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    yeah, it's harder to have a good and cohesive trade of ideas on Discord. Can't really build your argument or your point without someone interrupting you. But at least we are out there talking in the case no one is doing it here.

    Yeah, I hope so as well, but it's hard to say.
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    That's a question we mods debate a lot among ourselves.

    No matter if I create 1 thread or more per day, that doesn't generate any influx of new members. I've tried.
    Contests and the lot also seemed like a good idea, but new members don't show up and only the old ones that are still active, play.

    Somewhere in there we recognised that Google is blocking some of our content because we were hosting the manga in our server. And that's against Google's "rules".
    Even that we pretty much stopped, but there are a couple more rules and laws that makes Google block our content, some of which we are abiding now, but Google takes long to update and check if we have been playing good now ... specially since other sites and forums take the spot in the search results.

    However, and overall, communities are mostly moving to reddit, discord, 4chan boards and twitter, from what I've seen. We have discord and there's quite a bit of activity there, so I think that's the issue. People this days are using forums less and less.
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    Think it's something about a certificate from the server. It's probably expired, so the home page can't load the resources like images and CSS styles.
    Nexus, our "oldest" admin, is the one who manages and owns the server but he's been MIA or very busy, so that's why it's been like that for some time.
    And to be honest, I'm not confident it's going to go back to normal.
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    will do. Need to post few other things too
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    You are a member here for a long time

    why dont you try OPD?

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    Yeah, green looks better on me

    Thank you
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    Oh, sorry then
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    So what did you give/send her? <3

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    wtf is with this profile
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