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    You are missed, Vissy. Hope you're doing well in life.
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    You still alive?
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    How about a manhwa (reading direction left to right) called tower of god? It's ~270 chapters, colored, action packed and comedy. "What do you desire? Money and wealth? Honor and pride? Authority and power? Revenge? Or something that transcend all of them? Whatever you desire- is in here." - won't say anymore to keep it more mysterious to you

    Also my avatar and signature is from this manhwa

    Till chapter 74 it's quite good but after chapter 74 it's just epic
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    I can recommend you Boku No Hero Academia - 86 chapters and the art is epic (gets better and better as chapters go on). The manga is about heroes and villains (not like US flash or daredevil). 80% of humanity has quirks. A quirk is for example breathing fire. That is a weak quirk. But a strong quirk like fire or ice can become a hero (gets paid) or a villain. To be a pro hero you must go through hero academy. And the power levels are really balanced.

    So what is your reading speed? 50,20 or 5 chapters a day?
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    Oh okay

    I have been, thank ya
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    Why hello there

    Can i recommend you some epic mangas/manhwas?
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    ur alive!!!! Yaaaay
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    Haha, I have been watching! It's been great so far, I love the knock-off avengers

    How've you been? I should've remembered to see if you were watching it, but I've been forgetful lately
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    Stahp it wit tha double postin, VS! https://www.opbforums.com/forums/sho...403#post858403

    Next time, I'll have to make Laboon infract you... no one wants that
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    I've decided to rewatch all of the Venture Bros episodes in preparation for the new season.

    Also, have you ever seen this unaired pilot?


    There's so much Venture Bros content that's not a part of the series itself
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