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    [READ] News from around the World Guidelines & Rules!

    Here Are Some Rules & Guidelines You Will Want To Keep In Mind When Posting In This Section:

    • This section is dedicated for news, other topics regarding less serious matters can be posted in Dawn Island. If you're not sure in what category your topic falls, VM myself ( @Itztli ) or @ShichiDrewKai and ask just to be safe.
    • Use the search engine before making a news topic to make sure the thread hasn't been made already.
    • DO NOT SPAM! Posting a single word, emoticon, meme or a gif in order to reply to a thread that is irrelevant to the topic will be removed. Repeated or willful breaking of this rule could result in staff intervention.
    • Use the report button if you see anyone breaking any rule, don't try to handle the matter yourself because that only creates more problems.
    • You're entitled to your opinion, but don't make the news into your own personal battle with other members who may have a different point of view. Racism, bigotry and sexism or any derogatory remarks are NOT ALLOWED. You're all civil human beings, behave like such. You can have mindful discussions of the topic as long as you stay on topic and don't resort to insults. Remember that you are responsible for your own behavior not anyone else.

      Guidelines When Posting Your News Thread:
    • If the text is too long, please use the spoiler tags around your text so we avoid having one gigantic wall of text.
    • It's recommended to make a small summary at the end of the article you have quoted. You can also give your personal opinion or take on the topic here.
    • Font size doesn't matter as long as it's not too big or too small to read.
    • For the font color and font style, it also doesn't matter as long as it's possible for others to read, but it's preferable if you just kept it simple instead of flashy.
    • Ideally, all images should be wrapped around a spoiler tag, but you may post up to two images outside the tag as long as they're not exceedingly large.

      Example of a well done thread: FIFA officials arrested on corruption charges

      Note: Use your sense of judgement if you decide to link the source of the content. If you think it may break the Global Rules, then I advise you not to link at all.

      Linking to manga or anime websites (to avoid any kind of confusion: sites that host manga and/or anime, or forums dedicated to such content), either directly or through an image, is under any circumstance forbidden.
      Mentioning manga hosting sites or manga or anime forums is permitted, however mentioning them with the intent to draw users from OPB Forums is forbidden and will be met with a permanent ban. What qualifies as "intent to draw users" is up to staff discretion, so if you're uncertain, it's probably best not to mention it.
      Any type of outside links in visitor or private messages as well as posts, which contain illegal games/movies, or sites with grotesque, violent and/or racist content are not allowed, save for what is clearly news. Other, permittable sites in question and links have to be virus-free.

    • Above all, make sure to always follow the OnePieceBay Global Rules. Failing to follow the rules will result in consequences.
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