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    Individuals working together. We should use this to get to improve our co operation with each other and can use this to put in our crew history.

    Also whats your Skype?

    And if you don't mind, I will give you a php code to change the format of your bio to match most of the other crew members.
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    want to fight?
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    I would suggest changing your stats to this:
    STR: 5
    STA: 3
    SPD: 10
    ACC: 2
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    Allright, though first I want to wait to see if my customs get approved or not, it'll determine how much of a chance we have against her, cos it'll either allow me to fully be able to track her movements or not.

    Though we can both track her attacks, so you should be able to parry her even with your low acc. And if I can track her movements i'll be able to keep up with where she goes and allow me to go offensive rather than purely defensive.

    And do you have Skype? Cos , well it's a more private way to talk about strategy and guiding you, stuff like that,

    I prefer Skype over the private message system on this website, I find it more convenient given I can see the message as soon as it's sent. But if ya don't have Skype we can stick with the pm system.
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    Best way I find is best to understand the combat in here was to get in a fight and, well, try a thing and not care if you get utterly destroyed because of combat mistakes, or a simple lack of moves. And if you're not sure if the move ya want to do is legit, then you can always ask me.

    And remember that ya won't face the little girl alone, I'll be there too!

    And even if you or me or us both get completely destroyed, all we have to do is wait couple days or go to the hospital (which could actually mean more than a couple of days) and we'll be all healed up and ready to battle again. And even in the case of a loss we still get XP to use on moves or customs or whatevs.
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    So it seems Shinobu wants to do a 2v1, us against her, I'm just waiting to see if my customs get approved, then I'll be down for doing that. You?
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    Lets fight
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    You need to add your faction bar.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azoth
    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Wolfgang
    Savage, I was looking at your battle thread. How you know that your opponent can't track your movement? (Against Inashi).. I like your battle with him.. I'm confused about the battle system..

    It explain accuracy over here: {X}
    Scroll down to Accuracy, and then click on the spoiler. It will show what can track what.
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    Yes, I will be joining RP, I'm a pirate and i have few questions. How do I make my Rp character do i need a template of some sort
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