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    Revolutionaries Tower

    Silchas stared at the horizon, the dark blue canvas slowly painted in red and golden hues. He blinked his eyes to get used to the newly arrived sun, and sat motionless in the bed, his thoughts carried away with the fading night sky.

    “Silchas? You are up already?” he heard a voice, and looked away from the sky, where the sun had risen fully.
    “I am sorry, I was distracted by my thoughts. Yes, I woke up, a long time ago it appears”.
    The girl came closer to Silchas, her head on his chest.

    “What's been bothering you?” she asked slowly as she ran her fingers in his naked torso. He anticipated the question and felt cold and disconnected. Lying had become so easy, it concerned him. Slightly.

    “The developments with the Navy and the New Government. Trying to understand my brother…” his voice faded away.
    Laertia was silent for a moment. “Are you thinking of acting?”
    “Is there much I can do, I wonder? But yes. I want to approach my brother. Grab the hand that has been extended to me.” Silchas sighed at himself for the last line as Ellisandria flowed his mind. He disguised his guilty smile into a cough and continued.
    “Do you think me a fool? For wanting to side with Scabandari?”

    Laertia raised her head and looked him in his teal eyes, ever veiled and unreadable for her.
    “I think caution is to be advised. Don't be hasty Silchas, there might be a knife waiting for your back. I know he is your brother but he remains Marine…. Proceed, but with caution” Silchas paid close attention to her words and then kissed her forehead.

    “Your words are always wise Laertia. I will take your advice to heart. But now” he said as he got up from the bed, “I am afraid I have an appointment for breakfast and if I be late again I will be accused for wine serving on inappropriate times.”

    “Pft, that pirate woman again?” said Laertia and looked at him as he got dressed, slightly irritated.
    “Jealousy ill suits you dear. Jealousy ill suits all women. When will I ever convince your kind of that? I am not confident I will” said Silchas, his silver hair dancing in his back as he walked away from the room.

    The room was dark, one of the few that had no windows in the whole tower. The man paced impatiently while the young boy, almost at his 18 stared at him, studying his face with curiosity. “You are worried” he noticed. Silchas stopped pacing and looked at him.
    “Don't be” continued the boy.
    Silchas left a deep sigh. “Be careful. The mission is not more important than your life. I trust in your powers, but promise you will take care of yourself.” The boy looked at him and said nothing.
    “Grub. Promise it” said Silchas with demand.
    “I don't like promises” replied the boy.
    “Yes, you don't because you have to keep them if speak them. Grub. Say it.”
    “I promise I will be careful. I will take care of myself. The mission is not more important than my life” said the boy with a heavy accent and a deep voice, too deep for his age. The air detonated as if some kind of sorcery had been sent to the skies and Silchas left the room pleased.

    Neo Navy HQ

    “This was a mistake” said Ossrec with his hands leaning on the round table as he looked at the other people there. He saw Mogora's eyes roll so much, he thought they'd be rid of her momentarily.

    “Shouldn’t you be on your honeymoon?” asked Mogora tired.
    “I should but that idiot-”
    “Admiral-sama! Please don't address to Admiral Scabandari-sama like this! He is an inspiration and a role model for us, young Marines!” said a young man, hardly at his twenties. Ossrec looked at him with disgust and his cheeks grew red, but he kept the eyes contact.

    “That young, smart fellow, with the alarming big glasses - good lord where do they even sell those- has made a great observation. That's what Scabandari is. A role model for the young generation. A symbol for equality….” said Mogora, the kind words being spit out her mouth as poison. The people on the board looked at her with confusion, hardly understanding if she was serious. Mogora looked around and sighed.

    “That bastard should have asked us before he did what he did. Be silent four-eyes, I will call Scabandari-sama however I like. I am older and I have earned this right. Instead of sitting there and crying like a baby” she nodded at Ossrec “help us take care of this mess” she concluded and sat down, immediately looking as a dwarf compared to the rest of the people in the room.

    “Ahem” a lady sat up and cleared her throat. “Admiral Scabandari doesn't seem to be in any need of reinforcements at the time, so we have one less thing to worry about” she looked back at her long scroll, “Uriel reports are not to be taken lightly. It seems the problem and the extremity of the crimes committed by the Celestial Dragons are vast. She has asked for a large, law enforcement unit to stay in the island and resolve the cases that came up” she concluded and sat down. A fat man clear his throat and spoke after her.

    “I will personally assemble the team and sent them off to Sabaody the sooner I can. Please inform Scabandari this issue is under my care and a unit is to be expected”.
    “I have prepared a press release, Admiral Mogora and Ossrec. Please tell me if this satisfying I will read it now….”

    Later that evening

    Mogora's eyes were closing slowly and she looked at the sun setting in the horizon. She never had much patience for board meetings and long speeches made her sleepy. A small knock was heard on the door, before Ossrec walked in.

    “I don't have the energy for nagging if that's what you're here for” said Mogora without taking her eyes on the sunset.
    “I have been contacted by the World Government. They were worried and... hostile.”
    “We are the World Government now, how's that for a reply to their hostility?”
    “Rushed and unwise.”
    “Hah! Admiral Ossrec, who spend most of his time getting married speaks of wisdom. That's something.”
    “I didn't come here to argue. I am just telling you what I know.”
    “I will speak with Scabandari before we manage those old goats.”
    “So you favour him?”
    “Ah, you developed a sense of humour? I favour none but myself.”

    Ossrec looked at her with a tired look. “I wish to go back to my wife. So I will be fast. Do we have any news from Silchas and the Revolutionaries?”
    “They are still and silent for the moment.”
    “And how about Silchas? Did he take the bait?”
    “Oh yes, foolish as all men. He took that young spy into his bed without a second thought. That strumpet, with her full breasts and her obscene lips-”
    “Mogora! To the point please. And Laertia is not a strumpet. I trained her myself, she is a smart and very capable woman.”
    “Whatever, Ossrec. Your smart and capable woman, send regular reports. Silchas hasn't decided to move yeat, but he wants to side with Scabandari, if possible.”
    “Hm. That's a nice turn of events. I will be off. Have a good evening Mogora” said Ossrec as he left her office, the sun hiding under the sea, painting the sky deep blue. Ossrec shook his head as he heard Mogora's complaints about the unachievable of pleasure in this place and dreamt of his warm bed.

    Sabaody Archipelago

    Scabandari was reading reports in his office when Uriel burst in, her hair dancing around her red cheeks.

    “Scabandari!!” she caught him off guard as she rushed towards him. He was worried, Uriel was never the one to run in his office like that, something terrible must have happened. In his effort to check on her, he almost run into her, their heads bumping as they both charged.

    “Ouch, I am sorry! I should control myself!” she said and looked down with embarrassed.
    “Uriel, you are scaring me, are you alright?” replied Scabandari and took her face into his hands to closer examine her. Uriel’s cheeks turned even more flushed.
    “I am sorry! Everything is alright! Great to be honest! The news!” she said and put a paper into Scabandari's face. He tried to read but she was too excited to wait.

    “The World Government made a press release to condemn your actions! And the Headquarters replied with a detailed article of why our actions are admirable! Not only that but the people have greatly sided with us and they reacted very negative to the World's Government stance! Everything worked out!” concluded Uriel with enthusiasm. Scabandari smiled as he looked at her face, not reading a word from the paper in his hands.
    “What's wrong?” asked Uriel and looked at him worried. “Aren't you pleased?”
    “Of course I am!” said Scabandari still looking at her with a bright smile “your smile is enough to make me happy” he added and instantly felt his cheeks going red. Uriel looked away for a moment, as she said in a low voice “your smile is enough to make me happy as well” and then looked back at him, anticipating... something. Scabandari felt anxious, he was so close to her, he could count the tiny freckles in her face and feel her sweet breathe.

    “Uuhhm, well this is great, but that means even more work for us, we need to coordinate with the Headquarters before we leave here” said Scabandari, visible startled by Uriel's enthusiasm. Her smile was erased from her lips so quickly and Scabandari realized how stupid he had been all this time.

    “I will share the news and make sure to communicate with the Headquarters” she replied in a stiff, professional tone as she turned around to leave. Scabandari cursed inside his head and moved towards her, his heart pounding at his chest.
    “Uriel wait!” he said and closed the door, turning her around to look at her surprised eyes. “What?” she tried to reply but the word was muffled by his lips that moved over hers. She glimpsed to a hue of red, before she closed her eyes, and all she could feel was his hands on her face, his lips upon hers and his heart beating wild in his chest.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    The deadline for this scenario will be Thursday evening our time. In the unlikely but desirable scenario that you have finished the actions before the deadline do tell us so that we can start calculating your battle earlier.

    The game of mafia is the eternal struggle between the admitted desire not to get lynched
    and the unadmitted desire not to read.

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    Scenario 14

    In a World Wonder

    "Goddamn, these Marine fools... do they not know how long we've been waiting for those damn New World co-ordinates... what the hell is taking them so long"

    Munsu raged.

    "How many scenarios was it you solved that stupid riddle they sent, Lucieila dear? 6? 8? 10?"

    "Didn't we find some random guy with a tattoo on his back showing us the way though?"

    "Yes, Areto dear. We did. And nobody, not even Lucieila, can read it. So what use is it, exactly?"

    "W-well, it's a start at least!"

    "And, Areto-chan, it seems you've ceased referring to me as Captain! In fact, you can give me the full title. How did it go again, Vain?"

    Vain cleared his throat.

    "Ahem. CAPTAIN Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Marine Company! Munsu Sama!"

    The Zero Division looked at Areto, expectantly.

    "CAPTAIN Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Marine Company! Munsu Sama!"

    She said, in her bravest voice. It was an attempt, at least.

    Zabuza responded, grittily as usual.

    "Not sure what you're so happy about, Areto. Us getting to New World is nothing but bad news for you..."


    Areto was perplexed. Munsu, ever the benevolent Captain, didn't miss a beat in solving that issue.

    "Ahaha, yes, quite right Zabuza. Indeed, Areto. Once we get one of those powerful New World allies, you'll be the first one on a ship back to Amazon Lily. Or what's left of it by then, that is..."

    Joven, who had not said a word, and didn't even qualify for a seat at the breakfast table at the Zero Division, looked full of joy at hearing this.

    "You mean... I'm not the weakest link-"

    "Oh, nevermind Areto. You'll be on the second ship back. It seems a rat is still in our midst..."

    Joven piped back down again. He probably wouldn't repeat that mistake.

    Lucieila, who had been silent too, muttered a "hmm", which broke some of the tension.

    "Something the matter, Lucieila dear?"

    "It's just... the writeup for last scenario... it mentioned a Den Den Mushi, did it not? But we didn't buy it. Munsu said-"

    "Ah, very good point, Lucieila dear. I wouldn't waste my money on garbage that can't even let me conspire with the feeble Captain Pace. Indeed, I'm still angry about his book, and should I see him in New World by some miracle, I'll be demanding my 200 beli back!"

    Lucieila decided not to mention how heavily Munsu x Cobra was shipped, though she suspected Munsu knew anyway. After all, one of the days, he demanded they turn the ship around and bombard Amazon Lily with rain and hellfire. After some discussion, they settled with asking some Marine fodder to rough up the Amazonians, though whether such a thing would happen was another matter entirely.

    As if right on cue, a raven flew into the ship, carrying a handwritten letter. Lucieila groaned as soon as she saw the handwriting.

    "Sigh." was all Munsu said when he realised the same thing.

    "It's that dreadful Uriel... honestly, Scabby gives that wench far too much of a leash. If I had my way, the woman would only serve to lick my boots! Useless, slow, incompetent... ah well. Scabby I feel has some feelings for the creature. No wonder the Marines fell to such a lowly basement. Let this be kept between us, but he's showing some age these days. He's getting old. Pathetic and weak, too. Once we crush the Pirate scum for good, we'd be well served at getting rid of them too. Well, that's a long way away now. Lucieila, what does it say?"

    "Oh! We have co-ordinates! She also says to be careful, apparently they're strong."

    "So she can be useful then." Areto retorted, clearly hurt by the earlier remarks.

    The Zero Division ignored her, again, though.

    "But, Munsu, what do we do with the tattoo guy?"

    It seemed to have dawned on Lucieila, and then the rest of the team, that they had the man with the tattoo still with them, who just stared at them blankly.

    "You can do what you want with him, Lucieila."

    "Umm... miss... I have a family back home. 3 daughters, a fourth is due soon. If possible, I'd like to be given passage back... if you're done with me that is... I'll tell them I came willingly, and that you were kind and wonderful hosts!"

    "Hmm... what did we even do to the last one? Kill them all? Conquer? Ally? Eh, who cares. You want to go back, eh? Very well. I'll give you "passage" back... through the sea!"

    In a swift motion, Lucieila kicked the man in the chest, knocking him overboard.


    These waters were infested with all kinds of foul commodities, so it was only a matter of time before he was murdered... or worse. Though, perhaps he'd get lucky?

    Areto and Joven looked shocked once again at the casual cruelty shown, but knew better than to say anything. If it was Zabuza, that'd be one thing, but Lucieila could be just as bad as Munsu when she wanted to be.

    "Oh, that reminds me... we had a free tattoo, right?" asked Zabuza.

    "What happened to it?"

    Munsu looked at Areto slyly.

    "Ahh, you see... our little snake friend here really wanted a Cobra tattoo. I'm a kind Captain of course, so I allowed her... well, one kind of snake anyway. Ouroboros, is what she has tattooed on her back shoulder now. See, if you look at it, it looks like a "0". Truly, a genius idea!"

    Areto just looked down sadly. It was hard not to feel pity for her, thought the rest of the crew. Or they would do, if they had any ounce of remorse or compassion.

    "Chin up, Areto. If you keep trying hard you might become somewhat worthwhile, and we'd keep you on an conquered island anyway. The hosts wouldn't let us kill all for Amazon Lily back then, or conquer either, so that's all we could do sadly. You couldn't go back there even if we wanted you too."

    Apparently, that was Lucieila's way of cheering Areto up.

    "Didn't you want a tattoo yourself, Luci...eila" asked Vain.

    "Oh, Vain-kun... I already have plenty."

    An evil smile flashed across Lucieila's face as she gestured towards that bone mask of hers.Vain decided not to press any further - he felt like looking at whatever was behind that mask would be like looking into Davy Jones' locker itself.


    The Zero Division finally arrived at their destination.

    "Ahhh... here we are. At long last! The gates of New World itself!"

    Munsu looked a lot happier than he did before. Across the landscape were a series of pyramids, with one right at the back of the island blocking any passage through. Across to the sides, it was like the world itself had ended, as there were gun-like pyramids preventing people from sailing past the island. This indeed was a stage fitting for a final boss. Or mid-boss, as the case may be.

    They wasted no time getting to the Grand Pyramid, and were somewhat surprised to find it so easy to enter.

    "Um, Munsu... this feels like a trap."

    "Indeed, Lucieila dea- VAIN! Get your ass back here!"

    Vain, in his excitement, had ran ahead and into the pyramid itself.

    "Pathetic, just pathetic!" spat out Munsu.

    "Quick, team! Let's retrieve the idiot and enter New World!"

    They soon caught up to Vain, and then noticed their foe. On a tall, golden throne, sat a Mummified Ancient Pharaoh. In the centre was apparently his tomb, with symbols that apparently read "here lies Khufu, in his last house, the Pyramid of Giza".

    "Oh, brother." sighed Zabuza.

    "No, oh mother" corrected Lucieila. Zabuza just looked at her, not sure whether to be impressed at her apparent attempt at humour or embarrassed at it.

    The Zero Division quickly went into their formation, and prepared to do battle with their ancient foe.

    The great Pharaoh, Khufu aka Cheops aka the Mummy stared at Munsu with his one half rotten eye. He pointed at him and then ran his finger over his neck.

    Once their battle was finally over, the remaining members of The Zero Division sat down, ready for some much needed rest. The all looked at Captain's Munsu unconscious body.

    "i guess the Pharaoh was serious in taking him down".

    Areto had made a picnic, and was about to bring it out as a surprise when they heard an almighty rumble.

    Lucieila and Munsu, who jumped up scarred from the rumble, were the quickest to react.

    "The Pyramid-!"

    "It has lost the only pillar it had left... it's falling!"

    As if by fate, or perhaps it was by prophecy, an exit opened up by itself through the back of the throne room. Looting what they could from the tomb, the Zero Division ran full speed, with the Pyramid crashing down around them. There were numerous near misses, but it seemed that divine intervention was on their side today, as the rocks all seemed to find ways to avoid striking them.

    They, as one, jumped through the exit, into the sunlight beyond...

    Somehow, their ship was around the other side of the island, awaiting them. In triumph, they made their way there, and once they had settled down, Munsu made a small speech.

    "Well, we made it."

    They looked out across the horizon. The sun was beginning to set, and the sight was beautiful to behold. Beyond lay a new adventure, indeed, it really was a "new world".

    "It hasn't been easy, but we've gotten here, mostly all in tact. Let us spend a thought for poor Madao, who sadly didn't make it past our first real hurdle. Actually, let's not. Let's face it, he was never cut out to make it. It's for the best he died, or he'd be left on some random island who knows where by now."

    Munsu looked over to Joven, who knew his days were very much numbered. The Zero Division would likely make sure to keep Areto accessible, should they offload her, but Joven had no such luck.

    "Anyway. This is only the start. It gets harder from here. That said, we will be meeting up with our peers, the Ace Marines, very shortly I hope. The Pirates and the Revolutionaries have made a terrible mistake in not finishing at least one of us off by now. Our chances of victory have increased tenfold... no, more like twentyfold!"

    "So, Captain. What's the immediate plan?"

    "Why, I'm glad you asked Vain. Now... we go kill some Pirate Scum!"

    Credits go to the crew for the write up

    Black Gates

    "I wasn't expecting this..." Thorne reads the newspapers as the St. Booty cruises through the river. On the upper deck of the ship, Jerk is yelling and breaking things - "THAT DAMN BASTARD!! HOW COULD HE??"

    "What the hell is he mad for? Isn't that good? " Francesca looks at him, while petting and upgrading Tequilla.

    "Yes, Francesca-chan, they are our enemies... but so are the marines. I don't think this is as good as it seems" Jackhen answers, interrupted from playing the harp by Jerk's rage.

    "Jerk wanted to do it himself. He wants to kill the Tenryuubitos, some personal vendetta he has" Iris says as she brings a chocolate cake and a few drinks for the crew. Jerk keeps trashing around and drinking - "SCABANDARIIIIIII!!!"

    Thorne puts down the newspaper and looks at the crew - "Whatever Scabandari play is, it's not what it seems. The marines will only grow stronger from dethroning the Tenryuubitos. Silchas... whatever he does, it'll be decisive!"

    "Awoooooooo!" Tequilla howls, looking at the sky. Jim, who is sitting in the crow's nest, looks up too - "What the hell is that-chii? An eye is watching us-chii!!"

    Thorne stands up and looks ahead "Looks like we're in the right path! According to the info we got, we have to go in that direction and destroy it to open the path. Jackhen, you still have it?"

    "Yes Captain! It doesn't corrupt me like it corrupted everyone... maybe because I'm a fishman?" he says, inspecting the ring.
    "Yay! Our info was right!" Francesca garchuus Jackhen, excited.

    Jerk, still sour about the news, complains - "You fools, one does not simply take the ring into Mount Doom..."

    Thorne interrupts him, scriblling something in his notebook "I'm working on a strategy, Jerk. We will need a sword, a bow and an axe!"

    Thorne orders Tequilla to stay on the ship and guard it, like everytime they leave it, and the crew heads over to the tower in order to destroy the ring. All of a sudden, a shriek is heard as a shadow drops from the sky on top of Jerk.

    "Ah! You bit me!" Jerk moans - "How did you know I like it that way?"
    Jim jumps over to Jackhen's side, scared for his life, and his neck - "What the hell is that-chii??! A vampire-chii??! Will the drunk bastard turn into a vampire-chii??"
    "A Werewolf too! I thought those things weren't real!" Francesca screams as a hulking feral figure leaps in their way "Oh wait, I'm a mink..." she realizes.

    "Calm down, everyone! They are probably DF users, there's nothing to fear!" Thorne tries to calm them, but it's too late -
    "Everyone, get silver and some spikes from the ship! We need to kill these things!" Jackhen rushes to the ship, but a tall armored black knight stands in his way and hits him with his mace.

    "Thief...what you so lightly carry is mine, and mine it shall be once more" a deep voice like the earth's whisper was heard.
    Thuringwethil, the first Vampire and Draugluin the First Werewolf stood at their master's side, but were fast to fall.

    Sauron The Abhorred, Th the Necromancer, Gorthaur the Cruel, the Nameless Enemy, Sauron the Deceiver, the Lord of the Rings stood over Mad Jerk's body. He took in his hand the little golden treasure, so enchanted by its power, the one he created, he didn't notice the rest of the team attacking him from behind.

    Fast now!" yelled Thorne as they threw the Ring into the heart of Mount Doom, the volcano erupting and destroying the great tower.

    "Follow the river!" pointed Iris at the dark water that ran free after it's obstacle has been destroyed.

    You fools. I am eternal, a dark voice was heard that chilled the crew's blood as they entered the New World.

    Credits go to the crew for the write up

    Where the World's Clash

    Lara was making complicated calculations, many maps and nautical instruments on the table.
    “Hhhrrrrrmmmmmm” said Zemu that was looking over her calculations and the maps, but made no sense of them. He took a small piece of paper with some islands drawn on it and turned it upside down.
    “Zemu!”said Lara with frustration “stop messing with my plans!”
    “It was upside down!” explained Zemu.
    “It's supposed to be upside down! Go over and prepare to do as I told you!” Lara took a last look on her table and the compass that was fixed straight ahead for the past two minutes.

    “Oi, Lara don't mean to interrupt your plannings, but we are heading straight to a huge rock” yelled Lucius from the crow’s nest.
    “Thanks for your invaluable input Lucius. Stating the obvious was truly groundbreaking for our quest”.
    Lucius cursed her loudly as he jumped over to the deck.
    “Keep a steady speed no matter what, and whatever comes from that opening we fight it.” said Lara with the wheel on her hands.
    “Ayyye, let's see what kind of monsters the Colossi Pirates will add to their trophies!” said Zemu and the whole crew cheered in reply.

    The huge rocks seemed to move suddenly, the waters ripple around them, large waves crushing to the ship.
    “Steady now!” yelled Sturd and tried to protect Geh'Morah, as the large ship crossed over the rocks, stones falling into the deck and the wind blowing hard.

    A large, reptilian head appeared as the ship moved to the middle of the opening and before the crew could react, another head fell in their formation, biting and slicing. The multi headed monster attacked again and in their attempt to dodge and push back, the crew didn't notice the two flying creatures that had landed in the deck.
    “I say we get this one!” said the one, with its thin, screaming voice and they both jumped at Lucius. Lara gazed back to aid him, as she unleashed an attack to the multi headed monster.
    “No matter what, keep up the speed otherwise we are crashed!” she yelled as Zemu pushed back the monster, the narrow gap between land and water starting to close fast around them.

    Lucius opened his eyes to see Lara on top of him, doing stuff on his face.
    “What the-” he tried to say, but he felt his face itching and burning.
    “Don't move. Those harpies got you really good.” Lucius looked at her with curiosity as she kept spreading what felt like a shooting ointment on his face. Lara sighed at his questioning look.
    “They cut your face. Geh’Morah gave me this balm to put in the wounds. She says it will help them heal.”
    “Is it that bad?”
    “Don't worry you can't get uglier” said Lara serious as she kept carefully placing the balm on Lucius wounds. He managed a smile as he said “you can't be the only ugly one around.”

    He moved to get more comfortable in the bed and felt his body aching.
    “I told you not to move!”
    “I can't! Those wounds itches like crazy!”
    Lara rolled her eyes and continued trying to cover the wounds. Lucius sat up on the bed and made more room for her to sit.

    “What are you doing?”
    “Nothing” he said and pulled her closer to him.
    “Lucius stop. Did you hit your head?”
    “Probably” he said as he pushed her on top of him.
    “What the?! You have a concussion?” she asked worried as he took off his shirt.
    “Very likely” he replied as he unbuttoned her shirt.
    “You don't know what you are doing!” she said and looked at him with surprise.
    “Absolutely no idea” he whispered as he took her face in his hands.
    “This is a mistake” she replied anxiously.
    “A grave one” he confessed as he pulled her face closer to his lips.
    “Lucius stop, don't-” she tried to say but her words were muffled by his kiss.
    “Lara. Shut up.”

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Blitzkrieg Pirates VS The Band of the Owl

    The Blitzkrieg Crew was heading towards their ship, an island on fire behind them.
    “Well, well, well look what we have here” said a man who was standing on the prowl of their ship.
    “Yo, fam? Sup? What y’all doing in our ship?” asked Terry as he looked at the other two people appearing behind the first.
    “You burned an island? How original” said the lady as she took her katana out of the sheath. Miss Universe crawled next to Anderson as she pointed at her.
    “I asked y’all a question” repeated Terry annoyed.
    “We heard you like to burn and kill. And what do you know, we catch people who like to burn and kill” said the man with the large, yellow eyes as he prepared his slingshot.
    “Pffft, bounty hunters. Gimme me a break losers, we don't have time for your likes.”
    “Ah the great Anderson is scarred. You should be scum. Cause soon you will beg for mercy” said the woman and attacked.
    “I don't even like hitting women” sighed Anderson and fell into the battle.

    The battle was going rather easy, the band of the Owl trying to take them down with the coordinated attacks, but the Blitzkrieg Crew was better prepared.
    “Hmmm Anderson?” said Miss Universe as she looked at Anderson the Spider Silva taking a defensive position. “I am no expert in the art of battling, but I am sure an attack has to come your way for you to block”. Anderson looked at her with question and cursed loudly as he fell back to the battle, his face red with embarrassment.
    “What should we do with them?” asked Sakura Anderson as he looked at the 3 unconscious bodies.
    “Maybe we should burn and kill them” said the Lion Mink.
    “Where the hell did you come from?” asked Sakura confused.
    “Guyyyyyss” nagged Seni as she looked at them “let's get going already. This world has gotten boring. I want a new one!”

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    In a maze

    Creta, Thestor said. Feels like home. Much more luxurious, of course.”
    Valeria was walking beside him, gazing around at the port. She marveled at the beauty of the place.
    “Tell me more about the place” she asked of him.
    The usually laconic Thestor indulged her.
    “Ruled by King Minos, a mighty king to a mighty people.” he said, then pointed to the ships in the harbor. “See those ships? That is the military fleet of Creta, one of the largest in the world. Sparta wouldn't hope to match it in strength, I painfully admit. It’s the source of their status in the world. Besides that, they’re affiliated with one of the Yonko.”
    “Yonko, you said?” asked Bolverk. “Might be a good way for us to get some attention here, then.”
    “That’s not the kind of attention we should be seeking just yet, Captain,” Yasha said as she caught up to the group. “As strong as you think you are, and as we know you are, we are not ready for something of that magnitude this early.”
    “I suppose there’s some truth to that,” Bolverk said while stroking his long beard. “Come what will, I say. You never fear death when you know what awaits you beyond. But there’s no need to shorten my stay in this world.”
    Behind him, Bolverk heard a thud. He looked back to see Vade on the ground with a man on top of him, and chains around his arms.
    “We know who you are, and you will not trespass on our land so easily,” the guard said.
    “How do people keep getting the drop on you, Vade?!” Bolverk asked furiously. Vade hid his face to avoid his captain’s stare and hide his shame.
    Thestor tried to talk some sense into the guard, but even his words wouldn’t do.
    “For the time being, Captain,” Mediterra said while placing her hand on him to quell his anger, “we should do what they say.”
    In the background, a woman eyed Thestor. A face he recognized for she was famous for her beauty. She waved at him, a signal that managed to stay secret between the two of them.

    "A thread, warrior. That will be your salvation inside the labyrinth. Defeat the beasts and follow the thread to get out. I put my trust in you. I hope you won't disappoint me. Find me when you are out again." the woman said with a warm smile.
    "Until we see each other again" Thestor replied with confidence.

    “This isn’t exactly what I was expecting,” Mediterra said, as she looked around at the tight and narrow structure that surrounded them. “A prison cell, that would make sense.”
    “It's Minos' way, Mediterra,” Thestor said, while preparing his bow. “Prove your worth in battle, and only then can you stay. Or die and feed the beasts.”
    “Who was that woman earlier?” Bolverk asked Thestor.
    “Princess Ariadne. Determined to oppose her father, apparently. The information she gave me will prove most useful.” Thestor gave his bow one last look, checked the strength of it, then looked up at his captain.
    "What about those beasts you talked about earlier?"
    “Mythical legends. Minotaur, Triton, Chimera. Deadly, all of them.”
    Standing in the middle of a labyrinth, there would be no time for the crew to find their way out. That’s not what it was designed for. Stay and fight, live or see it be ended painfully.
    Bolverk let out a war cry that startled the crowd. He looked down at Vade, who seemed sad.
    “Vade, I realize I’ve treated you cruel,” he said as Vade’s eyes met his. “I wanted to make you stronger, smarter. Not quick to talk, but quicker in your actions. For your actions to be sharp and thought out. If you do well this day, I will remove the chastity of which I have placed upon your tongue. Fight bravely and wisely today, and I will do this, or my name isn't Bolverk Frostbeard.”
    Vade nodded in silence, reassured of his strength. He then tensed his muscles to make them relax for the ensuing battle.
    A roar was heard from the end of a corridor and Captain Bolverk Frostbeard had the sense he was forgetting about something.

    Credits for the write up goes to the crew

    Where things are not as they look like

    “A coin for the old man?” asked the short, dark skinned man in the rugs, following the Ace Marines Crew with his hand extended. Pace looked at him with little interest. “You would expect that we wouldn't have to deal with this kind of people in the new world” he said as he looked at Frank.
    “Don't be rude bastard-sama! Give something to the old geezer!” said Izuna as she looked at the man still following them.
    “Yes, listen to the young one, give something to a poor old man that tries to serve the noble Marines” said the old man in a whisper.
    Pace tossed him a coin. “What did you say?”
    “Oh the Captain shows nobility, so wise of him, perhaps he is worthy...tell him, the secret, let him know? Or maybe not, let him fall into the deadly trap for his earlier rudeness?”
    “We can hear you!!” said the crew in unison that looked at the old man with a surprised and slightly irritated look. The old man raised his hood higher in his face and walked away.

    “Ooooi, you old scum, come back! How do you know me? Who are you?” yelled Pace as the old man laughed.
    “I am the most dangerous man in the world” he said in a whisper and laughed again.
    “Stupid old-sama doesn't look that dangerous” noticed Izuna as she looked the man from bottom to top.
    “Fools!! You will all die! Looks deceive in this island! I thought you could help, but you are all condemned, like all the others!” Frank sighed. “You know this would be faster if you told us what you mean from the start”.
    The old man laughed again and they saw his perfectly white teeth, an unusual feat for a beggar.

    “This island is the homeland of Admiral Mogora. I am sure you know her-”
    “Damn, right we do, what about her?” asked Pace who was losing his patience.
    “Everyone here is in grave danger. A man, a terrible warlock wants to destroy her. He has cast a spell over this island in order to rule it and turn everyone against her. Even this moment we speak, the spell is into effect. will start forgetting. Why are you here. Where do you want to go? Soon, leaving will seem like a a forgotten though in the corner of your minds. Buried deep, never to awaken again. And then you will be his toys.” said the man in a serious tone.
    “I forgot what I ate for breakfast!” yelled Izuna.
    “That's because we didn't have any yet silly” tried to calm her Kamui.
    “And what makes you the most dangerous man in the world?” asked Frank in disbelief.
    “I never forget” said the old man with a smirk.
    “That sounds like a big pile of bull crap” said Arrogantu and Guine shook her head in agreement.
    “Well, if the love birds agree, then I am sure the man speaks the truth” said Pace with an annoyed look.
    “There's not much you will be able to do soon enough” said the old man and walked away again.
    “Wait!” yelled Pace again. “Show us where this warlock is. We will see how much of this is truth when we knock him out unconscious”. The old man smiled under his hood as he waved to the crew to follow him.

    “This all looks suspicious to me” said Arrogantu.
    “No one cares what you think” replied Pace in a provocative tone.
    Yes, nice, get divided, discord and disorder, until you feel the knife of my power-
    “What did you say stupid old face-sama?”
    “My name is Iskaral Pust! Little pathetic kid seems to like me, despite her dirty mouth, yes, nice trust, then you relax, getting reassured… and the the knife strikes-”
    “I think stupid old face-sama is a bit crazy, talking to himself”.

    “Eermmm Iskaral….what are those?” asked Pace as three large shadows seemed to approach in the middle of the desert they have been walking.
    “Ah. The warlocks demons. You need to defeat them.”
    “Why don't you defeat them?”
    “I am old.”
    “You are the most dangerous man in this world!”
    “I am still old!”
    “Oi bastard-sama and stupid face-sama, stop arguing!”
    “Here!” said Iskaral and blowed a weird silver like dust towards them. “This will empower you and delay the effects of the spell.”
    “I don't feel anything…”
    “You have to fight first!”

    Many moves later

    “No Izuna dear, you need to knock him out not the other way around.” What a pathetic effort.
    “Try to actually hit them this time Captain Pace”
    “Shut up you pathetic old man and help us out!”
    “I am too old for this. Oh there goes the other one. It's ok you will do better next time!” What a pathetic bunch, they are not even good to entertain me.
    “Go Mace Marines!”
    “It's ACE Marines Crew you oaf!” yelled Pace as he ran at the other side of the sand hill to get into range from the demons.
    “Oh there goes the old guy too. At least you are not dead!” Yet…

    A loud noise was heard and fire and smoke came over from where the demons and the crew was battling.
    “Ah, you didn't all die?” asked Iskaral with disappointment as the the Marines walked out of the smoke cloud.
    “Marvelous victory. Flawless execution. Excellent coordination. Admirable self sacrifice. Unparalleled bravery-”
    “Shut up Iskaral or I swear I will hand you from the palm tree and leave you there to rot!” yelled Pace exhausted.
    “Me? You will never hear another word coming out of my mouth” you pathetic excuse of a Captain.

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    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Neo Navy Flagship

    Scabandari was looking over the new reports from Sabaody, checking if everything was kept in order after his departure, when he noticed loud voices from the top deck. He hearken for a while to understand what was going on, then he heard screams and shotguns.
    “Are we being attacked?” he asked himself and went to check the situation. A cannon was fired, it's loud noise making Scabandari halt. That's our cannons, he thought but before he could make sense of what was going on, a bestial roar covered his thoughts and a force hit the ship, pushing it back momentarily, making the large vessel topple. Scabandari lost his balance and more scared, frantic voices were heard along with many gunshots and cannon fires. He felt the prow of the ship fall forward, as if a large weight had been put upon it and ran towards the stairs that lead to the main deck. More screams and another terrible roar, followed by gunshots and the rise of temperature along with the smell of burning wood.

    Scabandari was on the deck at last and looked upon the situation, men fallen on the ground injured, other fleeing in panic, a large force trying to fight off and keep the line of defenses. A wild fire was burning in one side of the ship and on the prow a gigantic, silver scaled wyvern was standing, impending and threatening.

    “Dammit Silchas!” yelled Scabandari and walked towards the wyvern. “Stop damaging my ship!” he concluded clearly frustrated and worried.
    The wyvern pushed back on the prow to lift in the air again, making the ship shake dangerously before he shifted to his human form, landing on the dock with a swift movement.
    Uriel cleared her throat and looked at the fallen men around them and nodded at Scabandari who was looking at her confused.
    “Oh” he said after few seconds “and stop attacking my men!”
    Silchas looked surprised and annoyed “They attacked me first!” he yelled back. A man came from the front lines “I found it!” he announced and fired a bazooka at Silchas, who casually dodged the bullet.
    “See?” he told Scabandari as he threw a flame ball at the man who had just fired the bazooka, so fast that it hit his face instantly, knocking him down unconscious.
    “Enough! Size fire! All of you! Silchas in my office now!” Scabandari said outrageous, his face growing redder by the second. A loud crack was heard and the wooden frame of a cabin collapsed by the fire. Scabandari cursed and moved his hands to the fire, a strong air current breezing from nowhere. The fire was reduced momentarily but after the breeze was gone it grew wilder. Scabandari cursed louder as Silchas laughed. He looked at him angrily and the air grew still and dry. He heard the muffled voices of some men choking as the fire was set off and then the sound of heavy breaths.
    “In my office” he demanded as he faced Silchas, “Uriel, please tend to our men” he said with a much softer voice and turned around, with Silchas following him.

    The door slammed as the two men walked inside the office and Scabandari opened his mouth to speak only to hear Silchas say “Are you insane?”
    Scabandari looked at him puzzled and Silchas sighed.
    “Oh so you are the only one that can visit?” asked Scabandari seriously.
    “I came in the middle of the night! When no one saw me!” replied Silchas in a huff.
    “The night guard said he saw you” said Scabandari with a softer, more casual tone.
    “The night guard was sleeping by the time I reached your cabin.”
    “He reported he saw something and then he was hit on the head and fell unconscious.”
    “My point exactly!”

    Scabandari left a loud sigh as he looked at his brother.
    “Rumour has it that Dayliss and Un visited your for the holidays” said Scabandari while reading through his papers. Silchas seemed troubled for a while but then he smiled and said “Dayliss wanted to send her love to you. But she was afraid to write. She has grown so much Scabandari.”
    “I miss her dearly, Silchas. Tell her I am not mad and I will be happy to hear from her….You let her become a pirate you damn fool!” he added in a sharp tone. Silchas sighed. “There was not much I could do to stop her, neither did I want to.”
    “Yes. But it's ok. I realize that now. Each person chooses a path and it's not bad not to walk together. I understand this now” said Scabandari, almost with a fatherly tone.
    “Paths can collide Scabandari.”
    “I know that as well. Let's just hope when ours collide they won't leave only ashes and bones to set the rest of the way.”
    “Did you feel anything when you killed those Celestial Dragons?” asked Silchas and leaned forward to study his brother’s face. Scabandari softened as he looked upon his brother.
    “I felt good. Triumphant. A wild fire burned. Then cold. And nothing. A void. They are still gone and the void didn't fill.”
    “Some voids are not meant to be filled brother.”
    Scabandari sat back as if a burden was lifted from his shoulders. “I didn't do it for them Silchas.”
    “I know that. Better that way. Their blood is not worthy to stain their memories.” Scabandari smiled at him for his last comment, then looked at his papers before he yelled “You let her become a bloody pirate!!”
    “What the...didn't you just talked about different paths and how it's ok to take them?”
    “Yeah, but a pirate? She is surrounded by men! Our little one, you thickheaded baboon!”
    “Oh you think I don't worry about that? But I have lectured her long and well about men!”
    Scabandari looked unimpressed.
    “There was a boy flirting her” said Silchas with a smile, “and she broke half his face with her pinky!” he added and laughed loudly. Scabandari laughed as well and seemed more relieved but then he turned serious and worried again.
    “She is a pirate, she will marry a bloody pirate!”
    “Why does she have to marry a pirate? Why does she have to marry anyone?” asked Silchas annoyed.
    “Because this is how those things go!” replied Scabandari furious.
    “Ah! So you are marrying a marine?” asked Silchas with a smirk.
    “What? Why, no..This...This is not about me!” replied Scabandari with his cheeks getting red.
    “What’s going on with you and Uriel? And don’t try to start with your unconvincing stuttering, I see you two looking at each other and melting...even when you are attacked by a glorious, fear striking creature such as myself!”
    Scabandari was red with embarrassment, but he managed a rolling of the eyes for his brother last comment. “We...well...we are together ok? But no more talking about this!” Silchas laughed with triumph as he seated back and pulled his feet on Scabandari’s office “Finally!”
    “And who is the unfortunate soul in Silchas’ love quest catalogue this day?” asked Scabandari sarcastically as he pushed his feet off his office.
    “If this is an indirect question to ask if I liked your gift, then know that it was a cheap trick.”
    Scabandari looked at his confused but then realization stroke him and sighed. “It was Ossrec’s idea, I had no clue. So?”
    “So what? She is fun sometimes, but I don't see any long term connection.”
    Scabandari looked mad. “You knew she was a spy and you took advantage of her?”
    “Oh the irony in that sentence Scabandari. I did not take advantage of her. Nor did I push her to do anything she didn't want...or didn’t enjoy. You think I talk politics and planning on my bed?”
    “But you still took her there!”
    “She came. And she kept coming every night, even when I pushed her away. There’s nothing more my bed tells than the board meetings, don’t put your mistakes on my back!”
    Scabandari looked at Silchas long and with caution before he said “So that fool is in love with you?”
    “I wouldn’t know. I haven’t been in love to know. But if you cherish her, you better call her back. Isla and Beolen are into her and they won’t let her sneak around for too long.”
    “I will see to that.”
    “Good, I will be off now. You are a terrible host, no wine, a beverage, something.”
    “It was good seeing you too, Silchas.”
    “Don’t ever come near my territory like that brother. Stop counting on my good heart. Next time I will let those three submarines targeting you right now fire.”
    Scabandari looked at Silchas as he walked away and sighed. “Wait! Silchas!”
    Silchas turned back to look at his brother and his heart broke that he had to be cold to him “What?”
    “What on earth have you done to your hair?”
    Silchas looked confused and then he touched his hair, which was braided in a long complicated way, making it look like a dragon scaled tail.
    “Haha, it’s Islas’ daughter. She likes to play with my hair and she usually does braids on them. I must admit, I have grown fond of this particular one.”
    Scabandari sighed as he said “You better leave from the window, I don’t want my men to be upset again.”
    “Nonsense! I want to say goodbye to my sister in law” said Silchas as he walked up the stairs. Scabandari’s face turned red from the alarm as he yelled “Don’t dare say anything to her!” but before he could move he heard Silchas’ and Uriel’s voices and he made out the words sis, family, and a tea invitation he didn’t like at all.

    A small island... somewhere.

    “So there I was standing, at the edge of that gelid crevice, looking down at hell's depths and the monstrous creation it had spawned. It was huge, biggest, nastiest piece of work I've ever seen. Mind you lass, I've seen my fair share of monsters, but I tell you and you must believe me, that one was the worst demon that hellhole had spitten. And as I stared at my oblivion, I tell myself “No! You won't die as a coward Daerion the Second! You will-”
    “Oh the second? Who is the first?” asked the lady that was laying in his arms curiously.
    “Not important lass” answered Daerion without paying much attention to her.
    “As I was saying, I braced myself and I ran towards that fire spitting-”
    “Oi! You here?” asked a voice as the door of the room opened wide and a short, bald, thin man appeared.
    “Dammit! I am trying to tell a story here!” shouted Daerion and shot the man. The lady screamed but before she could react, another identical looking man walked into the room.
    “You know, it hurts when you do that!”
    “It does?” asked Daerion worried.
    The man pointed to his heart “It may be clones, but it hurts, deep inside here to know that you mean to shoot me.” Daerion rolled his eyes and shot the man once more. The lady screamed again but her voice was covered by loud footsteps and men yelling.
    “What is going on?” she managed to say hysterically.
    “Ah, this is a pirate raid!” said Daerion calmly.
    “A pirate raid? What? How do you know this?” asked the lady confused.
    “Why, because I am a pirate, my dear” replied Daerion who got up from the bed and started putting on his clothes.
    “A pirate? You said you worked for the World Government!”
    “I am afraid I lied, my dear little flower” replied Daerion as he took the silk sheets on the bed and started covering her naked body. “Wait, stop! What are you doing?” asked the girl confused and scared.
    “I am kidnaping you of course.”
    “What? No, stop put me down! Why are you doing this?”
    “Because I am a pirate! I feel we are going in circles now lass” said Daerion as he lifted the girl and placed her in his shoulders. The lady screamed and tried to move, but Daerion was strong enough to contain her.
    “What the hell! My husband is a Marine officer! Put me down! My brother is the Neo Navy Admiral!”
    “I know lass. That's why I am kidnaping you and not some other lass.”
    “You pathetic scum! You will pay for this! My husband will find me!”
    “Good thing he didn't find you while we were in bed together.”
    “You son of a bitch, my brother will cut your head off and shove it up your-”
    “Poseidon's hairy balls lass, you have a dirty mouth!” said Daerion as he put a rag over her mouth, muffling her words and screams.
    “Such an improvement!” said the little man.

    Daerion moved to the main hall that was crowded by men, few still fighting the rest looking around in the room.
    “Aight, ya filthy scalawags, get all the valuables you can carry and get yer sorry asses on our ship! Good lord, Jekins, tie the guards nice in a corner, don't leave ‘em there unconscious, what are we some kind of animals?” concluded Daerion as he walked out of the large mansion, the lady on his shoulders trying to scream and hit him.

    The ship was making preparations to leave as Daerion stepped into the deck, to find Un concentrated in a game of chess with one of the younger members.
    “Oi, captain! Lass is down in the cabins secured and safe, Lord be my witness she's a nasty piece of work, that one will make me go crazy with her screams and questions by the end of the day.”
    “Uuuhumm” replied Un who was looking at the chessboard with his hand on his beard.
    “You don't even hear me, that's some respect 'round here. Why you even playing with that little cheater, he can see the future what's the point?”
    “Hhhmm, he can't see that far ahead and his lack of skill is keeping him behind. As I suspected, knowing what will happen doesn't always make you wiser” said Un as he moved his Queen to his King, checkmating the boy. “More practice, Rube, and you will soon improve very much! We ready to go?”
    “Aye, the last of the men are coming out now and we will depart right away. Now I don't mean no disrespect, but go to your boat and take the little disaster with you so we can move.”

    Pinky was standing few meters away, playing a complicated card game she invented with the Coinmaster of the ship. The man was cursing loudly as Pinky explained something that made zero sense to him and pulled to her side as small pile of golden and silver coins to join the bigger one she had in front of her.
    “Aye, Pinky let's go” Pinky paid little attention to them as she passed the cards. “I am not coming.”
    “Come now lass, it's time to leave.”
    “I don't want to!” she snapped and got up with her hands crossed over her chest. “It gets boring if we travel alone! I don't want to go!”
    “Come on now, I will come aboard as soon as we are out of this port ok?”
    “No! You will leave again! I promise I will be good, nothing bad is going to happ-AAAAAA” screamed Pinky as a sea monster, half dolphin half a flying unicorn jumped out of the water and grabbed her in its mouth, falling back to the water again.
    “Nothing bad gonna happen my hairy ass!” said Daerion as he looked over in the sea, were Pinky was trying to choke the sea king.
    “Oi, you ok lass?” he asked and rolled his eyes looking at Un who was laughing loudly as he pointed at the poor sea king being abused by Pinky. The ship moved violently as Pinky crushed the sea king on the side.
    “Oi Pinky! Don't hit my ship! No, noooo, don't hit your boat either!” yelled Daerion as Pinky threw the unconscious Sea King over to the boat.
    “I am sorryyyy! I think I broke our boat Un-sama!”
    “It's ok Pinky...I know…”

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    1. @Joseph Joestar aka Basil
    2. @Nekomamushi
    3. @Gir aka dead man walking
    4. @ZoroXLee
    5. @Spiegel
    6. @Min
    7. @Nise
    8. @Inari
    9. @SoulKiller
    10. @Overhaul
    11. @AndrewtheAmericanDude
    12. @SniperKing
    13. @Loni the Lazy
    14. @Rounin
    15. @MelanciaSJ
    16. @Ratchet
    17. @Shaki
    18. @Prada

    The deadline for this scenario will be set on Saturday.
    A reminder to all, that in this scenario you can add new moves for the players.
    Make sure to check the new updates about CoO and Logia Intangibility.
    There will be some changes in moves (buffing ZxL, nerfing everyone else).
    We are working on increasing the AAP cost of all moves by 20% to avoid very long battles.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Scenario 15

    Another Wonder

    Blitzkrieg Pirates

    The sun had begun its descent in the horizon, painting deep red path on the sea's surface, one that led the Blitzkrieg pirates to the city of Babylon.
    Embarking on the island, the pirates marveled at the spectacle before them. A multi-leveled building consisting of maze like constructions filled with all kinds of flora.
    "This is it, captain. My calculations leave no room for doubt. We stand before the Hanging Gardens of Babylon." announced Seni proudly.
    The crew ventured ahead towards the structure, to find the cave that the message described as the passage to the New World. Cutting their way through the green, they went on and on.
    Silva suddenly stopped them with hasty gesture. "I see someone ahead captain"

    Three creatures approached them slowly. Female, all of them, and of a beauty that didn't belong to this world. Each of them wore a flowing, pale green robe that left little to the imagination of the pirates, flowing as it was as they walked playfully towards them. Liquid eyes that resembled, in their clear depths, the lucid waters of the sea. Hair that floated carelessly over their shoulders, a greenish tint of the water itself, which, far from deteriorating from their beauty, greatly added to its effect.
    "Halt!" shouted Seni, snapping Terry Crews and the Spider out of the hypnotic spell that these three creatures had cast upon them. "Who are you? Answer or don't dare take a step more." she added, ready to attack at the slightest suspicious movement.

    The creatures looked at each other and then laughed innocently. "We are daughters of the sea. Nymphs." they said in unison.
    Terry and Silva nodded, mesmerized.
    "and I am Artia" they announced themselves in a melodic rhythm.
    "We are here to guide you" added Nereid, who seemed to be the leader of the trio. She said and turned around. She glanced back smiling and stretched an arm to wave them to follow her.

    "I don't trust them captain! Listen to me!" demanded Seni.
    The one that called herself Temis came closer to Terry, took him by the hand. "Hush now little girl" she said. "Come with me captain."
    Terry struggled to resist but found himself unable to muster the strength needed. His gaze traveled from the nymph before him to the sea behind her. The passage to New World was right there.
    "Look away from the sea" she whispered. "Come with me and I promise, I can take you anywhere. Move closer to me and I promise, I can make you anyone." she continued, her voice stealing all of his will.

    Seni turned to Silva for help but at that moment the maze changed, a power making it move, trapping Anderson within. She tried to attack the nymphs but it was in vain. She could see, she was certain of it, but it was as if she was blind. As if someone had turned the sun around.
    A vision filled her mind. She was riding an endless caravan, bonded and sold as a slave.
    She would not have it. She had to resist. Seni tried to concentrate, to defeat this sorcery. She felt a soft smack to the back of her head and turning she saw Silva behind her, determined as she was to save her captain.

    The two attacked the nymphs with ferocity and even though the nymphs quickly changed from seductive beauties to manic fighters, the sight of their captain, who was by now laying unconscious due to the magic's effect, was all the motivation the pirates needed to overcome this obstacle.

    The gates of Babylon, leading to the sweet hell of New World where right there ahead of them, and they wouldn't be denied.
    In the end, they were not.

    Sa Kalayo
    Colossi Pirates

    Geh'Morah’s face was close to Lucius, her eyes scanning his face concentrated.
    “What have you been doing last night?”
    “I was sleeping” replied Lucius without looking her in the eyes. She raised an eyebrow and looked even closer, her nose almost connecting to his cheek.
    “The wounds have closed, but they might leave a scar. You shouldn't be working you muscles that hard.”
    “I told you I was asleep” insisted Lucius. Geh’Morah made a snippy move and sniffed his face all around.
    “What the hell are you sniffing?”
    “Your guilt” said Geh'Morah with a sly smile as she walked passed him.
    “Oooiii! Is the examining over? Let's get going!” yelled Zemu that had already disembarked the ship.
    “I am thinking we should have a new member” he said as they walked past the small market at the bay, into the path that led to the forest.
    “Ah! That would be nice but we will need more room in the ship” noticed Sturd as he counted around but Zemu was already distracted by a gigantic bug flying around him.
    “The ladies could share their cabins” noticed Lucius.
    “Or you could share yours with Sturd” said Lara as she looked Zemu squishing the colorful bug and marking his face with its juices.
    “I need my privacy” said Lucius as they walked towards the forest.
    “Why the hell for?” asked Lara annoyed.
    “You know why” whispered Lucius that had appeared right behind her. Lara's cheek grew red and she speed up to reach the forest.
    “Oi! Is that a marine ship approaching?” asked Zemu with anticipation. Everyone turned around and Geh'Morah put on some weird goggles to take a closer look.
    “Yes. A Marine ship” she said and placed another glass on top of her goggles. “They have spotted our ship….and they are changing route. They are turning around”. Zemu cursed loudly and then he laughed.
    “Those rats still running away from us!”

    “Are they really leaving?” laughed Lara as she walked into the forest trail to notice that only Lucius had walked in as well. He appeared in front of her and kept walking facing her.
    “Of course! I strike fear in the hearts of the Marines!” he said with a smirk. Lara rolled her eyes and tried to push him aside but he kept walking in front of her.
    “What do I strike at your heart?” he asked with the same smile as he pointed at her heart. Lara slapped his hand away.
    “Nothing” she replied without looking him, but he stopped suddenly, blocking her way.
    “Liar” he said and came closer to her. “You like being that cold?” Lara looked at him and her gaze was softer. She tried to say something but her eyes filled with surprise before she said “Get lost.”
    “You don't-”
    “Lucius!” she whispered and came breaths away from his lips.
    “There's a woman pointing a spear in the back of your head. Get lost.”
    Lucius faded from her eyes as the dark skinned woman stroke, finding thin air and then Lara's counter attack.

    The town was decorated with torches, colorful feathers and flowers all around. Most women took place in the wild celebrations, some dancing, some playing large drums and other peculiar instruments, some chanting songs and decorating their bodies with henna markings and feathers.

    “Guests. Thus you would have been proclaimed, had you not trespassed our land during the most holy celebrations of all” said the woman what sat in a large throne-like chair. She had long, onyx black hair, braided and decorated with red and orange feathers. Her cheeks were high and her eyes almond shaped and dark blue. Her dark chocolate skin was covered in red tattoos, weird markings and shapes that looked like an old native language. Her muscular body was covered only by a small red feathered skirt and a large golden necklace with red diamonds. Her breasts were bare but that was hardly a surprise to the Colossi crew who had walked all around the town in chains and was accustomed to the light dressed female inhabitants of the town.
    Geh'Morah bowed slightly as she addressed the woman “My Queen, we ask for forgiveness. We did not mean to desecrate your holy day. We were unaware of the celebrations”.
    “You seem to know our customs. I must admit I was impressed when my warriors told me how hard it was to capture you. Especially that man” she pointed towards Lucius who looked at her indifferently “that man with tricks. He seems worthy of the Maenadas. But alas, our customs are absolute. You will either flee to the other part of the island and never set foot here or you will fight in the tournament.”
    “Fight in the tournament” said the crew in unison before the woman had time to explain more.

    The flames were rising high up in the sky. The tournament lasted all day, many teams fighting in the arena and the rest of the women in the island dancing, singing and watching the fights.

    “This is the last fight, after that we are in the finals” said Lara as she looked over at the battlefield.
    “Aaye, and then I will throw that snobby Queen in that mud hole right there” said Zemu and his face lightened up in the prospect.
    “Great masterplan” whispered Lucius as they entered the arena, under the chanting voices of the Maenadas.
    The opposing team took no time to delay. They unleashed a furious attack on Lara as Lucius followed their backliner with his eyes as she moved suspiciously around the battlefield. Zemu hold them back steady as Geh'Morah and Sturd attacked. Bombs and fire exploded around them and Lucius cursed loudly since he couldn't spot the attacker. A combined attack on Lara and she fell back staggering and then hitting the ground.
    “Found you!” whispered Lucius who appeared behind the stealthy attacker, striking her hard.
    The other three woman retaliated hard, taking down Geh'Morah and Sturd.
    “Not my favourite witch!” yelled Zemu and fell into them, holding them back and attacking. Lucius looked at Lara that was in the ground unconscious and Zemu that was fighting hard.
    “You bitches” he whispered and joined Zemu, both easily taking out the rest of the warriors.

    Aesir Pirates

    Thestor stood up, bruised and bloody. He was furious at how poorly they fought. He thought they were prepared, but he found out the hard way how unforgiving the New World can be. He was grateful no one had died in the battle.
    Bolverk looked through his furrowed brow. Thestor was downright giddy compared to the anger Bolverk felt boiling inside him at this moment. Disappointed in himself, he put his fist through one of the labyrinth walls.
    “Looks like you’re not going to get those stitches removed, after all,” he said, and turned to look at Vade. The eyes that met him were not of the sadness he’d seen earlier. They were wide, almost mad. Vade gritted his teeth and pounded his chest. Bolverk couldn’t help but feel some pride when looking at him. He showed a glimpse of a smile. He looked at the rest of his crew, six strong. They were beaten, but they were not in any shape or form defeated. Their minds seemed to have sharpened, having realized what is required to survive in this unfamiliar sea.
    “They say failure is the greatest teacher,” he said. “I believe we learned a good lesson today. Let’s put it to the test.”

    Chimera was the lone monster left blocking their way. This time, Bolverk didn't make the same mistake. Executing the combination that they had practiced countless times with his crew, they took out the beast before it could even damage them.

    The crew carried on and using the thread that Ariadne had given them, they found the exit without too much effort. Raising a hand to protect his eyes from the sudden exposure to the sun after all this time in the labyrinth, Bolverk turned to Vade.
    "Let's leave all this behind us, shall we, Vade" he said and gave him a brotherly tap on the shoulder.
    Vade pointed at his stitched mouth.
    "Ah, right. My bad I forgot." Frostbeard said and with a swift motion tore the stitches apart.
    One would expect Vade Vilson to be left screaming in pain after this but he wouldn't be Vade Vilson if he had done so.
    "Popopopo" laughed Bolverk. "Let's go Vade. Let's go crew!" he announced.

    And so they did after the sun set, following Thestor to an open valley where the princess was waiting for them nervously. Next to her, a figure turned the other way, gazing at the starry sky above them.
    "Took your time, warrior." she said. "Let me introduce you."

    Credits to the team for the write up

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Revolutionary Tower
    Unchained Psychos

    A tower stands tall in the middle of a white ivory city, flourishing and lively with activity.
    "Guess we are pretty famous" Jackhen observes as they move through the city and eyes follow them, along with whispers of feats and madness.
    "Or infamous" Thorne chuckles, feeling at home.
    The entrance on the large castle stood open, but the moment the crew tried to pass a guard appeared from nowhere to stop them.
    “Ah, it's you” said the guard indifferently. “Silchas wishes to see you. Follow me.”
    The door was shut in the large room, a group of people discussing over maps and papers as the crew came in.
    "COULDN’T YOU KEEP YOUR FOOL OF A BROTHER ON A LEASH??" yelled Jerk as he saw Silchas in the middle of the table. Thorne facepalms and Iris cringes hard. The rest of the crew is perplexed.
    "You damn fool, who do you think you're talking to?" Thorne and Iris smack him in the head but Silchas has leaned back laughing loudly.
    “If I could keep Scabandari in a leash I would be either very happy or extremely miserable. I am still contemplating which, but I lean towards the latter” said Silchas as he waved for the crew to approach.
    “Join us, if you will, I have a job for you, if of course you are willing to take it" continued Silchas as he looked back at his papers.
    “We would be honored” replied Thorne with a small bow “and I am sorry for Jerk, Silchas” continued visibly embarrassed.
    “Old friend, you still do things wrong the wrong way. You should be sorry for taking up a boring mission and honored to have a crew brave enough to speak its mind” He looks at them and his eyes stops at Iris and Jerk "I am so glad you are safe, my beloved Iris. I am sorry for Stonny. She was a brave mink."
    Jerk looks down and nods, holding back a tear.

    "Sadaharu and Moby are alive and well, I am afraid they have been bewitched by my little sister's charms and they are now proud members of the Lucky Pirates" Silchas continues, and Thorne and Iris look at him with their eyes and mouth wide open, speechless. Joy can be seen in their faces.
    “But I see your crew has grown in numbers and power” concluded Silchas, scanning Francesca with his eyes as Jackhen and Jim pouted proudly.
    “Mister Silchas” said Francesca with a small bow “my father sends his regards.”
    “Mister? I am truly not that old. Ilsa here tells me 33 is the prime age for a man.”
    “I never said such thing" coughed Ilsa.
    “Who is your father?”
    “Edward Newgates! He mentioned you are friends!”
    “Oh my, of course we are! He has a daughter? Hiding her from me, tsk. How is your father? Actually, scratch that, let's talk about it over dinner tonight!” said Silchas with enthusiasm as he smiled at Francesca, her cheeks growing redder from his gaze.
    “We will be delighted” replied Thorne with a smile.
    “I was mainly addressing Francesca” said Silchas with a whisper and Ilsa chuckled behind him with the turn of events.

    "Now, back to business. You are to meet Stary in Dock 42. We need to take care of some ...things. She will give you further information. Liam will take you there” he said and nodded at a man standing across the table “and I will see you all in dinner” concluded Silchas with a smile, his eyes on Francesca as the crew walked out of the room.

    The docks were crowded and full of large and small ships and the crew could see some submarines as well.
    “This way” said Liam in-between instructions. They climbed a rather long and tall stair, reaching far up in a circular construction that cut through the clear sky. The crew looked in awe the large sky bay that was full of airships.
    A petite girl with red short hair greeted them.
    “Oi, here! Are those the fellows that will help me boom those marine wankers? Come on, don't be shy, Stary here. Hop in and enjoy the jolly ride” said the girl as she put on her goggles and winked at them.
    "Can I sail it?" Jerk tries to touch the helm of the ship - "Don’t talk rubbish mate, you ain't touching anything here" Stary snaps her fingers and points at Jerk's face.
    "Here. You need this for a proper landing" Stary hands Milky Dials "I wish I could go with you but-"
    "LEEEROOOOY JERKIIIIINS!" Jerk screams jumping down.

    "Sick! The Mad okama!" Stary laughs visibly excited as Jerk falls -" Fitting nickname, I fancy him!"
    "Nickname? What do you meaa-aaaaaaah!" Francesca asks, but Iris stumbles on her and Jackhen, pushing them off the airship.
    Jim jumps along in an attempt to save his crush - "Cesca-chii!"

    "Guess it's up to me to save them ..." Thorne sighs and puts on the Milky Dials.
    "Have fun lads! Kick some ass for me!" says the petite red hair lady.

    "What is that?"
    The marines in the crow's nest look up and wonder - "Is that a bird? Is that a Zoan? It's... It's an Okama!" they gasp before being taken out by Jerk as he lands.
    "Nice to meet you gents. Care to tell me where the bar is?" He says, detaching the Milky Dials.

    A big crash is heard on the marines' ship dorms, and from a big cloud of dust Jackhen is holding Iris in his arms.
    "I-I'm so sorry Jackhen!" she looks him in the eyes and blushes, given to how close they are.
    Marines get up from their beds and look at them, startled - "Cough cough ... what the hell is happening? Are we under attack?"
    "This ... this is not what it looks like!" Iris blushes and hides her face.

    "Why did you jump when I had to save you with my powers, you silly?" Francesca scolds Jim, who is still holding Francesca, bleeding from his nose and visibly happy - "chiiiiii!
    They are quickly surrounded by a group of marines, who are taken out by Thorne as he lands.
    "Now where are they?" he scratches his chin.

    "Thorne the Traitor", a large man with white spiky hair says as he approaches the crew on deck - "Or should I say captain Thorne now?"
    "Captain Steven Edwards, I see you still play for the wrong team" Thorne rebutts.

    "The nerve!! Surrender!! My team has you surrounded!!" the marine starts transforming into a huge bear.

    "You mean this guys?" Iris cleans the blood off her clothes, as she, Jerk and Jackhen show up with his defeated teammates.
    "Before you end up like them, can you tell me where the damn bar is?" Jerk smiles.
    "Here they are!!" Thorne smiles back, but his smile freezes as he notices Jim falling down unconscious.

    Credits to the crew for the write up

    Zero Division
    Wide, Wide sea

    The waters were blue and calm as the large ship sailed under the bright sun.
    “Sooooo what now?” asked Areto as she looked around. Munsu rolled his eyes and held back a curse.
    “Now we hunt pirate scums! How many times do we have to say this? And address me with my full title next time.”
    Zabuza looked over at the sea, his eyes clouded by the booze. “I think I see an island…”
    “Reach Captain Pace immediately. We need to coordinate” said Munsu as he looked at the horizon.

    “Guys!!” yelled Joven from the crow’s nest. “I see a pirate ship docked in the island!”
    “What the hell is taking so long to reach Pace??” yelled Munsu to Vain who was trying to establish the communication.
    “There's interceptions... I can't understand what's happening” he apologized.
    “Give me that idiot!” snapped Munsu
    “Ooooii Pace?” loud noises and screams were heard from the background. “We spotted a pirate ship, where are you?”
    I can't talk no- Doooodge! Ouch, it's burning god dammit!
    I don't think the snail device will help you with the demons.

    “What the hell is going out there?”
    “Oi, Pace? Do you copy? DAMMIT!” cursed Munsu loudly as he hang up the phone.
    “We can do this without them” said Lucieila indifferently.
    “I have a better plan” said Munsu.
    “Are we turning around?” asked Areto as she felt the wind changing.
    “Oi, we are getting further away from the island!” yelled Joven from the crow’s nest.
    “Our Captain must have a better plan!” said Vain enthusiastically and looked Munsu with expectation but he didn't gaze back.
    “We are going to another place.”
    “But...but Captain Munsu…. Pirates scum!”

    Later that day

    “Ooi, we are almost there” yelled Joven as he looked in the horizon. Munsu shook his hands with a smile.
    “I see a pirate ship as well!” he continued as he looked with the binoculars.
    “Gimme that!” barked Munsu and took the goggles from Joven hands.
    “Ah more pirates scums!” said Areto with a smile.
    “The ship made a sudden maneuver and Areto looked at Munsu with doubt.
    “Captain Sama! Why are we turning around again?”
    “Because I have a better plan!” yelled Munsu and waved for everyone to be silent.

    Hours later, Areto looked around to see endless sea. To the north. To the south. To the east and all the way to the west.
    “I see no pirates scums here Captain Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Marine Company! Munsu Sama!”

    Island of Deception
    Ace Marines

    "Oi Iskaral, what the hell is this place. Those were actual demons you know real demons we have been to all sorts of islands and I have yet to see things like what we went up against back there. One of them had THREE LEGS, THREE LEGS, how the heck is something like that supposed to even move, and I don't even want to think about the things's eyes" Frank said ranting to their guide as Guine finished checking up on Izuna as the group walked deeper and deeper into the forest.

    "Bastard sama, of what are you worried about? We beat Cerberus, and rode Charron's boat cross River Styx, what do you expect in hell if not demons." Izuna said a little traumatized about what they saw.

    "I'd listen to the ignorant little imp, you know what they say out of the mouth of children and all." Iskaral said in a whispering joke.

    "I heard that, and we aren't in hell damn it, so tell us where the heck are you taking us."

    "Now the idiot captain wants me speak, if you had taken my advice when in battle then-OW!" Iskaral said in a whisper, but was interrupted by Pace suddenly bashing him on the head.

    "Say it clearly, how did we get here and where are you taking us, old fart." Pace said losing his patience.

    "Hey, doctor lady who is the angry guy out in front." Izuna said following the group now seeming somewhat confused.

    "I'm not quite sure. I he seems familiar, maybe he is our tour guide." Guine said sounding somewhat confused.

    "Hmm, yeah I guess the guy does kind of look like a guide doesn't he." Frank said stroking his chin.

    "Losing your grip already I see, a bunch of imbeciles I tells ya-HA!!!" Pace tried to hit Iskaral as the man whispered his usual insults but he was all to quick in dodging. Thinking you can fool the most dangerous man in the world. I am the shadows, I flow like the air, I am untouchable, master of illusions, whispered Iskaral as he danced rhythmical to his own flattery.

    Pace looked at him confused, "Oi, don't bad mouth my .....passengers?” he said somewhat sternly trailing off a little at the end seeming somewhat confused almost as if forgetting something.

    “Such violent bunch, there unleash your fury upon Tayschren, lord of fires, master of the flames, commander of a thousand and one demons, evil mastermind, the corruptor, he who has unleashed a hundred plagues onto this island-”

    “WE GET IT!” said the crew in unison.

    There in the middle of the forest stood a once immaculate castle now covered in ivy and playing host to a now very unkempt yard. The group hesitantly went through the gate and tall grass to make their way into the castle with Iskaral remaining far behind back in the forest. The marines now with only the knowledge that they were told to press and forward entered into estate after finding the castle doors open surprisingly. Upon entering the castle a chill ran down Kamui and Izuna's spine.

    "Something spooky is definitely in here." Kamui said looking somewhat on edge
    "You feel that too? Maybe we should just get out of here." Izuna said quickly turning around only to find the door quickly slamming shut in front of her.

    "EEEP!!!" Guine and Izuna cried out losing all color in their face.

    The group had little time to panic as flames soon filled the room culminating in two large pillars of fire that took the form of two larger demons each brandishing a unique weapon. Their presence was bone chilling, but even in the distance the group could hear footstep making their way from the hallway and into the lobby where the Marines and the demons now stood together.

    "Well well well, what do we have here?" a man in a dark red robe said somewhat haughtily as he stood at a distance from the group.

    "Um, well you see I'm just your average tour guide, taking this lovely group of colorful individuals on a tour across the island, we obviously just got lost so if you would excuse us then we would all be on our way then, ok bye." Pace said in a hurried tone as he tried to push the crew towards the door, but their path was soon impeded by one of the tall demons.

    "Oh really well then there is no reason for you to be in such a hurry to leave then is it? I mean it's not everyday that we get such sturdy toys for me and my pets to play with. Come on LET'S HAVE A LITTLE FUN!!" the robed man said with a wide grin on his face as his hands caught ablaze and his demons brandished their weapons as if preparing for battle.

    Flames burst all around, as the demons attacked with hunger.

    “Izuna sweet bird, I thought we had made clear you should be doing the K.O.s not the other way around” little monkey, capable of nothing mention worthy, whispered Iskaral as he stepped over her unconscious body.

    “Ah there goes the other foxy guy, good luck next time!” you low life joke of a fighter.

    “Give us a hand you old fart!” yelled Pace as a flamestrike landed next to him.

    “There you go” said Iskaral as he dragged Guine who had fallen unconscious by the hand.

    “My love!” cried Arrogantu as he saw the young girl dragged in.

    “You old piece of trash-” tried to yell pace but a ball of fire hit him in the head, leaving him unconscious.

    “Ah, have I not warned not to get distracted during battles? But who listens to ol’ Iskaral, the wise, the cunning, the undefeated...What an excellent demonstration of bravery young man! Such courage, such resilience! You took them all out! Is it the wings of love that guide your hands? Never mind, don’t answer that, i hardly care. Go get the other old man and let’s get going” you miserable fools you managed to entertain me in the end, this have been such a fun day, wait until Mogora hears this one, she will go mad with rage, Ha-Ha!

    “Can you believe this treasure?” said Arrogantu with enthusiasm.
    “Who cares about treasure? Imagine the honours when Admiral Mogora learn we defeated her archenemy and conquered back her island! I will definitely become an Admiral…” said Pace as he gazed at the horizon his eyes glistening with expectation.
    “Bastard-sama is daydreaming again!”

    A sudden breeze blew and the busy bay turned into sand hills, deserted with no signs of life.
    “What the hell?”
    “The treasures are gone too!”

    A laugh sounded behind them and shadows dissipated into a figure.

    Iskaral laughed and danced around excited.
    “Mace Marines of the foolish Marine fleet! All victims to Iskaral Pust, master of illusions, lord of Shadows!”

    “What the hell is going on here?”

    “You have been scammed! Fooled! By World's most cunning man!” he continued dancing as he pointed at himself.
    “The rats were knocked out by illusions! Scaredy cats getting beaten by fake demons! It was so much fun watching you struggle!”

    “You piece of shit!” Pace yelled and tried to attack Iskaral, but the old man snapped his fingers, and everyone was knocked back by a force field. Shadows danced and the old man was gone.

    “Tell Mogora I won't be coming home for dinner” his voice was heard all around them.
    “And take this fruit. It tastes like crap. I am sure Captain Fool will like it” laughed the voice and a large devil fruit fell into Captain’s Pace head.

    Credits to the crew for the write up

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Revolutionary Tower

    “I see this place is getting more crowded by the minute” noticed Silchas as he entered his office to find Ellisandria waiting for him. She had made herself comfortable in a chair opposite the desk and was drinking some of Silchas’ favourite wine.
    “My, my, I feel unwelcome. I will take my leave now” said Ellisandria but made no move to get up.
    “On the contrary, I am glad to see you. I simply met so many people and planned so many plans today, I feel exhausted” replied Silchas as he sat on his chair, leaning comfortably back and stretching his legs in front of him.
    “So in what do I owe the delight of your company? Is it that perhaps you have come to miss me?”
    “Overly optimistic as always. What happened with Scabandari?”
    Silchas sighed loudly and put his face of his hands as if trying to contain his exhaustion.
    “Nothing much” he said and looked at Ellisandria who was scanning his face with her eyes trying to read through his words.
    “I assume he wanted to confirm with his own eyes how we received his actions.”
    “You hide things from me Silchas. I am hurt. Deeply” said Ellisandria with a pretentious sad look. Silchas looked her deep in the eyes with a smirk but said nothing.

    “Tsk, you are cranky today” said Ellisandria and emptied her glass.
    “Aaah, am I not playing your toy role well?” asked Silchas with the same smirk.
    “Such accusations, I would never! Ever, ever…” she continued as she put more wine in her glass.
    “Of course not. You are busy emptying my bottles!” noticed Silchas and took the bottle from her hands to pour some wine in his glass.
    Ellisandria giggled and Silchas raised an eyebrow.
    “You are drunk?”
    “I am a pirate, what do you expect?”
    “I will start charging you for the alcohol”
    “Tsk, just when I have pledged never to take advantage of your interest. Typical man.”
    “You assumed that I was interested in you?” asked Silchas with a smile. “Assumptions are dangerous things Ellisandria. You never know which wrong turn they will take”.
    Ellisandria contemplated if she should play along, but she simply changed the subject.

    “I spoke with Daerion earlier. Or rather he did all the talking. They took Meyin.”
    “Meyin as in…?” asked Silchas who had a hard time recalling the name.
    “As in Ossrec’s young sister.”
    “Took as in…??” asked Silchas with a worried look.
    “As we kidnapped her and now they hold her prisoner. I can't say how this will end cause Daerion complained she talks too much. Imagine that!”
    Silchas was confused and tried to follow her. “Wait...Un and I never agreed to that.”
    “So?” raised an eyebrow Ellisandria. “We are pirates. Who cares what you agree-”
    “Don't take my good intentions for granted Ellisandria!” raised his voice Silchas as he snapped his hand on the desk. His eyes were clouded and the lines in his face harsh, showing anger. Ellisandria jumped from surprise, seeing Silchas angry for the first time.
    “You are full of surprises Silchas Ruin” she said and looked at him with interest. “I stepped over the line. I am sorry”. Silchas said nothing but his face got less tense.

    “Dividing their forces will benefit both of us”
    “I don't want Ossrec anywhere near Dayliss, it's dangerous” replied Silchas with a sharp tone. Ellisandria smiled.
    “We are pirates me heartie, we are always in danger”.
    “Me heartie? You are truly drunk Ellisandria” said Silchas and shook his head with a hidden smile. Ellisandria got up, leaning awkwardly before she straightened up.
    “Lunch tomorrow?” she asked as she walked towards Silchas.
    “I am afraid I will be gone tomorrow” he replied as Ellisandria reached behind his chair and leaned towards him. He felt her breath next to his ear and was perplexed for a moment, before he saw her hand reaching lower, grabbing another bottle of wine from the lower part of his office. “You look charming when you are angry” she whispered.
    “I don't fall for flattery, thief” he replied as she took the bottle and walked away.
    “We plunder and loot, drink up me hearties yo-ho, not a care in this world…” sang Ellisandria, her feet hard to keep a straight line as she walked away.
    “Such filthy bunch and low…” continued Silchas as he gazed at Ellisandria stumbling outside his office. Many seconds passed until Silchas realized he was staring at the dark with a silly smile on his face.

    Ellisandria walked slowly up until the point she wasn't visible from Silchas’ office and then she straightened up, smiled and walked in a perfect straight line towards her room.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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