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    One day you'll be back, and you'll know..
    that I always liked you tbh
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    I wonder if you'll ever come back.
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  4. bitch u guessed it
  5. Hahaha
  6. Are you really this dumb?
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    @countershock Cuz he thought the rules were too strict and the mods and admins don't allow your opinion to be hear against his infraction I think. Also apparently made two separate accounts on OPB. That's against the rule although personally I don't understand why though. Is there like a beli trading system or something?
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    A SOD award, post count reduced to zero and your rep bar turned red just cause you made that nazi pic.
    So why did you make it?
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    It's spelled 'pedophile' you illiterate bastard, and pederast is the correct term you were looking for...not pedophile. Enjoy your SOD as a consolation prize.
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    No you're just a miserable douche that doesn't seem to comprehend some simple forum rules. You use a Nazi symbol as our logo and expect us to be ok with it? That's the equivalent of you owning the site and me making the logo with Ku Klux Clan members in it.
    So fuck off or stay. I really don't give a shit, but don't expect us to put up with your crap.
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lil penises
jock sniffer
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Hi there! I'm Steven, and I am a shithead!
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I like gay porn. Please email me pictures of penises:

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You can finally call yourself a pirate, another step closer, walking.. no running now. Dashing through the problems that u face and extending your hand to steal the prize.
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