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    Exclamation One Piece Bay Mafia MEME

    All Players here on OPB must be abide by the MEME. By playing Mafia Games in this section and its sub-sections, you understand and agree to the following clauses:

    • To remain active and participate.
    • At the minimum, you will post at least 3 game relevant posts in a single day phase. This number may change depending on the game hosts discretion.
    • Any other minimum requirements given by the games host will be followed.
    • If unable to continue the game, you will warn the host of your absence and request a substitution if needed. This will be done by sending the host a private message to discuss your leave rather than discussing it in the game thread. Failing to provide any type of warning will be considered a breach of etiquette and treated accordingly.Reasoning for substitution should generally only be lack of time. Substituting for other reasons such as unhappiness with a role, another game, or pure apathy are frowned upon and considered breach of your agreement to participate.
    • To not edit your posts. You understand that double posting is acceptable in all Mafia Games held here in this section and sub-sections.
    • While not required, a player should not intentionally sign-up only to remain at the brink of inactivity regardless of faction. The requirements are seen as a minimum for activity purposes, but a player should never strive only to meet the requirements.
    • To post information about the game only within the game thread.
    • Only to post in the game thread if you are a participant of the game in question.
    • By being a participant from actively discussing the game outside of the designated game thread.
    • Upon death, you agree to stop posting within the game thread and not reveal any information you had and discovered inside or out of the game thread. At the Game Mods discretion, a single post-death post is generally acceptable. Again, do not reveal any game information in this post.
    • You may only post outside of the thread if the moderator has designated you to do so. Methods of communication such a QuickTopic are to only be used by designated players.
    • To never use outside forms of communication, quote PMs, or make use of screenshots to gain an unfair advantage within a game. Private messages between the moderator and player are to remain confidential until after the game is over. Never should a player attempt to quote these private messages for any reason while the game is ongoing. Saying that the host told you something through private message is also prohibited. Everything you say must be in your own words.
    • To never to have unauthorized communication between players outside the thread about the game.
    • Purposefully selling out ones teammates without cause and revealing the means of communication for a faction are strictly forbidden.
    • Posting fabricated outside evidence will be considered the same as the legitimate form.
    • To never purposefully encourage other players to break any rules whatsoever.
    • When hinting or revealing is forbidden within a game, this is expected to be followed to the dot. Any form, even soft hinting, will not be tolerated.
    • To follow rules One Piece Bay Global Rules.
    • To never make use of multiple or dupe accounts as a mafia participant.
    • I agree to behave civilly within and outside of the game threads. Mafia games often consist of a clash of players, logic, or emotions that can sometimes cause tension within the game between two or more parties. While mafia games may be heated at times, respect for one another is always expected. At times players may be upset or emotional, but as a participant you are expected to not intentionally aggravate or insult other participants. Problems with other players should be reported directly to the forum and game moderators.
    • If you suspect another player of cheating or not adhering to the MEME, to contact the game moderator to resolve the issue. Whether just or unjust, accusation of another player of voiding the rules is not acceptable.These issues must be discussed directly with the host in private only.
    • As a team based game, to never attempt to sabotage other players efforts and respect their play styles. While harmless suggestions and advice are advised, intentional trolling or insulting of another player for their mistakes is against the spirit of the game.
    • Game moderators retain full rights to exclude a player from their game for any reason. If you are a player that repeatedly causes problems within game threads, you can and will be barred from participation.
    • To be familiar with the rules of mafia and agree to follow and read all rules provided by the game moderator. Though newer players will be given a fair learning space, refusal to read the rules of the game or intentional breaking of the rules can result in immediate removal from a game and possibly a ban. Any rules that you believe are unfair or unbalanced in accordance with the game are to be discussed directly with the moderator rather than in the game thread.
    • To discuss any questions or concerns with your roles or the setup of the game with the moderator privately. If the moderator felt this information was necessary, it would be posted in the thread therefore the thread is not a place to discuss these questions and concerns. Game moderators are expected to only respond to private messages as to not give an unfair edge to a player.
    • Just because a rule is not stated, does not mean you should attempt to break it. All players should abide by the rules and spirit of the game. If you believe what youre attempting could be rule breaking, but it is not explicitly stated, you should not attempt it without consent of the game moderator. Purposefully bending the games rules could be seen the same as actual rule breaking.
    • To always read posts and rules provided by the game moderator. You should always follow the rules provided by the moderator even if they are opposed to typical rules. Failure to follow them could still result in a modkill or more serious action.
    • Moderators always have the final word on the rules of the game. You may argue about the issue through private message if necessary, but your decision is not the absolute decision. Respect the game moderators opinions and inputs.
    • To always pursue my faction wincon regardless of my personal feelings about it. This includes not assisting other factions apart from your own without reasoning, and actively sabotaging your own teams efforts.
    • Not to attempt to ruin the games experience for other players. Respectfulness towards all players is to be shown at all times.
    • To adhere and be subject to any future changes or revisions to the MEME.
    • If I am found in violation of MEME, I understand that I will be punished accordingly. This also includes purposefully circumventing the rules of the agreement. Punishments can range from simple modkills to permanent bans depending on the offense. These decisions are solely up to the forum moderators and are to be adhered by.

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