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    You have to either choose the black leg style or Rokushiki style

    After this I won't need any more information from you and I can get to work
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    That's good then. But for the martial artist there is 3 forms so looks at one of them and choose, Yeah this is the last thing for the same stuff and for the story would you rather it be just like the wiki page or would you like to incorporate some of your own stuff ??
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    Alright that's cool I can work with that, but would you like to be a swordsman, marksmen, or martial artist
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    Well since your a zoro/shanks type of guy is their anyone you would like to RP as besides them? Because you can't RP as someone from the real one piece series like zero or shanks. But it can be someone from any other anime besides one piece
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    Well my friend I would be happy to help you out in this RP. To be honest I hope we can help each other out on learning how to RP better now is there anyone you would love to RP as? It can't be anyone from the one piece series and maybe we can even be a crew
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    That's amazing. I'm a revolutionary to right now. And alright do you have any character you would like to RP as and have you ever RPed before? Because if not o would like to looks after you and show you the way.
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    I was going to ask of you wanted to join the RP, but Gecko already asked you. But seemed he didn't want to help you out so I'll take over the possession. I love when people join the RP, so what fraction where you looking to do? Marine, pirates, bounty hunter, or Revolutionary?
  8. @loni no ide man i forget everytime maybe i drink to many beers i dont know sorry
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    If you take a moment and read the rules of OPB

    you will find out that mentioning other manga sites or linking to them is not allowed here
    so thats why when you ask every week where you can read the chapter the members cant answer you

    But they already told you before where to read it so why do you ask every week?
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    come bakck and rp!
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