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    Question Countdown Clocks Guide

    The following tutorial will explain how to make a countdown clock for Day and Night Phases step-by-step. Images will be included for clarity.

    1. To create a countdown you must first find a website that allows you to make countdown clocks. For this tutorial, I will be using and their countdowns since it is the most commonly used here on OPB. You're free to use whichever site you wish but they will not be covered within this tutorial. (Although, the same principals will apply.) Click on the link provided to access the site.
    2. You're going to see a whole bunch of settings at first glance. We'll go through them one at a time as to not overwhelm you. Let's start with the first prompt. This can be left as is because we want to countdown to a future time. (AKA the end of the phase.) The checkbox can also be left alone since we want a fixed date.

    3. Next, you'll want to name your countdown. (i.e. Countdown To Night Phase IV, etc.) Titles are helpful as the players and yourself will be able to tell whether it's the Day or Night Phase.

    4. Now to set the time. This will vary as it depends on when the phase began. Commonly, Day and Night phases are 24 hours each but this differs depending the game and its host. Anyway, enter in the Year, Month and Date. Then proceed to enter in the specific time the phase ends at. You can choose between a 24h clock or an am/pm clock. I'd recommend the latter since most are more familiar with it.

    5. Time for some timezones. This is critically important. As if done improperly it will cause a hell of a mess. So with that being said, DO NOT LEAVE THE TIMEZONE FIELD ON LOCAL. A lot of people have done this and severely botched their countdown. Don't be one of them. No need worry though. It's not as complex as it sounds. The most simplistic option is to choose your own timezone. So scroll through the list until you come to your specific timezone. I will be choosing "UTC" for this tutorial. If you're unaware of your timezone then a quick Google search will assist you with that.

    6. Leave the checkbox unchecked. Turn your attention to the "Countdown mode field". Change it to "Reminder per time unit."

    7. The next set of checkboxes should only have "Hours", "Minutes", and "Seconds" checked.

    8. All of the remaining settings can be left alone. Scroll down and click the "Generate Short URL" button. You'll see a link appear in the text box below that you can copy and paste into your Mafia Game.

    9. Lastly, the finishing touches. Instead of simply just posting the countdown in its current form, I'd suggest posting it a clean and presentable fashion with the assistance of some bbcode. I use the following format; however, you're free to use whatever fits your needs or suits your style.

    [cborder=blue][SIZE=6][CENTER][URL="Countdown Link Here"]Countdown to Night Phase I[/URL][/CENTER][/SIZE][/cborder]
    Actual Look:

    I hope you found this tutorial helpful. Thanks for reading.

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