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Jan 12th '17, 08:18 PM
http://i.imgur.com/rs6C9Ey.jpgLiterature of the week

Ladies and Gentlemen! The results are in for the Literature of the week contest with the theme:

"Something about Christmas"

The criteria on which the entries were hopefully judged were:

Impact on the reader

Without further delays here are your winners!

First place goes to Mycal Phelps !

A man lay on the bed, covered by a single thick blanket. His eyes were closed. His chest heaved peacefully, up and down, up and down. He was smiling.

Suddenly the man opened his eyes wide. His mouth twisted into a horrible scream. Not again. No, no, no. I cant take these any longer.

The door to the room opened.

Did you hear something? a voice came from the hallway, bored. The woman looked at him, her eyes wide. They were excited, hopeful, sad and utterly beautiful.

The excitement and hope died in her eyes.

No, she whispered hoarsely.

It hasnt... he hasnt...

The other voice came again. If he were to wake up, he would already have. Even the doctors said that.

The man blinked, once, twice. He tried to say something, but suddenly it was as if his muscles had gone limp, their strength sapped. He tried his all to move his mouth, to say anything, but it was as if he was a prisoner in his own body. Unable to do anything. Unable to say anything. Something welled up in his throat, a cold, heartless lump of emotions at the brink of breaking out but couldn't. He couldnt cry. This was how it had always been. Why would it be any different now?

He gave up.

Then, surprising him, the woman stepped closer to the bed.

Its Christmas... The words were a wistful whisper, laced with the thin mists. She was sobbing quietly as she placed her hand on the bed. So close to him.

His vision grew dark. On the brink of fading away, with her close by, something primal surged within him. No! I want to stay! I want to stay...

She blinked.

Had that hand just... moved?

She placed her hand on his palm. Felt the texture of the hand, traced its surprisingly aged lines with her finger. Caught it tightly. It felt warm; warm like life. Then she felt it. This time she was sure about it. The hand had just moved!

Soph? the man's voice came from the doorway, a tinge of worry struck through it like a bloody dagger.

He looked up into her eyes. He recognized that familiar mischievous glint, that look that declared I can do anything. Though his vision was dark, this part was somehow clear. Her face, clearing up in his eyes as if it produced its own light. He couldnt feel, but that face... he pulled on the sight of her, like a madman, like a man lost.

I always wanted to see you, he thought.

I always wanted to see you the most before I died.

They warned about those, Soph. The twitching... it doesnt mean that hes back... the voice sounded more distant, shakier than it had before. Unsure.

She looked into his eyes. I just came to see you. I... even if you cant see me, hear me...

She clutched his hand tighter, holding her head on his chest. Merry Christmas, J.

The voice, frightened, suddenly boomed in his ears. NO! YOU CAN'T WAKE UP!

Silence. Only him and Soph. Thats all.

He exhaled softly.

And clutched her hand.

His mouth opened and closed, a flurry of emotions coursing through him like electricity as he took in the scent of her perfume, felt the warmth of her head on his chest. She looked up from his chest, her mouth half-smiling, half-open in shock, staring into his eyes. He stared back, daring not to smile. Soph saw the glint of sanity in his eyes and could hold herself back no longer. She enclosed him in a tight embrace, laughing and sobbing in turn against his shoulder.

How... how did...

J glanced at the doorway, where the voice had come from. There was nobody there. There never had been. He smiled, and suddenly found a tear slipping down his cheek. Then another. The emotions hed had to seal off for so long suddenly broke out with the force of a bursting dam. He cried, he laughed, he sobbed, his mind spinning as he simply drew on the sensation of being alive. And at the center of that sensation was Soph, pressed against him. He hugged her.

Merry Christmas, Soph.

Second place goes to Joe Black !

Discounts everywhere- its Christmas:
New religion for the masses.
How much love for a kilo bread?
Thirty silvers for the lambs head.
How much times a consumers worth?
Tithe or tax, tit for tat, whichs worse?
Can you convert joy for dolor?
Can coefficients be colored?
Are life and death equivalent?
Does it pay out that love be lent?
Hey dad, please buy this, this and this,
Its speeds faster a million bits.
Dont worry, you can take a loan-
Only ten years of lease to moan.
Here is the new holy trinity:
You need it, you need it, you need it.

And our third place goes to Erebus !

Once upon a time in a land far far away there was a little boy named Aiden, he belonged to a very poor family who never had the money to celebrate christmas. This year he turns 14 so he decided that he needed to make a change, he knew where all of the way rich people lived and how to get into their houses so he decided that he would venture out into the dead of night, rifle in hand and he would take what was rightfully his, a nice, special christmas that everyone else seemingly gets to have. Its a dark and cold night this christmas, just too cold for snow. Aiden could see his breath clearly as he walked miles and miles to get to the rich part of town, he wasnt wearing much, just some dirty winter clothes, all of them hand me downs from his brothers and full of holes. He was wearing a bright orange coat and track pants, a hole in the back of his pants shows his blue underwear vividly. His gloves are oversized but have so many holes that they act like like fingerless ones. His skin going a bright pink in this cold, the only thing keeping Aiden going is the thought of the lovely presents the other kids have gotten for christmas. As Aiden walks up to the first house, he peaks into the window and sees the family, all warming up by the fire. The whole family is there holding each other close and the kids are opening one present each. Tears comes to Aiden's eyes as he sees the little boy get a nice new football to play with, it has the badge of Aiden's favourite team, Manchester United on it. Aiden wipes his eyes and decides that this is the house that he will rob tonight. He wont take much Aiden thinks, just something so that his christmas can be special for once. A few hours have passed and the family has no gone to sleep, Aiden pulls his rifle over his shoulder and he starts climbing the houses piping to get to the roof, the house is mulistories tall and his rifle is weighing Aiden down more than usual, luckily as he gets halfway up he sees that the bathroom window is wide open, this allows Aiden to get in easy, a lot smoother than going down the chimney like a big old grinch. The bathroom was dark so Aiden couldnt see much but the outline of things. He could tell that this family had a bidet in the bathroom, he found this a little odd, that's a little european he thought to himself as he walked down the stairs. Aiden found the lovely Man Utd football and played with it a little, bounced it up and down and as he was about to place it in a bag he started crying again, he realised he could not do to this boy what he has had many times for christmas. Nothing. He gets down to his knees and pulls his rifle from over his shoulder so now he Is gripping it with both hands. He hears a creak behind him and quickly turns around, gun in hand. As he turns around bang the gun suddenly goes off. Aiden drops the gun in a panic, the little boy who was a fan of Man Utd now with a bullet in his gut drops down, his body making a loud noise as it hits the ground. Blood flowing from his body covering the carpet. The boy can only say a few words before he passes on... Merry Christmas.

Again if you see anything wrong please notify me about it.
I hope both our contestants and our voters enjoyed this contest and that I'll see you again in our next one!

Joe Black
Jan 12th '17, 08:28 PM
Congratz Mycal Phelps and Erebus!

(And yay I got 2nd place at my first contest here. Thanks for the votes!)

Jan 12th '17, 09:15 PM
Wow, thats surprising, from the criticism it seemed like I wrote hot garbage. Thanks for the vote folk :D

Jan 12th '17, 09:45 PM
Congrats people :)

Jan 12th '17, 11:37 PM
Congratulations everyone :swag: