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Oct 3rd '12, 02:35 AM
Fan Club Rules

Welcome to the Fan Club forum! You may create a fanclub for anything you wish (provided that it doesn't break anything stated in the Global Rules) but you must follow the following set of guidelines. Breaking any of these rules will result with your fan club being trashed.

To create a fan club, please get the approval from Nafan (http://www.onepiecebay.net/forums/member.php?969-Nafan).
Please ensure that the summary of the fan club, its content, and its graphics are your own work. If you are "borrowing" someone else's work, make sure you get their permission or credit their work.
All fan clubs must be neat and organized. They will be closed otherwise.
Search before you create! The fan club you are about to create may already exist. If the existing fan club is closed, you may create a new one. Take a look at the Fan Club Directory (http://www.onepiecebay.net/forums/showthread.php?7621-Fan-Club-Directory) for a list of available and active fan club threads.
You must be a member of the fan club to be able to post in its thread.
The thread creator is to record the list of members in the first post.
If a fan club is inactive, you may ask the current owner/creator for ownership. If he does not respond within a week, talk to Dino.
If a fan club has a co-owner, he will have ownership over the fanclub when the creator/current owner is inactive or unavailable upon request (Talk to Dino.)
Member fan clubs are permitted only if the member the fan club is based on is alright with it. If not, please report it so that we can trash it.

Sep 1st '14, 03:16 AM

Instead of Dino, or Blizzard. You come to me for approval now! ^^