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    Guts, who slew a hundred men

    ~Setting the scene~

    The year is 113 A.D., a large army of men are charging towards the most fortified fortress in the midlands, Doldrey. It is held by one of the most fiercest armies in the land, it is held by Lord Gennon, an evil man of Chuda who's been pushed back to his final fortress in the midlands, he will be pushed back to Tudar if this attack fails. The Purple Rhino Knights are putting up a strong fight on the front lines against the armies of midlands, with their many hired mercenaries on the front lines. The Rhino Knights were on the verge of being pushed back, when a large man wearing even larger armour, with an humongous battle axe begins clearing a path through the men of the midlands. His name, is Bazuso the fiercest man in the army of Chudar. The men of the midlands begin backing off as Bazuso calls out for an enemy to face him.

    The men of the midlands began cowering back in fear, no one wanted to face him. Bazuso kept calling out, waiting for someone to muster some strength to try and fight him. A few men from the midlands began muttering among themselves. "You go!" says one man to another. "No way, I can't fight someone like that.." he replies. "Bazuso, the man who can kill thirty with a single swing of his axe, no way... who will face him.." whined out one man under his breathe, a few others heard him and began stepping back. The commander tried to find someone in his army to fight the large man. "I will pay five gold pieces to anyone who strikes down this man!!" he screams out. Bazuso looks around at his foes before shouting out to his men. "The enemy's morale is low, attack!!" But just as he says the words, a young boy, with a unnecessarily large double edged sword, wearing but a mere steel helmet and a steel chest plate. He steps into the circle that Bazuso had cleared for himself and another with enough courage to fight him. The boy stops about six meters away from Bazuso. He looks to his commander.

    "I'll fight this man.. tsk... All these men, and none of them have enough balls to fight him.
    The boy looks at Bazuso, and sizes him up perhaps. "I'll cut down this man for ten gold pieces! At the end of the day, we are mercenaries, honor isn't going to put a meal in front of me. The men from the midlands were startled by this young boy. "How dare he address Bazuso with such disrespect, he's going to get pummeled." One man whispers to another, the commander thinks about this proposition for a moment, before he speaks up. "I'll give you seven gold pieces, now go on." The boy squeezed his free hand tight into a fist. "What a cheap bastard..." the boy thought to himself before taking another step forward, and gripping both of his hands onto his large sword. In an instant he stepped off of his back foot and began slashing repeatedly. The large man, Bazuso was using his axe to block the strikes with the shaft of his axe, after a few more attacks were blocked by Bazuso he pushed off of one of the attacks, knocking the boy back a few feet. "I admire your courage boy, but now it's time for you to die!" He cried out as he slammed his axe down towards the boys head. The young man reacted quite admirably to use his sword and block the head of the axe, as the axe and sword connected with one another, a small crack was noticeably vivid on the axe. Bazuso went for the same attack again, and this time the young man would not block the incoming attack but take it head on while dishing out an attack of his own. The axe connected with the young boys helmet but the axe broke as well as knock the helmet off of the boy, giving him a small wound above his temple, the young man did not stop his attack however, he continued to swing his sword and penetrated the armor of Bazuso nearly cutting the man in half, his sword stopped about halfway through the mans body. Bazuso fell to his knees. "Please! You are the better warrior!" He cries out before Guts can recover to make another attack. "I submit to the better man!" He put his hands up in desperation as he saw the mans face, there was no hope in stopping him. "Please spare me!" He yelled out in one final ditch effort, but it was too late, the sword had sliced his face in two. The young boy stood there for a moment with his sword penetrating the mans skull. He pulled it out and waved his sword downward towards Bazuso's corpse, spraying blood all over the dead body. "The enemy's morale is cautionary low!" Cried out the commander of midlands, "Charge!"

    The army of midlands charged into the castle, pushing the enemy all the way back, and finally winning the war. But something bigger was afoot here, a band of warriors stood atop a hill not too far away from the battle,
    they were watching someone, it was that young boy. The began talking amongst themselves, they knew he was strong, but how strong, was he strong enough to kill the leader of their own guild, but they decided that he wasn't that strong.. but they planned to test his strength, soon..

    The young boy is seen collecting his pay from the man who hired all of the mercenaries for this castle siege, the man drops a few silver pieces in front of him, approximately ten are scattered on the table, and then he drops a small leather coin purse that hits the table with a light thud. He collects his pay and begins forward with his journey, waiting for the next job, and to go spend some of his pay. As he walks through the beaten down path of the hilly grasslands a few men on horses begin charging down one of the hills towards him.

    The young boy drops his satchel his on the ground beneath him and strapped his helmet on to his head as he raises his sword with both hands above his head. As the horses approach closer and closer to him, he calms himself, preparing for this combat. As the first horseman came within striking distance he lashed out towards the young boy. The kid used his sword to deflect the attack upwards as he slid his blade up the shaft of the mans spear until his sword connected with the mans abdomen, nearly slicing him in two. The next attack came towards him from the rear, he side stepped the incoming blade and drove the tip of his sword into the chest of the man on the horse, pulling him to the ground. The horseman began to circle the young man, questioning the next attack.

    On top of the hill where the bandits had come from sits a few other of the bandits that are attacking down below. One, with majesticly, beautiful long white hair lays on the ground. Another young blonde boy tells the others of the casualties they're taking below. The man with white hair sends a woman down to the fight, she protests for a moment, but then goes as she's commanded.

    The girl began charging her horse down towards the fight as another man charges the young boy from behind, he takes note of the closer target and turns to face him, as an attack comes his way he dodges and prepares for his counter attack, as he goes to slice at the man on the horse who just tried to take his life he is hit in the arm with an arrow from his left. He looks to see who the attacker was knowing he missed his chance to strike down the man on the horse, the woman knight had a crossbow equipped in one hand and a small straight sword in the other, but to the young boy, she looked just like any other knight under the armor, he could not tell she was woman just yet. As the woman got closer she attempted to strike at the young man, he dodged and prepared for the counter attack before noticing the crossbow was still pointed in his direction, he uses his sword to block any incoming attack from it, but she doesn't fire, she circles around with her horse and prepares for a second attack. As she comes for this attack the young boy changes his battle strategy and aims for the horses legs, cutting them both clean off, the horse falls to the ground and the woman tumbles off of the horse, subsequently knocking her helmet off of her as well as she rolls to break her fall. The young boy notices shes a woman, he doesn't particularly want to fight a woman, but as she charges towards him to attack he has no other option right now. He strikes her sword out of her hand and knocks her to the ground with his free hand, he begins to follow up the attack, slamming his sword down towards the woman's head, out of no where, his sword is deflected backwards, as he looks up, the man with beautiful hair is on a horse dressed in white standing before him. The men begin chanting. "Griffith is here now!!" A hurrah was let loose by the remaining men. "You're going to get it now kid!" The man now known as Griffith looks down at the boy, calling him forward to fight with a gesture. The young boy goes to attack and is met with a sword right above his heart. His vision begins to blur, and he falls over unconscious, but not dead yet. The man takes off his helmet, and gives some orders to his men, keep him alive.

    ~To be continued.~

    feel free to post below, let me know what you think thus far.
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