One Piece Manga Volume #86

Title: Emperor Assassination Plan

The alliance to assassinate Big Mom is formed, and the wedding ceremony begins at the top of Whole Cake Chateau with numerous high ranking officers present. Will Luffy, Bege and Caesar succeed in taking down one of the Emperors, or will the plan be foiled by the man who can see the future?

Manga Viewer:
- Chapter 859: Yonko Assassination Plan
- Chapter 860: 10:00 Opening of the Banquet
- Chapter 861: Good Actor
- Chapter 862: The Intelligent Ones
- Chapter 864: The Vinsmoke Family Massacre Plan
- Chapter 865: Hey, Mother
- Chapter 866: Natural Born Destroyer
- Chapter 867: Happy Birthday
- Chapter 868: KX Launcher
- Chapter 869: Under Siege