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    Anotsu Kagehisa (pronounced; ka-gay-his-a, Literal meaning; Earths secret flower) is a 18 year old male Marine. Originally from Karate Island in the South Blue, he wields a rank of Lieutenant Commander within the Marines. He is stationed is South Blue where he is rumored to have never lost a single battle.

    Standing at 6'3, he is slender in appearance and can be found wearing light green linen clothes. He is extremely proud of his hair which he always put up a low ponytail that match his well sharpened cheek bones & narrow eyes.

    A calm and composed young man who speaks in soft quick statements. In stressful situations he can be difficult times often using quick sarcastic remarks of yawning and sighing to show his disinterest at his companions.

    Kagehisa was born in to a family of proud swordsmen. However, as a child he harbored great dislike for the samurai code of honor: Bushido. The fact that samurai were willing to give up their lives and sacrifice those close to them in order to preserve honor and save name or face disgusted him. His strong feelings were due to the fact that his only living relative, his grandfather was cast out of Karate Island's Dojo after demonstrating poor style during a demonstration. Shamed his grandfather turned his rage to his grandson and became hateful and abusive towards Anotsu. Under his harsh training, Kagehisa grew disillusioned with putting concepts like "honor" and "good form" above victory at any cost. At the age of 16, he had refined his swordsmanship dedicated not to form or rules, but to the simple superior lethality. To honor his deceased parents he set out to join he marines and never looked back since.

    Swordsman: Swordsmanship refers to the skills of a swordsman, a person versed in the art of the sword. In the role-play it is not just limited to "swords", this profession can adapt to almost any blade weapons and use it at will. Some exceptionally good in strength and agility to attack and slice/stab the opponent. Swordsman can be one of the most powerful fighter of the crew. They tend to stay offensive and always on attack. The canon moves offered for this profession are quite diverse and all of them requires a blade weapon.

    Smith: The Forge Master is the highest and most advanced level of the Smith profession. At such skills one get all the benefits of Armorer with the addition of making advanced war weapons. One can obtain Alpha leveled weapons, and using his/her skills he is able to support Engineers (multiple), build cannons and cannon balls, highly deadly weapons (cursed), and armor defenses. If the skill is properly used it can benefit the entire crew.

    Base PHY: 100
    Total PHY: 140
    PHY Spent: 140
    • STR: 40
    • STA: 30
    • SPD: 30
    • ACC: 40
    • WILL: 1000
    Affiliation: Marines
    • Title: Petty Officer
    • Rank:
    • Division Affiliation: 53RD
    • Position: Commodore
    • Date of Joining: 6.2.2017
    Special Abilities:
    Chaneller: Earth -LV2
    Observation Haki-Unmastered
    Devil Fruit: None
    A green club like sword made of strong ores. The sword is cursed which allows Kagehisa to stretch and shrink the sword, thus manipulating the speed and strength of strikes at the user's will by manipulating his soul.


    • Official Sensei: Not Applicable
    • NPC Action: Action Sequences/CDF Testing
    • Rank & Title Progression: Allowed
    • Experience Points Collection: Not Allowed
    • Character Controlled By: Staff
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