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    I am sincerely grateful for your efforts to ease my burdens.
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    idk, what do you want from me?
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    I need about 2000
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    SYDD pass me some beli, I need to change name on here.
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    Yes, I do feel the support. I'm just crazy but not crazy, sane but isnane and also insane. My mind has no barriers or limits because of the experiences I've been through. i go through those five states in simultaneous and concurrent systematic interpretation of reality. I don't think I can ever be what I intended from the start. But i'm sure i'll just be able to become a better and more advanced human. Eventually the struggle creates a scope of resolution and through that, we are able to bealive.
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    I just need to stop being confused. Until the penicillamine drains the copper out of my brain, I have to hold out.
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    Health sciences and technology.
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    BRAZIL NUMBA 2 !!!
    Yeah I know i could work at home but i do prefer going out and just have a walk, much better imo.
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    I'm taking risperidone which helps me out. Genetically it's the most effective medicine for me. That's all I take and it helps me. I'm just not stable yet I guess. I'm trying to study but I'm holding out till the try becomes a "struggle." There was no consistency in the struggle, hence why I said permanent brain damage. But I think it can be resolved. There are many medicines, so there is always a way.
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    Man that sucks. Corona virus here is bad, but I still go outside just to walk, so I don't become sedentary.
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About Brook
Me? I'm Brook. I used to be active enough on the site. I played the mafia games and otherwise loitered around...Of course, I read the manga, but that's about it, I really didn't contribute much to the discussions. I was the second Shichbukai(10k posts) but nobody cares about that now since the great forum game massacre of '14. I am inactive now.

irc name : Sydd/Elessar/Strider/Stone
NB name : Sydd (why reveal it here but not below the avatar? Who knows?)

Anecdotal Proof that I had the highest post count https://www.opbforums.com/forums/converse.php?u=5198&u2=1220
Proof that Flaw still loves me https://www.opbforums.com/forums/showthread.php?20394-Don-t-trust-Devine&p=578211&viewfull=1#post578211
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Whole Cake Island
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"Courage is not a man with a gun in his hand. It's knowing you're licked before you begin but you begin anyway and you see it through no matter what. You rarely win, but sometimes you do."
- Atticus Finch, To Kill A Mocking Bird



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The first half is done, now its a new world, more challenges but you know that you are already there and you will make it with the strength of your crew!
Achievement Earned on May 27th '17 02:50 PM
You are the Nova! The known! No rookie can stand against you, you have the trust of your crew and the power to succeed.
Achievement Earned on Mar 19th '15 09:12 PM
You are the wing of one of the greatest, there is no going back now, its either do or die. You see threats and power in front of your eyes, but don't back down because you will succeed.
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You are known to the world, they fear your power now, they see you are evolving and might end up as a conqueror of world!
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You can finally call yourself a pirate, another step closer, walking.. no running now. Dashing through the problems that u face and extending your hand to steal the prize.
Achievement Earned on Mar 19th '15 09:12 PM
You are there, finally you have a shot at your goal, one step closer to it. The aim is stronger than ever, the heart is young and the life is unfolding. Its time to move forward.
Achievement Earned on Mar 19th '15 09:12 PM
Your journey starts here and now, when you decide your motives, set your goals and head to the vast seas to conquer anything that comes across you.
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