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  1. rich coming from a JoJo fan
  2. Zelda is overrated.
  3. You gay now?
  4. I'll be damn, completely forgot it's not in the same subforum as the rest. Yeah, yours seems fine for now, no need to make another one, just add to the hall of fame.
  5. There is a sub forum. And there is a discussion and hall of fame.

    So maybe no need for new threads.
  6. I was thinking the subforum contests, since your contest, chess and pokemon don't have a subforum. It can get messy, so for now don't make threads for hall of fame or discussion unless you feel that you really need a discussion thread?
  7. Hey so i just saw the Making a new discussion thread or Hall of Fame for you contest.

    Do i need to make a new one too?
  8. OK I'll do it Saturday.
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