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  1. Sorry, forgot to reply. I host the FUB, and there's currently a contest up. If you want to submit something, go ahead and do it. Just check out the thread first, since you can do things a bit differently this time around.
  2. of course you are a host there , you are super mod , technically you host all the forum...
    But i didn't see any thread by your name that make a contest , im sorry to say this but you didn't even try to make it active again , am i wrong ?
    that's why i wanted to make a try and give back the contest spirit..
    anyway i think you didn't like the idea so never mind.
  3. Haha, I am a host there, but no one's participating anymore. Several contests are still active, but people aren't bothering.
  4. Well i saw that Contests and Competitions is inactive for long time ago , so i wanted to ask you if i could host the section , make it active again .
    And i'll do my best
  5. Ask away
  6. Yo ,can i ask u something ??
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