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    Reputation and Post Rank Information


    What is reputation? Reputation is a system for rating contribution quality or general appreciation for a member.

    Where can I find my reputation? Underneath your avatar when you post or in the usercp.

    Positive reputation will appear as a green bar.
    Negative reputation will appear as a red bar.
    Neutral reputation will appear as a gray bar.
    Gray reputation is when a member does not have enough rep themselves to give you positive rep

    How To Give Reputation To Others

    Reputation is earn in many different ways, some users may us it as means to also repay you for any type of gfxing work you may have done for them. You can also increase your rep power by getting a higher post count, but always remember not to abuse the system or ask directly for rep.

    Plus Rep or Rep+ is positive reputation
    Negative Rep or Rep- is negative reputation

    Step 1#:
    Find the rep button, this is how a rep button looks like , you find this button under the rep bar of the user and post rank title.

    Step 2# :
    After that a box will appears which looks like this:

    To give positive rep+ click "I Approve" and write anything in the comment box.
    Afterwards click "Add to Reputation" and you're done.

    Step 4# :
    To give out negative rep- click "I Disapprove"
    You may write why you disprove, but make sure you don't just neg rep someone, because you dislike them. If it's done in ill will, there will be consequences.
    Afterwards, click "Add to Reputation" and you are done.

    Step 5# :

    Remember to follow our Global rules when you rep someone, be mindful and respectful.
    If you're lucky enough you might get rep+ back by any other members or perhaps unlucky to step on someone's toes and get a neg rep-

    Good Luck & Have Fun.

    Post Ranks
    These are self explanatory. The more you post, the more your post count goes up. Therefore the more your rank goes up.

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