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    Cửa hng bn bnh rt rượu ở tphcm
    Mua bp da nam tặng bạn trai
    Cần tm gấu bng gi rẻ ở tphcm ?
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    lol i dont on the base but i might try this one since everybody's kind of new to it lol and not much really I've been working on this goddamn research paper for weeks now and it's driving me up a wall. I cant rap, i can barely sleep and I'm sick as a dog and it's all the papers fault >_>
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    hows it goin digits?? lol are you gonna try to get in on the roleplay??
  4. Sorry for the lateness o_o Hectic week.

    Yeah, Baccano really isn't as well known as it should be. I wish there were more people who knew about it, even experts could learn a thing or two .-. Hell, Ladd's voice actor was actually an amateur!

    Nah, I don't, though I've seen a character tribute to Azazel on youtube which is how I know who he is. I'll probably try and catch a few episodes on Netflix if they have it, and slowly work my way into the show, because at this point, I'm beginning to feel out of the loop lol >_>

    Well, you've got the protagonist, Ryuugamine Mikado who wants to live a more exciting life, and decides to move to Ikebukuro after talking it over with his long time friend. In Ikebukuro, crazy stuff starts going down. Peoples pasts begin to conflict with each other. Ryuugamine gets EXACTLY what he asked for in a way. I cant go too much farther into description to avoid spoilers, but it's great

    The dub is good, but not great. I preferred the subbed version.
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    thing is iv been ip banned for months lool
    i can bypass it.
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    Nope you will lol
    i can make as many alts as i want
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    It's never too far.. they IP banned and blocked me and permanently banned me >_>
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    yeah and i hate that
  9. The more the marrier
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