View Full Version : New One Piece Merchandise - The Legend of Edward Newgate

Apr 30th '12, 03:37 PM
I hope you enjoy this video. So the month of May in Japan at Lawson convenience stores they are having another One Piece Kuji, or lottery. This time it is based off of whitebeard. I entered a couple of times and got some sweet stuff! So I made a video showing the things I won as well as what you can win! Enjoy :)


Apr 30th '12, 04:59 PM
very cool

May 6th '12, 09:35 AM
These have totally sold out in most stores I have been to x.x Within 3 days it seems! One Piece merchandise at convenience stores, specifically the lottery goods, usually go quick but this one went faster than normal. Guess newgate has a lot of fans!