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    No problem. I have the ebook for the whole Eragon series. So, if you want ebooks to be found, I know plenty of sites and I can send you the ebooks. let me know if you need help with finding any ebook.

    Yeah, it's awesome, isn't it? SABO! I was completely blown off. The reveal is momentous.
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    Well, that sucks. I am quite glad to have found good libraries here. They are practically my second home.

    Also, as I said, you could probably download the books you want as ebooks off the internet. Have you ever tried that?
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    Yeah, same here. I used to read heaps and heaps of book when in high school, but that has stopped ever since study load increased, which is to say ever since Year 10. Can't you borrow the pricey ones from Library? That's what I do. Are libaraies and its facilities common there? It's quite common here so I never buy a book, and just borrow it off the library. Also, if you don't mind pirating, then you can download any book you want off the internet.

    Out of the animes you mention, I have read OP, Naruto, Kaichou wa maid sama, Death note and Yu gi oh (only the first one with Atem/ Pharaoh, not the later ones). Seems like you really read a lot of mangas. Truth to tell, I only discovered mangas about 3 years back, so I have only read a small amount. Though, I have a giant list I want to read.
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    Oh, I see. Sorry about that. It didn't even show up in the notifications. Well, guess I just discovered a glitch in the system.

    Well, I don't wear glasses, which is amazing considering I practically spend all of my waking time either in front of an electronic screen or on books. I to have Black hair. And I am close to 165 cm. I am 168 cm if I stand my full height. But I rarely ever stand my full height, so I guess 165 wouldn't be that off.

    Kay, we are similar alrite. So, what other books have you read? Novels and Mangas/ Animes? Do you watch much TV?
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    When I realised that the possibility existed of reviving Brom, I really really wanted it to happen. But when it didn't, I was sad, but I knew it made sense from a stories perspective. Still sad though.

    So, you haven't answered. How do you choose favourites? Or is it that you don't want to answer? Or haven't thought about it?
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    Actually, I haven't read Twilight. I have heard just as many positive things as I have heard negative things about that book. So, I wasn't sure if to read it or not. It seems readers of it either completely love it or hate it.

    Wow...yours is fantasy as well? Are you sure you are not some kind of my longlost twin? Or perhaps a mirror copy made from me through some DNA experiment I wasn't aware of?

    So, how do you choose your favourite character? Are there any similarities between your favourite? Or certain qualities that makes you want to choose them as your favourite?
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    In fact, every show I watch, and books I read, it's the same. Favourite characters dead. Maybe we should match our favourites in all shows/ book to see which ones we have in common and are dead...haha.

    Yep, I love reading novels. You could say that reading books is my favourite past time. I generally like reading fantasy genre. What about you?
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    Wow...it's amazing how much we have in common. Most (or rather all) of my favourite characters end up dying. Even the stories that don't generally have deaths will have my favourite dying. Also, there is a high probability of my favourite character to be mentally unstable...don't know why. But it seems your favourites die too.

    Nah, I don't think Law would die. Or at least I hope not.

    Out of the ones you mentioned, I have read OP, HP and Inheritance cycle. Haven't read the dark Material triology though.
    OP: Ace was my first favourite- Status Dead
    HP: Dumbledore was my first favourite- Status: Dead. Second favourite: Sirius Black: Status: Dead. Third favourite: Remus Lupin: Status: Dead. Fourth favourite: Tom Marvello. Status: Dead.
    Inheritance Cycle: First favourite: Brom. Status: Dead.
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    hahaha...we think the same way about smart guys.

    I liked Ace ever since Impel Down and Merineford War arc. Sucks that someone ruined it for you. In my case, I was too curious and I ruined the plot for myself by reading ahead and reading the spoilers. So, I knew Ace would end up dying. Still loved the character. I watched Impel Down and Marineford before I watched Arabasta, so when I saw Ace's 'first' official entry into the show, he was already my favourite. Yeah, I am weird.

    The more we talk, the more we keep finding things in common.
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    Really? Wow...another in the list of similarities between us two. My two most favourite are also Law and Ace. (My avatar and profile pic is of Law, while my username and sig is of Ace)

    I have other favourites too. Ace, Law, Zoro, Mihawk, Robin, Rayleigh, Iceburg. As you can guess, Zoro (and Robin) is (are) my favourite SH.
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