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I have seen the card in question however it is more of a translation error that it has the "most" powerful offense, more so stating it is "one" of the strongest. Because of the range and overall devastation of the fruit I would say the gura gura is stronger by a significant amount. Whitebeard and Blackbeard nearly destroyed marineford (and would have if they themselves and their crew's weren't standing there) proving it to be a casual island buster something we haven't seen from the magma magma fruit.

Also heads up to those who might care, I am adding newer devil fruits to the list (slowly) and I encourage everyone to look at the new placements and maybe some previous to see if there are any problems with placements
Akainu was holding back with the destruction of his DF. The marines were trying to keep the damage at MF to minimum. Akainu already proved he's an island buster with PH as the evidence.

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Alright what's the translation error? Does anyone have a scan of the vivre card? If so I can cross reference with a friend or something.

And I'll try
"With his level of controlling and The ability to freely manipulate the Lava , Akainu has the most powerful attack between the devil fruits"

That statement is pretty straightforward. "Even amongst Devil Fruits, it boasts the highest peak of attack power"

悪魔 の 実 の 中 でも -> Even amongst Devil Fruits

最高峰 -> highest peak/most prominent

攻撃 -> attack

力 -> power

誇る -> boasts

悪魔(Devil)の実(Fruit)の中(Middle)でも(Even)最高峰(high est peak)の攻撃(attack)力(power)を誇る(boasts)

The original text says "悪魔の実の中でも最高峰の攻撃力を誇る".
"It is known to have the strongest attack power even among the devil fruits."
But the word 最高峰 literally means "the highest peak". Many people can stand together at the same time on the same peak... so to be exact, we cannot rule out the possibility that "it is known to have one of the strongest attack powers even among the devil fruits".
The devil fruit is a most powerful one, but it can be one of many devil fruits with 最高峰の攻撃力.