In this thread you will find a compiled list of helpful tricks of the trade to help better your OPB Mafia experience. These tips were submitted by the community here based their own mafia experiences. You'll find everything from hosting advice to in-game strategies. If you'd like to contribute to the list yourself, feel free to PM either Hiko Seijuro or myself your suggestion. We'll review it and add to the list.

Note: We will not be accepting anymore humorous or immature submissions. Please refrain from doing so.

OPB Mafia General Advice:

  1. Always lynch Rice on the first day.*
  2. Don't make the game thread til you have at least 2-3 subs signed up.
  3. Always follow Tip #1.*
  4. Make sure you have plenty of time to set up your game. And when you think you're done, tweak the shit outta that bitch.
  5. Bandwagoning is bad. ALWAYS.
  6. Everyone is scum, even if they are town.
  7. Tip 5 isn't always true.
  8. Read through everything before you post. Posting that you haven't read through everything can look scummy, and can be taken as a sign that you're trying to stay under the radar.
  9. Lynching someone during Day Phase 1 is better than a No Lynch. However, in smaller games lynching someone in DP1 is more beneficial to the mafia.
  10. Always be aware of your own tells and change them frequently.
  11. If you try to take Rise-chan's self appointed job as tally master from him, he will get mad. So don't do it unless unless you have a death wish.*
  12. Always remember Tip #11. Don't fuck with the Tally Master.*
  13. Less Mini Mafia Games are needed and if possible they should not overlap with big games. I know that new players start there but there is no need to create a new Mini Mafia Games every 10 days if there are no new joins.**
  14. Always trust Roronoa Zoro JR. He never lies. But don't trust his suspect list. He's bad with that.*
  15. Superkills should not be used against Buck (Now Reinhard von Lohengramm) due to ethical issues.
  16. Do not pursue other players for petty personal vendettas. More often than not, it will blow up in your face.
  17. Don't be afraid to lynch someone when you're scum. It's much worse when you hold back and act like you give a shit, just don't over do it with the apathetic attitude.
  18. At times, framing can work with a short delay, because everyone thinks they would never work, and no attempts of framing are made at all.
  19. Please don't bullshit with minimal contributions or contribute when called out/suspected whilst being active around the forum in general. It's an unappealing way to play and is almost the same as not playing. Hopefully this'll be taken into account before signing up.
  20. Do not rage quit. If something doesn't go your way or someone is making you angry then leave the game and calm down for a bit, then come back once you have a clear head. Because no one likes rage quitters.
  21. If not necessary, don't ask to be investigated in DP1 if you are a townie. It might prove to be counter-productive, and we might think you are the Godfather. Even if you are truly a townie, it can be a waste of the Cop's ability in NP1.
  22. When hunting for scum it's usually best to cast a wide net. Include in your suspect list most everyone who has displayed suspicious actions at some point in the game. You don't have to always post all of their names as that can make you a target (i.e. keep it to yourself if the situation calls for it). Even if you're mostly wrong, you'll be more open to hints and slips from other players and that will, with a little time, narrow down your search considerably.
  23. Buy premium and activate the ghost setting. Not only does this show your appreciation of the site, but it also prevents you from those sticky situations where you just came online to check a threads activity and being called out for not posting your thoughts.
  24. Always read through every single bit of information provided to you by the host. If you don't you might miss out on important facts, and could end up making a fool of yourself.
  25. Never say something that will wound the ego of Hiko Seijuro, Buckbeard Jakuard (Now Reinhard von Lohengramm), or Hancock (Now Mufusa).*
  26. Do the exact opposite of Tip #24.*
  27. If you have the Cop role or a variant, don't be lazy. Seriously. If you've discovered scum don't come back with an instant lynch. Your role is compromised and you'll have wasted a perfectly good opportunity to fish out some scum. Bide your time.You also tie down the hands of protective roles that way.
  28. Information is your only in-game resource aside from your role. Use BOTH wisely... meaning don't give them away all willy-nilly.
  29. Don't post long and empty posts all the time. That will just confuse people and make you look scummy/or scummier. People tend to read and get hints and reads directly from posts.
  30. If mafia kills are carried out by an executor, the Roleblocker should block low lying scummish players. Blocking the active players are useless, because they aren't sent to do the killing.
  31. Don't be a citizen of Derptown. Avoid it at all costs.*
  32. It isn't that hard to take the lead of the town but when you do remember that you will be targeted by the mafia in the night until you die, so think wisely about what time you will do it.
  33. When you're leading the town just be sure to leave a list of suspects after every dp, so the surviving town members can have clues after you're dead.
  34. When playing as scum, be mindful of what you put in the lair. Others will read it after the game, and tonal inflection is not conveyed over the Internet.
  35. If it exists there IS porn of it. Sorry. Couldn't help myself.*
  36. Have fun with the thread tags at the bottom of the page. HAVE LOTS OF FUN WITH THE THREAD TAGS. :3*
  37. Unless your role is X-shot, there's no reason not to utilize it every Night Phase. Factions win games all the time purely based on inactivity from the opposing factions. Don't be that guy.
  38. If you are a mafia bodyguard, don't use your ability. Especially on another mafia. It's like letting a vig find two scum for the price of one... there are exceptions to this role of course... but you'll need to be the judge of that.
  39. When you are the vig or a SK indie, you might consider using your ability on a hopelessly inactive player in NP1 - eliminating an unreadable danger, and sparing the host from subbing him out at the same time.
  40. Don't make games smaller than 9 players because people can do stuff to get modkilled. And that is no fun because each player is extremely important for the sake of balance.
  41. Run your roles by someone and MAKE SURE they are balanced.
  42. Murphy's Law. If something can super overpowered IT WILL BE.
  43. If you find yourself getting stuck on roles, do some research. Seek out some old mafia games and read through the roles used in that particular game. You may receive some inspiration for your own game.
  44. Make sure you are available online for majority of the time to resolve conflicts, clear doubts, End/Start a phase, or keep a updated Lynch Tally. If you cannot be online then ask help from someone (preferably with a different time zone) who has experience with hosting to be co-host and keep a lynch tally.
  45. When doing night phase write-ups do not include the actions of the doctor, role blocker, jailer, or any other such role. Including cop actions in the write-up is optional, but recommended against as it will make it easier for people to role hint. Failed night kills should not be included in the write-up either.
  47. Do not give the mafia faction a necromancer role.
  48. Mafia should never have roles that interfere with the DP lynch. They may have roles that interact with the DP lynch (such as bombs, janitors, etcetera), but NEVER interfere lynch.
  49. As the host your word is law. Wield it. If you don't wield it, your players will walk all over your game. But don't let it get to your head!
  50. BALANCE, BALANCE, BALANCE. Please give it a test run or try to think of all possibilities in your game before making your roles official. I had to do that with my games. Some roles too powerful, some roles not. So make sure everyone has a fair chance, even your indies!
  51. No matter how experienced you are as a mod, it is always a good idea to have a co-mod. If not to help you make a game, then to keep it regularly updated as life is - by nature - unpredictable!
  52. Keep tabs on everything with a master excel file. QTs can be helpful but excel files are a lot more customizable.
  53. Never trust Solaire*

*These submissions were running gags and/or jokes of the community at that time. They are not meant to be taken seriously.

**The Mafia Academy used to be what is now known as the Mini Mafia Section.