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    Discord Chat Channel and Rules

    Let me be very clear about Discord and the Rules for that place, because I don't want anyone to be surprised if they find themselves banned or infracted.

    First of all, OPB Global rules apply. Just because you have joined Discord, doesn't mean you can do whatever you want and misbehave. We will be more lenient there, but if you abuse that freedom, there will be consequences.

    Well, what does that mean Noir?:
    • Don't make racist, hateful and bigoted messages.
    • Don't begin fights with other members.
    • Don't go around purposely trolling to get a reaction.
    • Don't go insulting the staff members in there.
    • We do have an 18+ place, but anything posted there stays there. You can only get permission by the Staff to view it.Yes, that means anyone under 18 isn't allowed.
    • Don't try to recruit people to another forum, there's a difference between linking people to certain places and openly telling them to join your site or that site.
    • You may use whatever username you want to use, but when you're asked to confirmed your username by a staff there, you need to let them know. If you lie, you may find yourself banned for a day.
    • Cursing is fine, as long as it's a mutual way of speaking and not with the intention to shame or make a member feel unwelcome. (Context will matter)
    • Don't engage in a circlejerk against a member who is misbehaving, mention a mod to prevent any further disturbance. If you're shown engaging in insults, expect consequences as well.

    If you have any concerns or issues, ask the staff for assistance.
    The Staff on Discord:
    @N o i r @BlackLeg @Wrath @Laboon @Rise-Chan @ShichiDrewKai @Segata @BTR

    These are the people you answer to and will judge your behavior and actions.
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