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    you should make more
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    your art is good
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    Keistl - "You are making your own manga????"

    Sena - "Kind of..."

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    Why are you so vage on everything?

    I demand for you to elaborate
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    You are making your own manga????
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    Yes i get that. Lame that you have to do that but whatever it's primary school
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    haha it's cool

    mhmm yeah, I know what you mean, high-end graphics tablets are awfully expensive if I'm honest. but you know, there are also those really cheap wacom tablets you can get, the ones without the screen, and I was actually planning to get one of those a while back.. but, I'm not entirely sure just how interested i am in it anymore haha. don't get me wrong, it's fun, but I just kinda lost inspiration over the last couple of months/years! damn, that's a huge canvas! does your laptop have a good resolution, or do you have to keep zooming in and out all over the place?

    haha yeah you're right about that, painting clothes for me ended up being the case of just using lots thick brush strokes and shades of the same colour! (I studied traditional art for a while back in highschool).

    haha i know what you mean, because often draw or make something on photoshop and people would say so many nice things about it. but deep down I know that I've made lots of mistakes or that I didn't really put that much effort into something, and I don't really deserve the praise haha. this is usually the case with all my work. anyway yeah, I guess the next piece of work you share here, I'll try my best to critique it harshly whilst giving it praise ; ]

    ooohh this is cool, I do like the colours you're going with; but yes, it does need tonnes of work haha. i'd say probably try and study how other people have painted hair in other digital paintings, and try to somewhat copy those styles? but obviously, adjust it to develop your own style in the end!

    Yeah haha, I was really popular with the profile contest and I kinda started a few design trends with it haha... boy I hope I don't sound arrogant! But I did lots of other things to! But actually, the reason why I brought this up... is because I kinda saw that you and Skorm are in a relationship in the 'show us yourself' thread, and you know, Skorm and I used to be really close friends back in the day and used to talk a lot on MSN. so I really just wanted to say how adorable you two are together, and that I am happy for him ;D

    and oohhh, is this the one you're talking about? http://datred.deviantart.com/art/Eva...-K-A-416959157
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    Oh you are back again

    So how is your progress in manga department?
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    Have you ever.....copied a test?

    Just take one out of online lol. And print it. Copy. Ez.PZ.
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