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    Scenario 11 - Part 1

    Tower of Justice

    Captain Kylo Snow, of the Maelstrom pirates Fodder division, has just been given a new toy to operate with! The ancient weapon Pluton!

    He was so excited! So happy! Captain Jon came to him, gave him the car Pluton keys and said "Son, i have a very important task for you. I need you to take this ship to the tower of justice, and activate the buster call. Turn that entire island to ruin. Then once that is done, i want you to find a veeeeeeeeeeery important, veeeeeeeeeeeeeery special crate there got it? If you do that properly, then you just might become a full blooded NPC in my crew!"

    With a huge grin on his face, he pressed the button which captain Jon labeled with a sticky note to say "Booster Cull" and soon enough the ship started bombarding it's destination.


    "Did we get everything from our shopping list Vice Captain?" Monsal was struggling under a large pile of boxes.

    "So..." Renasviel straightened his glasses while looking at the list
    "Ship upgrades?" He looked at the Baratie refit with the badass engine "Check."
    "Weapons and armor?"
    "Check!" Monsal shouted from deep beneath the boxes
    "Scientist and Shipwright with no combat abilities?"
    "Check!" Asimov and Hummingway replied in unison.
    "C-check..." Said the nameless pirate on a pile of beat up mooks.
    Yuri approached "Oh, It's checked alright... wait till you get a load of this..."

    Warship Island

    "Where's Uranus?!" Jon was punching the witchdoctor in an attempt to extract information

    "It's where all other people have it! Stop punching me!"

    "Don't be cheeky! Where's Uranus!"

    "Let me drop my pants to show you!"


    "Captain i don't think this guy knows anything!" Xander was trying to prevent an escalation of the situation.

    "But it was supposed to be heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere! The poneglyph said it was heeeeeeere!"

    "No one on this island has any idea about its existance. I doubt it was ever here."

    "Oh well. At least I got... Old chickens. "

    "Now now... they ARE one thousand year old dragons."

    Jon turned to see the his flock of geriatric dragons. "They are barely fodder. "

    "But they are YOUR fodder!"

    "You just know how to cheer me up. "

    "I think we downplayed their worth for other teams enough captain..."

    "Y-yea... all planned ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡) "

    Goat island

    "Waaaaaaaaaaaaade Wiiiiiiiiiiil... There's no one on this island..."

    "Just stab our flag in it and move on?"


    Shimotsuki Village

    "... WIIIIIIIIIIIIIILSOOOOOOOOOON!" Wade jumped right into the fray.

    Ado clan almost gained full hold of the Shimotsuki Island. But the fall of the world government to the hands of Endangered animals pirates crushed their hopes of domination. TVR pirates joined forces with the remaining supporters of the Shita clan, and launched an assault upon the main Ado Keep. Soon enough, they were facin the clan head.

    "I will sell my life at a high cost!" Kasanori Ado said

    "FWOOOOOOOOOOOOSH!" Stormy said

    "That... is high enough" Charred Kasanori said and committed seppuku on the spot.


    "So..." Johnny was looking around "is there anything else to do on this island?"

    "Well the people love us" Wade was signing autographs "And we got an island for the glorious kingdom of Chimichanga! Wade Wilson."

    "And I found a poneglyph the marines missed!" Stormy was having a face.

    "Excellent! Now... where to go next..." Wade was rubbing his hands.

    "Wade-kun" A sexy looking woman approached Wade "Do you want to go somewhere where we could have fun? "

    "Wa-a-ade Wilson!" He said and went with her.

    Next morning the papers had the headlines: "Wade Wilson caught in bed with an Okama?!"
    There was a picture showing wade in shock looking at the blurred out genitals of the woman he went with. The okama smiled and winked at the camera holding a sign that said "Captain Jon and his right cheek scar say hi!"

    Tequila wolf

    Ernest Piplup was stunned by what he saw, a giant stone golem was approaching the island. Sprinting as fast as he could, and shouting "SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADEEEEE WILLLLLLLLLLLLLL-"

    "It's an enemy!" Ernest immediately jumped and used Ice Age on the sea, It almost reached the golem when It shouted "i mean... WE COME IN PEEEEEEEEEEEACEEEEEE!"

    "As if i'd buy that!" Ernest shouted back "That is Wilson Clan battle cry! Generations of mariners dreaded it's call ever since the battle of Marvelford-DeeSeeburg Where their patriarch Hades Wilson-"

    "Ease up on the exposition Erny..." Lady Solids was shaking her head "Maybe hear them out first? I worked with this bunch in the past. and they did take out Gorosei."
    "Hmph, Pirates are all the same self serving scum..."
    "Even those exceptions that let you go?"
    He undid the ice age and freed the Slade Golem, however it tripped and fell in the water with all other EA pirates on top of him. They drowned, the end.


    After a prolonged minute of face faulting Ernest commanded his soldiers to drag them out of the water.


    "Forgive me for the seastone cuffs, I just want to be sure we are on the same page here." Ernest talked to Haytham.

    "We came here to negotiate joining forces with the revolutionary army." Haytham was struggling with his cuffs. "Surely you've heard of all our exploits? All of our actions only helped further the revolutionary cause."

    "And Rock Arima? What about his death?"

    "He served the gorosei."

    "So you think." Ernest turned his back to Haytham in disgust. "But I do see your point... and the revolutionary army is not what it used to be. Without allies keeping hold of peace in east blue will be impossible to me."

    Haytham contemplated what Ernest said about Arima, but chose not to pursue the matter "These are our terms. All of our territory will join the revolutionary army's territory. We will join revolutionary army as well, but we will still have a degree of say to our own actions and destinations. I will stay as the captain of our crew that will stay named as it is under the revolutionary goals and we will get high positions in the revolutionary army. You will allow us to search for One Piece, and will help us in this endeavor and against enemies of us and the revolutionaries. We will give parts of our own choosing from one piece to the revolutionary army after we find it. We propose a common name of EA Revolutionary army."

    Ernest thought about it for a while... Ducktape then butted in with "Oh, we have this thing here too, Ernest We looted it off Mariejois. Apparently it's their sacred treasure or something." He pointed his head at the box tied to his waist.

    Ernest opened the box. He tried REALLY REALLY hard not to look impressed with the contents of the box, but the sheer amount of sweat that started flowing from his brow was quite telling. He closed the box and said to Haytham: "Your terms are acceptable. Although i'd rather we remain close allies than go through with full merger, but those are just details."
    He ordered his men to release EA pirates. "I will keep this with me to ensure your cooperation. It seems valuable enough... I fear my knowledge of one piece is quite scarce. But i'd also like to see it, and hold it for a moment once you've found it."

    Haytham wasn't pleased but he nodded none the less "So what is our first enemy?"
    Ernest's voice fell down an octave or two to emphasize the graveness of what he's about to say


    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 12!

    @Wade Wilson
    @Ron Swanson
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    Scenario 12


    Endangered animals pirates’ raid on Cliffcatraz was quick and sudden. However it was also… easy. Faaaaaaar too easy.
    This is faaaaaaar too easy” Spicer was stroking his chin.
    “We have literally pushed through all 6 levels without breaking a sweat.” Haytham was concerned. “This feels like…”
    “A trap!” a small figure giggled in the distance “You fools thought raiding the prison while Warden Girion is out fighting Maelstrom pirates is a good idea! Bur little did you know that I, The Great Junior Rear Demi Warden Zim, was left in charge!” He pressed the button on a cartoonishly looking remote with only one button.

    Entire red line shook. A series of explosions caused numerous passages around the prison to collapse.
    “Smelly minks! This prison shall become your TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMB!”
    “Eh… you are trapped here with us as well.” Anabella scratched her head.
    Zim looked around. He was indeed in the same pickled situation as the rest “CURSES! Wait… why did I choose to come here to gloat instead of retreating safely?”

    Cherry swiftly appeared behind him and smashed him on the head with her bazooka, knocking him out in a single hit. “Tee hee. And I only have 4 strength

    “WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE!” Spicer shouted and started running around in circles “WE ARE ALL GOING TO STARVE AFTER WE ARE FORCED TO EAT EACH OTHER!”

    “Relax, we have Slade.” Haytham was unconcerned “He’s a stone assimilation Mink this isn’t even a minor setback for him.”

    You are right.”

    “Pipipipip” Foxy laughed “Unfortunately he’s been asleep ever since we made him sprint along the entire salt stream.”

    Slade was tied to Ducktape’s back “HrrrrrrrZzzzzZzzzzzzSladeWilsonZzzzzzzzzzZZZzzzzz HrrrrrrSladeWilsonZzzzZZzrrrRRhhhrZzzz.”

    “He’ll wake up soon I hope… Anyway we need to find someone to recruit here. There has to be at least one powerful individual to join our ranks” Haytham started browsing the cells, they were full of dead bodies, tortured and starved to death.

    “We already got a ton of fodder on our side from all the prisoners we released thus far. ” Spicer said“ Do we even need more?”

    Goji gazed into the distance “What about this guy?”
    A pink haired man was chained to the wall, He was very muscular and had a scar over his left eye. His feet were rather strangely pointed inwards.

    “Oi, you bastard. Who are you and are you worth anything?” Goji asked him

    “Am I any worth? I’m the user of three sword style and the #1 swordsman in the world.”

    “KILL HIM!” Ducktape suddenly shouted before turning lethargic again.

    “I agree, this bubblegum head will do us no good.” Goji smoked a cigar

    “Hororororo” The swordsman laughed “You want to take me on curlybrow?”

    “Alright that’s enough!” Haytham stepped in “Will you join our cause if I let you go?”

    “Of course.” He grinned “You guys look like a mayhem magnet, and I’m just itching for a good brawl to sharpen my skills. You may consider Roronoa Mihawk, the strongest swordsman in the world, as your crewmate.”

    Suddenly Slade woke up “KILL HIM! I’m the #1 swordsman here!”

    Ducktape stirred from his lethargy again “KILL THEM BOTH! I was the first swordsman here T-T”

    “You all can kill each other!” Goji shouted back “And leave me alone with Anabella-swan and Cherry-chwan! <3”

    Haytham was facepalming “God please drop a meteor on me and end my suffering…”


    Solids was talking to Loni “The revolutionary army needs you. We are severely undermanned and now is the time for great men and great deeds! We need you to establish a strong government to bring peace to east blue.”

    Loni was nodding his head he opened his mouth to speak and… “Fuck you. I’m retired. I don’t care what happens. I will just chill here with these dudes and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.”

    “I’m sad to hear that. What happened to hero of the people? What happened to the man that was unafraid to spit in faces of his superiors for the sake of justice and peace?”

    “He died on the shores of Rubick with his men. This Loni just wants to fish.”

    “Loni san!” Bethany shouted “Some other bit-… woman… is here to see you…” She was looking rather annoyed at Loni’s popularity with the women.

    Solids shifted into the ground, hiding from the other guest. Loni turned around to see Admiral Shiroika standing in front of him.

    “Ah, Loni chan. I’m glad to see the rumors of your survival were true. The world needs heroes like you in this chaotic times. Would you join me in an attempt to bring peace to the world?”

    Loni was nodding his head he opened his mouth to speak and… “Fuck you.”

    “Oh I’d be down for that…” She looked at him seductively, while Bethany was steaming from rage.

    “I’m retired. I don’t care what happens. I will just chill here with these dudes and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind.”

    Shiroika touched Loni’s bare chest with her finger and drew on it. She used her other arm to accentuise her chest “Not even for a very… veeeeeeeeeery handsome prize?

    “No!” Bethany shouted
    “What she said” Loni was unamused.

    “Pffft, fine. You’re the one missing out. I’ll find someone else to save the world with me!” she turned around and walked away.

    Before she reached her ship, Lady Solids popped out of the ground in front of her “We need to talk admiral.”

    Shiroika checked her out from head to toe “Not what I’m used to but I’ll be down to play with you for a while.”

    M13 - Ancient Kingdom

    Thousand pony, coated in Shimotsuki shipyard, was slowly drifting through the depths of the sea. Darkness surrounding it.
    “This is boring! I want to rush at someone to fight!” Wade was clearly displeased
    “Can’t you sit still for a while?” Stormy growled at him. “We are about to visit the ruins of Ancient kingdom!” Her eyes widened and glittered “It’s history was lost in the void century! No one has ever visited it since! The stories it could tell us! The treasures it conceals!”
    “Treasures?! WAAAAAAAADE WILLLSON! That’s what I’m talking about! Are we there yet?”

    *French accent* - “A few thousand are we there yets later.”

    “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
    “YES!” Stormy shouted, her eyes were bloody “WE ARE HERE WADE! WE ARE FUCKING HERE!”

    A massive ruin appeared from the darkness, only lit by Thousand Pony’s nipple lights. An ancient market, a residential district with collapsed houses, a magnificent palace, a large colosseum… all started emerging right after another, A grandiose museum, Large theater, Crop fields, Humongous Seaking Jaw…

    “Humongous Seaking jaw??!?” Johnny shouted in shock
    “RAWR!” Seaking growled with a vigor of a playful kitten, and grabbed the pony in his mouth, shaking it violently
    “Activate the countermeasures before it bursts our bubble!” Bobby pressed one of many buttons on Pony’s dashboard. And the entire location got covered with ink, hiding the tactics used from prying eyes.

    *French accent* - “A few thousand broken moves later.”

    After the ink dispersed the seaking was knocked out with a huge bump on its head, one half of a large wreck of a ship was laying on each side of it. Pony suffered some damage but nothing too extensive.
    Wade Wilson was outside in the small bubble showing middle finger on both of his hands. “Time to make sushi out of him!”


    “Excuse me madam but he tried to turn us into seaking poop!”

    “He was playing with you! You monsters!” suddenly thousand pony was surrounded with countless seakings, all were far smaller than Cheesecake, but there was enough of them to fill up a small island.

    “Back off Wade.” Stormy approached with Aisha in the bubble of her own. “Let your consigliere do some diplomacy.”

    *French accent* - “A few thousand overly embellished words later.”

    “Oh god! He almost killed you! Bad Cheesecake!” Mermaid slapped him and Cheesecake teared up “I’m sorry, we didn’t have friends here for a long time! Would you like to join us?”
    “The question is, would you like to join us?” Stormy asked her “We sail all over the world in search for adventure”
    She gasped “YAY! A TRAVELING PARTY! Me and cheesecake always wanted to go out in the world sometime. But now we have friends to travel with! You can call me Hashimi like all my friends do! Everyone else calls me Poseidon for whatever reason… but that doesn’t matter! Now… Let’s PAR-TEE!”

    Tower of Justice

    Kylo Snow was so happy! “The island is almost in ruins! What an amazeballs ship this is!”
    “It’s quite nice ship indeed” A voice said behind him “It would be a shame if someone were to… jack it.”
    “Well that wouldn’t be very nice!” Kylo put his smile upside down “If someone were to try that I’d give them a piece of my mind!”
    “And what exactly would you say to them?” The voice turned out to be Girion Waffle, The warden of Cliffcatraz. Behind him was a bunch of criminals from his prison that agreed to work for him… and vice warden Titkey and CP9’s Jacques
    “Well…” Kylo put his finger in his chin “I think I’d say something I learned how to say when I ate that weird looking fruit that grew on tangerine trees in Cocoyashi village”
    “Dude… You are being boarded, and your ship is being stolen. Stop acting like a fool.”
    “Haha, You are funny mister! Anyway… what am I supposed to say again? Oh yeah! FUS RO DAH!”

    He shouted and a massive shockwave pushed the entire boarding party onto the island where tower of justice used to stand.
    A random fodder member of Maelstrom pirates approached “Commander Kylo! That was amazing! You punted them all off!”
    “AAAAAAAAAAAH! What have I done! I pushed those nice people awaaaaaaaaaay!”
    “Er… captain those were invaders of the kingdom of Waffles!”
    “INVADERS! I promised to Captain Jon I’d keep the ship safe! We must get away!” He reached for the button which was labeled with a sticky note as “Coo’d’Boo” and pressed it. Pluton flew off into the air to the south

    Back on the island Warden and his group were shaking off the dirt from themselves.
    “Seriously? A fodder commander with such strong devil fruit?” Girion complained to the skies “What kind of a moron comes up with this bullshit?”
    “Um… Warden…” Titkey spotted something.
    A crate marked with a question mark was crushed by the bombardment. From it a rather peculiar juice was flowing into the ground. The remains of a devil fruit could be seen in the debree. Suddenly an entire island started to shake. Once, twice, and soon cracks began to appear in the sky around it. The shaking became more and more violent.
    “Warden my extensive manhwa knowledge suggests that we should have a bad feeling about this.” Titkey said
    Girion was unamused “Shut up Tit.”

    Reverse Mountain

    Maelstrom Pirates used Drake’s Zeppelin to descend into the reverse mountain. Once inside they looked around the place to find someone to fight, however the place was completely empty of life.
    “I mean…” Renasviel scratched his head “There is a lot of loot here and all… but nothing really useful when it comes to fighting.”
    “We didn’t really waste our time for nothing here did we? ” Jon was angry beyond belief.
    “Well I found this buffed up Cyborg Prisoner in the jail if that counts for something” Xander arrived with a Longarmed Cyborg
    “I like him already!” Jon was rubbing his hands.
    “And I found this strange stone…” Monsal almost threw the stone to Jon but Ren shouted before he could do it
    “STOP YOU FOOL! That’s a Dyna Stone! If it hits something it blows up an entire freaking island!”
    Monsal was covered in cold sweat “C…can someone please take this from me?”
    Suddenly a ship fell into the mountain, it was filled with pirates.
    “Finally! Something to fight and gain stats from!” Jon unsheated his swords and flew towards his victims.
    The pirates actually posed a moderate challenge to the Maelstrom, giving him decent stats.
    Jon was holding the pirates captain “Let it be known that this was a day when you almost defeated captain Jon Silver!”
    “Please…” The pirate captain said to him “You have to let us go… we need to run to the new world where it’s safe!”
    “New world? Safe? What are you babbling about?”
    “We fled from North Blue… He’s a monster… He destroys everything… He’s coming to east blue soon. You must run. RUN! Nothing can stand in his way! Flee as far away as you can!”

    Somewhere on the Red line (specifically A13)

    Red Line… The majestic cliff extending far into the sky. Even on a cloudless day one would struggle to see the top. And from the top one could see the curved horizon of the world, confirming that it indeed is not flat. The stone from which it’s made is one of the hardest and heaviest in existence, with seastone being the only thing rivaling it. Many have tried carving through the red line. With only successful endeavor being the great prison Cliffcatraz, and even that was done with the power of a devil fruit. Since the beginning of the world it stood taunting every wannabe adventurer to try and conquer it, but no one succeeded… and no one ever will after today. The red line… was moving.

    Water moved away from it, as it was fearful of what was coming. And then it rose. Red line was being lifted. It cracked to the sides, failing over its own weight. A huge chunk of it was in the air, being held up by a man… no… a demon.

    All around the monster of a man the water was moving aside, revealing the seabed. The shells and stones scattered around were being lifted into the air, and the birds that were too unfortunate to approach the man instantly lose consciousness and fell to the ground, splattering in blood. Even fishes in the surrounding water were splashing out unconscious from it.

    The man moved forward. Carrying the section of the red line with one hand like it was nothing. As he walked into the east blue, he casually threw the Red line away and it flew… quite the distance away. Its landing caused a massive tsunami to rush forth. Sweeping the surrounding islands. One part of the massive wave was headed towards the man who caused it.
    “ONE PIECEEEEEEEEEEE!” The man shouted “WHERE ARE YOU!” A massive shockwave moved away in a sphere around the man, and the wave moved around him reluctant to exist in his presence. The red line cracked up, and even more animals collapsed from the display of the Willpower of Conquerors.

    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 13!

    @Wade Wilson
    @Ron Swanson
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    Scenario 13 - Part 1

    Off the Coast of Cozia


    Loni was sitting on the head of a big Seaking, with fishing pole in his hands. Bethany was behind washing Loni's dirty clothes in the sea.

    "I do not understand you Loni-san." Bethany said "You skulk around all day doing nothing, and yet you are perfectly fine with being retired. I mean OK, you do not care about the rest of the world, but do you care about you? Shouldn't you be... out there. Having adventures?"

    Loni lowered his head closer to the seaking "You think she'd go away if i'd pay her to, eh Jormungand?"

    Jormungand simply breathed out some bubbles in the water from dismay.

    "It's just that you have so much life left in you!" She put down the shirt she was washing. "And you feel miserable like this."

    "Please don't try to ruin my perfectly bad mood..." Loni said monotonously.

    She sunk her arms into her waist "So can you at least explain why?!"

    Out in the distance a massive ship of war was sailing. It looked powerful enough to destroy entire islands. In any other situation it would be terrifying and awe inspiring sight. Unfortunately the noises coming from it were just...

    "Commander Kylo! We cannot use it twice in quick succession! The engines need to cool down!"
    "Commander Kylo please! Fourth wall is a sacred relic! It must not be so casually violated!"

    Not far behind it, a large piece of land was following the warship. Seeing an island of that size moving would have filled the pants of any careless bystander. However the sounds coming from it were just...

    "WHY HAVE YOU LEFT ME DADDY! I JUST WANT TO BE TOGETHER WITH YOU! FATHEEEEEEEER!" The voice seemed to have come from the island itself.
    A man on the front of the island wearing the uniform of the Vice warden was shouting "That's it Jas Tice! You need to hurry to give your father a hug! Catch that ship!"
    On the back of an island, something that looked like a cross of Crocodile and Dingo had set up engines that spewed fire, increasing the speed of the island "You Bastards think you can wreak havoc in my territory and get away with it! PLUTON WILL BE MINE!"
    "Warden behind us!" Another man in CP9 uniform shouted.
    "WHAT THE HELLLLL!" Warden was shocked "INCREASE POWER!"

    Not far behind the island, another dread inducing monstrosity approached. A giant man made of stone, was rushing ahead, waves splitting as he plowed through the sea. It's presence would be enough to send shivers to any warriors spine, if only it didn't...

    " Why isn't the island weakened from being in the water? "
    "It matters not, they are already dead. They are about to face the strongest swordsman in the world."
    "Me? You are the one who's lost."
    "Haytham no! Don't shoot yourself in the head!"

    Loni turned to Bethany, his hand extending and pointing to the Parade in the distance.

    "You see this? THAT is why i'm retired."

    Jormungandr suddenly took notice of a bunch of mink on the Stone golem. He roared suddenly.

    "Meat? Where? NO JORM DON'T!" Loni shouted as Jorm went after the golem, his eyes turning into meat.


    Warden Girion was gritting his teeth "Damn it Zim! Couldn't you hold them off for ONE FREAKING HOUR!" He used his flamethrower to launch a big fiery ball into the air, sapping everyone of their speed. "Titkey! Get over here and protect me!"
    "Aye, aye warden!" He arrived in front of Girion, his whole body turning into diamond, except for small patch on his back.
    Kratos of the EA pirates tried covering the battlefield in Darkness, but Girion's Sunburst move denied it.
    "Damn it!" Haytham removed the sweat from his head "Dark world cannot stick with that Sun being there!"
    "It's fire, not light!" Cherry was breathing heavily "I can't do anything to it!

    "No! Wait!" Jacques panicked

    "GROUND KAISHIN!" The sea shook, and a massive tsunami went forth and back, giving Jas Tice the island a much needed boost. Unfortunately for the members of the Kingdom of Waffles, it also threw them off the island completely. The wave then hit Slade Wilson Golem in the chest, stopping him in his tracks.

    Jacques held up both Girion and Titkey with his geppou "Do something! I can't hold you for long!"
    "Don't panic! I got this!" Girion said "Lava Disposal!" He released some lava from his fuel backpack and it crusted on the surface of the water, creating a platform. They were now facing EA pirates.
    "Ow, ow, ow! It's hot!" Jacques was jumping up and down.
    "I don't feel anything" Titkey was picking his nose
    "Silence!" Girion shouted at them, he was grimly looking at the Stone golem "Bring out the Butter! I'm gonna make toast!"


    Kratos went forward first, with Goji mounting him. Kratos tried to grab Girion with his Yami Yami no Mi, but he hit Titkey instead, pulling him towards him. However before he could touch him, Titkey hit Kratos in the head with the Diamond Ding Ding, confusing him and causing his next move to be random and hit random target. Jacques used the moment to grab Titkey and bring him back to the platform.

    Kratos had, in his confusion, used a Black hole on Slade Wilson, and had absorbed the entire golem in it... as well as unfortunate Wet Tissues the Island. Remaining EA pirates all jumped on Roronoa Mihawk, who transformed into his Phoenix form. "You bastards using me like this! I can't hold you all!"
    "Then leave us on their platform!" Haytham shouted.
    "I'm headed there now."
    "NO YOU ARE NOT!" Cherry shouted "You are headed... TO THE GIANT SEAKING THAT WAS BEHIND US!"
    Spicer covered Mihawk's eyes " Turn right 90 degrees now... That is left... and those were 270 degrees."
    "Who cares!" Foxy said "He's on the right track... was on the right track, now he's not..."
    "We are close enough!" Haytham took command "Jump!"

    They surrounded Girion, who was being circled by Titkey and Jacques.

    "Warden! We can't protect you from all of them!" Titkey panicked
    "Try damn it!" Girion shouted back

    Haytham used his teeth to remove the safety pin from his smoke grenade. He covered the entire battlefield in smoke. Only thing that was heard were Girion's silly exclamations of his attacks.
    "Flaming Meteor Barrage! Napalm in the Morning! Jetpack Dodge! Big Wall of Fire! Big Red Line!"

    Kratos snapped out of his confusion. He saw the massive amount of smoke on the platform and concluded the enemy was there. He then released everything he absorbed with black hole onto the platform. First among the others... "SLAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE WILSOOOOOON!!"

    Just as he did that, Kratos got eaten by Jormungand.
    "Kya~! Loni-san those are the allies of Ernest-kun!" Bethany was shocked "We shouldn't hurt them."
    Loni rolled his eyes "Jorm... spit it out... come on." Jorm was a bit stubborn about it, so Loni dmacked him in the noggin. He spat out a bit chewed up and saliva-ed up Ligle.
    "You alright there?" Loni shouted at the platform as the smoke cleared, revealing a huge mess of stone and rubble and a lot of charred ground. Warden and his crew were knocked out and EA pirates were... quite beat up, mostly from friendly fire, They were all scattered around lying down, but unknocked out. Only one still standing was Slade. "Man you guys could have saved some for me! "
    "Awwwwwwwww, I'm back to the size of phone booth again. " Wet Tissues moaned.

    Haytham signaled Loni with his hand "We are fine... thanks for asking..." And then he proceeded to pretend he's knocked out so he could contemplate his choices in life.
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    Scenario 13 - Part 2

    Sky over Lost Island

    Maelstrom pirates Zeppelin that formerly belonged to Shichibukai Drake was sailing through the sky when...

    "Ha! I knew I saw a sky island here!" Renasviel was rubbing his hands "Mah Devil Fruit is the best!"
    "Yea yea... you are amazing..." Jon was a bit grumpy "How come you can't see if there's any treasure on it beforehand?"
    "It's too cloudy... "

    Maelstrom pirates swept over the island. Looting whatever could be looted, fighting whatever could be fought, including overly large snakes and local natives. When they were done, only one was still conscious. A large Angel tied to a Sacrificial Altar.

    "Say friend, You look like you are in a bit of a pickle here." Jon approached him
    "Indeed." He replied "They wanted to sacrifice me to Enel because of my... "Witchcraft""
    "Oh? You are a devil fruit user?"
    "Nah, I'm just really good with swords."
    "Eh, Savages. Whatcha gonna do? Say do you have room for one more in your crew?"
    "Oh yeah! As a matter a fact I do!" Jon reached for his cell phone and deleted the message meant for his commander Kylo that said "You are promoted to NPC!"

    "He must be sacrificed!" A witch doctor of the tribe approached "If not, there will be a TERRIBLE CURSE on this world from god Enel himself!"

    Renasviel shot him on the spot "I don't believe in curses."

    *weather forecast for tonight, Cloudy with a MASSIVE chance of a HUMONGOUS meteor storm*

    Clockwork Island

    "So much technology!" Johnny was amazed at the steampunk flavored architecture of the island.
    "So much treasures!" Stormy was amazed at the various relics and works of craftsmanship on display in the stores of the island.
    "So many GUNS! AND EXPLOSIVES!" Wade was amazed at the chaotic potential of the island.

    "This island is ruled by the two Cartels." Anomandejan informed them "The Cogs and the Gears. Rumor has it that the chief engineer of The Gears is a Devil fruit user. It's also said that the son of chief engineer of the Cogs left to serve in WEBTTC."
    "Maelstrom..." Stormy thought "Well in that case we should ally with the Gears."

    "Do they have explosions? *gasp* CAN THEY MAKE ME A WEAPON THAT GOES FWOOOOOSH!?" Wade's eyes were inhumanly wide.


    After a brief discussion with The Gears leader, The allied forces launched an assault on the Cogs fortress. Several hours of extensive fighting later, the Cogs all fled into the vault and locked themselves in.

    "Knock, knock. WAAAAADE WILLLLLSON is here! LET ME IN!"
    "Easy there laddy." Chief Gears Engineer, Jack of the Whiskey, was a large and burly man, his beard and moustaches were carefully groomed and knitted into a curl, extending even below his waist. He carried a large hammer with him.
    "You can't penetrate that vault. It's made of a meter thick steel." He raised his hand towards the vault "But i should have no problems with it." The door of the vault started to contort, as if they were a metal foil that was being crumpled, and soon enough they were ripped out of their socket. Jack tossed them aside, and then he lifted his hand again. All the swords and guns that the trapped Cogs held flew out of their hands towards Jack. They closed in around his arm, forming a large metal gauntlet.

    "Do you have any plans for them or can i finish them off?" Jack asked his ally Wade.
    "BECOME MY NAKAMA!" Wade asked him with wide eyes.
    "Aye... Gonna leave this operation here to mah boy afterwards. These old bones want to see the open seas once more before sailing to Valhalla."
    "YOSH!" Wade fistpumped "Can I play too?"
    "Hahaha. Killing one's foes is always better in good company!"

    They rushed into the vault and caused a slaughter.

    Goa Kingdom

    "Heavens preserve us..." King Drew Ace of Goa was in shock. A massive elephant was walking towards Goa. In front of him a large monster of a man walked, the sea itself moving aside to make path for him.
    "The emperor... Stanislav Raisin..." Palefaced, Drew Ace set forth to meet him head on.

    The two men looked at each other.


    "Down Sleipnir... Down boy." Stanislav spoke to the elephant.
    "Oh looky, looky here. Little bug comes forth to face the Emperor!" One very edgy kid dressed in tight black leather with an open stomach was standing on the Emperor's shoulder mocking Drew.
    "Kya~ Does he not know who he's facing? Will he perish in ignorance? Oh what a tragedy it would be!" An Okama, dressed in white, was standing on the Emperor's other shoulder.
    "Enough!" Stanislav roared at them "Huginn, Muninn. You are talking about a king here... When he's proven unworthy of the title you can mock him then." He left both of them on Sleipnir's head and walked towards Drew.

    "You shall not pass!" Drew brought out his spear and pointed his rifle at Stanislav.
    "No words." Stanislav almost whispered "I'll let you have five first blows. If you do not slay me from those, I will end you."

    Drew used Soru with Geppou to appear behind Stanislav, Then he shot him with deadly shot, dealing 400 damage, but Stanislav used Armament haki to block it in it's entirety.

    He then used Concasse to try to confuse Stanislav, but Stanislav's Devil Fruit's passive Anti-Magic Shell prevents any debuffs from affecting him.

    He then used Sanzen Sekai, again to no effect, followed by Flaming shot, blocked by Armament Haki as well.

    Finally he used Spear of Elbaf to bypass all his shields. Finally damaging the Emperor for 450. (Stanislav has 50 000 - 450 = 49 550 HP remaining)

    "Heh, That actually tickled." Stanislav was mildly amused. "I will hit you with my weakest attack. If you survive that, you may live."

    Stanislav used Casual Backhand for 5AP to hit Drew for 0.5STR. (Stanislav has 1195 AP remaining, Drew has 1500 - 2000 = -500 HP K.O.!)

    Drew flew far off into the distance.

    "You were quite a strong frog... in this little pond called east blue." Stanislav looked at Goa Kingdom "And now your kingdom will burn... until One piece is in my hands."

    One Hex to the left of Goa Kingdom

    Ernest Piplup was shocked by what he saw. "Get him out of the sea! Now!" He commanded his men.

    Drew was out on the deck of the ship, unconscious. "Dammit." Ernest was drenched in cold sweat "If he got defeated so easily..."

    Suddenly another body hit the mast of Ernest's ship. It fell down on the deck... with it's head missing. A note was attached to it.
    Ernest took the note "This is Jon's handwriting. It says this is the body of Shichibukai Drake... and that it's now no longer his problem... What could he mean?"

    Drake's veins were pulsing in cold blue color. An eerie light was coming out from the stump of his neck.

    "What the devil..." Ernest went pale "Throw it into the sea! Quickly!"


    Drake's body illuminated the depths of the sea, still glowing eerieshly light blue. From the light, a silhouette of a fishman could be glanced, holding something shiny in his hands.

    "You see precious... this is why we must kill all humans... the ocean... our home... is ruined by their littering!"

    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 14!

    @Wade Wilson
    @Ron Swanson
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    Scenario 14 - Part 1

    Random Numbers Generated for Meteor Shower Resolution of Major Groups

    Emperor Stanislav Raisin - 3
    Endangered Animals - 5
    Maelstrom - 2
    Marines - 1
    Revolutionary Army - 4
    Tomes of Vetus Rimors - 6

    Gap of Stanis

    "He broke the red line?" Hellemeppo was sweating "I knew he was a monster but..."

    "He has nowhere else to run." Fleet Admiral Coby stared into the distance "The final battle will be at Goa."

    "Fleet admiral Sir!" A soldier came to him "Admiral Shiroika has arrived!"

    "Coby-kun... I'm so glad to finally see you again." Shiroika said flirtatiously

    "It's good to see you alive Marion." Coby nodded in her direction "What's the status?"

    "All our East blue, Redline, and calm belt forces are dead. And the sea has been split among pirates."

    "Ah," Hellemeppo swooned "So it's a very optimistic situation! Perfect!"

    Shiroika ignored him "But Ernest Piplup has taken charge of the chaos. He has already united half of the sea in an alliance. If negotiations with the others go through..."

    "No." Coby's eyes were closed, and his mind far away from his body "It's about to fall apart. And the Sea will be split in three... We need to keep Raisin alive."

    "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" Hellemeppo's jaw hit the deck and Shiroika was completely perplexed.

    "That is the only way we can keep the peace in this sea. Let the chaotic elements nullify each other... There can be only one."

    Near Goa

    Drew Ace woke up to the sight of Ernest Piplup's face "E-erny? Is that you."
    "Don't move." Ernest pushed Drew back in bed as he tried to get up. "You got smashed rather hard out there."
    One thing immediately came to Drew's mind "Arima.. he's..."
    "I know..." Ernest closed his eyes and shook his head off "and in such a stupid way."
    "He died as he lived..." Drew was staring at the ceiling "Pursuing his own justice..."


    "S-Sabo-kun! You are alive!" The bandit Lady was shocked
    "Hehe. You don't read the papers much do you Dadan?" Sabo grinned before almost being crushed to death by Dadan's hug "Y-you can let go now!"
    "Oi... what's that in your hand?"
    "This little guy?" Sabo lifted his hand he was holding a 10 year old Drew Ace by his shirt.
    "Hi!" Drew lifted his hand in greeting
    "He's mine! I named him after Ace!" Sabo was standing proud "I brought him to you for training!"
    "OH HELL NO!" Dadan screamed at him "Do you have any idea of the hells that we went through with you and your brothers? I already have to take care of this runt here!" She pointed at another ten year old nearby.
    "I'm Rock Arima." The kid said to drew "And i will kill you if you overstep your bounds!"
    Sabo laughed "Haha, he does sound like Ace!" He threw Drew towards Dadan "Welp, I will see ya soon!"
    "Oi! Don't go! You can't do this to me again!"


    "Come on! Draw again!" Drew couldn't believe it
    "That's 50 fights and 50 draws..." Arima was lying on the ground and staring at the sky "Statistically, this is an impossibility."
    "How come you are that good..." Drew was skulking
    "It is you who is far stronger than anticipated." Arima showed little emotion " you hear something?"
    "From the Gray terminal!" Both kids rushed to the sound of cries

    They saw some thugs beating up on a small kid
    "You da'e take ou' b'ead kid!"
    "If you aren't strong enough to get your own food you die!"

    "Please! I haven't eaten in days!" The little kid was holding his tummy and rolling on the floor "If i can't have it, please! Just kill me now! I can't take it anymore!"

    "Yo wish be ou' 'equest!"
    "That's not how it goes man... Just kill the little bugger!"

    Arima and Drew rushed between the thugs and the little one.

    "Ha! Th'ee fo' da p'ice of one!"
    "As if it will be that easy!" Both kids shouted and took down the thugs with ease.
    Drew took the bread from them and handed it to the kid, who was barely 8, and he devoured it almost instantly, crying as he tried to say "Thank you" between his chews.
    "You are an orphan?" Arima asked and the kid nodded "You should come with us if you want to survive. What's your name?"
    "E-ernest!" He spoke through the tears.


    "Damn it! 100 fights, 100 draws!" Drew still couldn't believe it.
    "100 fights, 100 losses..." Ernest was skulking in a corner.
    "Haha!" Arima was amused "It seems we are still as even as ever! And you shouldn't feel bad Erny. You will grow strong soon."
    "That's it!" Drew went to the kitchen, he came back with a bottle of sake and three cups "My father and his brothers did this in their time! And i got Named after one of them so they had to have been close friends!"
    "Are we close friends?!" Ernest asked tearfully
    "Indeed we are!" Arima said taking a cup in his hand "We train, live and fight together, as one, so we make an oath of brotherhood to honor that bond!"

    They all lifted cups in the air
    "To one day be the best king this land ever had!" Drew said
    "To one day enforce Ambitious Justice! And bring out the best in people all over the world!" Arima smiled.
    "To one day bring peace to the world!" Ernest was still tearing up

    "Us three brothers now swear it! To always live, fight and die together!"

    Little did they know...


    "Look what I found" Ernest brought something to Drew on the deck "Those that killed Arima brought me this... From Mariejois."
    Drew looked at the scepter that was once considered the sacred treasure of Mariejois. Every fiber of his body... trembled at the sight. "That is an evil fucking thing. You should dispose of it."

    "Don't you know what it is? With it I can finally bring peace to the world!"
    "With it you will enslave the world!"
    "AND BRING IT TO PEACE!" Ernest looked terrifying in his rage "Look at what the freedom brought to the world? Everyone just pursuing their own ambitions. Trampling under foot anyone that dares jeopardise their path! Freedom? Freedom is an illusion. In any world with laws Absolute freedom cannot exist... The only thing that can bring peace is equal justice for all that I will bring!"
    "Erny... what has become of you?" Drew was concerned
    "Look at your kingdom and you will know!" Ernest pointed towards the smoke coming from Goa. "Losing everything... being betrayed by everyone... I can only trust myself and you to fix this world. And this scepter, is what's going to make it possible." He was shaking the scepter violently.

    Drew was shaking his head "Listen to me Ernest... My observation was always strongest out of us all. And right now it's telling me that thing is going to bring nothing but trouble. Your mind is clouded by grief!"

    "You... you won't turn against me too would you?" Ernest's eyes and voice filled with sadness.

    The skies suddenly caught fire, and meteors started poring from the sky. The water got bombarded, and the waves rocked the boat like it was made of paper. One meteor landed right on the ship, breaking it in half.


    Drew was holding on to the barrel of fruit that fell off the ship. In it he saw an apple... that changed into a devil fruit right in front of his eyes.

    "No... Please no!" He shouted and looked around for Ernest "ERNEST! ERNEST!"

    And then he saw him, floating on the piece of debree with his head down.

    He swam to him and turned him around "Ernest thank god i thought you were..." The scepter was impaled in Ernest's chest. Straight through the heart.

    A man riding a bird showed up behind Drew, wielding a large lance. "Are you prepared to face my ordeal of strings?" he asked "This world will be purified by god's forces!"

    Drew looked at him with a glare of death "You are one very wrong man in a very wrong place right now..."

    A Bar in Foosha Village

    "You know... I was once the mosht powerful individual in the easht blue underground!" Auction Master Robbie was drunk as a board "I was so closhe to make a deal that would have brought the entire trade of easht blue under my grasp...And I would have done it too if it washn't for thoshe meddling Minks Pirates and their little Ligle too!"

    "That'h good, but not good enough my friend... I was one step away from becoming the king of Phasburg!" Hisanaga Shu was just as drunk "If it happened I'd have easily ruled the mosht powerful kingdom in easht blue! I had all the diplomathic connections, all the alliances... BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Some stupid ass pirates decided to be honorable and refused my overgenerous offer! And all my careful planning wash ruined... RUINED!"

    "No one even bothered coming to my island before it was wiped by the tsunami..." Captain Kuro was twirling the cherry in his soda "Apparently the revolutionaries had a hidden fortress there as well! I was willing to start pirating under someone again..."

    "Stupid humans! You do nothing but evil wherever you go!" Hody Jones was cursing "I had the power to destroy the world in my hands! The powerful drug of the Neptune kingdom! It was in my grasp... Now all I have is my precious..."

    "Wait..." Robbie was staring at Hody's hands...

    "That is..." Hishanaga dropped his glass on the floor

    "One..." Captain Kuro's eyes widened

    "Piece." Bartender, a large Tanuki mink apparently, finished their sentence.

    Marine Base Alpha

    EA pirates just broke through the wall of Marine base Alpha, and were just about to breach the main keep - with Goji and Mihawk using Slade as a battering ram, when the meteor shower hit them.

    "DODGE!" Haytham shouted "Kratos, use black hole!"

    Most of the meteors were absorbed by the black hole, but Kratos had to stay on the side to keep it activated (because troll host) and since Ducktape was mounted on it he got hit in the head directly by one meteor, that was being ridden by an odd angel. From the force of impact Ducktape fell on the ground and the swordsman dropped his weapon, which landed in ducktape's hand.

    "Excuse me..." The odd angel - High Priest Ohm said "Could you hand me my +50WPN sword back? Thank you." He took the sword from Ducktape's hand And turned to the rest of EA pirates. "Now... Face my ordeal! Chance of survival, 0.000000001%!"

    Kratos covered the scene in darkness and the fight began.


    When the darkness set, Priest Ohm was out cold, Goji and Mihawk were still using Slade as a battering ram, and Foxy was bandaging up Ducktape's head. He was holding Ohm's weird looking word in his hands. "IT'S CHIPPED! YOU BASTARDS CHIPPED THE SWORD! T-T "
    "It's a sword made of clouds..." Cherry rolled her eyes "How can it be chipped?"

    Bit further away, Haytham was talking with a very shady individual.
    "Shurororo- Your delivery is complete! I have done all the upgrades as requested. Pay up!"
    "Certainly!" Haytham dropped a cartoonish bag of money in his patron's hands "And there will be more of this for you if you continue to supply us with technology."
    "Oh absolutely! Just send me the research funds and i will use it all on whichever technology you want... all of it "

    "Captain Haytham! Captain Haytham!" Anabella was barely having any breath "Grave News! Ernes Piplup... He died from meteors near Goa!"

    " this is grim news indeed" Spicer said
    "Actually..." Haytham pondered for a bit "This will suit as remarkably well..."
    "That is cold captain. " Spicer giggled afterwards "Hehe, because Ernest was Ice logia."

    Ignoring Spicer, Haytham took a den den mushi and made an announcement heard through the east blue "Ernest Piplup, and Loni the Champion have died in the meteor shower, protecting the people. This all happened because Captain Jon of the West East Blue Tangerine Trading Company refused to provide aid when it was so desperately needed! As the highest ranking living member of the alliance I, Haytham Fortescue, will now take command of the entire Norhtwestern Territory. And will lead East blue to unity!"

    Many cheered at this announcement. The faith in Ernest was lost ever since the battle of Rubick, and Loni was slacking too much to be the leader of the new world.
    "Buuuuuuuuuuut... Loni isn't dead. " Spicer was worried
    "Eh, He will appreciate that everyone thinks he is." Haytham shrugged it off and stepped forth in the new age as the ruler of the largest territory ever created in East blue.

    Clockwork Island

    "I have a bad feeling about this." Johnny was concerned
    "Every party needs a pooper that is why we invited you! Party pooper!"
    Stormy rolled her eyes "Captain that isn't very mature."
    "The only good mature things are the ones with alcohol!"
    "Ugh... be quiet and let me talk. Here they come."

    Through a large mirror in the street, a woman passed. She was butt ugly. As she was standing in the mirror's frame another person passed Akahata Tigger, son of Drake.

    Tigger approached the TVR pirates, getting straight to the point: "So let us negotiate. I want support in my battle against Maelstrom Pirates. I will offer whatever you want for your aid."
    "Don't be hasty boy!" His mother, Charlotte Brulee said "It's not what WE can offer THEM for their aid, it's what THEY can offer US for OUR aid. And so far their offer has been lackluster."

    Stormy stepped forth as the Consigliere of TVR to negotiate... but Wade butted in: "Listen here Glee, You're going to ally with us because we're the only ones who are willing to help you, Maelstrom killed your father, EA joined up with the revs who were against your father, we both have a common target. Meanwhile all your territory are belong to us and are funded by us"
    He turned to Brulee witnessing her mirror powers "Now shut up and tell me i'm the fairest of them all"

    Johnny stepped forth in an attempt to mend the situation "You're speaking to Wade Wilson, Captain of the TVR, the first of his name, ruler of the Chimichanga Kingdom, Slayer of the Fire God, Destroyer of Injustice... oh and breaker of chains!"

    Stormy facepalmed

    "And a right proper lad!" Johnny finished for real this time

    "There's a reason you decided to meet us and negotiate." Stormy commenced the actual negotiations "You can't win against them. With the world Government gone you can't count on your father's allies. We have information that can help us destroy the Mealstorm." She intentionally mispronounced at the end.

    "Look," Wade started talking again much to Stormy's dismay "You can join us now, or you can waste your breath talking to our dragon diplomat here, but i can assure you she won't put her breath to waste. She would make quite good use of it! Notice i said she!"

    Stromy shoved a chimichanga down Wade's mouth.

    Tigger was horrified: "What you speak of is not alliance! It's subjugation!"
    "Tell them son!" Brulee was proud.

    "We are open to negotiation." Johnny continued "As they say, you need power to take down Jon, and the alternative is the EA who is allied with the Revs. The same Revs who inefficiently fail to touch the Marines and got bodied by the very same Jon you wish dead."

    "So tell us. What do YOU want?" Stormy asked.

    "I just want military aid to bring down Maelstrom." Tigger was stern "We have a common enemy like you said. Nothing more."

    "Whatever you want you can't have this chimichanga!" Wade chewed on his failed improvised muffler

    "Not so fast Son!" Brulee stepped in "They are the ones that need OUR help more my boy! Listen to your mother! There's surely something they can give us to convince us to aid them!" She turned to Stromy theatrically "For example... whatever treasures they found down in the ancient kingdom!"

    TVR pirates were caught by surprise "I have my ways of finding information..." Brulee continued "Wherever there's a reflection, you'll find me lurking. Listening."

    "Sounds like you want treasure more than you want to avenge your husband's death." Stormy was unimpressed.

    "I want security! So that my son doesn't suffer his fathers fate! How can we be sure you aren't just gonna use us as a shield? You have to give us something of value, so that our loss, becomes your loss." Brulee then rose her nose in the air and looked at stormy from the heights "Besides, you are the ones who wanted our territory!"

    Wade, Stormy and Johnny then gathered in a circle. they started talking muffled among themselves.

    Wade turned to Tigger tearfully "Here... you can have the last of my chimichanga..." However he was swiftly pulled back in the circle and slapped, continuing the discussion.

    Brulee however got another idea: "I suppose we could come to another kind of agreement. One that's become a staple in my family's rise to power... Marriage. We will join in one family and all that is yours, will become ours, and all that is ours will become yours."

    Wade looked at Brulee's hideous face, and then he showed the middle finger to the skies "F.U. God!"

    "Who are you offering?" Stormy asked

    Tigger stepped forth "I will be willing to-"
    "A grieving widow must not be such for too long." Brulee interrupted him "I will marry your captain, so we can have many children together."

    "FFS I knew it! T-T" Wade was shaking his head before realizing in terror that Stormy extended her hand to Brulee in arrangement. "No don't! This deal cannot possibly get any worse!"

    Tigger was not satisfied "I object! Clearly the captain should marry me! I know from the papers he swings that way "

    "Ok. I'm done." Wade turned around to leave.

    "Son your mother has been lonely even as your father was alive. Momma needs he furry fix!"


    Tigger approached Wade, bending one knee before him "Wade You have captured my heart ever since i laid my eyes on your furry body."

    Wade was foaming at the mouth desperately trying to drown himself to death with his saliva.

    Trying desperately not to laugh Stormy said "Forget about marriage for a minute both of you. You, Tiger need power. We can provide with that. You want treasure Brulee. We can also provide that."

    Tigger got very depressed: " Very well. I hereby agree to be your vass-"
    "OI! What are you saying my boy?" Brulee shouted "They should be OUR vassals!"

    "WADE WILSON IS NO ONE'S VASSAL!" Wade suddenly jumped back to life

    Jack of the Whiskey appeared and whispered to Stormy "M'lady there seems to be a meteor storm coming our way. The island's engineers have put up a shield but i'd advise you finish this quickly and take cover."

    In a rush, Stormy said to Tigger "Hey, Tigger when Wade gets drunk he gets freaky, if you know what I mean. Make your mother agree with our terms and I will make sure he gets drunk often." She winked at him like a professional wingman

    "Oi." Wade muttered

    "MOTHER WE ARE AGREEING WITH THEIR TERMS! MY DECISION IS FINAL!" Tigger burst from her his mother's grasp.


    Brulee was shocked "*gasp* You have turned my son against me! You monsters! To do that to a grieving widow!"

    "Oh get over it" Stormy waved her hand at Brulee "I will send Wade your way as well"

    "Oi!" Wade was desperately pleading

    "I'd rather not share this too with my mother..." Tigger was sweating

    "Too much information " Wade became almost suicidal.

    Brilee was throwing a tantrum, speaking incoherently in a language no one understood.

    Jack shouted "We should hide NOW!"

    Meteors started pouring all over the shield of the island. One of those, however, shot a lightning strike at the shield and passed through... It landed directly on Brulee.

    "Well that solves one problem..." Jack was scratching his head

    "Mother! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Tigger was desperate.

    "I'm sure your mother would've wanted to go that way" Wade said coming to pet Tigger on the back, but then he remembered Tiggers feelings for him and he slooooooooooooooowly moonwalked back.

    A topless man stepped out of the meteor, He had a chain of drums attached to his back, and his earlobes were abnormally long.

    "I am The God! Enel! Captain Jon summoned me to this wretched place with his insolence! Where can I find him?!" He said

    "Jon Killed my mother as well!" Tigger was dismayed

    "Oh so you too want to join the alliance against Mealstorm?" Stormy said hopefully

    "I want to wipe all you pathetic blue sea monkeys from existence. Your crime: being alive!"

    "That's no way to talk to a lady!" Stormy got pissed

    "A lady?" Enel was amazed at the insolence shown "What is a lady to a god?"

    Wade stepped forth armed with all of his swords "What is a God to a WADE MOTHER FUCKING WILSON!"

    "Stand back Captain!" Tigger stepped in front of Wade "We will take him down... together <3 ... ROOM!"

    Wade turned to his first mate "Johnny can you shoot me in the head please?"

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    Scenario 14 - Part 2

    Goa Kingdom

    Goa kingdom was completely trashed. No house was left upwards. The great Goa palace was turned into a throne for the Giant Emperor Stanislav Raisin

    Maelstrom pirates approached him.
    "We seek to fight You, Stanislav Raisin!" Jon issued his challenge

    "Do you now?" Stanislav laughed "There isn't a decent fighter among you... But there are a whole lot of you..." He got up from the palace throne "Very well... I shall accept your challenge. It should help past my time. I will-"
    He was interrupted by the meteor shower, Maekstrom pirates and emperors hands, Hunginn and Munnin were dodging them to the best of their ability, but Stanislav just stood there, his body fully covered in haki, taking every meteor as if it were rain drops. When it stopped, He continued as if nothing happened "I will let you have five shots at me. If you fail to deliver, I will murder you. If you deliver too well, but not well enough to finish me off, I will murder you. If you turn back to run, I will murder you. You dared come this far, now live by your words, or choke on them."

    "Ho ho hooo! Brothers Hotori and Kotori! You fell to the same place as I!" Large fat man in red hair popped out riding a ball!

    "Brother Satori! It's good to see you!" One called Hotori said!
    "We will purge the blue sea monkeys together!" other called Kotori said.

    "Muninn" Stanislav murmured, and the White dressed Okama jumped forth

    "Ay, Stanis-chan. I will deal with these pests!" He jumped up in the air in front of the sun, there he transformed into a dove.

    "Beautiful!" All three brothers said... but then the dove fell away from shadow of the sun's gaze, and the dove turned out to have the hideous face of an okama
    "UGLY!" the brothers shouted
    "Kya~ Who are you calling ugly you bastards! SWAN ARABESQUE!" He started kicking, having little to no issues with them.

    "Alright..." Jon said to Stanis "Let's fight!"

    Hunginn shook his head "I'll just prepare my king punch to clear out any vermin that remain..."


    "Heh..." Stanislav puffed in the air, looking at the crater where Goa kingdom once was "Never have i been this close to death... 20% of my health more at start and i'd be a gonner..."

    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 15!

    @Ron Swanson
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    Scenario 15

    Marine Base Alpha

    "Got him! The dude was a giant lizard or something..." Ducktape was clearing his swords from the blood
    " That's Axolotl. It's an amphibian." Spicer educated Ducktape

    Haytham approached them. He was holding a devil fruit in his hands.

    "Man, That fruit generated fast." Spicer was amazed

    "No, I got this one from Drew." Haytham destroyed Spicer's amazement "It belonged to Ernest..."

    "Why did he give you that?" Ducktape was confused "What did you promise him now? "

    "We are now Revolutionary army... It is our job to protect the people, establish peace and all that stuff." Haytham dropped the bombshell

    "That seems like a too steep price to pay for a fruit " Spicer was thinking

    "We are pirates captain. Not defenders of peace." Ducktape wasn't pleased

    "We won't be pirates forever" Haytham couldn't look Ducktape in the eyes "There needs to be peace in this world because... I will soon have to take care of a lot of bunny babies you know... I want them to live a happy life."
    "What? " Ducktape's jaw hit the floor.
    "You... You mean..." Spicer teared up

    Haytham scratched the back of his head and smiled "Yea... funny how it goes right? There's one last fight to be won though. Do not drop your guard until we are done with it."

    Mt. Corvo

    Stanislav Raisin was walking down the mountain through the forest. His mood was especially bad. He was just forced to wipe out an entire island, including his trusted commanders. He really wasn't in the mood to suffer any foolishness.

    Also he was starving.

    Suddenly from the bushes he heard "WAAAAAAAA...mhhmghmhgmhgmh!"


    "Who's there?" Stanislav spoke, and the entire forest shook.

    No answer came. In the corner of his eye he thought he saw someone sneaking behind the trees. He reached for the tree he thought was the hiding place and easily plucked it from the ground, revealing no one behind it.

    Stanislav unleashed the full brunt of his conqueror's haki on the forest. All the leaves fell to the ground leaving the dead looking tree trunks behind them.

    "Hmph... No one... I must be getting too jumpy." He dropped the plucked off tree to the ground and continued towards Foosha village. After a while the tree Stanislav picked up opened in its trunk and Stormy came out of it holding Wade's mouth.

    "Do you have a fucking deathwish?!?" She asked

    "Wdwlsn!" Wade said through her hand.

    The rest of the TVR pirates got out from the tree. Some of them being folded into pieces of paper by Wade's power so they could fit.

    "That was way too close captain..." Johnny wiped the sweat off his brow

    "YOU THERE!" A bunch of bandits surrounded the TVR pirates "You bastards destroyed our forest when you provoked that monster! Now you will pay for it with your lives and valuables!" The bandit leader stepped forth, and turned into a snow abomination.

    "cnfghtnw?" Wade asked Stormy

    She rolled her eyes and released him "Fine... go get them."


    Skull Island


    Foosha Village

    The Last Supper

    "He... It's coming towards us!" Robbie was trembling in fear.
    "Oi, Oi... if he figures out we have One Piece..." Hisanaga Shu was sweating
    "Tanuki-san! You live here! Is there a place to hide?" Hody asked
    "I'm not a tanuki! You bastard!"
    "Calm down" Captain Kuro was unmoved by the appearance of a monstrous Emperor. "I have a plan, but everyone will have to do their part."


    Stanislav walked into Foosha village. Hisanaga Shu walked in front of him

    "Oh great and powerful Emperor Raisin, It is a pleasure to have you as a guest in this humble village."

    "My mood is at it's all time low maggot. You better have something good to offer unless you want to be ripped in half."

    Hisanaga swallowed his spit "Y-yes of course! We have prepared a massive feast for you."

    "A feast? Hm... I'm known to eat an entire island for a snack. What can you possibly have here that can satisfy my hunger?"

    Hody and Tanuki came out carrying a giant plate filled with all kinds of Meat, vegetables and fruit. Kuro and Robbie followed shortly dressed as chefs. "Not only do we have the finest dish this sea has to offer, but we also have the means to make more of it in a blink of an eye." Kuro said and nodded to Robbie Who used his Copy Copy no Mi to duplicate the dish.

    "I see..." Stanislav was impressed. "Very well, you will get to live. As long as you keep making that until I am full."

    Stanislav was almost finishing the plates as soon as Robbie duplicated them. His gluttony knew no bounds. It was exactly what Kuro had planned for, as he slipped something inside one of the plates. Stanislav gobbled all of it like the rest. Suddenly, he choked. His body refused to move.

    "Wha-WHAT DID YOU DO!" Stanislav roared, but the vigor that made everyone tremble in the past was gone. "What did you do..?" His voice was failing him.

    "You are a mighty beast, Stanislav Raisin..." Robbie giggled "But even the mightiest of foes can fall to a simple... trap."

    "There are rules in this world..." Kuro set his glasses straight with the end of his wrist. "One, You should never try to eat more than you can chew. Two... One can only ever eat ONE devil fruit at a time."

    "Hobby Hobby no Mi..." Hisanaga Shu crackled "A rather powerful fruit. Turns people into toys and makes everyone else forget they ever existed. It's a shame we had to place it in one of your plates. But you know... Whatever brings the beast down."

    Stanislav was furious... and afraid. All his power wasn't enough to deal with this... Bullshit! As the last of his strength left him. He fell on the ground. Dead. The final emperor, The last monster of the past age, was gone.

    Hisanaga, Robbie, Kuro, Hody and... Tanuki, gain 1000 stats to spend between their INT and CHA for the sneaky way with which they brought down the Emperor, Stanislav Raisin.

    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 16!

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    Scenario 16


    "That is one big giant bird..." Ducktape was awed

    A giant Falcon, the size of a large warship was terrorizing the aviary. He still had syringes and various mechanical parts sticking out from his body. Remnants from the experiments that were performed on him by the resident scientist.

    "It's going to destroy the lab!" the resident scientist Caesar Clown panicked "Save me!"

    " I dunno, do you have something to pay us with?" Spicer said "Money is no good. We have a lot of those."

    "I will give you one of my experiments! Anything! Just DO SOMETHING"

    "Alright then." Haytham said "We need to come up with a clever strategy to ground the creature, so that..."

    Suddenly a huge stone arm emerged from the side of the cliff and swatted the Falcon down like he was a fly. Squishing it to bits of feather and gore.

    Slade emerged from the ground with a satisfied grin on his face "Slade Wilson. M.D. of strategy!"
    " that we could try to tame it. :face" Haytham finished

    "Oh... Whoops!" Slade covered his mouth.

    "You ruined my experiment!" Caesar protested

    " You said do anything" Spicer stared at Caesar

    "I said something! Not anything!"

    " There's a difference?"

    Caesar facepalmed hard.


    As the Endangered Animals... revolutionaries flew off on their newly acquired zeppelin Cherry approached Haytham "It was a smart idea to let our weaker members take the first stage of the aviary before so we could reach and finish the final fight faster."

    "Yes." Haytham nodded "I'm quite clever like that."

    Foosha Village

    "Gyahahahaha!" Hody was laughing "Emperor Stanislav Raisin has fallen to us!"

    "And we have one piece!" Robbie couldn't contain his joy "We are gonna be rich!"

    "Prepare yourselves" Kuro set his glasses "We are not out of the woods yet."

    Down from mount Corvo, a group of pirates was coming down in haste.

    "They are going to attack us!" Tanuki mink lookalike was panicking and hiding behind the tavern in a reverse fashion.

    Kuro stepped forth "Stay calm maybe we can still negoti-"



    "I will destroy you for what you have done to me!" Hisanaga was infuriated

    "Er... Who are you again?" Wade was confused. Hisanaga turned into a massive hornet swarm that took the shape of a large Inperfect Cell.

    "Oh, the creepy child killer from Phasburg!" Wade was happy he saw the familiar face "It's been a while er... Shishkebaba Boo?"

    "HISANAGA SHU!" The swarm roared in buzzing voice "I have grown more powerful than ever! Your pitiful Origami skills cannot match my awakening!" The buildings around Hisanaga started turning into hornets and they merged with the main swarm, it growing even larger.

    "Your argument is invalid!" Wade shouted back "I have a big scary motherfwooshing dragon!"

    Stormy in her awakened form flew over "I AM POWER! INCARNATE!" she shouted and covered the village in magma and fire. Almost instantly knocking out all opposition.

    "H-hey..." Wade was very very sad. "Why didn't you leave some for us? "

    Stormy looked at him with a gaze that could kill "Because STOOOOOOOOOOORMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYYYYYY SPAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAADE!!!"

    "Wait what?" Anomandejan snapped out of his standing, midday nap

    Rock of Stanis
    (the new blob of red line in the middle-north of the map)

    "Stanis is dead!" Hellemeppo and other marines partied hard at the news. But Fleet Admiral Coby was still concerned.

    "It is not over yet... There are two pirate crews still roaming this sea. And i sense a greater threat rising from the south."

    "So what do you propose Coby-kun?" Admiral Shiroika asked

    Coby was thinking "Hm... Lets try it like this. We shall organize a tournament here. The winner gets to rule the entire east blue!"

    "Are you sure about that honey?" Shiroika was concerned "It can end badly"

    "Many innocent lives will be spared like that. It's better to have it done in a controlled environment. The matches will be done in a elimination tournament style where teams of 3 face each other. Us too shall participate. Stats will be gained in each round and health will regenerate between matches."

    "Eh... It would be more convenient." Hellemeppo scratched his head "But do you think anyone will want to participate in such contest?"

    "Is worth a shot!" Coby grinned, knowing full well that this would be an improbability.

    Near Tomb of the Golden Lion

    A large, sickly green mist was covering a massive undead fleet sailing north...

    You have 48 hours to send in your actions for SCENARIO 17!


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    Scenario 17

    Rock of Stanis

    " The marines seem to have left in a hurry..." Spicer observed the remains of marine camp scattered around the isolated slice of the red line that became an island after the Emperor threw it into east blue.
    "The storm is brewing down south..." Haytham was concerned "We should wrap this up quickly."
    Ducktapes's eyes turned red "Hrnnngh! I taste blood!"
    "You do worry me sometimes..." Cherry was holding Haytham's hand and looked at Ducktape with fear.

    " Sir, the preparations are set." Spicer saluted "Operation Dynastone is ready to go."
    "Wait for it..." Haytham commanded.
    The air grew thick over the battlefield. In the distance, the Endangered Animals pirates could see twelve silhouettes of Tomes of Vetus Rimors pirates approaching. With his observation Haytham sensed their strength... weak. The mummy in the middle of the formation was the strongest among them.
    "Do it!" He gave the order, and his entire crew, including the infinite biscuit army, god encased in biscuit room, to protect them from the blast. Just before the room closed Haytham heard the TVR captain shout... "Ribbit!"

    "Ribbit?" Haytham scratched his head. For a moment he was contemplating what it meant... but by the time he realized what was going on...
    "Captain!" Anabella said through the mini denden mushi "The bomb is live, I repeat the bomb is live!"
    "Damn it..." Haytham started sweating "Those are decoys..."
    " Ouch. Well don't fret captain." Spicer, an enthusiast in former Yonko commanders, said "Not even Katakuri with his godlike observation couldn't figure that out."


    Bobby was surrounded by the mirror clones of his crewmates, their images slapped on a bunch of frogs from Foosha. They were supposed to absorb the hits meant for him until he got close to use his curse. But the enemy just curled up in defense? What was going on? He sensed something from above. He looked up and saw a glowing rock falling from the skies. He could see it coming from far away. "If they call this a sneak attack they will have to do better! I'LL TAKE IT HEAD ON!"
    The stone exploded right above Bobby.


    The biscuit room was gravely damaged on Dyna stone explosion but it was still holding. The rest of the island was wiped clean. The room fell apart at it's users command, and EA pirates could see the dust floating around the area the stone hit. All over there were dead frog bodies, but one silhouette still stood.
    Bobby Wayne was wheezing "Close... but not good enough! CURSE OF THE MUMMY!" He shouted and the chants of the curse etched into EA Pirates, cutting on their speed. Soon enough Anabella and Mihawk landed at the front of the EA formation, back from their bombing run.
    "Captain! We saw a dragon floating high above us as we were returning! We couldn't sense them!"
    "So much for Operation Dynastone..." Haytham shook his head, trying to get back the feel in his muscles from the curse.
    "Goooood..." Ducktape's eyes were filled with bloodlust. "It's better if we do it face to face anyway..."


    Stormy the dragon flew by the EA pirates and Wade Wilson jumped off her back and right in front of a massive biscuit army. The shadow of his brother, Slade Wilson, reached Wade's feet.
    "Hello... brother." Slade smirked.
    "'sup" Wade smirked back
    The two faced each other, and for a moment everything was still. Then, they both reacted at once. Slade created a hole in the ground to trap his brother in, and Wade unleashed the full brunt of his Conqueror's Haki. The entire biscuit army, all of biscuit shields and armors that protected the EA pirates were gone in a second.
    "Good job Bro! I am in a hole!" Wade mocked Slade "And where's your biscuit army now?"
    "It took a while to make that " Spicer lamented "I should start over..." He created another biscuit soldier that was supposed to make a few more.


    "Take this!" Anabella threw something invisible at Stormy. She couldn't dodge what she couldn't see. The canister smashed on contact with her Pantherdragon scales, and numerous ants swarmed over her body. "You call that an attack?" Stormy laughed "They barely even tickled "

    Wade unfolded a large tree from his pocket. When it returned to it's true form it was revealed that was actually Johnny in his Treant form. "What's up homies!" Johnny greeted his foes "After the battle you will need to change your name from Endangered Animals to Extinct Animals!" He unleashed his roots from the ground all around the EA pirates and Unleashed the skin absorbant pheromones
    Spicer replied " That's actually pretty clever if you can pul- ZZZZzzzZZZzzzZZzZZz". All EA pirates fell asleep from the effect.


    "So now what..." Wade scratched his head "We just leave them sleeping like that?"
    Stromy turned back into her mink form and went towards Ducktape with a marker in her hand "They will wake up as soon as we hit them or displace them. We can do other stuff to them until they wake up."
    Aisha brought a mirror to Spicer and then dropped it on his head, trapping him in the mirror world and smashing the mirror. Cheesecake growled and leered at the enemy, weakening their attacks.
    "Alright then I shall deal with this one!" Wade used his knockout on the Darkness Ligle, Kratos, and he fainted in his sleep. "Anomandejan my good man, can you please deal with this one?"
    "Certainly." Anomandejan hit Kratos' body with his paw paw fruit and sent him far away...

    Mirror Ball Island

    "Kyaaaaaaaah!" A woman screamed on the street "Something just crashed into the Great Mirror Ball!"
    "Waaaaaaaaah!" A man screamed on the street "The Mirrorball is rolling away on the street! God save us!"
    "I found a kitty!" A child shouted on the spot where something crashed into mirrorball. That something turned out to be a knocked out Ligle.

    Rock of Stanis

    "Hashimi, they are all yours!" Wade said after folding his other teammates back into his pocket "Come on Stormy! We need a ride!"
    "I'm done!" Stormy smiled as she walked away from Ducktape. On his head he had written in black marker "Sk�l"
    "Isn't it spelled Skal?" Wade wondered
    "Or Skol?" Hashimi asked as well
    "I know what i'm writing!" Stormy was mildly offended "Come on, let's get out of here." She transformed into a dragon and flew off, just as Hashimi created a massive ball of electricity to throw at the enemy "RAIGO!" she shouted and hit all of EA pirates for MASSIVE damage!

    "Uh? WHAT?!" Ducktape woke up, quite grouchy "REAPERS MIST FOR YOU!" He poisoned everyone that was standing on the battlefield and had no gas masks. That only included Hashimi since the rest of TVR pirates were high up in the air to avoid Hashimi's large attack.


    "This is bad!" Haytham said and stole some health from Hashimi with his Blood Logia abilities.
    Wade released all his teammates and dropped down on Goji and touched his diamond armor, making it flutter down.
    "You face the strongest swordsman in the world!" Mihawk shouted and hit Johnny with his Spear of Elbaf
    Shaki pulled out the ruby container from McMatteus from his pocket. It was made specifically so no one with observation haki could see what was in it. He opened it and from it former marine admiral Merryxus popped out "Surprise motherfuckers!" He shouted and created a large labyrinth out of paper, that isolated members of EA.

    Stormy flew over the maze with Jack of the whiskey in her arms. She swiped her wings in front of her, pushing EA pirates to one edge of the maze and further slowing them down. Haytham panicked and used his blood stream to move Anomandejan to the faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar right side of the island.

    Jack then fell down, and used a storm of metal shrapnel to strike at all EA pirates. Slade morphed into stone golem and tanked the hit. Preventing damage from being done to Haytham and Cherry due to formation, but not to anyone else. Goji, Foxy, Anabella and Wet Tissues fainted from the frontal attack.

    Stormy then Picked up Jack again "This is how a dragon fights!" She unleashed a stream of magma upon the EA. Slade once again blocked the hits for Haytham and Cherry. Android 18 and Mihawk fell to this attack. Haytham stole some health from Hashimi again and healed Cherry.

    Kino Shita then came in with his snow logia and bombarded the area with his blizzard. Slade tanked one of 6 hits for Cherry and Haytham, but other 5 hit them all. He made a wall in front of Ducktape protecting him from the attack completely.

    Hashimi then walked in, battered and bruised, and used El Thor, Wiping out all EA pirates... Except for Ducktape. Who was still standing in his rage. He rushed towards Hashimi to stab her with his scorpionwolf tail. But she dodged.

    Wade then decided to flutter his teammates in the wind for a bit as a BM (and to clean them off from any status effects that might have been inflicted upon them). Ducktape tried to hit Hashimi again but she once again dodged.

    Ducktape managed to hit Hashimi the third time, but Bigcheeks also got to Ducktape and Piledrivered him to the ground. Ducktape went for another attack on hashimi which should have finished her off, but Kino Shita shielded her with snow room.

    Ducktape went for one last tail stab on Hashimi, but Bigcheeks choked, and held him down. Dealing enough damage to knock him out... but Ducktape was still conscious...

    While he was still choked Wade approached Ducktape. "I know you... you are that wolf who slaughtered our entire village... Me and Slade were just children, and he doesn't even remember. You went mad and murdered our parents, your own family too." Wade pulled out a large sword and touched Ducktape's hands with it "This sword is called Soulkiller's Tears. And it will be your bane." He sung with it and cut Ducktape's head off. Wade stabbed Soulkiller's tears into the ground and impaled Duck's head on top of it. "Sk�l" was still clearly visible on his forehead.

    Stormy knelled next to Cherry and Haytham. They were knocked out on the ground, but they were holding each other's hands. She sensed 12 small furballs growing in Cherry's belly. Anomandejan came behind her and touched her shoulder. "Send them somewhere nice Dejan..." she said to him, and Anomandejan used his Paw Paw fruit to send them away.


    Wade stood on the edge of the island cliff. The only one he spared was his brother (apart from the two his subordinates spared without asking him). Chained in seastone they both watched to the south. "I didn't leave you there Slade. Your thick head got lost again!"
    "You are the one who got lost!"
    "No! You are the one who can't tell left from right!"
    "Wha? To which side am I pointing at now?"
    "Um... Left?"
    "No! I'm not pointing at all! You see what i'm talking about! I never meant to abandon you! You abandoned yourself!"
    "... Maybe."
    "Can we be Wilson brothers again?"
    "...To make the sea tremble at our names?"
    "Yes! Well... not exactly, I'm a king now. But we can rule as the Wilson Dynasty!"
    "Fuck yea!"

    Just as they said that An undead ship approached. On the front, the beheaded ghostly body of Akahata Drake was standing. "I have come here to kick ass and chew bubble gum! And i left all my bubblegum supplies behind to fight the marines... You have the one piece! And i want it to bend this world to my knee! Give it to me now Wade Wilson, Or your wife dies..."
    On the mast, Akahata Tigger was tied. "Save me my prince! Kyah!" he shouted.

    "OH MY GOD MY BROTHER GOT MARRIED!" Slade teared up while Wade stood in shock.

    "Yes I know..." Drake rolled his ghostly eyes "That is part of my problem."

    TVR pirates jumped from the cliff to face Akahata Drake. No one knows for certain how the fight ended, but rumor has it both Loni the Hero and King Drew made their appearances before Drake was destroyed by the combined power of One, Two and Three piece.
    The marines wiped out entirety of the undead fleet, and brought order to the East Blue, now being ruled fully by the newly established Kingdom of Chimichanga.
    Loni, Drew and Girion retired on Cozia, where they fished to the end of their days.
    Haytham and Cherry ended up on the Bay of Falls where other minks lived. They lived happily ever after with their twelve children named after the months of the year. Each went to form their own large families, as beffiting squirrel bunnies.
    Stormy and Anomandejan, went traveling across the world. Together they saw all the wonders the world had to offer, and they made their living from Anomandejan playing his guitar and stormy dancing to it's tune.
    Wade and Slade became twin Kings of Chimichanga. Their other comrades helped them with kingdom management, making it the most prosperous kingdom that ever existed in history. It's battle shout "WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL LLLLLLLSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!" became protected by UNESCO.
    Johnny rebuilt the Living mall island. Where he ruled as kingpin vassalled to Chimichanga for the rest of his days. He is said to have had a harem of 42 women and a wast mountain of gold, art and other treasure. Colosseum games were played frequently under his patronage, especially the "Kick the Ducktape's head" game which he invented himself.
    Kratos became quite an attraction for the children of Brokenball island. He won the people's magazine "Ligle of the year award" 10 consecutive times.

    Spicer still roams the mirror world to this day. Still trying to " catch up".

    Final fight Calculations


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