View Full Version : Jedi Mind Tricks FT. RA "Uncommon Valor"

Jul 5th '12, 03:21 AM
Check this sh*t out by Jedi Mind Tricks. Mercy got me addicted, time to convert some others.

This one is a bit more "meh" than his other tracks, but the message is unbelievable. I have only heard a message like this in a few other songs, and I listen to a lot of music.

Click the link and hit "play"


Humming Brook
Jul 5th '12, 05:47 AM
Wishes do come true lol Been looking for new rappers.

Try Immortal Technique I still think he's the best I've ever heard lol Dance with the devil most famous and it's solid but You never know, Caught in the Hustle, Creator of Creation (More of a funny one but solid still) from then on delve into his material and get lost in it.

Jul 5th '12, 07:10 AM
I like'ed the track but I can't say same about those damn adverts with sound... 2 at same time? srsly?