Xanxus (pronounced; Zan-sus) is a 34-year-old male marine, also known as the "Boss" or the "Devil". Xanxus hails from Combustion Island where he steadily climbed through the ranks. He was during the events of genesis a lieutenant commander, but due to the passing of his mentor and higher up Makarov he has been promoted to a captain.

Xanxus is a larger than life character, he stands at 6 foot 5 inches tall and weighs just over 200 pounds. Xanxus's usual attire consists of a pair of black dress pants, a nice white button-up shirt which is always unbuttoned at the top. Over top of the shirt, Xanxus wears a black trench coat withthe marine insignia on the back. The coat has a red trim around the sleeve holes and collar.

Xanxus much like the late Makarov, has a very adamant personality. He has a zero tolerance policy for those who break the law. He is a very confident and passionate man. He intimidates everyone who looks at him but he is actually the most sensitive to the stories of others out of all the captains. He is very passionate about his work and this burning passion often boils down to pure rage when in battle with those who disrespect his work or enemies.

Xanxus was a poor boy from Toronto. He was orphaned at the very young age of 5 years old. He lived on the streets where he stole food and clothes to stay alive. He was adopted when Makarov found him on Mt. Weather trying to smuggle mining equipment to resell. Sense that day Makarov had trained him and raised him as his own. Xanxus now an adult in the wake of Makarov's death fills his position and serves with honor and respect to his "father".

Marksmen: A marksman is a person who is skilled in using projectile weapons. The calmest of all, the one who could easily judge wind-speed and direction to shoot down any target from miles of distance taking down his/her opponent with a single shot. They are exceptionally good with guns, cannons, and more. The canon moves offered for this profession are quite diverse and requires some sort of ranged weapon.

Smith: [FORGE MASTER] - [LEVEL 3] - The third level of smith, a person who can forge any tool, weapon or accessory using advanced smith techniques and rare metals, the skill can also create special ores to enhance durability and weapon breaking potential. As well as curse weapons, accessories and armors.

Base PHY: 80 +5[smi] +5[acc]
Total PHY: 90
PHY Spent: 90
  • STR: 20
  • STA: 10
  • SPD: 20
  • ACC: 40
  • WILL: 2000
Affiliation: Marines
  • Title: Captain
  • Rank:
  • Division: N/A
  • Position: None
  • Date of Joining: 23.2.2017
Special Abilities:
Observation Haki - [Mastered]
Cursed Art- Azazel
Devil Fruit: None
Azazel: A small cursed necklace Xanxus wears under his shirt. The necklace allows him to produce and manipulate the fiery rage of his soul in a physical animation. In other words he can produce soul flames.


  • Official Sensei: Not Applicable
  • NPC Action: Events
  • Rank & Title Progression: Allowed
  • Experience Points Collection: Not Allowed
  • Character Controlled By: Staff