the cracking of a nose, the surprised whine as something rustled above her…

Then something crashed down right next to her, crashed down onto the hard ground. She felt patches of fur, patches of bare skin; burned skin, brushing against her arm, but no response. Hesitantly, she twisted her head around to look at the thing which lay next to her.

A pair of blood-red eyes bored into her forehead. Glazed over, they were almost like a doll’s.

The corpse was warm. She pulled it over hers, using its excess warmth to heat herself up. Then, she began to climb. The surface of the walls were hard, but not too hard to be grabbed; after a few minutes of panting and sweating, she managed to haul herself out of the hole.

She emerged into the living room.

Hili felt her head start spinning. Again, she felt everything go black. But when she opened her eyes, it was morning. Mum had carried her to bed, put a blanket o'er her, told her to stay in bed. And so she did, the whole day.

On the very next day, Hili confessed to her friends that she had lied about the elves, the hobgoblins and the spirits. Just like she’d predicted, Clea gave her a look of insurmountable, innocent disappointment. And Hili laughed.

But she would never forget the night she’d spent in the hole in the ground, nor the man who had brought him there. No, man didn’t quite make the cut.

A faerie.

Second place goes to Matternativ !

h06:00 PM
Abigail didn't know how long she had starred at the phone until she finally snapped out of it.
Her Husbands Partner had called her for the second time today.
The first time it happened he asked her if Leeroy, her Husband, had overslept because he hadn't showen up at work.
Back then she didn't think much of it. After all he was a Cop and it happened at times that he had to deal with first responder operations or that his superiors gave him different tasks before he could even meet up with his partner at the police station.
But that was hours ago.
By now Lex, Leeroys partner, should have been at least in contact with him. What's worse it seemed not even the superiors had any clue regarding his whereabaouts.

"MOMMY, I'M HUNGRY!", her daughter yelled from the other room.
She had completely forgotten to prepare dinner for her.
"Just be patient, sweety. Dinner will be ready before you know it!"
Well that was a lie as she hadn't even started yet. Better hurry up!

h07:00 PM
Booooring. That Show was boring, her toys were boring and her mother was the bori-est of them all because she wouldn't play with her.
All she did was looking at her phone all the time and calling people.
And Daddy? Daddy wasn't here yet because of his boring Job.
Okay that was not fair, her daddy had the most exciting Job in the world.
He was a like Captain America, beating up bad guys and arresting them to make the world a saver place. But right now that stupid Job prevented Nadja's father from being here and playing with her.
She wanted to continue building the LEGO castle they had both been working on.
Of course she could do that alone but it wouldn't be any fun.
Then an idea struck her! She could play the funny Song. That wasn't actually the name of the song but she didn't care to remember the real title.
So she went to Mommys I-Pad and opened the music folder with her name on it. There it was, the funny song. She pressed play.

"Aaaalways look on the bright side of live... "~

All of sudden Mommy rushed into the room. "Leeroy where have you... ?"
Nadja was confused: "Daddy is still at work." Or at least that was what her mother had told her earlier. "He has to capture more bad guys!"
Abigail smiled at her but it was a strange smile.
It almost looked like she was sad.
"Yes he is Sweety, I must have forgotten." With that she left the room again.
Nadja looked after her for a while before she shrugged it off and started to sing along to the funny song.

"Aaaalways look on the bright side of live..." ~

h08:00 PM
Abigail was about to freak out. She had been in constant contact with Lex.
They had found her Husbands car on the fields outside of the City.
No one knew why it was there or how it ended up there. And still there was no sign of Leeroy himself or his belongings.
By now she wished her initial fear would come true that Leeroy had cheated on her, again.
That man was many things but dumb he was not.
Cheating on his wife instead of going to work would have never worked and he'd know that.
Something else must have happened to him.
As a Cop he had made a lot of enemies in his career maybe one of them... No! She shouldn't have such thoughts! He would be back and he better had a damn good explanation ready or otherwise she would tear him a new one.

h09:00 PM
Mommy was not only boring she was also annoying today.
Before Nadja was even able to play the funny song a second time she ordered her to do something else. Anything else.
How come Mommy didn't like the funny song today?
It had been her who convinced Daddy to make it his ringtone because Nadja enjoyed it so much.
But today she was sad and scary and mean. The little girl yawned.
It was late and usually she would go to bed now but Daddy still wasn't here and she didn't want to miss out on her good-night-hug.
Sometimes when Mommy was stressed Daddy and her would disappear into their bedroom for a while, play some loud music and then they'd both return with a smile.

She didn't like the music much but maybe he could cheer Mommy up like that once he came home.
Then she could listen to the funny song again. She wished she could do that right now actually.

"Always look on the bright side of live..."~

A smile showed up on the little girls face. The funny song!
It came from outside the entrance door.

She jumped from the living room couch and ran as fast as her little legs would allow it through the hallway.

All of sudden a hand grabbed her by the Shoulder and stopped her in her tracks.
Nadja looked over her shoulder and saw her mother standing right behind her.
She looked pale and didn't even look at her, instead she starred at the door with eyes wide open. The music could now be heard much louder which meant that Daddy was right at the doorstep.

"If life seems jolly rotten,
There's something you've forgotten!
And that's to laugh and smile and dance and sing..."~

If Nadja would have been old enough to go to school she would have been able to read the message on her mothers smartphone which she was still holding in the other Hand. But she wasn't.

New Message from Lex [Received h09:01 PM]

A key was inserted in the doorlock.

"When you're feeling in the dumps,
Don't be silly chumps,
Just purse your lips and whistle -- that's the thing!"

"Sweetheart...", Abigail said with a weak voice and looked at her daughter. Her expression scared the little girl.

"And always look on the bright side of life"~

And our third place goes to BlackLeg !

"Thanks for the meal! Lets dig in!" - said Jack, sitting at the table with his family: his wife, daughter and son.

"You have to eat all the peas kids, don't you dare leave any on your dish!"
"But mooooom, I hate peas" , "Please, just this once?" - pleaded both little Mary and Tom to their mother.

"If you don't eat your peas, there's no zoo for anyone tomorrow!"

"Well kids, you heard your mom. Come on, the tigers are waiting for us!"


"Don't worry darling, I can do the dishes, you can go put the kids to bed" - Jack told his wife, as she was getting ready to wash the dishes in the sink.
"Okay honey, thanks. We are still going to see that movie after?"
"Yes beauty, as soon as I finish this I'll put it on TV"

As Martha went up stairs, Jack looked at the window in front of him to look at her going up, but noticed she was still behind him looking down.

"Sweetie are you okay?" - he asked as he looked behind him, but there was no one there. Confused, he looked again to the window and there was just his reflex, with the trees outside shaking vigorously due to the wind. "Must be imagining things" he wondered.

Having washed the dishes, he went to the living room and sat on the couch, getting ready to turn on the TV. Looking at it, still turned off, he saw his wife again, with her hair covering her face and with a white gown.

“Hey, you ready?” - she asked, while contouring the couch and sitting beside him.
“Yeah, just really tired, think I might fall asleep during it” - he replied.

Martha looked at her husband already asleep, and kissed him on the cheek to wake him up while laying around his arms.
“Come on you sleepy head, go to bed. I'll just go wash my mouth and I'll join you.”
“T-the movie ended already? S-sorry pudding” - he mumbled.
“It's okay silly, go on” - she smiled while patting him on his ass to stand up.

As she walked out and up the stairs, a reflection stood sitting on the couch.

In the bathroom, Martha started brushing her teeth while looking at the mirror. Suddenly, she heard a creak on the room's door and foot steps approaching, making the wood squeak beneath it. The bathroom door opened and a small figure stood in the dark space.

“Mom, we're still going to see the tigers tomorrow aren't we?” - pondered a sleepy Tom, scratching his head.
“Well, did you eat all your peas mister?” - she smiled while patting him on the head.
“Yes mom” - he nodded looking up at her.
“Good boy, then you'll see all the tigers you want tomorrow. Go to bed now, you have to sleep well to be wide awake to spot them!” - she said, looking back at the mirror and washing off her tooth brush.
“Is that lady going as well mom?” - Tom said while sleepily stumbling back to his room.

“Lady? What lady? Tom?” - Martha asked, but all she heard for an answer was a bed room door creaking again and a muffled sound of a bed's springs.

Having finished her hygienic needs, she walked out of bathroom. As she was walking out, her reflection in the mirror did not accompany her, and her figure stood in front of the mirror, opening her mouth and eyes wide, smiling. Lights went out.

Martha went to her room and hopped on the bed, where her husband was soundly asleep, turned to his side of the bed. As she was getting ready to sleep, already laying down, she heard a sound coming from the mirror in her room.
Sitting up, she looked at it. Nothing unusual. Standing up, she walked towards it. It stood in her husband's side of the bed, so she had to go around it to not wake him up.

As she stood in front of the mirror, she saw her reflection. Nothing out of the ordinary there either. Until she looked away. As she turned her head sideways, her reflection didn't. Going back to her bad and sitting on it, she looked at the mirror again and there it stood. Her. Standing as if Martha hadn't move from the front of the mirror. Weirded out, Martha scratched her eyes and shook her head, believing she was imagining things. No. Still there, looking at Martha with eyes wide open and a smile on her face.

She pinched herself, believing she was dreaming, without looking away from the mirror. The figure tilted her head to the left, then shook it as if to say no, and pinched herself as well.

“JACK! JACK! Wake up! Wake up! Please tell me you're seeing this!” - startled, Martha shook her husband.
“Wha … what? What's wrong Martha?” - he asked, confused and sleepy, looking at her, still looking at the mirror.
Shaking, she lifted her arm and pointed at the mirror - “That!”

“Yeeeess, what's wrong Martha?” - it giggled.

Upon hearing this coming from behind him, Jack jumped and looked. Shivers went down his spine. There was his wife, standing in the mirror, arms down, with her head tilted to the left, eyes wide open and smile on her face.

“What is the meaning of this?” - he asked, shaken, looking back at Martha. As he looked back, Martha had her eyes wide open and a smile on her face, same expression as in the mirror.

Looking back at the mirror again, it was normal. All normal. No Martha standing up, just him and his wife on the bed. He sighed - “It … it's gone. It must have been from that movie, it's good now sweetie, there's no one there” - and he looked back at her again.

“Yeeeess, no one THERE anymore. Just HERE!” - she threw her head back, mouth opened wide with fanged white teeth sprouting out.


The next day, Martha was in the zoo drinking a coffee and reading the newspaper.

“Will you want something to eat?” - asked the waitress, carrying a notepad and a pen

“Oh no, thanks, I'm full” - she answered looking up at the waitress and smiling, rubbing her belly.

The lead news on the newspaper said “Family brutally killed”. In the article page it could be read keywords such as “missing limbs”, “blood splattered in the walls”, “horrific scenario”, “animal attack being considered”, “broken mirror”, “wife missing”.

Honorable mention to Redeyes and his hyper realistic entry. It wasn't meant to be understood in this time and age. :yeah:
Have my beli.

There once lived a 30-year-old man. He was a Law School graduate looking for a lucrative job offer. The best job offer he found had a starting salary of $25,000 a year; however, the requirements for application involved 5 years of law experience. In fact, every entry level job required at least 5 years of experience in law. This particular 30-year-old man graduated with $150,000 in graduate school debt, the debt had a 5.5% interest rate. He took the best job offer found. The debt loan agency took 50% of his income each year. He lived in abject poverty, drove an old broken down car, no cute girl would touch him, was a total and complete failure.

Again if you see anything wrong please notify me about it.
I hope both our contestants and our voters enjoyed this contest and that I'll see you again in our next one!

Nov 18th '16, 11:00 PM
Oh I never would have guessed MP wrote 3. Congrats to all :)

Nov 19th '16, 10:51 AM
Congrats all! :thumbsup:

Mycal Phelps
Nov 19th '16, 12:01 PM
I did like the idea that the corpse dropping next to Hili would actually be Clea. I have to keep these ideas in mind for future reference, if I do end up writing more horror. I just don't have a natural knack for it. Glad that I won regardless.

Nov 19th '16, 06:29 PM
Soo close ... ;)

Congratulations Mr Phelps.

Oh and Leggys was so obviously written by him hahaha.

Nov 19th '16, 07:24 PM
Congratulations guys :)

Soo close ... ;)

Congratulations Mr Phelps.

Oh and Leggys was so obviously written by him hahaha.

What gave it away?

Nov 19th '16, 07:39 PM
Congratulations guys :)

What gave it away?
Everything :maybe

Nov 20th '16, 01:29 AM
Everything :maybe

but ... but ... there was no pervy stuff! :psyduck: wait, it was the "martha" and "pudding", wasn't it? :lili:

Nov 20th '16, 03:59 PM
but ... but ... there was no pervy stuff! :psyduck: wait, it was the "martha" and "pudding", wasn't it? :lili:
X-actly :maybe

Fun fact: My first lotw entry was kinda pervy.