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    Neo Navy Forces

    Admiral Mogora the "Black Widow"


    The oldest of the currents Admirals, Mogora is one of the few females to become Admiral in the many years of the Navy. Raised by a poor family, Mogora tried her luck with the Navy to be able to provide for her family and many siblings. Known for her constant complaining and her unpleasant personality, Admiral Mogora is one of the few devil fruit users to be able to reach so far with her abilities. Wielder of the Spider Zoan, she is able to create massive amounts of spiders, controlled by her, as also mimic the abilities of logias, turning her whole body into tiny little spiders. Her web weaving skills are also legendary, making her a great weapon against large armies. Despite trying to always keep her personal life secret, her eventful wedding seven years ago with one of the most notorious mages, Iskaral Pust, known troll and rumored to have connections with illegal business, always kept the media interested.

    Vice Admiral Sir Achiel Noctis


    Achiel Noctis comes from the legendary Island of Archangels, were he was raised by his noble family as a knight and owes his kind manners and incredible patience to his education. From a young age he has shown a love towards poetry, literature and fighting. He was trained in most weapons but his prowess in the sword and spear made him perfect the two, developing a unique style combining broadsword and spear. After his home island was raided by the legendary crew of Fuschiabeard, he signed up in the Navy, were his intelligence and fighting skills allowed him to rise in a high position in a young age. Despite Mogora's constant complaints about his manners and incompetence, she personally selected him to become Vice Admiral and she trusts him the most.

    Admiral Ossrec "Lighthand"


    Ossrec "Lighthand" is the second oldest Admiral of the Neo Navy and as reported by many, the coldest and most cruel. Ossrec is one of the last offspring of the noble family of De Akelans, with a noble lineage dated centuries ago. From a young age Ossrec has shown a love towards any kind of guns, developing extremely sharp skills with all of them. As the tradition in the De Akelans family dictates, Ossrec was signed up in the Navy and raised inside a royal campus, along with his father and other male family members. At the age of 18, he ate the Buddha devil fruit, after purchased by his father to increase his strength. His long training, along with his power and family name gave him a high position among the marines from a young age. His love for power made him climb to the the Navy elites in a rather young age. Despite his accomplishes, Ossrec never seizes seeking new ways to attain power. Eligible bachelor from a young age, Ossrec has been married 8 time so far, his last wedding taking place during the winter holidays.

    Vice Admiral Olliphant the "Beast"


    Olliphant comes from a barbaric ancient tribe that lives in the jungle of Rexitia, an island stuck in the ancient time. Olliphant was raised among the beast in the jungle, making him a very resilient and capable warrior. From a young age he shown a love towards fighting and cruelty and was ultimately exiled by his tribe for the rape of the chiefs daughter. Ossrec found him in a slave trade, where he released him and educated him, shaping him into a very loyal and cruel warrior and guardian. Olliphant had eaten the Elephant Zoan in a young age but due to his lac of knowledge, he could not use it's powers until found by Ossrec. Despite his barbaric ways, Ossrec managed to promote Olliphant to Vice Admiral, where he works solely under Ossrec's commands. Olliphant enjoys watching bloody, illegal fights to death, the company of many and beautiful women and hunting. He uses his zoan form to battle and his fighting style that resembles wild animals fighting.

    Admiral Scabandari "Bloodeye"


    Admiral Scabandari is the youngest Admiral of the Navy forces and the first to become admiral at such a young age. Scabandari comes from a noble family, his father a Celestial Dragon and his mother a noble. Despite his noble blood, Scabandari was raised in a very warm and loving, simple environment, since both his parents paid no attention to nobility. Dreaming to become a marine from a young age, Scabandari spent his time playing and training along with his brother Silchas, taught the art of fishman karate since he was a boy from a legendary fishman. He listed in the marines when he was 17 and since then he spent most his time in campuses for training, visiting his family at every chance. Scabandari was present in the massacre of Gracehill where the World Goverment along with an "elite army" raided his home island due to his parents "crimes". Scabandari witnessed both his parents getting slaughter in front of his eyes and ever since he left his home island and never returned again. He dedicated his life into trying to cleanse the Navy forces and build a fair marine force that will strive to protect and take care of the ones in need. Scabandari uses his Air logia devil fruit in battle, enhancing his fishman karate fighting style and he is known to never have lost an official fight against someone.

    Vice Admiral Uriel "Angel of Night"


    Vice Admiral Uriel comes from the legendary Island of Archangels, where she was raised by her noble family. Her rebellious nature troubled her parents for a long time, since she preferred playing war games with boys than being taught ballet and piano along with the other little girls. Uriel's beauty flowered from a young age, drawing the attention of many noble families. Her parents promised her to the prince of the Island when she was 15, a decision Uriel never embraced. She ran away few days later, listing in the marine forces to avoid an arranged marriage in a young age. Sources report that Uriel managed to beat every other student in the dojo the first time she held a katana and ever since, she has dedicated most of her time into discovering the lost ways of her art. Trained by one of the most legendary swordsmen of her time, Uriel was taught the "Secret Path of Night" a legendary technique that only few in the world know. Extremely smart and kind, Uriel is one of the most loved officers in the navy, her men showing blind trust to her. She was personally selected by Admiral Scabandari as a Vice Admiral, since they both spent many years in the same campus, building a friendship based on mutual respect and admiration. Uriel holds the legendary katana "Night's Wail" taken after she beat in combat the last holder and is extremely deadly in combat, fast and silent.

    Goris the "Smoking Barrel"

    Goris is one of the oldest members in the Navy forces. Listed in the marines when he was 7, he lived most his life in training campuses and headquarters. Goris has countless medals of honor and bravery along with many battle scars, acquired in the many battles he has fought. His old age have made him insufferable and cranky, but despite his personality, he is always willing to share his stories and teach the younger generations. Goris has eaten, by accident, the bullet bullet no Mi, a paramecia that allows him to transform in any short of bullet, giving him high speed and accuracy in battle. He is a submarine specialist and has build a very effective fleet that has proved of great value to the navy. Despite his affiliation with the marines, Goris strongly dislikes the World Government, a fact that has brought him and Scabandari closer, marking a long friendship of trust and mutual respect.


    Cyanna "Blackeyes"


    Cyanna "Blackeyes" is the only of the marines that didn't voluntarily joined the Navy forces. Her real name remains a mystery but she is rumored to be raised in a religious school for girls, where she was raped and beaten by a group of boys attending the males department of the school. After that, she run away and lived as a thief, using her looks to attract males and rob them. She was captured by a marine officer and instead of being thrown to jail, she was sentenced with helping around in the Navy base. There, she drawn the attention of one of the previous admirals who helped her train and educated her. Ever since, she started climbing the ranks and is now one of the top officers, in charge of the aircraft missions. Despite her innocent look, Cyanna enjoys inflicting pain to people and uses the crosses she wears to cut the skin of her victims. She was forcefully fed a devil fruit that allows her to have vision of people's deaths and ever since she has taken the nickname "blackeyes" because she can predict all unfortunate events. Cyanna uses her broadsword to fight and the small crosses she hides all over her body to stab and cut her enemies.

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    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Revolutionary Army

    Leader: Silchas "Ruin" the Most Wanted Man in the World


    Silchas Von Maedhros D. Ciryandil, as his full name is, was born in Gracehill one of the most wealthy and busy islands of the world. Son of a celestial dragon and a noble, Silchas has grown to become quite a simple man. As a kid, he loved adventure and spent most of his time playing and discovering the beauties of his island. Soon, he discovered his love for blades and crafting and he was trained in the twin blades style from a young age.
    His life changed when the Word Government raided his island and killed his parents due to their decision to leave the Celestial Dragons. The World Government, that had huge economics interests from their island, declined their petition and raised the rest of the CD against them, manufacturing false accusations for fraud and illegal activities in the island. Silchas was almost killed in that battle, when young Ossrec collapsed a building on top him to stop him from aiding his parents. Silchas witnessed the death of his parents from an opening in boulders, but was unable to move or call for help. He got his nickname "Ruin" after his brother unburried his body, to find him broken both in physical and psychological level. Silchas spent most of his time traveling and trying to rebuilt his island ever since. His wits and intelligence helped him gain what his parents striven for, getting their celestial dragon title erased, that resulted in a war from both WG and Navy forces to never address him with his family names. Silchas spent many years traveling and living in different parts of the world, where he gained many friends and allies, building slowly the Revolutionary Army that strives to help people in need and fight for their freedom. Despite his dislike towards leadership, Silchas found himself "trapped" in the role of leader, since he inspired many people to follow his cause. In one of his journeys he met Aertes, and it was the first time ever she lost a bet, granting him his mythical wyvern zoan. Long friends with Anomander Rake, Silchas spent a long time next to him training and perfecting his double twin blades sword style. Silchas is known for his love affairs, attracting many women with his looks and personality. Despite being popular, Silchas has a hard time forming any meaningful romantic relationships. He is dedicated to his little sister Dayliss, who rose after his parents died and to his people. His relationship with his brother, Admiral Scabandari is legendary, since they both have fought many times, but none of them has ever shown any interest in capturing each other.

    Second in Command: Beolen "Eagle Eye"


    Beolen comes from an ancient race of hunters that resides in Forlorn Forest, a thick forest filled with wild animals and rare flora in a small island. Raised as a hunter, Beolen learned the secrets of the forest from a very young age, making him able to create all kinds of elixirs with his forest's herbs. He was trained in all kind of weapons, but his prowess with the bow was apparent from the start. Despite his size, his father was a giant, Beolen is incredibly fast and can easily hide and cover his trails, making him an excellent ambusher. As their tradition dictates, Beolen left his home island at the age of 18, to seek and discover new adventures and secrets to offer to his tribe. Hunted for his rare bloodline, Beolen spent many years in the sea, where he met Silchas and formed a strong friendship with him. He returned to his home island to share his new knowledge of the world where he received the Eagle Zoan as a gift for his return. Despite his love for his tribe, Beolen decided to leave his island once more to aid the Revolutionary cause, but he returns often in his tribe to update them in the world's news and take part in their annual celebrations. Beolen is known for his prowess with his devil fruit that allows him to transform in a small eagle or even in a gigantic one and carry many people on his back and his accuracy. He carries "Miss Not" a legendary bow Ilsa gifted to him and he is known for never having miss a target with that bow.

    Second in Command: Ilsa the "Calm"


    Ilsa was born and raised in Gracehill, one of the most wealthy islands in the new world. Her father being a well known trader, Ilsa traveled a lot along with him and visited many islands when she was young. As a child Ilsa was always loud and easy to get into fights, clumsy with a bad tempter. From a young age, she had formed a kind of antagonism with Silchas, whom she always found annoying and pompous. In one of her travels, he met her husband, also a trader. Charmed by her wild spirit, he moved in Gracehill where he tried for a long time to charm her. After finally getting married, he started training her in an effort to channel her wild instincts into something useful. In the massacre of Gracehill, her family stood on the side of Silcha's family and her whole family was butchered, along with everyone that tried to resist the World Government that day. Few months after that day, Ilsa gave birth to a girl, Telas, named after her late husband. After her daughter's birth, Ilsa devoted her life into training and getting stronger to be able to protect her daughter, changing her personality completely, becoming a very calm and collected person. She was the one that started forming the Revolutionary Army, building a core of trusted members who believed in freedom and prepared Silchas as a Leader. She ate the Calm Calm paramecia, that allows her to silence the sounds in a very long range, making her a deadly opponent in battle. Using her palm strikes fighting style, Ilsa is able to kill her victims fast and soundless.

    General: Sir Grimvald Gareon


    Sir Grimvald is one of the oldest members of the Revolutionary Army and an official knight. Sir Grimvald has lived most of his life as a guardian in different royal families and has fought countless battles as a soldier for different islands and countries. Soldier to the bone, Sir Grimvald was hired as a trainer and a personal guard by Silchas' family. He trained both Scabandari and Silchas and educated them in strategies and warfare. Sir Grimvald was from the few survivors after the Gracehill massacre, where he was spared due to his old age. After fighting heroically to protect Silchas' parents, he took this action as an insult and ever since he has remained in Silchas side, aiding him with his vast experience. Sir Grimvald has dedicated a lot of time into helping raising Dayliss, who he deeply loves and rebuilding the town and trading of Gracehill after the massacre. Sir Grimvald uses a broadsword and a shield in battle and usually rides a horse. He is in charge of the cavalry, on of the most efficient and deadly units in Silchas army, a unit he personally put together and oversees.

    Airship Specialist & Master of Destruction: Starry


    Starry is among the youngest members of the Revolutionary Army, that decided to join them after her family were sold as slaves and later killed by the Celestial Dragons. Starry was raised in a small village that is located and built on top of a huge mushroom. She belongs in a rare tribe that are rather small, rumored to have Tontatta blood in their lineage, but very strong and resilient. Another peculiar fact about this tribe is the lack of surnames, since their tribe is rather small and they don't find the need for it. Starry had discovered her love for bombs and mayhem from a young age, experimenting with guns and explosives. Despite her destructive nature, Starry was always loved by the rest of her tribe. Her misfortunes started when her family and she left to attend a wedding on another island and fell into a pirate ship, who captured them and sold them to the Celestial Dragons. Her mother aided her to escape, by stealing an aircraft, but paid for her aid with her life. As she was escaping and because of her lack of experience in piloting an airship, Starry crashed on Silchas, who was traveling in his Wyvern form. He took her back on Akron to aid her with her wounds, where she had to replace parts of her burnt body with mechanical parts. Despite the tragic events, Starry never lost her positivity and tried to make every experience into something useful. Valuable member of the Revolutionary Army ever since, she the commander of Airforces and Master of Destruction, using big machine guns and bombs to fight.

    Secret Agent: Akahana the "Red Flower"


    Very little is known about Akahana, even by the rest of the commanders in the Revolutionary Army. She appeared with Silchas on a gloomy day, where he announced that she would become part of the Army, but ever since, she has been like a ghost. Akahana always attends the Army's broad meetings, despite no one knowing where she lives to inform her and never speaks. Her real name is also a mystery, the people giving her the nickname Akahana the red Flower, from a flower she usually wears in her long, black hair. She always covers most of her body and face, leaving only her eyes exposed. Akahana is rumored to be an excellent ninja and the few that have seen her fight speak of a truly talented fighter. Rumors also mentions that she has eaten a strange fruit that has turned her into a demon, but nothing has been confirmed so far.

    Special Missions: Grub

    Grub was a mystery kid every since he came on the Revolutionary Tower. Hardly ever talking about his past, it was hard for anyone to approach him. He appeared in the port one night alone, on a small boat and announced he would like to be part of the army. Despite his introverted character, Silchas managed to approach him and discover that Grub has been an orphan since he could remember. He had no memory of parents, but he grew up in the allies of an island by beggars and thieves. The only thing he remembers of his parents was a strange woman voice telling him not to make any promises, that resulted in the boy not talking at all as a kid. Later, with Silchas help, he discovered that he has been fed the Promise Promise no Mi, a Paramecia devil fruit that grants power and luck to the holder to fulfill his promises, but kills him, in case he deliberately neglects him. Ever since, Silchas has been very protective of Grub in fear he will accidentally kill himself. Grub is a valuable member of the Revolutionaries and in charge of special missions. He is a very skilfull thief, which allows him to move undetected and trick his enemies and also he is a pretty capable rappier user. Combined with his fruit, Grub can become a very deadly opponent both to his enemies and himself. Recently, he discovered that his mother was a slave in one of the World Government's Necropolises. His mother died in front of his eyes when the Revolutionary Army was trying to rescue the slaves, but despite that loss he remains a trusty and devoted member of the Revolutionaries.

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    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Scenario 24


    The somber tune played by the fishman echoed through the night. The airship carrying the Unchained Psycho Dogs division of the Revolutionary army was slowly gliding in reverse towards the Revolutionary tower. On the upper deck, captain Thorne was gazing into the moon ahead. His mood matching the tunes of his comrade. Iris was sitting next to Jackhen, clapping happily to the music more fit for a funeral. Jackhen always had the weakness for Iris-chan's requests.

    "That raptor is the best acquisition we got since Hanzo!" Second captain Jerk was heard shouting from the dining room
    "I concur" Grand Captain Ji'nara's voice echoed "It's the only subordinate I'd consider useful"
    "We ain't your subordinates "lady" " Jerk took a puff of smoke "I was implying you suck."
    "That is because your primitive brain cells believe you acquired me when in reality I acquired you." Ji'nara paused for a bit "Kala'ar, would you kindly migrate the excess mass from the navigator's gluteus into his cranium, so he might have some chance of developing sufficient intelligence to operate his respiratory system properly."
    "Excess what from where into whom, so i might what?"
    The raptor Kala'ar screeched and the breaking noise was heard, followed by a lot of growling and screeching, and ultimately sniveling.

    Jerk stepped out on the teck and walked towards Thorne, covered in bite and claw marks.
    "Were you the one growling or the Raptor?" Thorne asked
    "What do you think?" Jerk said and spit out bits of raptor scales "I think the bitch called me fat."

    Thorne smiled and kept staring at the moon.

    Jerk sighed "Are you gloomy because you have to tell that debaucherous slut we call leader that you failed to bring Aertes and Anomander into the fold?"
    "I'm fairly sure he knew we had no chance of completing that mission."
    "Sonuvabich I knew it!"
    "I think he just wanted us to grow and learn from them."
    "And did we?"
    Jerk looked Thorne in the eyes "Is that why you look like someone is about to die?"
    Hanzo stepped out and walked towards Jerk "Vice-captain, you fought that demonic shriveled dragon with unbridled ferocity! The honor is yours this day."
    Thorne smiled at Hanzo "You are freaked out by Kala'ar aren't you?"
    "A-admitting that would be a weakness" Hanzo stuttered and focused on treating Jerk's wounds, evading Thorne's gaze
    "Answer my goddamn question cap'n!" Jerk raised his voice, still staring at Thorne.
    Thorne paused for a moment. "I think moments like these are what's about to die."

    He looked at Jerk, he could see the same sadness on his face as he had when he realized Stonny was no more. It didn't last long however, as Jerk's mouth soon stretched into a villainous grin "You have cold feet!"

    Thorne laughed out loud, making Jackhen stop playing "Isn't it always the case?" Thorne said "When someone is at risk of losing what's precious to him?"
    Iris rolled her eye "Are you on about that again?"
    "He can't be fixed" Jerk shook his head
    "Every, single time we are about to face off against the marines..." Jackhen patted Thorne on the back
    "Captain is not wrong." Hanzo said "Every battle, should be approached as if it's your last."
    Jerk sunk his arms into his hips and turned to give Hanzo the piece of his mind, but Thorne interrupted him "I'm fine." He smiled and gazed in the distance once more "It's the leader i'm worried about."
    Jerk closed his eyes and took a puff of smoke "Yeah... that bastard... He has quite a lot at stake here does he? Damned if he loses, damned if he wins."

    Ji'nara called for them from the inside of the ship "If you are quite done with your demonstration of human emotions, I need you to come here and handle the crisis Kala'ar made when he fertilized miss Iris' bedroom!"


    The music was loud as Zemu was demonstrating a “dance”, trying to entertain the local ladies. Lucius rolled his eyes and drank the last of his beer, walking away of the loud tavern. Whispers were heard as he passed by a table with four ladies and the one stood up walking besides him.
    “You know I was wondering” said the woman as Lucius turned around “if you have any interesting stories from you journeys to share”.
    “Hasn't my Captain told those stories a million times already?”
    “I wouldn't know, I just got here” said the woman with an innocent look in her eyes as she ordered two more drinks. The tavern door opened and Sebastian along with Lara came in, looking for the rest of the crew.
    “You know, perhaps I could share some with a drink” replied Lucius as soon as he saw the two. The girl leaned towards him, as he started speaking.
    “And then they all died” said Lara that had approached them as they were speaking, wrapping her hands around Lucius. The girl looked at her annoyed but Lara nodded at her to go away and she left, looking at Lucius with a lustful look full of promises.
    “That was rude” said the man as he drunk some of his beer.
    “Aaaww, I am sorry did I shown up before you could arrange a date with her?”
    “Are you jealous Lara?”
    “Jealous? Of her? I just find it very rude that you are flirting with her in the open like this".
    “I was not flirting. I was just passing my time while you and Mr. “Oh my dear Lara, allow me to show you around the beauties of the island” did god knows what!”
    Lara giggled with Lucius frustrated look before she kissed him.
    “He was just showing me the Minoan Palace. I didn't think you would be interested.”
    “Oh? Is the palace big?”
    “Pretty much, very nice architecture.”
    “And does it have royal bedrooms?”
    “Two or more” said Lara with a curious look on her face.
    “Then perhaps you should show me around those rooms” whispered Lucius as he took her in his arms, grabbing a bottle of rum from the bar and walking outside the tavern.

    The stars were glowing in the night sky, the sounds of leaves dancing in the cool breeze all around them. Geh'Morah looked at the stars, trying to read their patterns, thinking back on her journey so far.
    “Can you really tell the future from the movement of stars?” asked her Leanna, who was laying close to her, her face on her naked belly. Geh'Morah smiled before she replied.
    “No future is written. And certainly not in the stars. What you see up there is a glorious illusion” replied the woman in her heavy accent as she pointed at the sky.
    “Cassiopeia of beauty and vanity. Orion the hunter and his nemesis, Scorpius.”
    “Then why do you like looking at the stars? If there are no more than illusions?”
    “Glorious ones. I want to go there”. Leanna looked at her with question.
    “To the stars?”
    “What if there's nothing there?”
    “What if it's everything there?”
    “What do you seek, young witch?” asked Leanna with a warm smile and Geh'Morah shrugged.
    “Have you lost your way?”
    “Not all who wander are lost. You don't need to look for something specific to seek. Sometimes the journey is all you need to make, regardless the destination”.
    “You are wise, my young witch” said Leanna as she poured some wine into her belly, licking away the remains.
    “And thus I drink from your wisdom” she continued as she poured more wine.
    “You should drink from the fountain if you wish to taste my wisdom” replied Geh'Morah with a smirk as the woman kissed her belly, reaching lower with every wine drenched kiss.


    The Zero Division touched down on Nioche, after eventually finding an area to land Gehenna. The biting wind was the first thing that welcomed then, the snowy mountainous backdrop making the island seem all the more opposing.

    Like back on Akron, though, they wouldn't have to tackle this island alone. For the Ace Marines, now renowned for their exploits in taking down not one but two Yonko's, were awaiting them.

    "Hmm, they're here." Gin noticed the Zero Division approach.

    "Welcome, Munsu, I-"

    "Get to the point, Gin. You have our assignment, yes?"

    There was no warm greeting between them. Something had changed, with Munsu in particular, and there was a certain coldness about the Zero Division this time around. Matched, really, by only the snow that continued to fall on this island.

    Deciding not to push the point, which was rather unusual for Gin Satoshi, provocateur extraordinaire, The Ace Marines quickly briefed their counterparts on what they were there for.

    "Scabandari told us to eliminate this "Snow Queen". Apparently the World Government hated her, she carried the Will of D you see, but recently they've welcomed her due to the power she wields, and the connections she has. This has become a problem, we're told, because the World Government are plotting away. So, they want us to eliminate this Snow Queen, or should I say, "Ava D. Lanche", and shut this thing down."

    "Really? Hmm..." Munsu looked like he was thinking of something.

    " we have to follow this order?" Lucieila, who had picked up on Munsu's train of thought, asked bluntly.



    "W-why would we..."

    The Ace Marines were taken aback. The thought of such flagrant insubordination hadn't occurred to them. And yet...

    "That... might be interesting" said Gin.

    That caught his own team by further surprise. Gin, of all people, going along with this...

    "Bastard-sama, is that okay?"

    "I dislike how I was disrespected by Mogora... this will be our comeback!"

    "Hmph, now you're thinking like a Captain, Gin. Well, if that's decided, then?" Munsu looked a little pleased.

    "...yeah. Alright, we're doing it."

    A nervous energy filled the area.

    "Good to hear. Right, we'll be back on our ship, so come see us when you need us."

    And with that, the Zero Division left, without looking back once.

    "What was up with them?" asked Maar, not exactly enthralled by her first meeting with the other Marine team.

    "Not sure. They looked even edgier than before." quipped Gin.

    "Bastard-sama... why are we doing this?" Izuna, more than the rest of them, looked concerned.

    "Oh, Izuna, it'll be fine. It's not like we're killing Marines or anything. We're just, y'know, looking out for ourselves for once. Besides, I doubt they care. Too busy fighting or something." Gin tried to reassure Izuna, though wasn't too successful in his attempt.


    A few hours later, both teams met back up. Their plan was to side with Ava D. Lanche, so they found a guard to convey this to her while they would wait for a secondary Marine team, who were supposed to be on standby for them, to arrive at their checkpoint. They would then ambush them, and subdue them for a bit. The Zero Division seemed to agree with the plan, but didn't really confirm one way or the other. Nevertheless, they saw their targets, and set their plan in motion.

    The fight was chaotic, and both Frank and Zabuza were knocked out in the scuffle than ensued, but the elite marine force were no match for either team.

    The Ace Marines were about to go and retrieve some materials to bind their fallen foes, but they noticed that the Zero Division hadn't put their weapons away.

    "What are you guys doing? Spacing out or somethi-"

    Gin couldn't finish his sentence, before Lucieila skewered one marine through the heart, while Munsu blasted the brains out of another. Zabuza struck a third Marine, decapitating them in one swift blow. Areto disemboweled another, JARVIS shot the fifth to ribbons while Igor broke the back of the last one. Within an instant, all 6 of their enemies were not just beaten... they were dead.

    "You... what the Hell?! They're our comrades!"

    "Bastard-sama... I tried to tell you... they had that look in their eyes from the start..."

    "Why... why would you kill fellow Marines!" pleaded Guine.

    "Huh? You're talking to me like that, woman?" Munsu glared back at her, not an ounce of comradery in his eyes.

    "What happened to you guys?" Gin was in shock.

    "What happened?" Lucieila asked, with feigned surprise.

    "Why, nothing happened. This is always who we were. The victor decides the loser's fate. So as we were clearly the victors here... we decided to kill them." she continued, matter-of-factly, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

    "That's not right... that's not right at all..." Frank replied, emotionally.

    "You guys are messed up!" Gin's rage was growing by the second.

    "Oh? What about all the people you've killed? Don't come on your high horse with me, Gin. These shitters were not fit to be Marines, so we simply took that from them. What are you going to do about it?"

    Gin went to strike Munsu, but his attack was blocked by Lucieila, with Munsu grinning smugly. Lucieila, at some point, had removed her bone mask, her eyes glowing a fiery red as the runes beneath them were revealed.

    "So? Are you going to fight us here, Gin?"

    Lucieila dropped her stance and returned her bone mask. The assumption that they wouldn't pissed Gin off further, yet he had no intentions of fighting here.

    " Unlike your team, apparently... my team doesn't fight their own. Come on, Ace Marines. We've got to finish this plan out. With them, sadly."

    And so, begrudgingly, the teams moved on with their insubordinate plan.

    credits for the write up goes to the crew

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    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    World's Corner Prison

    The air was blowing through her golden hair as the large fleet came into vision in the horizon. The sky was glowing with a red hue, a storm building up, clenching her heart as if she had seen already the terror. Her dragons had marched along them but were now left behind, awaiting for their time.
    “D. Simbelackis’ ship?” asked a voice in her head.
    “Yes. It would be the smallest” replied the woman and fixed her gaze in the large ships that were sailing towards the mist covered island. She could not detect any of the marine ships, but was certain that a deception has been weaved around the prison.
    The gigantic dragon dived into the blackened night, invisible in his form, black scales as the night glistening with silver, a mirror of the stars.

    Aertes and Anomander Rake landed with little noise into the small boat, rustling the ones within it. The bearded man waved at his small crew and they all fell back.
    “My lady….this is a surprise and a great honour. And Anomander Rake...I am left without words”.
    “I wish we met under different circumstances Un D. Simbelackis Ultor” replied Anomander.
    “Indeed, the time is unfortunate. I have come to offer my aid” said Aertes with a small bow towards Un. The man was speechless for a moment before he took her hand.
    “Your aid is priceless and well timed”.
    “I must ask a favour of you. I need to get in the prison. I have….let’s say some unresolved business. Can you delay your arrival? Anomander will help you with the sorcery around the island”.
    Anomander nodded towards Un who looked even more confused.
    “If you find it necessary, my lady. But I am concerned for your safety”.
    “Ah, very kind of you, my Pirate King, but I have taken my measures, fear not” said the woman with a smile and disappeared from their eyes.

    The chains rattled in the dark as the figure emerged from the abyss. Bones snapped and blood flooded as the figure started to take form. The woman stood in the opening, the stone breathing with life, moist and warm. The prison had awakened.
    A ghastly voice rasped as the flesh was mending.
    “The man made many promises….to bind my will….but this gift...I must admit, I am overflowing with bliss” said the deep voice in a long growl.
    “I am not a thing to be gifted”.
    “Aertes...not a day has passed on you” continued the figure that had now emerged in full view.
    “You look dreadful” replied the woman as she saw the skeleton figure taking form. A deep laugh was heard as it approached.
    “I will reward him accordingly for the warm welcoming.”
    “I am not here to welcome you.”
    “Aertes...I have stared down the eternity in chains…but my offers for you will always stand.”
    “I don't have time for your deceit, Mael.”
    “Mael….yes. This used to be my name” said the figure that had almost taken form, caressing Aertes’ long neck.

    “I can sense you have grown stronger.”
    Aertes made no effort to stop the man’s touch neither did she reply.
    “I have always told you, a king needs a queen...and you...I have never desired what my reach can't take...but you...the unattainable...untamed. You, my queen, I have desired and came to despair. Answer my know where we could reach together. My offer still stands.”
    “As does my rejection. Your desire...only a crave for power. You are dissimulation packed with chicanery. What you desire in only a small part, one I’ve never come to embrace.”

    The man walked around her, he had taken full form now. Tall masculine body, covered in tattoos, reaching from his back all the way down his right leg. He had long straight hair that fell on his naked back, a charming face with high cheekbones and black eyes.
    “I can smell him all over you...your rejections, because of that man? What has he ever offered?”
    “Alas, I am in no need of offerings. You know nothing of human relationships. Emotions are not properties to exchange them as part of agreements.”
    “Indeed, I am not knowledgeable on the matter. Why would I be…? Humans and their fragile nature... despicable. You are better than this Aertes” continued the man as he stood behind her and kissed her neck.
    “My patience grows thin, Mael”
    “Then answer me. Why are you here? You wish to contest my awakening? That would be foolish. Even for you, my rebellious queen.”
    “Contest? No, I have no intention of arguing with you here.”
    “Return to your prison Mael. I will do the binding anew.”
    The man laughed, a frenzied rasp, malicious and malformed.
    “This is your request? I must decline.”
    “Very well Mael” said Aertes as she raised her eyes on him.
    “Then begone from my sight” she continued as the man was drawn from an invisible force, back into his prison. He looked at her bemused and astonished as she turned her back to walk away.
    “I have indeed grown stronger Mael. Witness how it feels to hold your fate in my hands. Witness and despair, for now your will is tainted. Your malevolent existence is not only yours to control.”
    The chains rattled and the prison bars closed once more, as if the time had been rewinded back, the air growing dry and lifeless.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Scenario 25

    Suicide Island
    Unholy Alliance of Psychos

    Hanzo was in the crownest, gazing at the horizon
    "I see them, captain!"

    "Thanks for the information, human" Ji'Nara walked to the prow of the ship.
    "I think he was talking to me ..." Thorne grumbled and stood beside her.
    "Remember what we've talked about. They need our help as much as we need theirs. Silchas asked us to work together in order to deal with the Marines, and that's what we'll do, understood?"

    "Yes captain!" Jackhen saluted and puffed his chest.
    Iris giggled and punched his shoulder "I think he was mostly talking to Jerk and Ji'Nara, sily" to which Jackhen blushed.

    Hanzo came down the crownest and looked at Kala'ar with concern.
    "Keep your beast on a leash, Ji'Nara. We won't want them thinking we're hostile if that thing attacks them..."

    "Fear. The most useless of human emotions. Isn't that so, Kaly?" she smiled towards the raptor, who wagged his tail towards her and grinned his teeth at Hanzo.

    The Windrider kept on sailing until it reached Suicide Island, where the Colossi Pirates ship was already ported, and where music, laughs and voices could be heard.

    "Wohoo! A party! Seems like we arrived right on time! Hanzo, go grab the drinks I got from the Tower! This will be good!"

    "Wait! We gotta plan thinks thoroughly..." Thorne extended his hand, but it was already too late. The okama had already jumped off the ship and cheerfully danced his way towards the Colossi pirates.

    Iris patted Thorne in the back "Lets go before he gets himself killed"

    As they approached, they saw a dirty looking giant with a big white beard, or rather, nosehair, sitting near their vice captain.
    "Rahahahaha, you're a funny little man! Here! Drink some more!" the giant continued while giving Jerk a jug bigger than he was.

    Thorne coughed, in an attempt to get his attention "I take you're Captain Zemu the White Yeti Smythe? A pleasure to meet you" he extended his hand.
    "Ah! Captain Thorne! Or is it Captain Ji'Nara? Your crew is confusing but funny!" Zemu patted Jerk in the back, which made him fall inside the mug.
    Thorne chuckled nervously "Ah ah ... yes ... I'm having trouble knowing myself ... I see you've met my Vice Captain..."

    Lucius and Lara observed from a corner of their ship, watching carefully the crew that approached them and measuring them, crossing eyes with Jackhen and Iris who seemed to be doing the same, and stopping at the odd being that was Ji'Nara with her horned helmet instead of eyes, and her pet raptor.

    "That's a curious crew", Lucius noted. "I hope they'll be stronger than the Aesir Pirates"
    "Oh, that's a dinosaur right?!" Lara said cheerfully " you think I can pet it??"
    "Did you even listen to what I said?" Lucius sighed with some frustration in his voice.

    Leanna and Geh'Morrah approached Iris, stripping her with their eyes and then investigated the rest of the a crew.
    “We salute you crew of the many captains and tamers of strange beasts” said Leanna in a sturdy tone as she looked upon Kaal’Ar.
    “I am Leanna, Meanada of flames, and this is Geh'Morah, Queen of Witches and Black Magic”.
    The revolutionaries looked at Leanna with curiosity, Jackhen blushing at the sight of her tight, dark skin and her exposed, well shaped breasts. Geh’Morah scanned their faces with curiosity and a blank expression, rattling her skull decorated stick.
    “I wonder if she'd be up for a tour?"she asked in her heavy accent, looking straight into Iris’ eye.

    "Oh! I'd be really glad to! Hello! I'm Iris!" she said extending her hand and smiling, but tripped right after and grabbed Leanna's chest.
    Jackhen and Thorne's face went pale, while Jerk laughed either from the drink or from what happened.
    "S-s-sorry! I'm really clumsy!" Iris blushed and stepped back, arm to arm with Jackhen.

    Leanna smirked towards her and caressed her face.
    “It's fine One Eyed Mistress of Destruction. As long as my Queen Witch is not opposed to that.”
    Geh'Morah smiled at Iris, keeping her piercing stare at her eye.
    “I would never oppose the Meanadas traditions.”

    "W-wait a minute!" Jackhen stepped in "If you are taking my flower, I'm coming too!" he looked with a brave face, grabbing Iris' other hand.

    Leanna shook her head "I'm sorry Lord of Fishes. We have no interest in men.”

    Understanding their intentions, Iris got back to Jackhen and hugged his arm "I'm not going ... I'd rather stay the night with him"
    Geh'Morrah tilted her head "How curious” she said and they walked passed them, bowing towards the crew.
    “If you change your mind let your lust guide you”, the witch’s soft whisper was heard inside Iris head, but when she turned around both of them had walked inside the ship.

    Sebastian, who was nearby watching the interactions, approached them with a bright smile.
    "Despicable human emotions" Ji'Nara commented "I can't understand why they need them so much."
    "Well, that is a rude thing to say, mylady, but if you're truly curious I could help you get educated on the usefulness of human emotions” replied Sebastian with a warm smile as he tried to kiss Ji’nara's hand in greeting.
    "I'd rather carve you up from top to bottom and have Kala'ar feast on your decaying flesh" she threatened with a monotone, emotionless voice, Kala'ar shaking his tail and licking his lips.

    A dagger flew past Ji’nara and both crews saw Lucius and Lara on the ready, only for an arrow to be nailed next to where they were standing, Hanzo approaching from the shadows.

    "Woah woah woah! Calm down! You're Sebastian, right?" Thorne got in the middle to diffuse the situation "I heard you're a new addition, and quite a good one ... what do you say you join us to work on the plan? We'd be quite happy to have your invaluable input ... " he smiled nervously, looking at Lucius and Lara, who were looking at Ji’nara with a provocative smile.

    Hanzo butted in "That would be most wise. Captain Zemu and our Okama don't seem like they'll be joining" he look at them, lowering his bow, "so perhaps we could calm our tempers and save our energy to our common enemy.”

    Sebastian gulped and nodded, having felt his life in danger, and Ji'Nara moved with them to the table "Most wise, dear human. Containing your emotions shall keep you alive"
    "Lucius? Lara? Are you coming?" Sebastian looked at them anxiously, hoping to not be left alone with the odd group.

    Lucius scoffed "I’ll pass. Try not to get a knife through your heart, Sebastian” he continued and Lara rolled her eyes at his attitude.
    “What about Zemu?" she nudged at him "We can't just leave our captain with ..." she looked at Zemu and Jerk, who kept on laughing and drinking without a care in the world.

    “Oooooooiii!” a loud, drunk voice was heard as everyone was ready to take their leave.
    “What now Zemu?” asked Lucius with frustration.
    “Hrrrmmmmm” mumbled the giant as he took a serious look to think.
    Lara rolled her eyes once more and sighed in despair.
    “Is this gonna take forever?”
    “I know! We need to seal our alliance in some way” said the giant and opened his gigantic arms, hugging everyone really tight.
    “Oi Geh'Morah and Leanna stop lurking in the shadows!” he continued and pushed both women into his arms as well.
    “Oi man, cut that crap already” complained Lucius.
    “I think I am going to puke” said Iris and tried to close her nose.
    “Insolence, such a malicious attack, I am going to stub him to death” fought Ji’nara to release herself, Thorne desperately trying to keep her blades away from the kind, smelly giant.
    “Captain, with all due respect, but you reek like a dead carcass” complained Sebastian.
    “Raawr he's a dirty one” laughed Jerk.
    “Is this some kind of a weird tradition?” asked Jackhen that didn't seem to mind the smelly hug.
    “A disgusting one yeah” said Lara as she kept pushing Zemu away.
    “You all really nice and strong but way too clean!!” said the giant as he raised his cup, showering all of them with alcohol and sealing the alliance of the Colossi Pirates with the Unchained Dogs.

    Credits for the write ups goes to the crew


    As the two crew's made their way to the castle of miss Ava D. Lanche the Zero Marines seemed unphased by the most recent turn of events. The same couldn't be said for Ace however. Gin’s mind was constantly racing trying to figure out how to turn this situation around, but none came to mind. The captain had simply intended to find another way of benefiting their cause, but now everything was so messed up. Without a doubt they were traitors, and even worse murderers of their own allies. The very thought made the captain’s stomach turn, as things stood though they didn't really have a choice, but to continue ahead. They were at war after all so with the marines as their enemies now fighting amongst themselves would only destroy them both.

    Keeping that in mind Gin directed his attention to his crew. Blathoxis the soulless behemoth that he was seemed unphased by the situation, and Maar seemed to even be enjoying herself as she made attempts to chat up the giant. From there Gin’s attention turned to Izuna who was exuding a different kind if air about her which bothered the tontatta. Somewhat worried the captain turned his feet to check on the small girl, but almost as soon as he did the small mink rushed over to her friend Guine and began conversing with her. Seeing this Gin couldn't help to wonder if he had been avoided, but as the frigid air hit the tontatta’s face he chose to dismiss the idea and instead went to converse with Frank.

    Little did the captain know that his intuition was right. Seeing the captain’s actions Izuna had no intentions of speaking with the man. There were few things that mink’s valued more than loyalty, and whether it was Gin’s discontent at the marine’s treatment of him, or personal benefit that inspired him to make this move she couldn't stand by it. If they weren't a part of something bigger and abiding by some code then what was even the purpose of their journey? Thinking as such Izuna's mind refocused. There was no helping the position that they were in so all she could do is try to keep her friend safe. For that the mink would kill off her emotions and do what needed to be done.

    It took a few hours for the marines to make their way through the cold and snow before finally arriving at the woman's castle. Once inside they found the lady in question within what looked like a throne room. Munsu took the lead in their negotiations claiming that the crew were desiring to be of aid to her as an ally of the World Government. The woman's expression was one of confusion at first, but after finally understanding the situation the woman let out a hardy laugh. For what the marines did not know, but if she was going to put any faith in this she'd need to see a bit more.

    “Well personally I've never heard of you, but if you are willing to join the World Government’s little scheme then I can put in a good word for you. First though I would like for you to go outside and handle those mice that you have lead to my door.

    Lucielle was the first to pick up on it. “We must be slipping captain, it seems we let ourselves get surrounded.” she said adjusting her mask.

    “Damn, information really travels too fast these days” Munsu said grinning as they rushed out of the castle to find themselves surrounded by none other than other than the marines special mission division. These guys weren't exactly the type to ask questions so the battle neither side chose to hesitate as their battle began.

    Credits for the write ups goes to the crew

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    World's Corner

    Storms raged in the skies, a mayhem of red lighting and loud thunders. The sea was in turmoil, whirlpools and large waves crashing into the ships, as if the core of the earth was boiling in uproar. Gunshots were echoing in the night and canon balls flew all around the fleet. The battle between Lucky Pirates and the World Government’s fleet had begun.

    The woman landed softly in the small boat, unseen by the crew. The veil of magic had been teared apart and the pirates had a full visual contact with the armies that were hiding in the misty clouds.
    “My lady” nodded Un as he saw Aertes back, “what news you bring? Did you manage to contain the beast?”.
    “Momentarily. It will buy us few hours. It would be wise to finish off this battle before Mael breaks loose. He will be... enraged” replied Aertes with a smirk.
    “Are you certain it was wise to go there my lady?”
    “It was. I know of the chaining now. Merely bypassed, not broken. We need to weaken Mael so Anomander and I can bind him anew.”
    “We will do our best my lady”.
    “Do you happen to know where I can find Anomander?” asked Aertes but her question was answered as a loud roar echoed in the skies, the gigantic, black dragon diving into the waters, spreading black fire in his path.
    “I shall take my leave now” said the woman and disappeared into the night.

    Navy Flagship

    The ship shook once more as the heavy rain kept falling.
    “Another attack?” rolled her eyes Uriel as she tried to get up from the bed.
    “Stay there. Our man can take care of the creatures. You need to rest” replied Scabandari with a soft touch.
    “Those beasts are heading the same way we are Scabandari, I am scared of what we are going to find when we arrive. What has he done?”
    Scabandari's look fell to the ground and when he replied his tone was bitter and hesitant.
    “I am sorry...I couldn't stop him. This is a mistake. We are marines. How could he…” his fist slamming into the table.
    “I also have bad news. The scouts in Nioche have reported that our divisions sided with D. Lance.”
    “Tsk. I can't say I am surprised. They never seemed smart.”
    “We can dispatch a small division to take care of them”.
    “No. I have no time for traitors. They can run into Ossrec's arms if they wish. Their obliteration will be inevitable. Ava will toss them away the second she realises she has no use of them. As for Ossrec...he will be dead before he can make use of them.”

    Uriel scanned Scabandari’s troubled face and her touch was soft upon his eyes, a shooting caress that took away his worries.
    “You don't have to do everything by yourself, my love.”
    Scabandari kissed her hand and rested his forehead into hers.
    “When this is over, we will go on a looong vacation” he replied and they both smiled as the rain drops whipped the windows of the cabin, deafening the roars and sounds of fight.

    World's Corner

    “What are you standing there you sob looking cunts?” yelled Ellisandria at a group of pirates trying to unfurl the side sails. The men quickened their pace as the Fury sailed in the dark, raging waters, circling around the large World Government Fleet.
    “This place is full of reefs and the storm is not helping” said Tormund as he glanced over the waters.
    “We're far from the coast and I doubt those heavy battle ships were able to manoeuvre between reefs in such weather, so we are safe” replied Ellisandria as she moved in the side of the ship, inspecting the waters.
    “We are still at the first line of fire”.
    “And what are you scared of Tormund? That a bullet will ruin your ugly face? Spare me your concerns, I have enough in my mind.”
    “I am simply advising for caution” said the man with a serious smile as a round of cannonballs flew on their direction, only to dissipate into the air.
    “We have cover” smiled back at him Ellisandria as they sided two large battleships.

    The colourful ship sailed stealthy into the fog, unusually silently for the fancy crew. Captains Trixie and Pixie were looking around unamused as the Pride was circling around the gloomy island.
    “It's ridiculous to send us for infiltration missions! Not a single speck of glitter in the air, I feel uninspired!” complained Pixie.
    “Quit your yapping, you fat ass Okama! Un sama has trusted us with this mission! We can't let him down!” replied Trixie. Pixie made a shook face and his cheeks blushed.
    “Oh my! My captain depends on us! We will destroy marine scums! I am sooooo readyyyy!” concluded Pixie with an overly dramatic bow.
    “Yeah, yeah whatever drama queen, now keep your hellhole shut cause you gonna give away our position with your screams.”
    “My voice is like the soft whisper of a summer breeze.”
    “Only soft about you is the brain.”
    “You jealous, fat Okama scum!”
    “Trixie-sama, Pixie-sama! Stop arguing and focus on the mission please!” scolded the man standing close to them as he spoke on small Den Den Mushi. “We are in position.”
    “Alright long nose kun, make it shine” said Pixie as clouds gathered on top of the enemies ship.
    “Watch the true power of my weather fruit you snob queen!” replied Trixie as a large lighting concentrated in the clouds.
    “Your fruit? You stole that away fatass!”
    “How dare you! I bitten it first you ugly face pirate!”
    “Will you shut up already?!” yelled the man next to them frustrated, only to change his tone in a calm whisper as he spoke in the Den Den Mushi.
    “We are striking in few seconds, Lady Ellisandria.”
    “The audacity!”
    “Truly uncalled for!”
    “I am in shock!”
    “Let's do this my beloved sis!”
    “Yes, sugar sister let's show those marines plebs the true power of weather!” concluded the twins and they hugged, a gigantic thunder detonating on top of two marine ships, as the Fury unleashed a round of cannon balls.
    The man next to the Okamas rolled his eyes in their reaction.
    “I should have become a farmer.”

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Scenario 25 and a half

    World's Corner

    The sun was starting to rise behind the clouded horizon as the battle between the Lucky Pirates and the World Government raged. Despite the first advantage the Lucky Pirates managed, the horde of strange, reptilian creatures crashing like waves into the fleet was turning around the outcome. The Lucky Pirates had assumed a semicircular formation in an attempt to push back into the treacherous waters, filled with reefs and hidden tides, the world government fleet. The attempt had been successful until the first NagaLord attacked the pirate ships. Now, cornered between the government fleet and the creatures, the crew struggled to maintain its position with no chance of providing back up to the side lines, that had been dragged deep into the battle.

    Lady Ellisandria, do you hear me??
    Lady Ellisandria, please confirm you are alright…
    Ellis I beg you, don't be dead….

    “Aye, I ain't dead yet, but I have my hands full right now, so be quick!”
    “We were pushed back by the marines and docked on the island, we need backup.”
    “We are on the same situation here. We can't disengage. I will try to at least distract the big heads so our crews have a chance.”
    “My lady, please don't attempt something reckless and foolish!”
    “Aye, will try not to. Hold in there, ya hear me you ugly face Okamas? I ain't ready to lose you yet!”
    “I am not an Okama! I should have never came into this crew….”

    “Hammer reporting to the Eel. We are being engaged by another one of those things. Over.”
    “The nasty ones? Over.”
    “Yes, the fodder has been dealt with already. Over.”
    “It's the same here, we have one between the Eel and Merkalyon. Captain Espinoza has a plan. Over.”
    “ Chekrak seems to also have a plan. Will report again later. Over and out.”

    On the deck of the Eel, the little man to whom the ship owed its name was pacing calmly with two Den Den Mushis in his hands. One of them meant for internal communications with his ship’s artillery. The other, as betrayed by its shark shape, linked to the captain of Merkalyon, Sir Francis Drake.
    The dwarf captain stopped pacing and looked up, taking the measure of the huge Naga Lord that was standing above the sea’s surface with its trident in hand, attacking both ships, swiping its tail with damaging effect and roaring furiously as it kept getting denied.
    “B23, fire!” he gave the order and the cannons fired, parrying the beast’s trident. When it tried to smash the ship with its hand, Jeronimo gave another order, and the punch was met halfway by more cannonballs.
    “Ever fought a guy bigger than you in a tavern, Raul?” he asked turning to his first mate, a muscular man around seven feet tall. “H5, fire!”
    “Never happened, sir. I try to stay away from engaging giants.”
    Jeronimo laughed. “D7, fire!” he gave another command, this time aiming not to the beast's tail. “First, you need to not take damage, so you parry and evade. Small attacks here and there, just to keep him busy. The big guy gets annoyed, enraged. Why can't he knock you out and be done with it, he thinks. C37, fire! Then, frustrated as he is, he opens up, overextends. Look.”
    The Naga Lord, lifted its trident higher than ever before and was about to swing it downwards with devastating effect.
    “F12, fire!” calmly ordered and the cannonballs now sunk in the beast's upper part of the arm holding the weapon, ruining its attack.
    “Then, Raul, you need to bait them to overextend more, bring them right where you want them. They think you can't really hurt them, after all.” he added and concentrated his haki. Upon doing that, the Naga Lord’s head turned to him and captain Espinoza could see in its eyes the rage it felt upon realising who was orchestrating the attacks. With a swift motion, it charged forward headfirst, a move driven by frenzy, and opened its jaws to devour the dwarf captain.
    Jeronimo finally spoke to the other Den Den Mushi. “Sir Francis. Shoot me, please.”
    “With pleasure” came captain Drake’s answer.
    The beast was intercepted by the cannonball a few tens of meters before it could reach Espinoza.
    The Merkalyon boasted to have the biggest cannon out of all of Un’s fleets, the Magnum 44. The Naga Lord was of course not aware of that, having taken small damage by Espinoza’s cannons so far and had in its madness just gotten itself in range of captain Drake's pride and joy. Its head was blown clean off, showering Jeronimo’s crew with the beasts’ brains.

    “Eel reporting to Hammer. The Naga Lord is down. Blown away by the Magnum 44. Over.”
    “Good job. Chekrak dealt with the one we were facing too. Over.”
    “What was his plan? Over.”
    “He jumped on it and kept hammering at its eyes until he destroyed them and the beasts brains when it retreated underwater. Said something about how you fight a bigger guy…Over.”
    “...Over and out.”

    Her heart beat fast in her sore chest as she kept running deeper inside the jungle. She felt thousand eyes watching her, as if she was trying to escape the forest itself, but she kept going deeper. The loud thuds of an elephant running were heard all around her, as she stopped to catch her breath. She had successfully driven Vice Admiral Oliphant out of the battle, chasing her around the jungle. A small force of other officers were dispatched as well, leaving their forces headless, a situation Ellisandria well knew that her crew would take advantage of and was trying to buy as much time as she could for them.

    She climbed into an ageless, gigantic tree, its twigs combed into an endless web with the rest of the trees. A vine snapped out of the sudden, locked around her foot pulling her closer her to the tree trunk, were a long face, with a pointy nose and small eyes appeared.
    “Found you!” sang the man in a cheerful announcement before Ellisandria’s boot stroke with force. The face spasmed from pain and disappeared from the trunk.
    “You can't run from me you little bitch!” yelled the man in frustration.
    “I am the vine vine man!” he yelled and vines snapped as Ellisandria kept running.
    “The forest is my home!”

    Screams were heard all around the marine ship as an unknown force kept pushing the men out of the way. Bones snapped and cries echoed, the cannons going silent as the men ran in an unorganized retreat. Daerion looked over the ship, the sieging of fire giving them a good opportunity to push back the rest of the men and gain control of the fight. A body flew his way, diving on top of a marine force to avoid the collision. The men fell down and Dearion was fast to take them all out in few heartbeats.

    “Oooooooiiii!!!!” he yelled towards the group of fleeing men, “don't throw ‘em my way!!! Push ‘em in the other marine ships you lil demon!!”
    “Ruuuuuun!” yelled the men as a girl, not over 17 kept chasing them. Her eyes had turned red and her hair were floating in a strange aura. The men jumped into the water before she could reach them as Daerion laughed loudly.
    “Good job, now calm down!” he said and waved at her as a gigantic Naga surfaced, its trident striking hard at the spot were the young girl was standing.
    “Kyaaaa!” she yelled as she fell on the side. The Naga tried to lift the trident that had sunk deep into the wooden deck, but Dayliss proved faster. She climbed on top of the creature and kept punching its head down, the sea reptile leaving screams of agony with every punch.
    “Aight you got it...Oi Dayliss, cut it out its dead!” Daerion yelled at her but Dayliss kept punching the creature, wood smashing as the body kept sinking deeper into the ship. A loud crack was heard and the ship was cut in two, slowing sinking as the waters were stained with the beast's vile blood.
    “Poseidon’s hairy balls girl, you're worse than the monsters!”

    The hooded figure stood still, gaze on the rising sun. The man approached with care, uneasy and silent.
    “My lady?” he asked as he cleared his throat. The figure didn't reply, just waved for him to approach.
    “My lady, are you expecting something?”
    “Just the sun rise” replied the woman in a casual tone.
    Un sighed and covered his face with his hands momentarily, choosing his words before he spoke.
    “My lady, we are in a dire situation. Those creatures have us concerned. I am afraid we won't be able to complete our mission.”
    “Creatures? Cornered?” asked Aertes as she turned around, looking at the wild battle that raged behind her, fire and smoke rising all around the small island, cannonballs exploding, shotguns firing and screams echoing all around.
    “Pardon me Un, I have been distracted” she said and looked at the rising sun. Un rolled his eyes as he frowned with question, unable to understand the strange distraction that was found in the sky and sun that made the woman not notice the wild battle that took place.
    “Leave the Naga and their Lords to me. Anomander is to deal with their summoner. Please focus on the World Government Fleet" said Aertes but made no attempt to move.
    “Are you certain you can handle-” started to say Un, but his words were distracted by the loud noise of water splashing and the rise of two Naga Lords in front of the small boat. Un took position to protect Aertes as she calmly placed her hand on his shoulder.
    “Please don't be distracted by this. Return to your fleet.”
    “My lady! They are two!” said Un as Aertes smiled at him under her draconian visors. She took off her cloak, with an unrushed move as the Naga Lords inspected the two figures, revealing her heavy scaled armour in black and gold that covered her whole body. Un spent a moment admiring the exquisite armour, decorated with dragon spikes and bones.
    Aertes whispered a word and a golden spear appeared in her hand.
    “Take cover sir Un” she warned as she smashed her spear into the boat in front of her, sending a wave of force pushing back the two Naga Lords. The creatures staggered momentarily and attacked, a trident striking the long spear that met the attack and pushed back. Aertes jumped on top of one of the creatures as it attacked, spear cutting and slicing in fast, harmonic moves as the lady seemed like she was dancing on top of the Naga Lord. The beast roared and tried to catch her with its free hand, but Aertes jumped into the air throwing her spear directly into its head. The weapon stroke with an impending force, armour slished away like paper, flesh cut like tender meat. Blood splattered as the beast fell dead into the water, the woman landing in the small boat. Un saw a gigantic shadow coming from behind them and turned around to face another surfacing Naga Lord, but the shadow was gone.
    “Burn them” whispered the woman as she looked upon the remaining Naga Lord that was ready to attack. Un looked around in question as the large shadow approached once more and fire rained from the skies. Un admired the magnificent, gigantic black dragon that hanged over their heads, showering the Naga Lord with fire as bones and flesh melted away in the sea.
    “I hope this reassures you to get back in your battle undistracted, Captain Un D.Simbelackis Ultor” said Aertes with a smile as she jumped into Rake's back. The beast lowered its head in an invitation and Aertes extended her hand, Un climbing in the back of the dragon next to lady Aertes.
    “I am sorry for doubting you my lady. I just wanted to make sure you will be safe.”
    “You're quite the gentleman Un” she said with a provocative smile that made the great captain blush momentarily.
    A black cloud covered the sun in the horizon, as something seemed to approach.
    “What now?” rolled his eyes Un at the peculiar sight.
    “Oh my! I had forgotten my dragons!” replied lady Aertes as the cloud moved closer in the skies.

    The boot smashed into the man’s head before he could block the kick and he staggered back, as another man laughed. Officer Ruhand looked badly beaten when Oliphant reached the small opening in the jungle, next to a large cliff.
    Ruhand sent forth a mass of vines, circling Ellisandria’s body, who swirled around, her body infested with haki, to cover the distance and smashed her elbow into his face. The man screamed in pain as a small blade cut into the vines.
    “Enough!” commanded Oliphant as he stepped forward, assembling battle position.
    “Aaaww two against one? Good thinking Vice Admiral Pussy” replied Ellisandria between deep breaths.
    The man stretched his bare chest muscles and smiled.
    “You're a wild one" he said as he approached her, her hands trapped in vines once more.
    “I like wild woman” he continued and caressed her face. She tried to push him back, but the vines kept her hands down. Oliphant smiled with sarcasm at the attempt as Ellisandria spat into his face. The man looked at her for a long moment before he punched her hard in the stomach, her head falling down as her body bent.
    Oliphant pushed her head up, his hand on her hair as he whispered to her, “I like wild women cause I like to break them. Imagine how much fun you and I will have until you turn into an obedient little puppy.”
    “Before this battle is over, you will be dead and I will step over your corpse” replied Ellisandria. Oliphant walked back, laughing loudly with her remark. The vines left her hands as she looked around.
    “Now there, little mice, there's nowhere to run anymore. What are you going to do?” asked the large man sarcastically.
    “I am going to fly shithead” said Ellisandria as she jumped over the cliff, into the void.

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    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Fog, Fire and Blood

    “Release them? Is this a joke Okama?” asked Lucius irritated, his eyes glistering under his hood and mask.
    “I know you have some unresolved issues” tried to explain Captain Thorne, but was interrupted by Lara, who seemed as irritated as Lucius.
    “Unresolved issues? They threatened us, mocked us, made us chase them only to run away...and you ask us to show mercy? Mercy for marines. Never!” she concluded frustrated as she extended her katana on Lucieila's neck.
    “Even though killing you like this is not as enjoyable as I anticipated...” she sighed as the blade pierced deep into the woman's neck.

    “Please, Lara let's not derail this!” stepped forward Iris.
    “The Zero Division must be punished...but look at her” she continued with a mellow tone as she pointed towards Izuna, “she's just a child”.
    Lara's eyes fell to the ground before she looked at Izuna, her face covered with question, her big eyes revealing curiosity mixed with fear.
    “Oi, one eyed bitch-chan, don't be sorry for me. I don't mind dying” replied Izuna as Lucius placed his hand on top of Lara’s.
    “The child may go” he whispered and looked at her with compassion, knowing that she didn't have the heart to kill her.
    “Now the Ace Marines…” said Thorne once more.
    “Don't push this!” snapped Lucius.
    “Calm down!”
    “This is not your decision only. There's no honour in killing them on their knees” replied Hanzo as he extended an arrow towards Lucius.
    “They can step up and fight!”

    “Ooooooiii!” yelled Zemu as he approached the crews half drunk from celebrating their victory “we have made an alliance. Stop fighting, we are tied with bonds of mud and dirtiness-”
    “Zemu look out!!”
    “and we shouldn't be fight-aaaaa!!!!”
    “Zemu! You stepped into their Captain!” said both crews in unison as the giant looked on his foot that landed on the spot the cyorg tonttata was standing, the marines frowning with disgust and fear.
    “You crashed him!”
    “Nooo!! My favourite dwarf! I didn't mean to, I swear!”
    “This is unacceptable supplicant!”
    “He was so funny!!Aaaaa! I would never kill him!” replied Zemu, his eyes filled with tears, his nose running uncontrollably.
    “It's ok Zemu, we believe you, pull it together!” said Lara as she tried to comfort him.
    “No we don't!” stepped in Jackhen.
    “He was so sassy trying to bite his tongue to kill himself! I wanted to keep him as an entertainer!”
    “Silence. Pathetic, you expect us to believe you? This means war!”
    “Ji’nara stop, we are not fighting them!” stepped in Thorne.

    Fog covered the area and Lucius took out his blades, few fast strikes and both marine crews were lying on the ground lifeless, blood running through their necks.
    “This is over. Let's go. Lara take Zemu to the ship” ordered Lucius as he gave his extended hand to Izuna, the last of the marines to remain alive. His blade hanged loose on his other hand when he felt a force, pushing his hand and Izuna's body, colliding into a bloody contact. Her big eyes looked at him with question and he felt almost sad as he saw the life leaving her body. A hand landed into his cheek before he could react, Iris slapping him hard, her eyes filled with rage and tears.
    “You promised to leave her be!”
    “I didn't do anything! Your bitch captain pushed her into my blade!”
    “She's not the captain!”
    “You dare accuse me of your failures?”
    “Oi, my lady” stepped in Sebastian his eyes cold and bloodthirsty “if the first mate says you pushed her, you did. Please return to your airship and leave. I wouldn't want to hurt a lady such as you.”
    “Insolent! Pathetic display, you will all perish!”
    “Stop this!” warned Thorne, but it was too late.

    Lucius covered the coast in fog, but the darkness kept sucking everything around them in a black hole.
    “We don't have much time. Go!” he yelled and both him and Lara jumped from the fog, catching the Revolutionaries by surprise.
    Jackhen roared as he turned into a Tyrannosaurus Rex, charging fast towards the Colossi crew. A gigantic body stepped in front of them, matching in size the dinosaur, the collision raising dust and sand all around them.
    “No one hurts my crew!” yelled Zemu as he pushed back Jackhen, sending him away from his crew.
    “I can't see anything!” yelled Jerk as he lifted into the sky, breathing fire in his draconic form.
    “Tsk. Is that all you can do with fire?” laughed Leanna as her body turned into flames, gathering power.
    Lara and Lucius were fast, trying to push through the first line of fire, but Jackhen, Iris and Thorne held their ground, focusing the attacks on the two of them, who bled and struggled to keep up with the three revolutionaries.
    “This is not good enough!” yelled Lara, her face turning into a skull mask, a deadly aura surrounding her. A fire blast landed where Jackhen was standing, skin burning away and screams piercing the sounds of battle. Iris cried and tried to help him, but Lara striked fast, leaving Thorne unconscious, who fell after Jackhen.
    Iris looked at her terrified, a menacing aura oozing all around Lara, her beautiful characteristics turned into a mask of death.
    “Who are you?” whispered Iris, her damaged eye burning and itching.
    “I am death incarnate” replied Lara in a calm tone as Lucius jumped behind Iris, his blades cutting away, leaving Iris looking at the sight of death before she fell unconscious.

    “You bastards!” yelled Jerk as he shot flames all around them, diving into Sebastian. The noble and kind man had turned into a ruthless fighter. His flails swinged around, blood spraying his face as he landed hard hits to the enemies around him. He pushed his shield to avoid most attacks, a frenzied power driving him deeper into the lines of the Revolutionaries. Ji’nara struggled to keep her ground as Jerk and Hanzo aided her from the backline.

    “He...he is a beast!” whispered Lara as she saw Sebastian attacking with no mercy.
    “The kind, ass kisser is a monster!” agreed Lucius confused by Sebastian's sudden change. Arrows flew next to them, as Hanzo tried to take advantage of their distraction.
    “Lara!” yelled Lucius as the woman fell on the ground, an arrow piercing through her arm.
    “It's ok, I will survive. End this Lucius” she whispered to him but before the man could return to the battle a wild roar was heard as Zemu jumped into the air, locking Jerk around his arms and driving him to the ground with his weight. The dragon struggled to release himself but the giant proved stronger, pinning him down as explosions engulfed the remaining two Revolutionaries. Sebastian blasted his flails against Ji'nara's face that fell into the ground as a large Voodoo doll circled Hanzo.
    “Garry?! Not that traitor Geh'Morah!” yelled Zemu that looked upon the witch’s summon with jealousy and anger.
    Geh'Morah and Leanna rolled their eyes but before they could land their next attacks Jerk's cries of agony stopped them.
    “Stop! This is madness! Let them be! Kill me instead!”

    The giant released him from his grip and helped him up on his feet once more.
    “My captain is dead. My friends are dead. Stop this! Enough! Just kill me and get this over with!”
    “No one is dead” replied Lucius who got closer “just badly hurt. Geh'Morah, help Lara with her wounds.”
    “We...we shared sake together! I can't kill you!” cried Zemu as he hugged Jerk.
    “No one needs to die Captain. Except that bitch you have on board. She will backstab you at the first chance. She's not even worthy all this hassle.”
    “I believe you” said Jerk as his face fell into the ground “that you didn't kill Izuna. She made raptors attack us just for fun. She stepped away when we were getting beaten by Anomander.”
    “What a sad performance imbecile” replied Ji'nara that was up on her feet again.
    “You're part of the Death Fleet. You're at my disposal, to do as I order.”
    “Death Fleet?” laughed Lucius as he pointed his blade on her.
    “You pathetic, false prophets. There's only one Death, and today she spared you. But I promise you, we will bring death and destruction upon your Fleet!”
    Ji'nara laughed as a beam was shot from the sky, a spaceship appearing over their heads.
    “Where did this come from?”
    “Tsk, blind fools. My spaceship follows me wherever I go! Kal’aar!” she ordered and the small raptor came close to her.
    “You will all perish! Your challenge will be answered” she announced as the beam of light blinded them, Ji’nara dissipating into the light.

    “I am so glad she is gone” said Hanzo as he helped the rest of the crew with their wounds.
    “She had no honour.”
    A pile of mud fell into Jerk's body.
    “Ooooi!? What on earth are you doing?”
    “You must embrace the dirty way if you want to live!” said Zemu serious.
    “Does the dirty way allow the consumption of alcohol?”
    “It demands it!”
    “I like the dirty way. And if you're fighting the Death Fleet, we are going to help you” said Jerk with a smile as the giant hugged him with tears in his eyes, driving Lucius close to him as well.
    “Can we stop the smelly hugs tradition already?!” he said as he rolled his eyes, a secret smile under his mask that his friends were safe and unharmed once again.

    Birds chirped inside the forest as J.A.R.V.I.S. strolled deeper. His former orders have been erased and his system restarted. He didn't believe the fog assassin would know how to reboot him, but he was surprised to restart and return to his original settings, programmed by his creator in Akron. The robot witnessed the fight from the forest, as he escaped unnoticed in the uproar. A small bird landed in his steel shoulder, and the robot noticed for the first time in his existence how surprising liberating feelings were. He scanned around the area and embraced the hot sun rays that pierced through the trees, his body and system able to taste the sense of freedom, as if he was human.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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