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    Can you send a Vm there or not? I saw you visit my page, I'm waiting for you. I can't hold the contest voting thread until then, if it's not you just say so so I don't have to make everyone else wait.
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    Can you prove that this is you?
    send me a message on this account with your account.
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    I've trashed your thread about the coloured version of some Naruto chapter.
    First off, off-site linking is strictly against OPB rules. You can read further in here and here. Secondly, asking for "thanks" and "rep" is also strictly against the forum rules, as it's consider repwhoring.
  4. I got it by buying a significant amount of premium when it first came out.
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    Hmm, thats interesting, I mean I know that a big group of the members here were originally from nb. Its no problem man, I am always happy to talk.
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    Yeah I know of Versuvio, he is the creator of this site and owns the domain.Hmm I see, thats annoying but I am sure you dont need to talk to him about too much anyway. In all honesty most of the members on OPB dont want to see NB members here anyway and I am sure when they were sister sites NB helped out a little bit.
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    Yokozuna is making a new site and idk if there was a fall out, its what I heard but who knows, I mean they are obviously not on terrible terms other wise it would of been removed. Is it? I wouldnt know, I have never been on NB.
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    well its just as they say we are not sister sites anymore, apparently there was a falling out or something, I dont really know though when I asked I was told that it was none of my business.
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    what do people mean?
  10. I think I wasted many years of my life on something so stupid as that anime/manga.
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