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    Oh yeah I can see why it's hard to find good pics, considering the manga's lack of popularity...you're lucky you got that sig

    Yeah, Young Glow has a cool backstory and he's amazingly strong but he has even more amazingly strong opponents! And you're not caught up all the way? Keep reading!
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    Stick with it this time. You won't regret it
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    5 chapters a day is fine as well.

    I can recommend one of the most realistic shounen i know. It's called World Trigger (145 chaps atm). From chapter 40 it gets epic in particular and shows how other shounen should improve

    What's so special about it? Even if you are strong you can lose - you need strategies, experience, planning, hardwork, timing, dedication and tons of other stuff. Epic quote from manga
    But feelings alone can't overturn a difference in combat potential. Getting through on spirit alone only happens when both sides are equal in ability. If victory was decided by the strength of a person's emotions there's no way i'd be number 1. Don't misunderstand me - i love passionate fights full of spirit but if you credit the victory to the strength of one's feelings it ends up with the conclusion that the loser's feelings were weak.
    It's also funny
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    then it's hard to know what to recommend first since there's so many epic mangas and manhwas

    Alright i'll start with Boku No Hero Academia 91 chapters and the art is epic (gets better and better as chapters go on). The manga is about heroes and villains (not like US flash or daredevil). 85% of humanity has quirks. A quirk is for example breathing fire. That is a weak quirk. But a strong quirk like fire or ice can become a hero (gets paid) or a villain. To be a pro hero you must go through hero academy. And the power levels are really balanced.

    And what is your reading speed? 50,20 or 5 chapters a day?
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    You prefer mangas over manhwas?
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    I'm thinking of catching up and creating a Red Storm discussion thread so you'd be welcome to join in on that. It will be up in a few days

    And maybe i could recommend you some epic mangas/manhwas if you want
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    :o A Red Storm fan! Just caught up on the manga. Doesn't seem like a popular manga so I'm surprised to see a fellow fan! I like your sig btw
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    I've found my buddy
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    Nothing much, just chatting with random strangers.
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    Woh there buddy
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