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    Profile Contest Rules

    Welcome to Onepievebay's Profile Contest! If you love decorating your profile page or you just want to show off your skills, join our Profile Contest!

    Rules and Requirements
    1. You must vote for 3 profiles. Your first, second and third choice!
    2. You may only enter if you designed your profile.
    3. Don't take the ideas of other participants.
    4. Don't modify or change anything on your profile until the contest has ended.
    5. Follow the Theme of the contest.
    6. Keep your profile rated PG-13 , the Global Rules apply.
    7. Don't tell your friends to vote for you.
    8. Remember to READ the entry thread for extra instructions!
    9. Remember to always respect your fellow members and host.

    Use this template when voting:
    [B]1st Choice:[/B]
    [B]2nd Choice:[/B]
    [B]3rd Choice:[/B]
    1st place

    Username Change

    2nd Place

    3rd Place

    For any further questions, please contact @BlackLeg or a staff member.
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