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Jan 3rd '17, 08:00 AM
http://i.imgur.com/rs6C9Ey.jpgLiterature of the week

In this contest participants are to write an entry, with the soft limit of 800 words, in accordance with the current theme.

This week's theme is

"Forces of Corruption"

To elaborate further...

No not those forces of corruption!

You are to take a story/song/anecdote and corrupt it so you change it's core and soul to something it originally was not.
Like take campy Batman and turn it into gritty Batman.
Or take a pickup line and turn it into shut out line. - (have some more meat on these ones though pls)
Or take a love song and turn it into a stalker song... not much effort needed on some of those. :feelsbadman:

Basically whatever turns the original up on it's head works.

If you wish to contend you must:

Post in this thread letting me know of your intentions to participate.
Send me your entry with the title: "Literature of the week #17 "

The criteria on which your work will be judged is:

Impact on the reader

Entries must be Anonymous. :okami:
Idea must be original. Nobody likes a thief! :stare
Entries must not be Vulgar, Erotic or Offensive. :tsktsk:
Vote with ONLY one account. Don't ask other people to vote for you as well. :bonk:
You may not vote for your work. Seriously don't be a douche. :bslap:


First place
1000 Beli

Second place
600 Beli

Third Place
300 Beli

You will have one week to send your entries to me. If not enough entries arrive in my inbox the time will be extended.

[U]Deadline is Julian new year! google it and learn something for a change...

Joe Black
Jan 3rd '17, 08:14 AM
May give it a try.

Mycal Phelps
Jan 3rd '17, 01:47 PM
Interesting idea. Maybe you'll see something from me, no promises.

Jan 3rd '17, 02:41 PM
Oh that sounds fun :D

Jan 20th '17, 07:37 AM
Gir still open?

Jan 20th '17, 01:59 PM
Gir still open?

Still is!

You're still not dead i see. :maybe How are ya feeling?

Jan 21st '17, 04:54 AM
Still is!

You're still not dead i see. :maybe How are ya feeling?

Much better. I had a shitty time when I wasn't here. But now I'm back :chillax I thought I was dead :face:

Feb 1st '17, 04:58 PM
Gir: how is literature of the month coming along?

Feb 1st '17, 05:21 PM
Gir: how is literature of the month coming along?

Waiting for an entry or two still.

I got 2 + my own so far