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    Hey, sorry for taking so long to answer but I was busy with holidays and such

    I see Neko already explained a big part of it, I hope I can get a bit more into details.

    Main problem was that we lost the old domain.

    We were not allowed to host our forum there anymore because of what I believe to be legal issues and because the previous owner had some problems and that fucked the site over.

    So we had to start anew, from scratch mostly. We had some posts, threads, members and other data saved in a database, but we lost a lot of it. But whatever we could recover, we did.

    Another problem is that we must meet a certain criteria to be "Google friendly". Meaning, the most "Google friendly" we are, the easier we are to be found on Google. And to control this criteria, Google has bots that search content on the websites that want to be found on their search engine.

    Because of some relatively recent laws about ilegal content online, it's not completely legal to provide raw scans of manga, and everytime someone posts one of those and a Google bot "sees it", we are "punished" for it and blocked from showing up on Google.

    It's all very blurry on what is legal and what is not, and because it is a bot, it has a really strict set of rules to which it must follow and what not. So if 1 of those rules is broken, the bot reports that page as being malicious and google does not show it, and that's kinda what happened to us, because of some manga scans.

    Hope I could help.
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    Aye, let's do our best
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    It's all very confusing We've gotten warnings off discussion threads, which shouldn't be illegal.
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    Hi! You asked to know what happened to the forum. I don't know if you were around for this, but a few years ago, during the summer, the site went down for well over a month, and we had to change domain, or whatever(I don't know tech babble). Since then, the site has slowly declined, because Google has sort of banned us from appearing on Google Search, or something along those lines. So we're not easy to find.

    Bit of a bad explanation, but I hope it will suffice
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