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    Power Levels and Other Info

    Neo Navy

    Mogora “The Black Widow”

    Neo Navy Oldest Admiral

    Devil Fruit: Spider Spider No Mi. Zoan

    Fighting Style: Advanced skills on her devil fruit that allows her to transform to smaller spiders in large numbers. Extremely capable in trapping, cornering and crowd controlling even large groups of enemies

    Reputation: ~7.000.000Beli

    Ossrec “Light Hand”

    Neo Navy Admiral

    Devil Fruit: Hito Hito No Mi, Model: Daibutsu. Mythical Zoan

    Fighting Style: Specializes in guns of all kinds, with high precision strikes utilizing his fruit for high burst damage and to utilize as many weapons as he can.

    Reputation: ~8.200.000Beli

    Scabandari “Bloodeye”

    Neo Navy Youngest Admiral

    Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze No Mi. Logia.

    Fighting Style: Fishman Karate Specialist that utilizes air to his advantage to enhance his techniques. His power to manipulate air makes him even more durable in fights and gives him a large damage burst.

    Reputation: ~7.500.000Beli

    Uriel “Angel of Death”

    Vice Admiral

    Devil Fruit:-

    Fighting Style: Katana Specialist wielder of the legendary Night Wail blade and master of one of the 3 secret paths of the Samurai. Her high speed and dodging abilities compensates for her lack of high HP.

    Reputation: ~5.000.000Beli


    Silchas “Ruin” The most wanted man in the world

    Leader of the Revolutionary Army

    Devil Fruit: Ryu Ryu no Mi Model: Wyvern. Mythical Zoan

    Fighting style: Swordsman, Specializes in double swords and wielder of Vengeance and Oblivion, mythical swords that have passed down through generations. High Haki with the combination of his long range devil fruit makes him an extremely capable fighter in an overall level.

    Bounty: 9.999.999 Beli

    Beolen “Eagle Eye”

    Second in Command of the Revolutionary Army along with Ilsa

    Devil Fruit: Eagle Eagle no Mi. Zoan

    Fighting style: Archer specialist, wielder of Miss-Not, utilizes his fruit to deal high damage from afar with great precision and speed. It is said that once he locks on a target he never misses a hit.

    Bounty: 5.000.000 Beli

    Ilsa “The Calm”

    Second in Command of the Revolutionary Army along with Beolen “Eagle Eye”

    Devil Fruit: Calm Calm No Mi. Paramecia

    Fighting Style: Specializes in the pressure points martial art. Utilizes her silencing fruit to sneak up on enemies and finish them off fast with simple pressure strikes. Concentrated with excellent CoO Haki she can easily pinpoint her victims and take them out without a sound.

    Bounty: 5.400.000 Beli

    Ava “The Snow Queen” De Lanche

    Revolutionary ruler of an island

    Devil Fruit: Yuki Yuki no Mi. Logia

    Fighting Style: Spear User that utilizes her fruit powers to enhance her fighting style.

    Bounty: 3.000.000 Beli


    Un D. Simbelackis Ultor

    Captain of the Lucky Pirates, King of the Sea

    Devil Fruit: -

    Fighting Style: Haki Master, great skills in all martial arts and extremely dangerous in close combat. His large Haki allows him great resilience and dodging abilities.

    Bounty: 9.000.000 Beli

    Daerion The Second.

    Captain of the First Fleet of Lucky Pirates

    Ship: The Storyteller

    Devil Fruit: -

    Fighting Style: Broadsword user, wielder of Serat Wept, a legendary ancient sword that belonged to the most powerful broadsword user of old times, named after his beloved wife that died by the hands of the Marines. Ever since, the sword passes upon death only to the worthy opponents.

    Bounty: 5.500.000 Beli

    Ellisandia “The Fury”

    Captain of the Second Fleet of Lucky Pirates

    Ship: Fury

    Devil Fruit: -

    Fighting Style: MMA fighter expert in Capoeira deadly kicks, extremely fast and with great armament haki that makes her kicks a deadly weapon.

    Bounty: 5.000.000 Beli

    Neutral Powerlords

    Anomander Rake “Son of Darkness”

    Neutral Powerlord of Unidentified Race

    Devil Fruit: -

    Fighting Style: Broadsword Specialist, wielder of Dragnipur, a cursed sward with disastrous effects. Extremely dangerous and deadly with his sword but highly indifferent in fighting.

    Aertes “The Deaf Goddess”

    Neutral Powerlady, Protector of Dragons

    Devil Fruit: Fate Fate no Mi

    Fighting Style: Weapon expert, she holds a very rare collection of different legendary weapons, such as spears, broadswords, axes etc. She is skillful in all of them, each one having a different power. She utilizes her high CoC Haki to confuse enemies and turn them against each other. Fair but slightly sadistic, mostly indifferent in fighting unless it’s to protect her beloved dragons.


    Miasmia "The Plague"

    One of the four Yonko

    Devil Fruit: Plague Plague no Mi

    Fighting Style: She relies solely on her Devil Fruit abilities. She has been responsible for the creation and transmission of deadly diseases around the world, making her the most hated one out of the Yonko.

    Bounty: 8.300.000 Beli

    Havoc “The Tide of Madness”

    One of the four Yonko

    Devil Fruit: Unknown, rumored to be the Oni Oni no Mi, a mythical Zoan Devil Fruit
    Fighting Style: Havoc and his crew spare no one and for this reason very little is known about his fighting style. It is rumoured that he is using flails as a weapon. He is the most violent one out of the Yonko.

    Bounty: 8.000.000Beli

    Milady Rosacarnis “The Black Rose”

    One of the four Yonko

    Devil Fruit: Soru Soru no Mi

    Fighting Style: Her Devil Fruit abilities aside, Rosacarnis is a massively strong Okama Kenpo fighter. According to rumours, she has also been seen wielding a rapier. Her Devil Fruit has given her the ability to possess people and make them her minions, something she has used to raise her kingdom.

    Bounty: 7.900.000Beli

    Tarz Raj’Or “The Slaver”

    Tyrant leader of a barbaric race

    Devil Fruit: Chain Chain no Mi

    Fighting Style: He relies on his Devil Fruit abilities to bind his enemies and enslave them forcing them to serve him. Very capable of controlling people with his chains.

    Bounty: 7.800.000Beli

    Chaotic Individuals

    Iskaral Pust “The Illusionist” the most dangerous man in the world

    High Priest of Shadow, Ruler of the Bhok’arala, an archmage, husband of Admiral Mogora

    Devil Fruit: None

    Fighting Style: He rarely needs to fight directly and instead relies on the use of illusions. He is so adept at the use of them that he is capable of creating the illusion of a fully detailed whole island or a fleet, making him an one man army and thus in truth one of the most dangerous men in the world. Extremely cunning, Iskaral Pust has evaded the Navy and his wife successfully for years.

    Bounty: 7.600.000Beli (due to his wife efforts to catch him)

    Salachar “The Devilfish”

    A notorious bandit

    Devil Fruit: Goro Goro no Mi

    Fighting Style: Advanced Kick Boxer with high speed and resilience

    Bounty: 4.000.000Beli

    Stein Phais “The reaper of Ardunat”

    A powerful warlock that sports the highest kill count in New World

    Devil Fruit: None

    Fighting Style: He is able to use magic that is equally powerful to that of the archmages of New World, but isn’t limited by the constraints of mana. He is capable of large scale destruction, but incapable of controlling his spells making him a loose cannon.

    Bounty: 4.200.000Beli

    Glaukus “The Stone Fish”

    A notorious terrorist

    Devil Fruit:-

    Fighting Style: Being a merman, Glaukus is a very powerful Fishman Karate user.

    Bounty: 3.900.000Beli

    Crews Bounties and Reputation

    Unchained Psychos Revolutionary Crew

    Mitthraw Nuurodou Thorne 1.200.000Beli
    Mad Jerk 1.100.000Beli
    One Eyed Iris 1.100.000Beli

    Colossi Pirates

    Zemu “The Yeti” Smythe 1.080.000Beli
    Lucius “The Lost Soul” Askeladd 1.000.000Beli
    Lara “The Fallen Angel” Demiourgos 1.000.000Beli

    Blitzkrieg Pirates

    Terry “The Biceps” Crews 850.000Beli
    Anderson “The Spider” Silva 900.000Beli
    Seni 850.000Beli

    Zero Division Marine Crew

    Munsu 800.000Beli
    Lucieila 750.000Beli
    Zabuza 750.000Beli

    Aesir Pirates

    Bolverk Frostbeard 500.000Beli
    Vade Vilson 450.000Beli
    Yasha Macha 450.000Beli

    Ace Marines

    Gin Satoshi “Pace” 200.000Beli
    Frank 150.000Beli
    Izuna 150.000Beli

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    Scenario 16

    Blitzkrieg Pirates

    The Blitzkrieg pirates were about to fight the warriors of Balkalash when an aura of purple and black surrounded the field. Its power immense, dominating both them and their enemies. A hooded figure, slowly approaching them, was its source.
    The stranger stopped when he reached the pirates and stood in front of them for a moment, clearly enjoying the effect his power had upon them. With a fluid move he made a goblet appear and with another one a bottle of some strange liquid. He poured some extended his arm slowly, offering it to Terry Crews.
    "Drink, pirate. Drink and share it with your fellows."
    "Who are you?" managed Anderson Silva.
    "I am but a wanderer. Relevant? Hardly. Now drink, claim your destiny. You will all be conquerors."
    The pirates hesitated for a moment but Terry, seeing no alternative before this power, raised the goblet and drank.
    "And what, stranger, must we give in return?" asked Seni when they were finished.
    The man slowly raised his hood to finally reveal his eyes.

    Sa Kalayo
    Colossi Piartes

    Lara opened her eyes in the dark, to see flames dancing around her and a dark skinned figure tending to her wounds. The man bowed his head slightly and then smiled at her. Geh'Morah was standing in the other corner of the room, two dark skinned men massaging her feet and calves.
    “What's going on?” asked Lara as she looked at her.
    “We won the last battle. We are preparing for the finals. Those” she pointed at the men with her ring decorated finger “are our trophies”. Lara looked at the men with question. “What do you mean?”
    “Ours, to do them as we please. They are not my type. But they have great massaging skills” explained Geh'Morah with a pleased smile. The man next to Lara kissed her hands and said something in a peculiar language and then tried to take off her clothes. Lara got up alarmed and moved away from him, next to Geh'Morah.
    “It's their tradition. The winners claims the pleasures of the life. There's food, wine, hot bath and...their bodies” she said as she drank a deep burgundy wine.
    “No” replied Lara to the man that tried to approach her again “thank you” she said and bowed her head at the man that was looking at her with anticipation “but those services won't be needed”. Geh'Morah said something in a strange language and the man served Lara wine and food before he took her bare feet on his hands to massage them.

    The crowd was already cheering and chanting as the day for the final battle approached.
    “That was a very tiring night” said Zemu as he straightened his nose hair with his finger and took a small ruler to count its length. “Do we really have to fight now?” he complained as he looked at the ruler and his hair.
    “Didn't you get any sleep?” asked Lara with curiosity as some local ladies prepared the crew for battle.
    “Hrrrrm, hardly, those girls kept coming and coming!” explained Zemu.
    “That's great! And you didn't think that one of those girls might have tried some tricks?”
    “Oh they were full of tricks!” said Zemu as he looked at the void with a silly smile on his face.
    “That's not what I mean you dirty giant! They might have tried to weaken or hurt you to rig the battle!” explained Lara frustrated. “But no one thought of that right?”
    “I didn't have time to, since Zemu took my girl too!” complained Sturd and looked at Zemu as if he had committed the ultimate betrayal.
    “I didn'-”
    “No one cares what you did Lucius!” yelled Lara at him, before he could finish his sentence.
    Lucius sighed loudly at her as the servants finished their preparation. A loud drumming tuns was heard from the arena and the crew gathered round to enter the coliseum.
    “All right, you all remember our plan right?” said Lucius as he looked at the rest.
    “Aye, we do. Stick to it and let's throw this fiery Queen into the mud!” said Zemu, proud for his last strategic addition to their planning.
    The team entered the Arena under the sound of large drums playing and the cheerful voices of the Maenadas, but their cheering was nothing compared to what happened as their Queen entered the Arena. Bacchae looked at them with certainty and smiled. “Never has an outsider reached so far in our tournament. Surprised and pleased that I will be your death” she said and bowed at them.
    Zemu got irritated by her attitude and tried to attack her, but her two guards stood in his way.
    “Zemu keep formation!” yelled Lucius as a fire spear past next to him. Zemu tried to circle them so the rest of the crew could attack, but the guards hit him hard and fast. Bacchae unleashed her fiery fury on the rest of the crew that retaliated hard.
    “Dammit this isn't working! Take out those two protecting her!” advised Lara as Zemu was having a hard time getting away from the two guards. A coordinated attack from the whole crew and the two guards were out cold. Bacchae’s smile had turned into a mask of fear and anger. A fire wave hit the area in front of them, blinding their vision and giving the chance to Bacchae to give the final blow to Zemu, knocking him out. The fire persisted and Bacchae unleashed more furious attacks in the crew. A dark figure appeared behind Bacchae, silent and precise.
    “You are not the only one with tricks” whispered Lucius as he stroke her hard, her body falling down heavy and lifeless.
    There was a deadly silence in the atmosphere as the crowd held its breath and then a loud cheering was heard, wild dances and chanting in the stands.
    An old, skinny woman walked into the arena. Her skin was in the color of bricks from the countless henna tattoos. The crowd fell silent once more as the old woman approached with a fruit on her hand. Everyone around the crew knelt.
    “Dion sa tiroun. Kirion sa kalayo. Regis sa Maenadas kurim ar” said the woman in her native language and bowed her head, offering the fruit to the crew. Lucius looked at her perplexed.
    “Winners of the tournament. Tamers of the flames. Rulers of the proud Maenadas tribe” translated Geh’Morah and nodded at the old woman. Lucius bowed his head at the old woman as he took the peculiar fruit in his hands. The crowd cheered and danced once more as they drove them back to the palace to be crowned Rulers of the Maenadas Tribe and Sa Kalayo island.

    Golden Island
    Unchained Pyschos

    "We would still have St. Booty if that meddling Sea King didn't damage it beyond repair! It even ate Robot-chwan! We should have killed it deader!" Jerk sourly drinks away his bottle.
    "Not even I could repair it..." Francesca looks down glooming.

    "Don't worry Francesca-chan, I'm sure this ship is sturdy!" Jackhen tries to calm her down as he plays his harp.
    "Last time we rode on an airship, Vice Admiral Uriel destroyed it and captured me..." Iris contemplates while nibbling on some cookies, sitting near Jackhen with her legs crossed.
    Francesca and Jackhen gasp "A Vice Admiral??!"

    "Mhm ... Look!" Iris jumps and goes to starboard, almost falling over but Jackhen grabs her in time. "So prettyyyy!! It looks so shiny and golden!" the girls' eyes sparkle as they look at the golden sand beaches and huge mountains of the island.

    "What the hell is wrong with those small ports? I can't even dock there!" Jerk complains as he looks at the island and redirects the ship towards a valley.
    "Are those ... dragons? Real dragons?!" the crew look in disbelief while the ship flies between mountains and canyons, dragons perched in the many caves and ledges.
    "Am I drunk or does that one look like Silchas?" Jerk thinks out loud as he looks at the empty bottle in his hand and prepares to dock the ship near a fortress-looking-mountain "I want to ride one"

    Walking into the mountain, the roof opens up and it becomes clear that the mountain houses a large city, sun shining through the open peak and dragons soaring in the sky above.

    "Anything wrong, Jim? You're not your usual chipper self today" Thorne says as the chimp walks beside him.
    "I just-chii... There are so many strong guys-chii ... I feel falling behind-chii!" he says looking down.
    Thorne looks at him with empathy, smiling a little "Hmm, you are quite right, there are a lot of strong people in the New World. But!" he says putting his hand on Jim's shoulder "We could have never come so far without you! You are way stronger than before! We all are!"
    "You think-chii?" Jim looks up hopeful, and then tilts his head "Are we going to fight the marines-chii? I heard Jerk teasing them-chii..."
    Thorne sighs "Don't worry about it. We are going to meet someone first."

    9 warriors in shiny golden armor stand in their way, sporting spears, shields, swords, and bows, and pointing them at the newcomers in an attacking stance.
    "You shall go no further!" a spearman says.
    "You have to prove your worth to be allowed in the city!" continues a swordsman.
    "Or fall here and become dragon food!" a bower loads an arrow.

    "You gotta let go of your revenge Jerk, I have advised you many times about this..." Thorne says, ignoring the warriors.
    "and do what? Let the death of my family go unanswered?" he glances back at his captain and chugs some more rum.
    "You don't understand, what if the Marines are successful and kill the Tenryuubito? What will become of your motivation?"
    "No! You are the one who doesn't understand! It's not like you saw your family die and became a slave to those who murdered them!" the okama roars at his captain "And what about your motivation?! Just because your old pals are doing something right for once doesn't mean I'm in the wrong here! Maybe you should go and join them again!"
    Thorne snaps and confronts him, but Iris stands in the way, deflecting an arrow flying in their direction.

    "A little help here??" Jacken looks at them as he holds back the line of spearsmen.
    Jerk and Thorne unlock gaze and glare towards their attackers with killing intent "Back off!"

    A menacing demon emerges, with a deadly aura surrounding it. Jerk finishes his cigarette and stomps it with his high heel. Then, emptying his bottle of rum, he throws it at the guards.
    "Mad Okama Kiss!" "Deadly Demonic Thorne!" they attack the guards, mowing them down simultaneously.

    "You could have started with that, you morons!!" Iris hits them both in the head.
    "TEK-KAI" Jackhen flinches, but then he realizes he wasn't the one getting hit and looks at Jerk and Thorne with compassion. The battle was short, but both drunk from rum Jerk and drunk from love Jim managed to get knocked out from the squads coordinated attacks.
    "Oh my poor friend" Francesca takes Jim in her hands, who smiles, blood running from his nose and lips.

    Credits for the write up to the crew

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    Ace Marines & Zero Division

    In the distance, the ship of the Zero Marines was on the horizon. Aside from Gin and Munsu knowing each other, No other marine from either squad had ever once met. Arrogunta ,who was on lookout , took out his binoculars and looked toward the other marine squad.

    "What the hell..hah..hah. You guys aren't going to believe this", Arrogunta chuckled to himself.

    "What do you see, Arrogunta? Something interesting?", Gin said.

    Arrogunta threw his binoculars toward Guine.

    "I wanted the binoculars, Arro", Gin said.

    "This can't be real..there's no way…oh god…oh god..this is not how I imagined them", Guine face turned red as she tossed the binoculars above Gin's head to Izuna.

    "Don't play with me! Let me see the binoculars!"

    "Are they cosplaying or something?", Izuna whispered as she slid the binoculars to Frank.

    "What is with the excessive dark clothing?", Frank asked.

    "Frank, I swear if you toss those binoculars to someone else..,"

    "Woah..easy there captain", Frank tossed Gin the binoculars.

    After a minute of staring blankly in the direction of the Zero Division, Gin let out squeal.


    "Same old Munsu. Looks like he found a group of freaks who'd follow his style. And to think I believe that talking animals were weird", Gin smirk.

    "-_-, Bastard sama", Izuna shook her head.

    "But..I don't want you guys to mention their…unique clothing. Munsu is someone I've fought alongside long ago and you will give him and his crew the uttermost respect. So….we have about..", Gin eyed the distance between him and the other marines ship.
    "15 minutes until we reach their ship so until then, laugh as long as you want"

    And that they did. The whole crew, nonstop until their chuckles wore out just a minute before reaching the Zero Divisions location.

    "It's so good to see you again, Munsu".

    After the Marines got their initial meeting out of the way, it was time to get to business. Specifically, Munsu had a query regarding a certain book he purchased.
    "Gin, I happened to pick up your book on my travels. "The Art of Fleeing", eh? 50 beli it set me back, looking over the books. It's 50 beli I still miss, truth be told. We'll be going nowhere until I get it back."
    "That book was a fine work of art, Munsu" replied Pace. "If you ask me, you had a steal getting that for 50 beli."
    As it looked like the two would be engaged in argument, Lucieila interjected.
    "We actually have a more important thing to discuss. Whose paying for the ship? We'll take them I suppose but they're not hitching a ride for nothing."
    And so began a long, tiresome discussion between Lucieila and Pace, neither willing to backdown on their respective demands. Eventually, they came to something of an agreement, but even afterwards it occasionally threatened to reignite.
    Munsu, of course, made sure to get his 50 beli back too.
    All parties satisfied, believing they had "beaten" the other, they made their way onto the Grand Airship, or, as Lucieila had called it, the Hell Raizer.
    The teams stretched out in luxury.
    "Lucieila dear, did you manage to get that message to the Revs to come fight us? I see no sign of them"
    "Yeap, but as expected they didn't have the guts. Weak."
    The rest of the crew were enjoying their new digs, with mostly petty jealosy from the Ace Marines and a misplaced sense of pride for the 0 Division.
    "Goddamn, when are the freeloaders going to quieten down?"
    Lucieila sighed exaggeratedly. Munsu just acknowledged the comment with a glance.


    "Ahhhhh... that was the first time it has felt like we traveled in the luxury we as Marines deserve!" Munsu exclaimed happily, stepping out of the Zero Division's brand-new airship. Luci's name apparently didn't stick, and the Zero Division had since taken the name "the Nefarious", though it was unknown if that name would last beyond the battle either.
    The Allied Marine Team stepped out onto Akron, high up in the skies.
    "Urrgh... guys... don't look down over the edge" groaned Zabuza.
    Indeed, if one were to fall here, no blessing would save them. The residents, for what it was worth, had taken sensible precautions - across most of the island's perimeter stood fencing and walls to prevent residents from falling off the edge.
    "This looks very cyberpunk-esque" observed Lucieila, looking around into the distance at the gadgets and mechanisms that had been designed.
    Pace was mumbling under his breath, oblivious to the wonder of Akron apparently.
    "What's troubling him?" asked Munsu, to no one in particular.
    "Bastard-sama is still trying to figure out what loot can be found in the island Nioche, idiot!" answered Izuna, with a beaming smile. Munsu just sighed dramatically, not having the slightest clue as to why Pace was so concerned about that island in particular. Deciding it wasn't worth finding out, Munsu turned his attention to Lucieila.
    "Lucieila, you were reading some literature about this island on the way, right? What did you find out?"
    "Indeed. There is an awful lot written about this place, but it's rather easy to summarise too. There isn't a great deal known about the land, with it obvious being out of the way so to speak. The substances that is contained within the trees apparently assist the residents in living without the need for any aid mechanically, but things like prosthetics are pretty popular all the same. They have mechanical servants named "Trons" too, so expect to see them somewhere. Onto the more important details, the island is politically rather neutral, but is heavily fortified and has never been conquered before. I was quite excited about that - the thought of conquering an unconquerable place is the very joy that drives me, but I also read that they have a particular dislike of pirates. As a result, I think Scabandari will appreciate it more if we ally with this island rather than to conquer or kill it. Especially with both teams here, he'll be expecting results for sure. Oh yeah, it's a very wealthy place too, maybe even rivalling Wall Street. Hmm... there was something else I'm forgetting..."
    "Very good, Lucieila, well then, let's go-"
    A load voice boomed over a speaker.
    "Ah, yeah..." said Lucieila.
    "That's what I was forgetting. They don't like newcomers, either."
    "Save it for later, Lucieila! Get in your formation team! We've got some mechs to bust!"
    And so, the warm welcome the Marines had received had officially begun.

    Warm, even in the literal sense as the team found themselves getting burnt by the powers of a deadly machine aiding the Trons, the Demolisher 5000.
    Nonetheless, in the end the defensive system proved not enough to halt the marines. All except Zabuza. That one was...demolished.
    "This is all my fault!" exploded an angry with herself Lucieila, while trying to bring the unconscious Zabuza back to his senses.
    "He will be fine, he is our ace, our demon!" said her captain trying to cheer her up. "Let's move on. Captain Pace, lead on and we will be a step behind."

    Credits to both crews for the write up

    Aesir (aka Frostbeard) Pirates

    Ariadne looked around nervously, as if expecting something to happen.
    “This all seems fishy to me...em, no offense” said Bolverk as he looked at Glaukus, the large fishman, trying to disguise his face under a black hood. Yasha was pulling his shirt, trying to draw her Captain's attention and Vade was trying to speak through the cloth that had been used to close his mouth.
    “Can you two stop? I am trying to think this through” said Bolverk but Thestor was targeting Glaukus with his bow.
    “What's this Thestor?”
    “He is a criminal. He will betray us in the first chance” said Thestor, Mediterra and Valeria flanking him. Frostbeard looked at Glaukus and Ariadne to scan their intentions and was calm as he said “It is decided then. I am sorry, but I will have to kill you”. Glaukus laughed, but before he could react Ariadne left a scream and pointed at some men approaching. “Leave!” commanded her Glaukus, “I will find you!”
    The men approached and circled them as Ariadne tried to escape.
    “Glaukus” said a tall man with long brown hair, fully armoured, his hand on his sword.
    “King’s champion. I will have to kill you too it appears”.
    “Arrest those men! I will capture Ariadne” commanded the man that seemed to hold the title of King's Champion. “Wait!” yelled Yasha.
    “We were trying to capture that man! Leave us alone”.
    “Is this true? Very well. You managed to come alive from the labyrinth. We are honoured to have your aid. Men follow me! Find Ariadne!” commanded the man and the company left in the way Ariadne had escaped.
    “So they left us to do all the hard work?” asked Valeria as she looked at the men leaving.
    “It's just one guy, it won't be a problem” replied Mediterra. Glaukus laughed as he lowered his hood, revealing his shark sharp teeth.
    “Are you sure about this, ladies?” he asked as two men appeared from the shadows and flanked him, tall and muscular.
    “Popopopo, one or three! It doesn't matter, you will still lose.” Glaukus laughed again and took out a devil fruit from his cloak. He ate it with a fast bite and felt his body changing and empowering. “Let's see how many quakes this crew can take”.

    A fierce battle ensued, a battle of wills between the two leaders. When it seemed like Frost would be in danger, Vade jumped to save his captain and paid for it himself. Frostbeard fell too, but so did Glaukus himself, the wanted terrorist laying unconscious for the men of king Minos to collect later. Glaukus' two subordinates tried to avenge their leader but managed to only take out Mediterra too before Yasha put an end to their criminal lives.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Neo Navy Headquarter's

    Scabandari was walking through the large fortifications around the island, inspecting the newly arrived forces from Sabaody Archipelago as Uriel was noting each division’s missions and responsibilities. The men were training or working but all raised their heads and hands to greet Admiral Scabandari as he walked past them.
    “I see the forces are slightly bigger than I had calculated” said Scabandari after finishing the inspection and reaching his office.
    “Yes, we had many newcomers, but I would rather keep them in base for a time. They are untrained and unprepared” replied Uriel as she closed the door behind them.
    “You are right, as always” smiled at her Scabandari. “I will leave this matter to you, you seem to know our forces better and I have absolute trust in your judgement”. Uriel smiled at him as she said thank you.
    “Oh I forgot to ask, where are our two divisions? The ones we sent to ally and take back islands? Shouldn't they be back?” asked Scabandari as he sat down on his desk. Uriel hesitated for a moment and then said “Remember you promised no yelling”. Scabandari rolled his eyes and Uriel could see his face growing red before she even gave him the news.
    “Uhm, the second unit arrived a bit later and were unable to connect with the other coordinated.”
    “Ugh, don't tell me the rumours about avoiding two pirate crews are about them?” said Scabandari his voice raising with every word. “I am afraid yes” said Uriel and looked at Scabandari that was looking as if he would burst from anger, but said nothing.
    “Ok, spill it out, you look like you are going to have a stroke if you don't yell any time soon…”
    “Those imbeciles! They had one job! One damn job and they managed to fail at that!! I am demoting them!”
    “No, you aren't.”
    “Don't yell at me!”
    “I AM SORRY!”
    “You are still yelling!”
    Scabandari took a deep breath, his face calming down and the red colour of anger giving way to his usual self.
    “I am sorry Uriel.” Uriel scanned his face with a serious look before she gave him a smile.
    “I can't get mad at you” she confessed and kissed him, but before they could say more, a knock on the door was heard and Ossrec walked in without waiting for a reply.
    “Prepare your fleet, we need to strike Daerion” he said seriously and was ready to walk away.
    “I don't think this will work” replied Scabandari calmly.
    “Excuse me? Your brother kidnapped my sister and you will sit once again doing nothing?”
    “Daerion is not my brother. And this is exactly what he seeks to do. Divide us.”
    “You know your brother was behind this! You will aid me! You will do your job as a Navy Admiral and help me take those lawless bastards out!”
    “My job as a Navy Admiral is to also protect my men that trust their lives in my hands. Not cast them away to chase your revenge strike!”
    “And what will you have me do? This is a direct hit on me! A mocking to the Navy-”
    “Act quietly. Sneak up under their nose. They won't expect delicate and discrete actions by you, that's for sure, so you have the element of surprise” concluded Scabandari in a collected manner, as he sat back in his office. Ossrec's face was distorted by anger.
    “Sneak up like a coward, that's your ways! My sister-”
    “How was she even kidnapped? Her husband is a Navy officer, how was that allowed?”
    “She was in Portland, vacations, for a few days.”
    “Portland? There were no reports for open battles there. How could Daerion steal her away in absolute silence?”
    “I have no idea how Daerion execute his kidnaps! She is taken now, what your point?” yelled Ossrec.
    “Well, I have. My point is that I won't risk an open war with the world's largest pirate fleet now because your sister couldn't keep her thighs close.”
    “You fucking bastard!” yelled Ossrec as he charged at Scabandari. A sudden air current blocked his way, pushing him back and Ossrec started growing in size, his skin turning into a gold hue.
    Uriel tried to come between the two men but a large golden hand slapped her away, the force striking hard at her bare blade that was swiftly unsheathed to counter the attack. Scabandari pushed another sharp current towards Ossrec, blood spraying his face as the man was distracted by Uriel. He cursed loudly and unleashed a furious attack, bullets dropping like rain in the office, but Scabandari had vanished in thin air, leaving only a wild roaring wind around Uriel, blocking away all the bullets coming towards her way. Ossrec tried to curse once more but instead of words, tiny black spiders came out of his mouth, choking him as they crawled out. More spiders came through the door and the windows, and as Scabandari appeared again, thick webs caught his hands and feet, leaving him unable to move easily.
    Mogora's figure emerged from a dark storm of spiders, her face serious and angry.
    “You both idiots! Fighting like rabid dogs! Is this the face of the Marine forces?” she yelled as she looked both of them.
    “I won't be disrespected by a youngling like him! All words no actions, my sister is taken and we need to strike them back!”
    “Your sister is taken because she has the mental capabilities of a starfish! The Navy won't be divided because she was infatuated by one of the world's most famous pirates!” Ossrec tried to reply but Mogora raised her hand in silence.
    “I won't take another word. From any of you! If you want your sister back send that pompous husband of hers with a small unit to retrieve her. We don't strike Un! I am not that old to throw away my life, you damn morons! Now out!” she yelled and showed the door to Ossrec.
    “This is not over Scabandari. I will have your brother's head” he said between gritted teeth as he walked out with Mogora behind him.

    Revolutionary Tower

    The dark clothed figure stood in the corner, showered in the morning light as Silchas walked into his room. The face was hard to discern under the black hood and the blinding sunlight, yet Silchas spoke with certainty when addressed the person.
    “Intruder” he said calmly as he scanned the figure with his eyes.
    “Choose your words carefully Silchas, because they will be your last” replied the dark figure.
    Silchas smiled, his hands reaching for the hilts of his swords as he said “now you have me speechless”.
    The dark figure chuckled and ran towards him, a warcry heard as she unleashed her fury towards Silchas, who prepared to draw his twin blades but the figure was too fast, jumping into him as a wild animal. Silchas looked upon oblivion, but before the figure could strike, a swift move of his hands sent her flying from the ground up his shoulders, locking her feline body between his hands. The warcry turned into a scream of surprise, tiny fists hitting Silchas’ back in a hopeless effort to escape.
    “Intruder! You shall perish!” he claimed as the figure fought to escape.
    “I will have your head!” she replied.
    “Huh! Such nerve!” said Silchas seriously as his hands reached for the figure.
    “Nooo, what are you doing stop!” she managed to say as tears ran through her flushed face.
    “Searching you for evidence!” replied Silchas as he continued.
    “Nooo, stooooop! It tickles so muuuuuch! Cheater! That's against the ruleeeees!!!”
    “Preposterous accusations! Concede!”
    “Nooo, you are cheating!” yelled the figure through laughter and tears and Silchas unleashed another furious attack at her.
    “I concede! I surrender! Stop tickling me!” said the figure as the black hood fell off, revealing her honeyed straight hair.
    “Next time don't yell when you attack! It beats the purpose” noted Silchas as he walked through the room searching.
    “I am a bloody pirate you empty-headed son of a cookie eater! Yelling is what I do!” replied the girl from his shoulders.
    “You've picked up some nasty vocabulary” replied Silchas with an eyebrow raised “now what should I do with this criminal in my hands? Hmm, perhaps the window?” he asked and picked the girl in his hands, pretending to throw her out of the window “Noooo, not the window!” she screamed and then laughed as Silchas put her back on his shoulder.
    “Ah, then perhaps the trash can!” he figured as he walked in the wide corridor.
    “That stinks! Noooo!” complained the girl from his shoulder.
    “Ah! I have the perfect solution! Your mom!” said Silchas with enthusiasm as the girl tried to escape his grasp.
    Ilsa looked at the two of them with a serious look as she walked closer, but said no word.
    “We were playing pirates and assassins!” said the girl from Silchas back as she struggled to look at her mother.
    “Yes. She was the assassin” continued Silchas with an apologetic look as he turned around the girl to face her mother “with the mouth of a pirate that is and I was…” he contemplated for a while, “he was a filthy bigle rat!” concluded the girl.
    “Telas! Watch your mouth!” said Ilsa with a strict tone and looked at Silchas as it was his fault.
    “What? She didn't learn that from me!”
    “No I didn't! Don't blame him!”
    “Yeah don't blame me!”
    “Enough, both of you! Don't you have class Telas?”
    “Yes, and that's the reason I was returning her to you!” said Silchas with a bright smile.
    “Noooo, I want to play more!”
    “But I have to leave Telas and you have a class”
    “Uuuuuuh, Silchas you are no fun!” complained the girl as Silchas put her down.
    “Now you are breaking my heart” he replied with a charming look and Telas gave him a kiss in the cheek with a smile. “I promise we will play when I am back, but I want you to be a good girl and go to your classes” he said as he hugged her “and be prepared cause next time I will get you!” he whispered as the girl giggled.
    Ilsa was looking at him with a judgemental look as he continued “I will be back tomorrow, you are in charge with Beolen.”
    “As you wish. Have a safe flight” she replied as Silchas approached the nearest window and jumped. Telas hold her breath for a second before she saw the huge, silver scaled wyvern flying over the city, into the sunlit horizon.

    Hours later

    Silchas stood in the large hall, the imposing man opposite of him looking at him silently. He was tall, with a muscular body, dark skin as the night. He had high cheekbones with large eyes, that looked as a small universe was captured in them. He had a rough beauty that felt out of this world, his long silver hair falling into his shoulders. The man siped some wine as he said “You made a long journey just to bring me wine, my friend”.
    Silchas looked at the man with a smile. “I offer more than wine you know”.
    “ brother. You know I do not wish to take part in the politics of this world” said the man, with a slightly apologetic tone.
    “Anomander, my brother. I do not wish to put you in such position. I wish for a bit of your time”. Anomander Rake poured some more wine on his glass as he looked at Silchas. “I have plenty of that. And I gather you must have a lot as well, from your activities”. Silchas laughed “I truly don't have much time. Not for pleasure at least. I don't know how I managed to put myself in that position”.
    “I told you if you wish to live a quiet life you shouldn't draw much attention to yourself. But alas, you did quite the opposite”.
    “Yes, I am terrible at following advices, which is extremely frustrating given that you are always right”.
    “How is Dayliss?”
    “All grown now. She's a pirate.”
    “So I've heard.”
    “Do you have family? I never asked, I believe”.
    “I do. It's a long story”.
    “Ah. I don't have that much time”.
    “So I've heard”.
    “If I told you I wish to do the unthinkable what would you say?”
    “That it sounds like you. Your reasons for that?”
    “People are suffering”.
    “People will always suffer, Silchas. This is the human nature, the course of history. There's not much you can do to break that vicious circle. I do understand your drives, nonetheless.”
    “And what do you advise me?”
    “For your safety, I advice you to take the advice I've given you the first time we met”.
    “This is not how I live my life, Anomander.”
    “I am aware. This is why I will tell you to follow your will. But beware, regrets can kill you. Slower and much more painful than any other death. Don't take that way Silchas”.
    Silchas sighed and looked at Anomander with gratitude.
    “I will try not to. My hardest. Thank you, Anomander”.
    “You are welcome. Next time you should bring more wine”.
    “Or perhaps you should stop sharing it with that goddess of yours”. Anomander raised an eyebrow and a smirk came to his lips.
    “I, my brother, have all the time in the world for pleasures. You are the one that should be careful with who you share your wine with”. Silchas was silent for a moment and then laughed.
    “As always, you are right, brother. Until next time.” Anomander raised his glass to Silchas, who was already flying out of the large castle, into the blackest night.


    The sun was falling into the sea, giving way to night's dark hues as the young man walked into the gloomy alley. The horizon was stained with large, long smoke lines. The city was covered with a grey cloud, as fog had rested permanent over the tall grey buildings. The streets were empty for the most part, only few people walking around indifferent to strangers. The city looked abandoned, a ghost city without any life. Despite that, the boy walked through the shadowed alleys, avoiding all contact with anyone that could appear. He reached a tall, grey concrete building, one of the many similar and looked around to find a safe, quiet entrance. He climbed the wall and reached for a lone, dirty window. The corridors inside the building looked empty and with a swift move he jumped in. The top floors were empty of people, long corridors with large rooms, filled with guns, weapons, fighting and camping equipment. As he walked towards the lower levels of the building he could feel the temperature rising. He managed to pass through the factory like construction at the lower floors unseen, despite the many guards patrolling and he reached for a small, plain grey door that led to the basement floors. The stairs were unlit and narrow until he reached in a large open floor with little light, humid and cold. People were packed one upon the other most of them sharing blankets and rugs, trying to get warm, others eating what appeared to be leftovers and old bread. Few heads turned around to look at him as he passed by. A middle aged woman came closer to him, her face covered in a black hood. “What do you want?” she asked and the boy could see her hands starting to shake.
    “I came to see Tristus” replied the boy.
    “Step closer to the light” said the woman, her voice a broken whisper. She dragged him next to a candle and he could see tears running down her face. Her hands started shaking even more violently as she reached for his body. “I have weapons” replied the boy who thought she was trying to search him, but the lady just pulled his cloak and shirt to reveal his left shoulder. She left a silent cry as her fingers ran through a mark, a reddish area in his sand colored skin that resembled a human bone.
    “Are you a ghost?” she cried.
    “No. I need to see Tristus” replied the young man confused.
    “My boy” whispered the woman as she pulled down her hood.
    The boy saw her dark skin, with the dark auburn hair, that looked dirty falling in her heart shaped face. Her lips were full and marked by wrinkles around. The boy had not seen this woman before in his life, neither could he recognise anything on her. Apart her eyes. Icy blue with a green splash near her pupil. A mirror of his own.
    “Who are you?” asked the boy startled.
    “ boy, I am nobody. You survived...Run away from this place!” said the woman between tears. The boy felt a pull on his back, as if a force drawing him towards a small door in the wall.
    “I need to see Tristus” he insisted.
    “Please, there's nothing to be done with us, if you stay here you will die!” demanded the woman.
    “If I don't see Tristus, I will die too” said the boy and walked towards the small door. He knocked and the door opened in a small dark room, with a single candle. A man was standing in there, tall, with long, black, greasy hair, a wild beard and a cape of rugs.
    “You are late” noticed the man. The boy didn't say anything in reply.
    “You are Grub right? I didn't expect Silchas to send a boy”.
    “I am Grub and you are Tristus. I am almost 18, not a boy anymore” replied the young man. Tristus sighed and gave a small pack of papers to him. “This is everything. The whole schedule, in every building of every patrol and every damned soldier in here. Tell Silchas it's not worth it. Tell my friend not to waste lives here. Tell him you found nothing but ghosts” concluded the man and lowered his head.
    “I can't lie to Silchas. Nor can I change his will. Why would I even try when his will fuel and inspire all those lost souls into meaning? Be ready Tristus”.
    “You are late. Climb high. The patrols are on their way”. Grub left without a reply, only to find the woman waiting for him outside.
    “I beg you, leave this place and never come back!” she cried as she tried to hug him, keep him close to her and push him away at the same time. Grub stopped and looked her in the eyes.
    “I will come to help you. I will set you free. This, I promise. Mother”.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Scenario 17


    The afternoon before the main battle. The Ace Marines and Zero Division lay asleep on the ship but Gin and Arrogunta stay awake sitting on the edge of the airship.

    "Do you remember the day you joined us, Arrogunta?"

    Arrogunta chuckled and turned metallic.
    "Yeah, you said, " my crew?

    "Heh..was I that nervous?

    " You were sweating! I was actually holding in my laughter", Arrogunta fell over.

    "I swear I nailed it that day", gin scratched his chin looking toward the sinking sun.

    "I the world!", Arrogunta mimicked again.

    "Bastard..that's enough", gin slightly nudged Arrogunta.

    "Heh, You didn't do too half bad though, especially when you began talking about your dream. I kind of despised you for that"


    " Because you had a goal, and here I was some kid without an aim in life being told something that I could never imagine accomplishing"

    "You could've fooled me with that smug face of yours when I first saw you"

    "I was scared. I saw your comrades standing behind you with so much confidence and I felt small. Like my whole life was boxed inside a tiny section of the world..and here you were telling a country bumpking like me about your incredible adventures.

    "You guys seemed so special..and I didn't think I was wor.."

    "You idiot! You are irreplacable, Arrogantu.

    "What did you say?"

    "You idiot!"

    "After that"

    "You're irreplaceable"

    "No after that"

    "Arrogantu?.. That's your name, right?"

    "Yeah, captain, it is..", Arrogantu smiled.
    The fifth Trumpet was played, and as it sang its melody a star fell from the Heavens to the Earth. A key to the Abyss, the sprawling Hell that lived beneath the land. The star unlocked the Pits of the Abyss, and from there came a smoke like from a great furnace. This smoke darkened both the Sun and the air itself, and a piece of Hell merged with the World once more.

    From this smoke came demons, an endless swarm of locusts unleashed on the World. These locusts were instructed to harm not a single blade of grass nor a plant nor a tree, but to torment those who did not wear the Seal of Him on their heads. These locusts could not kill, but would torment all those who fell victim to their torture for 5 months on end. In those days, those victims would scream for the mercy of death, they will seek that Mistress for the first time, but would not meet her, for she will evade them throughout their torment.

    These locusts looked like horses prepared for battle, with golden crowns on their heads, worn by faces like the faces of men. Their hair was like that of women, with teeth like those of Lions. They had thoraxes like breastplates of Iron, and the beating of their wings was like the sound of many horses and chariots roaring into battle.They were ruled by one.

    A King. An Angel of Death itself. Some called it Abaddon. Others, Apollyon. Some claimed he was the Lord of Hell itself, while others believed him to be an Emissary of the Lord. In His wake, flowed woe and destruction.

    That was what the runes on Lucieila’s head read, in a language long since forgotten to time. They were not printed onto her skin, rather, they were there before the skin, once seared off, had been restored. If she invoked the Brand, the Stigma, that had been left on her, the air would grow dark once more, her eyes would be the colour of that Abyss, with the veins around them glowing in that same red that looks like the pits of Hell itself. Hidden by a mask of bone constructed from the skull of one of those very locusts, Lucieila donned her trademark accessory once more. She was often told that her mask left people feeling unsettled, but she knew what it hid was far more terrifying. The unknown, the incomprehensible, always was the scariest. And there were things in the world no one would ever know. For the likes of Scabandari, or Silchas, or any of higher powers in the World, this truth was nothing new. They had seen stories like Lucieila’s on the oft, to the point where it wasn’t so abnormal anymore. But for her team, and those around her, with the exception of Munsu, and perhaps Gin, the existence of powers that cannot be understood was a new concept, and that was why she never removed the mask. Besides, she’d grown to like it. It served as a reminder -

    “Umm… Lucieila?”

    Huh? Oh, it was that time already. She placed the mask on, which sealed in place with a dark mist much like the very smoke that came from the Abyss. After beating the defence Trons, the Marines had sought an audience to discuss an alliance with Akron. Naturally, they were averse to the idea - they were politically neutral in spite of their dislike of pirates, and did not trust Marine divisions like the Zero Division that were strictly off the books, understandably. They had ultimately came to an agreement. ‘If words won’t get through to you, then maybe after we turn your machines into scrap you’ll understand us’. So they agreed to fight. Akron would bring out some of their best, an engineer called Gengai, while the Marines would fight together. If the Marines win, then they would get their alliance, if not, they’d be forced to leave the island empty-handed. Despite their posturing, the people of Akron were a simple kind of people. They valued power, and an example of that would sit nicely with them.

    So the Marines were provided food and shelter, and took rest for the night. And now, come the morning, they would fight again. Areto had came to wake Lucieila up, which brought us to the present.

    “Did you see?”

    Lucieila had just placed her mask back on when Areto had come calling for her. There was a chance Areto had caught a glimpse of what the mask had hidden beneath, the runes of Lucieila’s forehead, though she doubted it herself.


    “Doesn’t matter. You nervous?”

    “N-no, I’m a Marine…”

    “Every good Marine has nerves, Areto. Every good fighter, even. Your pride not just as an Amazon, but as a member of the Zero Division firstly, should tell you this. Why did you join us, back then?”

    “I wanted to grow. I loved Amazon Lily, it was like growing up with sisters who cared for you, but it was also like a bubble. Truth be told, when the Zero Division came, it was the most excitement we'd had, watching your fight, in a long, long time.”

    “And do you think you have? Grown, I mean.”


    Areto looked downcast.

    “You have, Areto. Whether you stay with us until the end, or we part ways somewhere else, you’ve grown, and whatever you do after this should we all survive, whether you return to Amazon Lily or whether you find your place somewhere else, you’ll do so with the pride of a member of the Zero Division. I can’t promise the end of our story will be a happy one. But that’s why you have to take pride in yourself every day, too. I didn’t know why Cobra allowed you to come with us back then. She killed one of us, and must have known resentment would linger. But I think I understand now. She knew you’d be able to become the person you want to be with us.”


    “Well, that’s enough being nice. The others will be waiting for us. Let’s go, Areto. We have some tin cans to kick.”

    As they set out to battle, Areto had a newfound sense of pride within herself. At long last, she knew what she had been looking for.
    The marines faced the Architect Gengai and his army of Trons. Both captains deployed their warriors to eliminate this final threat. Frank waited for his chance patiently, but he was knocked out by an enraged mechanical Yeti and a clockwork giant.
    Amidst the chaos, with Gengai from inside his Spider Tank firing attacks and the marines responding in kind, a fluffy Tron appeared in the middle the marine ranks.
    “So fluffy!” said Izuna
    “Don’t! It’s a trap!” warned Gin.
    “Don’t be ridiculous bastard-sama! It’s simply a herbivore unassuming robotic animal, what could it possibly do?”
    “Arrogantu! Shoot it down!! Shoot it down now!”
    And so he did, but the sheep was indeed a trap and exploded in everyone’s face.
    After that, the Zero Division decided to assume command and brought down some of the Trons with the assistance of the Ace Marines. Zabuza fell heroically in the process but in the end the marines emerged victorious.

    Credits go to the crews for the write ups


    Peace and quiet never lasted long on the underwater island of Atlantis. The secrets that according to the stories were hidden in its depths had the effect of a magnet for all sorts of ambitious characters of the New World. Two such groups of people were destined to convergence at the island at the same time during the time of great turbulence caused by the increasingly tense situation between Silchas Ruin’s revolutionaries and the Marines.

    “Ve vere robbed, you know, captain” complained Vade Vilson.
    “Robbed? Vat do- what do you mean, Vade? We received a bonus payment! Money that couldn't come at a more convenient moment!” exclaimed a confused Bolverk Frostbeard.
    Vade scowled. “Didn't you see Glaukus’ bounty? Almost 4 million beli, all going to King Minos’ pocket and ve got only bread crumbs out of it!”
    “But that is King Minos’ way” intervened the new recruit, Cybele, getting the attention of both men.
    Rolling his eyes, Frostbeard turned to Vade. “See, Vade, this is King Minos- wait a moment! That's robbery!” His face flushed with anger he turned to Cybele, his stare piercing her gray-blue eyes, demanding an answer.
    His glare was met by a calm smile and a shrug.
    “I am the money” she replied with a wink.
    “Every beli of it” added a panting Thestor who had just joined them. The Spartan warrior seemed to be in a somewhat rough state.
    Cybele laughed out loud at that and reached closer to check his wounds. “Let's spar some more later”.
    The two left, leaving Frost with Vade again.
    “Vat kind of sparring are these two doing anyvay? And ven? And vy are Valeria and Yasha drinking so much since ve left Mediterra and got this one?”
    Frostbeard had no answer to all those questions. “We are finally there. Atlantis. Don't distract yourself with anything else.”
    “Aye” nodded Vade, not willing to admit that he missed Mediterra just a little bit.
    “More importantly, Vade, have you gained weight lately or is it just me?”

    In the local tavern, a strange company were enjoying their time.
    “Mmmrrglllm! Mrrrgl.”
    “Yes, Murky. As the boss commanded. No one is allowed to mess up with our plans.”
    “Sushanne, these are the Frostbeard pirates are they not?”
    “Aesir Pirates”
    “I know right?”
    “Enough, Tortolomeo. Let's move. Prince, you too.” the woman said and took her piranha launcher in her hands.
    “Mrglll glrm gl!”

    The battle that ensued was fierce and in its process Frostbeard and his first mate, Vade, ended up on the ground. The new recruit however proved her worth quickly and with the aid of the rest of the crew defeated Murky and his company. Their adventures on Atlantis had just started however. A deafening sound came from the palace.


    “Politics. Excruciatingly boring, don't you think, Seni? I ‘d rather stay here and read more about this Zemu Smythe and his dirty ways. What a fascinating fellow, am I right?”
    Slightly taken aback by the lack of response, the man took his eyes from the newspaper. “Seni, wasn't it?”

    The young pirate studied the man for a few heartbeats. One could never imagine this was the same person that unleashed all hell upon their enemies a few hours ago. She had tried to push away all and any thoughts that had anything to do with those recent events, but it had proven to be a futile effort. The massacre she and her companions had witnessed was worse than their most terrifying nightmares. A massive surge of power blinding them all and then the skin of their enemies melting in an instant, before their surprise and horror could even be depicted on their faces. Before they were nothing but ash. Blown in the wind.
    Yet there he was now, reading the Independent Pirate.

    “Why would you think that?” she asked hesitantly.
    “Why? Isn't it obvious? It's always the same. It takes decades for a fine ruler to get into a position of power and the moment that happens, like a response by nature itself, everyone else tries to overthrow said ruler. One can tolerate only so much justice, it seems, before greed raises its ugly head once again. Pitiful. Miante and Surkuh. Twin sisters and yet even this bond is not enough to prevent this cycle to repeat. Perhaps it's because they are twins. They have the same features, the same rights. Too much equality. And so a man appears and Surkuh’s hibernating greed is awakened and fed and the machinations commence. Undermining moves here and there, like dancing on thin rope, until they escalate and she reaches the point of approaching us, me, who was forced to channel my powers again.” He sighed, as if the monologue had exhausted him more than the battle itself.

    Seni jumped at the chance to ask what she needed to ask for hours.
    “Your powers. Why? There was no need for such…”
    At that, he sighed again and leaned back on his chair.
    “You see, fighting is like politics, in a sense. I tend to avoid both as much as I can. Why, you ask? They require planning, calculations, a certain flow, subtlety. Alas, subtlety is not my forte.” he said with a sad, pained look that surprised her.

    They stayed silent for a time, Seni thinking on all that he said and him letting his head fall back in what seemed an awkward but should be an oddly relaxing position. Until she broke the silence again.
    “So what of them? These two twins, what are we going to do about them?”
    Not lifting his head, he shrugged. “How about we give this ruler some more time?”
    “More time. But at what cost?”
    He looked up and smiled. “Ah, I see you learn fast, lass.”

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Zemu was scratching his head as he looked around at his crew.
    “And I wasn't able to throw mud at that Queen?” he said with a saddened look.
    “No Zemu, you fell unconscious. But Sturd threw some mud at her!” said Lara to encourage him.
    “Yes, and Lucius conquered the island for our crew!” added Sturd.
    “And Lara found a new crew member” said Geh’Morah. Zemu's face lightened and he opened his gigantic arms in a tight embrace. “You are the best crew a captain could have!” he said as he squeezed all of them in his arms.
    “Zemu you stink!” complained Lara. “Oi, man that's unhygienic!” said Lucius. “Don’t scare our new recruit” added Geh'Morah. “Zemu-sama!” cried Sturd and embraced him tighter.
    “So what's her name?” asked Zemu when he decided to release the crew from his smelly embrace.
    “Leanna” replied the woman that was standing few steps behind. She was of medium height, with a firm body. Her face was pleasant, brown eyes with specks of green, and long black hair. Her dark skin was covered in tribal henna tattoos, a small skirt covering her hips and only a feather necklace to decorate her upper body. A weird weapon hanged in her right thigh.
    Zemu took few moments to look at her bare breasts and then hugged her tightly “Welcome to the crew!” he said with a smile.“Hrrrrm, we should buy you some clothes”.
    “Do we have to?” Geh'Morah's voice was heard as they spotted a new island.

    The waters were dark and Lara felt uneasy as she looked upon the peculiar creatures in the reefs. The mist was growing thicker and their ship was moving slowly, to avoid crushing on the rocky formations.
    “Aaaah, that's the perfect weather” said Lucius as he stretched his hands and then laid down on the prow again.
    “Only you would like that weather” complained Lara “I can hardly see anything anymore!” she said as the prow was covered in mist.
    “I can be your eyes” whispered Lucius that had appeared behind her.
    “I hate when you do that!” said Lara with surprise and tried to push him away. Lucius laughed and placed his hands on top of hers in the wheel. “A little bit to the right” he said as he looked at the log pose.
    “I can do this alone Lucius!” yelled Lara at him. “Fine” said Lucius placed his hands on Lara's waist.
    “There's a reef to our left” he whispered and kissed Lara's neck. “Damn you Lucius stop!” she said as she turned the ship away from the reef. “Oh, I thought you couldn't see. I will stop with the guiding” replied Lucius with a smirk and continued kissing her neck.
    “That's not what I mean idiot!” complained Lara as Lucius kept kissing her neck and ear. “That was a one night mistake!”
    “You are going to crash us on that reef” whispered Lucius between kisses before Lara could say more.
    “I hate you Lucius!” she yelled and guided the ship away from another reef. She turned around with sudden move and tried to push Lucius away but his lips reached for hers before she could move.
    “I hate you Lucius” she whispered again and kissed him back.
    He reached under her shirt with his hands and pulled her closer to his body “You know the secret for a smooth docking is to actually keep your eyes on the sore”.
    Lara panicked and tried to turn around as they felt the ship scratching the sea’s bottom but Lucius kept her close.
    “It's ok” he laughed “we can't continue by ship”. Lara gave him an angry look and he thought that she would slap him, but instead she took off his shirt.
    “Oooiii! Why did we stop?” Zemu's voice was heard from the deck but the mist was too thick to discern where he was standing.
    “We can't continue by ship” replied Lucius as Lara kissed his torso “continue by foot, we are right behind you” he concluded as he took her in his arms.
    “Aaayyyeee” replied Zemu and they heard voices and preparations as the rest of the crew disembarked from the ship.
    “We should go with them” said Lara as Lucius laid her down in the floor.
    “Yeah, in a minute” he replied with no intention to get up. Lara smiled at him, for the first time ever after they met and he told her his name. “You are such a liar” she said and her smile left him breathless.

    HEEEEEELLLPP!!! a cry was heard from far away.
    “Geh’Morah?” managed to ask Lucius. “No, it's not her voice” said Lara with concern. They heard the crew talking and shouting as the female voice kept crying for help. Lucius rolled his eyes “can't we catch a break?” he asked and helped Lara get up.
    “Aaaww, two lovebirds” said a beautiful woman that had came up the deck. She was wearing a thin white dress that was all soaked from the sea leaving her body exposed.
    Lucius...a voice was heard in his head along with a sweet music. I will give you whatever she can't. Lucius looked at the woman that was radiant from beauty. Lucius…come with me and I will make you king. He felt his body walking towards her irresistible charm. I will satisfy all the undisclosed desires of your heart. He felt her soft touch all over his body. Just come with me Lucius. He was ready to jump, follow her, wherever she wanted. Lucius. Lucius! LUCIUS!!
    Lucius’ head cleared to see that he was in the edge of the prow, ready to fall into the rocks.
    “Lucius, the mist! We need to find the others!” said Lara that pushed him back on the deck. The fog started to disperse, revealing the rest of the crew fighting against two other women.
    “That traitor!!” yelled Zemu as he saw Garry into the arms of a Siren, moments before she tore him apart. The two other women attacked Zemu with fury, knocking him out. The crew retaliated and managed to take out one of the Sirens.
    “Oi, don't target me idiot!” yelled Lucius as he saw Sturd enchanted from a Siren aiming at him, but before he could dodge, the attack hit him, knocking both him and Sturd unconscious.
    Lara attacked with full force as he saw Lucius covered in blood, knocking out the second woman.
    “You bitch!” yelled the last Siren, her face distorted from rage as she attacked Lara. A weathered man jumped in front of Lara, saving her from the attack. He was already badly injured and could hardly walk. Leanna engulfed the last woman in flames, knocking out all of their enemies.
    “Odysseus” said the man and smiled at Lara, revealing his blooded teeth “Enchanted. Now if you could help me not bleed to death I would be grateful” concluded Odysseus and passed out.

    Golden City

    The crew was looking around astounded as they walked towards the large palace. The city was beautifully build in white marble and gold and most buildings were large enough to host dragons. The crew walked towards the highest floor in the palace, that looked like an abandoned rooftop, in exception of the large rocky formation and a figure that was standing in one side of the rocks. The figure was tall with long golden hair that reached almost on the floor. She was wearing a plain black, robe-like dress and her eyes were covered in dragon scales that reached higher and formed a horned helmet on her head. The golden guard squad knelt simultaneously in a greeting as the lady raised a hand.
    “Unchained Psychos of the Revolutionary Army….or something like that. Was it dogs? I remember dogs” said the woman and a man from the guard shook his head lightly.
    “In any case, welcome to our city. You will excuse my guard, they need training and they will challenge anyone”.
    “My lady” bowed his head Thorne, “you should excuse us, we didn't mean to trespass your territory”.
    “Oh, no, there's no such issues. You are welcome to stay as long as you want. Our blacksmith and clothing stores might interest you”.
    “Can I ride a dragon?” interrupted Jerk who was looking at the horizon. The lady turned her head towards him, but it seemed as if her gaze was not focusing on him. “If you can tame one.”
    Thorne cleared his throat and shot a deadly look at Jerk, who kept looking at the sky and waving, trying to get the attention of the dragons.
    “My Queen, we bring gifts" he said and showed her a bottle of wine, “and Silchas’ greetings”.
    “My dear Silchas. Last time he was here he was stealing gold from me to challenge Rake to follow him into a speed race. Tsk. I am not sure whether I miss him or not” she said and smiled towards were Thorne was standing, but without focusing on him.
    “Stealing? Silchas?”
    “Yes. He's the worst. He and Anomander pull all kind of tricks. But alas, they are good company. It's not like anyone can steal from here in any case, which brings me to my warnings. All the gold you see in this city belongs to my dragons. They are very sentimental about it. Apparently they like to nap in piles of gold, go figure… So I would ask you not to take a single coin. The punishment for stealing is death” said the woman with a carefree tone as the crew looked at her with fear.
    “We would never do that Lady Aertes. Thank you for your hospitality” said Thorne with a small bow.
    “How will she even know-chi? She can't even see-chi!” whispered Jim towards Francesca.
    “Yeah, I thought she was called the deaf goddess, not the blind one” whispered Francesca towards Jackhen.
    “I am sure she can hear perfectly well” whispered Jackhen towards Iris who looked petrified. She was staring at the large rocks that were behind the woman with a shocked look. “Iris what's wrong?” insisted Jackhen in a whisper as Thorne kept talking about Silchas and the Revolutionaries.
    “T-the rocks…”
    “The rocks what?” asked Jackhen but before Iris could answered the blackened rock moved, forming a slit that revealed a large, golden hued draconian eye. The eye stared at them for a few moments and then shut down again, going back to looking as a lifeless rock.
    A laugh shook them back to reality and they saw Aertes laughing with Jerk who was trying different poses and imitating dragon roars to attract the dragons.
    “You should come for dinner and let me know how your dragon taming quest ended up” said the woman with a smile as she got up. The rocky formation suddenly rose next to her, gigantic and imposing, revealing a set of blackened wings and a long neck with a monstrous head. The dragon came closer and smelled the crew indifferently as they held their breaths, before he reached his large head towards Aertes who caressed him as if he was a small puppy.
    “You will excuse me and Rake” she said as she climbed on top of the dragon’s back, “we have some business to attend” she concluded and they took off in the sky.
    Not a single coin, Aertes’ voice was heard in their heads as the crew left the palace.

    “Oh look at this!” said Francesca and pointed at a golden crown that was piled on top of some gold in a corner. “It's so beautiful! And no one uses them” she continued with a saddened look. Thorne came in front of her with a serious look. “Don't touch that, we promised not to take anything!”
    “I was just looking!”
    “Oh this looks great on me!” said Iris as she took a golden scepter from the pile.
    “I said no touching!” yelled Thorne as he placed the scepter back to the pile.
    “Loooook!” yelled Jerk that came running into a frantic little dragon in the size of a large dog, “I tamed a dragon!!” he said enthusiastically before the dragon fell down and bit Jerk, finally free to fly away from him.
    “I don't think that's called taming, vice captain sama” said Jackhen and laughed in front of a desperate Thorne who was shaking his head as he whispered “we are going to die here”.
    Suddenly a large dragon rose from the pile, breathing fire towards Jim. The mink dodged but the dragon lifted in the air and attempted to chase him.
    “What the hell?” asked Jerk who came to aid him. The sky darkened as a huge black dragon came into view, landing where the crew was standing.
    “I warned you not to steal anything” said Aertes as she climbed off Rake’s back.
    “But we didn't!” insisted Thorne.
    She walked towards Jim and extended her hand “Give back what's ours, burglar”. Jim lowered his head and took out a beautiful necklace. “I wanted a present for Francesca” he said apologetic.
    “Aaaww, love makes you do stupid things” said Aertes with a casual tone. “Now I have to kill you all” she continued in the same carefree manner.
    “Please my Queen, we didn't mean-”
    “Mithraw Nuurodo Thorne. Do you know why they call me the deaf one?” Thorne waved no with his head.
    “Because I am deaf to pleas of mercy” replied the woman as she took out her double edged spear and hit the ground with it, the power unleashed sending the crew backwards in an opening. Rake breath black fire in a circle as the golden guard secured the area from people that came to watch what was happening.
    “It came to this, we have to fight for our lives” said Thorne and tried to coordinate the team as Jim jumped to Aertes “I will take responsibility!”
    Aertes didn't even try to dodge his attacks and retaliated with fast, strong strikes. The rest of the crew jumped into the fight as well, focusing Aertes and trying to avoid Rake's flames.
    “Ah, you're not half bad” smiled Aertes on them, only to see them focusing Rake after their furious attack on her. She scratched her head with her spear as she saw the crew being chased by Rake “They ignore me. How rude!”

    “Who bets that the mink chimp will get knocked out first?” said Aertes that was standing with the golden guard. “No way, I say the Okama first”, “No the robot girl, Rake will take her out first”
    “Alright let me see the money” said Aertes and the men from the golden guard placed their bets. Aertes targeted and threw her spear towards Jim, that hit him hard in the chest and he fell down unconscious. “That's cheating!” yelled the men from the guard. “No it's not, I am still in the fight, they just forgot about me” explained Aertes with a smile as she took the money from them. “Lady Aertes, so cruel!” yelled a man from the guard and Aertes pouted and got back in the fight.
    “You shouldn't ignore your opponents” she said as she attacked Iris, knocking her out. Rake threw a ball of fire to Jackhen, knocking him out. The rest of the crew was badly injured as Rake raised above them, ready to unleash another fiery attack. Aertes looked at Jim and pushed him with her foot “Did I kill this one?” she asked with a carefree tone as she looked at Rake.
    “That will be enough Rake. I believe they've learned their lesson” she said with a smile.
    “Ah, now I will probably have to replace that one. Anyway, let's get them to the palace and cure the little rebel dogs” she concluded as she climbed into Rake's back, leaving the golden guard rescue the rest of the crew.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    One of the World Government Islands, Necropolia - Weapon Production Unit

    The ship was sailing slowly in the thick fog that had gathered around the gloomy island. Ellisandria was standing in the prow, trying to look around but she could hardly see anything. She looked up in the cloudy sky and saw a huge shadow over her, moments after Silchas Ruin landed next to her.
    “Lovely weather” she said without looking at him.
    “Are we in the coordinates I gave you?”
    “Almost, yes.”
    “And who else is around?”
    “The fourth, I would gather from the weather”
    “Thank you” said Silchas and smiled at her.
    “So when do we begin?” she asked without looking at him.
    “The people have started evacuating the city through the catacombs. Ilsa will try to suppress the noise from the blasts but that won't give us much time.”
    “And who will fight off the soldiers? You don't suppose they won't realise half the city is fleeing”.
    “We will be the distraction. We will surface in the main port and try to hold off the men there as the people sneak out from the catacombs openings in the west. The airships will hold off any forces around there. Hopefully the people won't be endangered”.
    “Tsk, hope. That's what kills people. I suppose we will back you up from the sea?” asked Ellisandria indifferently.
    “No. Just keep your eyes in the sea until we can safely disengage”.
    “Fine. Don't die” she said with an almost lifeless tone.
    “I will try to. Stay safe Ellisandria” said Silchas with a disappointed look and took off into the blackened sky.
    “Captain, we are on spot” said a tall, muscular man with long black hair and a curly mustache. “We will stand here and watch the sea?”
    “Off course not Tormund, we are not Revolutionaries”.
    The man smiled, revealing a set of golden teeth as he started yelling orders to the rest of the crew.

    The fog was gathering thicker around the island, with the dark rain clouds hanging on top of the city. The girl looked at his mother with fear, but she smiled at her. “It will be over soon. We will be free” she said as they walked in the dark catacomb that ran under the city. The mother could see a dim light ahead and she prayed that on the other side they would find freedom. Please, no more death…

    Beolen flew next to the small boat, covered in fog where Ilsa was standing concentrated, her eyes close, her face peaceful and tranquil.
    “Are you ready?” asked Beolen as he landed next to her. She nodded, without opening her eyes.
    “Give them a minute more”.
    “It's not up to me Ilsa. We are waiting for the airships”.
    “I just want to-” tried to say Ilsa but before she could finish, a loud bang was heard and they saw fire and smoke rising from the main port.
    “Just a little longer” whispered Ilsa as she closed her eyes again and concentrated.
    Beolen took off in the air again and scouted ahead. A veil seemed to cover the atmosphere around them and Beolen could hear nothing anymore, even though he could see more rockets and bombs landing in the main port.
    He looked at the small detonations ahead of them, that marked the opening of the catacombs
    and saw submarines emerging in the surface, and stairs falling from the skies. People started rising from the catacombs and Beolen flew over them, making sure that their evacuation will be safe.

    “Oi, shitface stop powdering your long nose and move your fat ass!”
    “Who you calling fat, you old fart? Go wear your Spandex to cover your belly!”
    “Pixie-sama! Trixie-sama! The battle has commenced in the main port!”
    “Kyaaaa, we are late you lazy Okama!” said a tall man, wearing a long black, wavy wig. He had a curvy, muscular body, blue eyes, a manly face with high cheekbones and thick browns. His thin lips were painted deep red with lipstick and his lashes were huge, almost touching his brows. He was wearing a leather red mini dress and high black heels. Next to him was standing a man that looked exactly like him, apart the long, straight, blonde wig and the pink leather dress.
    “It's not my fault you need an hour to fit in that dress!” he said and pouted.
    “Captain-samas!” yelled the man that had came to announce the start of the battle, “you need to hurry!”
    “Fine, fine!” said both men, “announce us!” the man bowed down and left.
    A feathered chariot rose in the main deck. Music played as rose petals fell from the sky and bright lights lighted up.
    “And now, proud crew of the 4th fleet of Lucky Pirates, I give to you the Okama Twins! Captain Pixie and Captain Trixie!” said the man from the announcer and the crew cheered loudly as the two Okama rose from the feather chariot.
    “I thought we were supposed to be discreet in this mission” said a woman from the crew to another woman who shook her head “flashy Okamas” she shrugged as she kissed the other woman. A dark shadow flew over the pink ship, that was covered in feathers and colorful lights.
    “Kyaaaaa!!” yelled both Okamas as they looked at the sky “it's Silchas-sama! He is so coooooooool ”.

    Silchas flew over the flashy ship and shook his head, entertained by the cheerful okamas.
    He saw the smoke rising from the main port and looked over his men that had commenced the battle. The main force was pushing back the patrol soldiers that had arrived first the moment the first rocket had hit one of their storages. The left and right forces were still hidden, waiting for the main army to arrive and strike them from the sides, in an attempt to crush their formations. Silchas was tempted to look over at the catacombs on the west side of the island but he was scared that he would give away their position. He saw a squad coming from the main road, spears, guns and archers. He dived down, under the black clouds and reached the port. The men cheered as they saw the huge wyvern flying over their heads, showering the enemy squad that appeared with fire, creating a wall of smoke and fire. The commanders yelled a command and a rain of arrows passed through the fire wall, showering the squad with arrows and flames. The fire seized and the men attacked, pushing back the squad, gaining more ground in the main port.
    Silchas landed next to a man covered in armour.
    “How are we holding up?”
    “Good, so far my lord. But they won't send another small guard. They are testing us. If we lose that opening we will be pushed back in the sea”.
    “Hold on, as long as you can. If you can't stand your ground follow our retreat plan".
    “Yes, my lord”.
    Silchas took off in the sky again, flying deeper in the city.

    The smoke rose around the city from the fights as the people embarked the submarines and airships. The process was slow but the Revolutionaries could not risk a ship close to the shores that would be easily spotted from the city guards. Beolen looked in the horizon, a small company of soldiers, reaching closer to one of the catacombs. He flew closer, landing into a small building close to them. He fixed his gaze on them as he targeted with his bow. An arrow hit the head of one and he fell down. Before the rest of the men could react, more arrows were shot and in a heartbeat, the company was taken out. Beolen moved closer to take the bodies out of sight and saw an airship moving into the city.
    “What the hell...that's not in the plan!”

    “Are you sure you know how to drive this thing Fury?” asked Tormund as the airship flew into the dark clouds.
    “No idea to be honest” said Ellisandria and smiled at him “do you?”
    “Nope, not really.”
    “Good, I need you to take this back. Lead half our men to the main port and ambush the soldiers. Only when the full force appears. The rest will back them up from the sea”. Tormund looked at her and sighed.
    “What about you?”
    “If you need to win a fight fast, you need to cut off the head of the army”.
    “So philosophical. Are you going to jump?” asked Tormund as the airship got closer to the ground and Ellisandria reached for the airhip’s prow.
    “Break a leg” he said as the woman jumped into the air.

    Beolen was standing in a small balcony, covered from all sides with a clear view on the road. The reinforcements kept coming and he had problem holding off the soldiers. Soon the road would fill with them and they would be able to cut off the evacuation. Ilsa came into view as she approached fast a company of men scouting ahead. She moved without making a sound and stroke a man from behind, a fast move, leaving the man unconscious. The rest turned around and she moved to hit them, before they could draw their swords. Two steps in, another man fell to the ground reaching for his neck that was bruised and he was gasping for air. A swift turn and a hard hit on another's man heart left him down on his knees. A soldier grabbed her from behind and another came charging at her. She grabbed the man from his neck with her feet, clenching him tight as Beolen shot an arrow in the other man's head. Ilsa fall down along with both soldiers, her feet turning swifty and breaking he man's neck. She heard more men approaching but before she could turn around, they dropped dead by Beolen’s arrows.
    Silchas came from an alley along with Grub, helping Ilsa up.
    “We can't hold much longer Silchas”.
    “How long until the people are out?”
    “I don't know.”
    “Our position has been compromised, we have to go to open battle”.
    “The people, Silchas”.
    “More will die if we don't move”.
    “There's a building” pointed Ilsa, “Beolen saw troops being prepared there, they will come this way to cut us off”.
    “I will take care of this. Starry and the rest will aid you from above. Grub, stay with them and protect the evacuation lines”.

    Arrows and bullets flew next to Silchas as he moved towards the large, tower-like building. The rooftop was fortified and maned. He saw his battle airships moving out of the clouds, firing towards the squads that appeared in the large road. Fire and ashes, screams and mayhem rose all around him. He breathed fire into the rooftop and saw soldiers running around in fear. He landed fast, as the rooftop was still on fire, his hands on his twin blades, cutting down every man that stood in his way. He pushed open the door that lead downstairs and saw men running down.
    “Silchas Ruin” a deep voice was heard as he walked into an open room, empty and surrounded by windows.
    “Dorthol Kreing” said Silchas as he saw the old man, with the long grey hair. He was almost blind, his eyes grey white, his skin pale and marked with ashy patches, as if some terrible disease was eating him from inside.
    “You have come to destroy everything we built”.
    “I have come to free the people you have taken advantage off for so long”. The man laughed, a slow, thin sound.
    “You will take those? I will find more.”
    “All this for what Dorthol? Money? Power?”
    The man laughed louder and his laugh turned into a cough. “Aren't those two enough? You noble hearted fool! Yes money! Money bought me life… oh so many things money has granted me. Delicious things. And power….do you know how it feels to wake up and know that you hold the world into your hands? No! Of course you don't. All this for the exchange of those pitiful lives. No one has ever looked for them. No one cared! No one does!”
    “I do. And I will kill everyone that will stand in my way” replied Silchas as he pointed his blade to the old man.
    “Ah, yes I am afraid I won't stay here to fight you. But my men will” he said and 4 figures approached from the shadows.
    “You may leave now” said Silchas in a calm tone as the man walked away “but I will come for you. Every day you wake up, you will wonder if it's your last day. Because I will come for you. For all of you. And when I do, I will forget my noble heart”.
    “Dead man can't keep no promises” said the old man as he closed the door behind him.
    “We should be three” said one of the men that was left behind.
    “Why?” asked a woman.
    “His bounty is 9.999.999 beli. Easier to divide by 3”. Silchas smiled “then let me take you out of trouble” he said and walked towards them.
    The woman attacked first, two small blades in her hands, a furious attack of small cuts and attempts to strike for his chest. Silchas moved back, extending his blade to the man next to him, slicing down his hands as he tried to take out his weapons.
    “You bastard!” he yelled and jumped at him. Silchas moved back even further, keeping his eyes on all of them. He sheathed his blades and moved to the side as he woman attacked again, locking her hands. A swift move and he swinged her small blade at her throat that opened in a bloody waterfall and dropped lower, avoiding the man's attack as he unsheathed his blades, striking simultaneously. Blood sprayed his face as the man's head dropped lifeless on the floor.
    “Tsk. Amateurs” said a large, darked skinned man as he started transforming into a hyena.
    An arrow flew past Silchas’ face and he charged at the hyena man. The beast attacked and was incredibly fast for its size. He draw baggers and threw a smoke cloud around him, but Silchas could sense his every move. He extended one of his blades in his back, as the hyena attacked, blocking the daggers and turning around fast to retaliate. Blades clashed in a dance of swords. Silchas was moving fast and precise, his weapons striking so fast as if they were an extension of his hands.
    “Aw that's cheating!” said a female voice and moments later a body of a small woman was dropped near the others a broken neck and a bow in pieces.
    Ellisandria walked in the room, her fists and boots covered in blood. Silchas looked at her and sighed.
    “I told you to-”
    “I don't take orders from revolutionaries. Now take care of this guy because more are coming from the stairs. The man attacked Silchas as Ellisandria closed the door, looking at the two man clashing. She had never seen anyone fight with blades so fast. A blur of silver was all she could detect among their movements. She could see the hyena man falling back from the attacks, losing ground as Silchas moved graciously with his twin blades covered in blood. A dagger flew in the ground and a second later, Silchas made a full turn, slicing the man's head off with both swords.
    “Are you alright?” asked Silchas as he heard voices from the stairs.
    “Yes. But we are in trouble. More men are coming. And a fleet.”
    “A fleet?”
    “Yes. It's Ossrec. The twins will try to hold them off but we need to leave. Now!”
    “Someone betrayed us…” said Silchas with an empty gaze.
    “Yes! Focus Silchas! The men are already leaving the main port. We need to get out of here now!”
    The door slammed open and a squad emerged from the stairs. They circled the two and extended their blades.
    Ellisandria and Silchas moved closer, their backs connected. “We have to do this fast” he said.
    “Indeed. So try to keep up with me” she smiled as the squad attacked. Bodies fell to the ground as the twin blades sliced and Ellisandria’s deadly kicks stroke. A loud bang was heard and the building shook dangerously. “We don't have time for this!” yelled Silchas and transformed, engulfing the room into flames. Ellisandria coughed as black smoke rose from the burning bodies and reached for nearest window, breaking the glass in attempt to breathe fresh air.
    Silchas turned to his human form and looked at her, the shine of a scope blinding him. He saw the man targeting her chest from a building far away and ran towards her. Ellisandria could hardly see from the smoke and she only felt Silchas body pushing her back as the bullet pierced him. He fell down on the floor as Ellisandria looked at him confused. She pushed him away from the window into a narrow wall as a gun kept firing.
    “Silchas? SILCHAS!!” He opened his eyes and spat blood.
    “Seastone” he whispered as he tried to reach for his arm. Ellisandria took off his armour and tore his shirt apart, revealing his blooded torso. The bullet had pierced him above the chest and near the left arm and was bleeding non stop. She saw the scales, giving way to his human flesh and she knew that his strength was fading away.
    “Silchas stay with me! I will fix that! Just hang on a bit ok?” she said worried as she reached for a small knife in her belt. Another explosion was heard outside and the building shook again
    Silchas touched her hand and looked at her. “It's Ossrec. He wants me” his voice was a whisper. “Leave now, you need to get away”.
    “I am not leaving you here Silchas!”
    “Ellisandria, I don't want you to die. Please.” His eyes closed again and his breath became heavier.
    “I don't take orders from you Silchas. Silchas? Silchas!?” she yelled but his eyes remained close and her voice was lost in the sound of explosions.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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    Scenario 18


    Lucius felt a body rubbing against his as consciousness came back. He smiled before he opened his eyes to look at Lara's face that was breaths away from his.
    “Finally you are up! Help me here”, she said as she kept moving.
    “It's ok, just keep going, I like it” replied Lucius and closed his eyes with a blissful smile on his face.
    “You like what pervert? What do you think I am doing?” yelled Lara at him. Lucius opened his eyes to see her angry face. “What are you doing?” he asked as he looked around in the dark room.
    “We were trapped and dragged on a cell by those stupid Sirens. I need to cut the ropes and get us out of here” she sighed and kept moving, “help me out!”
    “Alright, shouldn't you keep your voice down if you planning on escaping?” he replied and started moving along with her.
    “Ok, stop, Lara stop! Things are getting uncomfortable down there!”
    “How can you even think about this right now?”
    “I am not, it's a spontaneous reaction! Just wait!” he replied and was lost from her eyes for a second. When he appeared he was up on his feet, the ropes gone from his hands. He helped Lara up and cut her ropes.
    “Can you go help the others too? They must be in the next cells” asked Lara as she tried to peak outside the door.
    “A thank you would be nice” whispered Lucius in her ear as he disappeared from the room. Few minutes later, a loud voice was heard and Lara felt the ground trembling. Suddenly, the wall collapsed and Zemu with the rest of the crew appeared.
    “Lara! Why women are always out to get me?” asked the giant, his head covered with dust and stones. Lara laughed as she saw her captain furious and confused.
    “Let's get them this time!” she said and they run up the stairs, crashing all guards that were found in their way.
    They reached an open space, near the crater of a small volcano, where many Sirens were chanting and praying. On top of the volcano stood a gigantic statue, a skeleton figure with big afro hair holding a guitar. The crew looked at the statue with confusion and the Sirens that seemed to be praying with passion towards it.
    “Brook? The soul king?” asked Lucius.
    “I see you are familiar with our Lord” said a beautiful woman that had approached them. She had long red hair and pale skin, her green eyes wide as the sea and her lips red like ripe strawberries.
    “Yes, we are” said Zemu with a dreamy look on his face.
    “Oi, cut it Zemu!” said Lara with an angry look.
    “Then you must know you have to die” continued the woman.
    “For the Soul King?” asked Lucius confused.
    “He is the God of Death! Reaper of Souls!”
    “I am fairly sure the nickname Soul King refers to his music skills” butted in Sturd.
    “Insolents! He is the only God!” raged the woman.
    “Strawhat Brook was a great pirate and a musician” continued Geh’Morah.
    “He is not God of Death, it is known” concluded Leanna.
    The woman's face darkened as she looked upon them. “I will slay you in his name to prove you wrong!” she yelled and attacked the crew.
    The rest of the women formed a circle and two more Sirens appeared to aid the woman.
    “Queen Mortia!” the women chanted “slay the non believers! Deliver them to Death's embrace! Slay or be slain!”
    “We landed on a bunch of crazy ladies again” sighed Lucius and moved to attack. The woman wrestler was giving them a hard time, ruining their formation and disorienting them.
    Mortia found an opening, catching Sturd off guard and knocking him out. The wrestler fell afterwards, after the combined attempts of the team.
    Mortia spotted Lucius, who was attacking the other woman and delivered the final blow on him. “Perish, non believers!”
    She laughed loudly as she attacked Zemu, the giant confused by the combined fire of the Queen and her companion. He held his ground, before a boomerang found him in the head, knocking him out.
    Lara looked around and sighed. “Men. Wasted money. We need to clean up this mess again”.
    The three women attacked hard, circling Mortia and striking her companion down fast.
    “Impossible!” she screamed. “Death God, grant me your blessings!” she prayed but all she saw was Lara's furious attack, delivering her to the arms of her master.
    Zemu opened his eyes to find himself circled by women and his crew.
    “He lives! They all live! Hail the Colossi Pirates new masters of Death!” announced a Siren to the crowd.
    “The ones who will serve our lord, better than the previous. We will bring you ships!”
    “And men!” yelled another Siren.
    “And women! Death doesn't know boundaries!”
    “And children!”
    “Yes children! Oh how they scream!”
    “They squeal like little pigs when we deliver death!”
    “Such divine screams!”
    Lara looked around worried at the crowd of the Sirens that seemed ecstatic by the prospect of mass slaughter.
    “They are all crazy Zemu. I don't want to make children scream”.
    “But they will never stop. It's their religion. They are fanatics” whispered Sturd.
    “Then, let's deliver them to their lord” said Lucius with a smirk and readied his weapons. Fire rose and the volcano roared, covering the screams of the Sirens that came closer to their god.

    Neo Navy Headquarters

    Mogora looked at them with mix of confusion and disgust. “Who are you supposed to be again?”
    Areto moved forward a step “Zero Division of the Neo Navy Forces with Captain Munsu!"
    Mogora's mouth hang open and looked as if she would fall asleep any time soon.
    “Are you from my fleet?” she asked indifferently.
    “Eeerm, no. No Admiral Mogora, we are not”.
    “Then why on earth are you wasting my time? Damn younglings, think they can do whatever they like all the time” she continued and moved her eyes back to her book.
    “We just wanted to meet you” said Captain Munsu.
    “Do you want to change fleet and come to mine? Your petition is declined” she said irritated and waved at them to leave.
    “No, we don't, we just wanted to meet you and express our respect” said JARVIS in his robotic voice.
    “Well, it has been an unimaginable pleasure. I have never been so thrilled in my many years in the Navy. Life changing experience” said Mogora without looking at them.
    “We will leave now” said Lucieila and waved at the crew to leave office.

    “That was unexpected” said Zabuza as he scratched his chin.
    “Was it? It has been known that Mogora isn't the most pleasant personality in this world” replied Lucieila indifferently.
    “Let's go find Ossrec” prompt them Munsu.
    “He is not here. Let's go straight to Scabandari and get this over with. I want to meet Uriel” replied Lucieila who was getting tired of the back and forth.

    The hallways were busy with people patrolling the area and moving from room to room, some saluting the crew as they past by. Scabandari was reading through his papers as the crew came into his office. He gazed at them seriously for a moment before he got back to reading.
    “Can I help you?”
    “Admiral Scabandari! Zero Division reporting duty!” said Munsu with excitement. Scabandari looked at them with question for bottom to top.
    “Are you sure you are in the right office? Because I have no idea who you are" he replied and looked around at his desk. He found a dusted large envelope and looked through it.
    “Ah the loud mouth” said Scabandari with a smirk. He looked again through his drawers and took out several tiny den den mushis.
    “Which is the right one now?” he asked himself as he looked at them closely. “Would you mind opening the door?” he asked kindly of Lucieila.
    “VICE ADMIRAL URIEL!” he yelled as Lucieila opened the door.
    Stop yelling through the hallway! replied Uriel from a small den den mushi to his right and moments later she appeared at the door.

    “Ah, the Zero Division” said Uriel as he saw them and nodded towards them. “Welcome back. I will need a full report of your latest journeys, but this can wait a bit. You are free to rest for now” she said and smiled at them.
    “So, are you the delayed ones?” asked Scabandari that was scanning their faces.
    “Delayed?” asked Munsu.
    “Yes. You were supposed to enter along with the other we have lost our advantage. Due to your delay” he said in a strict tone.
    “There were some delays along the way, yes. But this won't happen again” replied Munsu in a serious tone.
    “And this book” said Scabandari and took out the Art of Fleeing “is this how you spend your free time?”
    “Admiral, I assure you we have nothing to do with this book!”
    “You most certainly memorized it well”.
    “Admiral Scabandari, we know we had some failures in our mission, but please give us time to prove our worth” said Areto and bowed her head lightly.
    Scabandari thought about it for a minute and then nodded.
    “Vice Admiral, I am sure there's something they could be useful around here”.

    “Don't touch this!” snapped the old man and slapped Zabuza’s hand. “Do you know how to work one of these? Of course you don't. Just because you are a fish it doesn't mean you are can drive a submarine” he concluded his rambling.
    “How far are we?” asked Munsu as he gazed through the small opening.
    “Not too far, not too close” replied the man.
    “That's helpful” said Lucieila in a low voice. The man looked at her for a moment before he said “you are creepy”.
    Areto frowned, but didn't say a word as she felt the submarine emerging in the surface.
    “We will surface just next to revolutionary ship. Try not to get lost. I would help you, but my bones ache when I am near the sea. I also don't like you, so there's that.”

    The battle was fast, only Munsu and Jarvis down on the ground. The old man came from the submarine “Get those unconscious idiots and let's go” he said and nodded at the crew.
    “You know you left that one get away right?” he said and pointed at the Revolutionary ninja running away.
    “Yes? No? Never mind.”

    Lucieila felt her body aching all over as sweat ran down her face. She had heard Uriel dismissing the training class, but she didn't realize how much time had passed after everyone had left.
    “Not good enough” she whispered and continued to train. Her gaze fell to the corner of the room, where Uriel was standing and watching her.
    “Power” she said as she walked closer to her “doesn't translate to strength only. You need to be aware of your surroundings” she continued as she took out her blade and moved graciously around the training dolls, “be fast” she added and ran, so fast Lucieila lost her from her eyes, “and precise” she concluded as she appeared in the door, next to Scabandari who was ready to walk into the room, her blade on his throat.
    “A kind Admiral that doesn't try to dodge is also useful” added Scabandari with a smile. Uriel smiled back at him and sheathed her weapon.
    “Continue” she said to Lucieila who followed her orders, sweat running down her mask until the sun was gone from the sky.


    Where am I-chii?" - Jim looked around the white room, a golden hue draconian eye peeking through the window.
    "You're in the hospital" - Thorne answered - "You were quite injured after our attempt to resist Lady Aertes' justice" - he frowned.

    "It serves you right" - Jerk sat in the corner of the room, emptying a bottle and adding it to dozen others at his feet - "If you weren't a romantic fool, this wouldn't have happened!!"
    "Shut up-chii! You were the one trying to ride the dragon in the first place-chii!!"
    "Jerk! This is not the time nor the place" - Thorne said with a collected, calm face - "I'm sorry Jim. If only I was a better captain, this wouldn't have happened to you" - he said, apologetic.
    "You're wrong-chii. You're a great captain-chii. It's thanks to you we've made it this far-chii" - the chimp smiled.

    "You'll be fine!" - Francesca hugged him with tears in her eyes.
    "Don't cry-chii!!" - the small chimp started to get teary-eyed as well, unable to move due to his bandages.

    "This is not a good-bye. We will come back once you're recovered" - said the captain, leaving boxing gloves in his bed. He nodded.
    "This is a letter from Iris and Jackhen, she's on the ship recovering. Get well fast!" - Francesca kissed him.
    "Clean your damn nose, you're bleeding all over the white sheets" - Jerk interrupted the kiss - "Drink this and you'll be good as new!" - he said leaving a bottle of Jim Beam on his bedside.
    "Thank you for everything-chii!" - Jim wiped his tears.

    "I'm sorry, Iris-kun! I shouldn't have let this happen to you!" - Jackhen held her tightly.
    "YOU'RE SQUASHING ME, YOU SOFT HEARTED IDIOT!" - Iris pushed him back - "It was not your fault. I was careless and stumbled right in front of Rake ... I don't want you to get hurt for my mistakes..." she fumbled with her words.
    "I'd rather be burned by a thousand dragons than see you hurt by one!" - he looked her deep in the eyes.
    "If you could take your eyes off each other, you would realize your captain has arrived" - Hanzo interrupted as he drank a cup of sake, sitting in the bow of the ship.

    "How is Iris? Will she be fine?" - Thorne asked as they landed.
    "She'll live ... If the big fish doesn't crush her first" - Hanzo glanced at the embarassed couple.
    Thorne forced a smile and turned to Jackhen - "Have you tried contacting the Tower like I asked? I have a bad feeling..."
    "Yes Captain. They didn't say anything about Silchas" - Jackhen answered, helping Iris to her feet.

    "Get a room, you two!" - Jerk teased Iris and Jackhen, who blushed as they went inside - "WHY IS THE RUM GONE??!" - he scrambled around the minibar - "I TURN INTO A DIVA WITHOUT MY ALCOHOL!"
    "The biggest fool of them all, the drunken okama" - Hanzo groaned, heading towards the bow of the ship.
    "Bite me, greenhorn!"
    "You're too weak to bother, not even worth my time, drunkard"
    "Hush! Not one more word!" - Thorne jabbed a bottle in Jerk's mouth - "set a course to Slayn, we got a mission to complete... and don't crash our ship into anything!"

    The crew looked around in awe the dark city with a weird feeling in their guts. The buildings looked like sharp rocks, they could discern a rough but beautiful architecture. There were crafts that looked like spaceship flying around in the city, but they could see no people. An ominous shadow approached them, a tall figure dressed in black and red, the eyes dark red and evil.
    “Speak” said the figure in demand.
    “We are here to gather information” said Thorne, but he didn't want to reveal more.
    “Ah, you are here seeking wisdom?” said the figure in a deep voice, “well, you certainly need it.”
    Jerk frowned “Look man, we just need to take a look around. Help us or not, we don't care. Just don't stand in our way”. The figure approached from the shadows and the crew saw a tall, peculiar creature with enlarged head but no mouth.
    “Is this a challenge? Huh! Of course not! Your kind lacks the fortitude for a such thing. I am Alarak, High Lord of the Tal’Darim. Now, address me with due respect” said the creature with an demanding tone. Iris rolled her eyes and tried to pass by Alarak, but he took out his blade and placed it on her throat. The rest of the crew tried to attack, but a force pushed them all back.
    “Perhaps I have been unclear. This city is under the siege of Mal’ash, who has corrupted one of the leaders to do his dirty work. I need to kill him obviously, who else could oppose him, but unfortunately that ridiculous Artanis won't let me focus on him. Help me take out the misery trio so I can finish up with the arch idiot.” The crew looked at the creature confused.
    “Are you truly that slow? Your other option is death!” he said and blood ran through Iris’ throat as he pushed the blade against her.
    “Leave her alone you bastard!” said Jackhen and tried to attack, but he was unable to move, as if a force field was holding them back.
    “Alright!” yelled Thorne, “we will help you! Leave her alone!”
    “Most wise. Now, how will you serve me, hmm… Distract Artanis and his weaklings while I concentrate my power to breach Mal'ash forces. I except you will die in the process, but try to give me enough time to finish the job” said the creature walked in front and the crew helped Iris.
    “What a pathetic display” said Hanzo with a judgemental look and walked away from them.
    “Ah, there might be some hope after all” said Alarak with a deep laugh.

    Francesca looked outside the spaceship with excitement. “Look at this technology guys! I could certainly pick up a thing or two here!”
    “Ah, yes it's weird but really exciting city Francesca-sama!” agreed Jackhen with excitement.
    “Uuugh, are you always that loud? Perhaps you should channel all this energy into actually doing something useful” said Alarak with an annoyed tone. Jerk frowned again and showed him one of his bottles “You know man, I think a drink would relax you”.
    “You have noticed that I have no mouth, yes?”
    “Then maybe try another hole” said Jerk with an irritated tone.
    “Tsk. The more you prod, the worst your punishment shall beeeee” said Alarak in a cheerful tone.

    The spaceship shook and the crew saw a psionic storm around them.
    “We have been spotted” said Alarak as the spaceship lost height. “Now try to follow the plan” he said as the craft landed and the doors opened to see 3 more aliens waiting for them with their blades extended.
    The enemies were unlike anything he crew has ever faced. Their time and space manipulation made it hard for the crew to coordinate, along with their psionic powers and their shields. Alarak was concentrating his powers, but was getting distracted every now and then, from the events of the battle.

    “A youngling could pose a greater challenge” he said as Francesca fell down unconscious from Artanis’ attacks. Fire stormed and an alien was knocked out.
    “Perhaps I have underestimated you” said Alarak with interest before he saw Jackhen falling down from another attack. “No. No, actually I haven't” he continued. The crew was fast to take out the rest of the aliens opposing them.
    Alarak was still concentrating his powers as they reached closer to him.
    “Victorious, how unexpected” he said with an evil tone.
    “Weren't you supposed to breach their forces or something?” asked Iris annoyed but got no answer.
    “Now what, are we done here?” insisted Throne as Alarak seemed to pay zero attention towards them.
    “Yes, you've completed your task. Good lap dogs!” replied Alarak while laughing as Tequila, the cyber wolf reached for him with a frantic tail wave.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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