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    OPD#6 Egersis ~ Game Thread

    [FONT=Century Gothic]One Piece Destiny (OPD), is a roleplay game, placed in the One Piece world, moderated and guided by hosts. Players are given a general story line, which the game will follow and from there they are free to create their characters, crews and actions.
    Players can fight with one another, recruit fighters, form alliances, go on quests, win tournaments, storm prisons, and of course, search for One Piece.

    Players submit their actions to the Game Master/s who will then post them in frequent write ups, outlining all of the major player actions of that phase.

    The games generally have a lot of flexibility in the actions, and players are allowed to be as creative as they want provided it is logical.

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    1. @Joseph Joestar aka Basil
    2. Nekomamushi @Dracula
    3. Gir aka dead man walking @Mephistopheles
    4. @ZoroXLee
    5. @Spiegel
    6. @Min
    7. @Nise
    8. @Inari
    9. @SoulKiller
    10. Inuarashi @Overhaul
    11. @AndrewtheAmericanDude
    12. @SniperKing
    13. @Loni the Lazy
    14. @Rounin
    15. @MelanciaSJ
    16. @Ratchet
    17. @Shaki

    The PM's with the teams will be sent out shortly. Please read the above info and complete this template for your characters in your QTs.

    Fighting style:
    Race: (If you choose Mink also name the animal e.g. - Fox Mink)
    Gender: (Okama is available as well)

    Any character traits you want for write-up purposes:

    We decided not to include Vak and Alense wince it has been a long time since they logged on the forums, so one team will get one NPC from the start to be treated as a player.

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    1. A19-Torino Kingdom
    2. A33-Grey Terminal
    3. A45 – Water 7
    4. B4 – Sparta
    5. B28-Baterilla
    6. B38-Hamamu
    7. C13-Vegalab
    8. C43- Grand Slam Island
    9. D10- Feliniapolis
    10. D24-Neo Navy West Base
    11. D34-Wesutoworudo
    12. E17-Holy Island
    13. F6-Blazing
    14. F28-Flytrap
    15. G39-Camelot
    16. G45-Yoshiwara
    17. H32-Grand Pazar
    18. I3-Falconia
    19. I13-Illusia
    20. I25-Weatheria
    21. J20-Darkhill Island
    22. J42-Kumate
    23. J50-Island of Apes
    24. L10-Jaya
    25. L36-Cyberia
    26. L46-Hanun
    27. M25-Organ
    28. M31-Black Drum
    29. N6-Artica
    30. N14-Zootopia
    31. N20-Sole
    32. N40-New Ohara
    33. O49-Neo Navy North Base
    34. P32-Blackheart’s Bay
    35. P28-Malo Malo
    36. Q5-Arrow Island
    37. Q45-Katsuland
    38. Q41- A.S Dias
    39. R18-Parasity
    40. R36-Greenfall
    41. S11-All Blue Restaurant
    42. S25-Alabasta
    43. S33 - Aztl�n
    44. T48- Maori Island
    45. U3- Neo Navy South Base
    46. U43 – Impel Down
    47. V24-Warehouse
    48. V38- Croissant
    49. W13- Shades Island
    50. W19-Kano
    51. W31-Konoha
    52. X6- Jap Lab Island
    53. X46-International
    54. Y27-Neo Navy East Base
    55. Y35- Bellisola
    56. Y43-Doremi
    57. Aa13-Fantezia
    58. Aa31-M.R.G.L.
    59. Aa39-Deep Rift
    60. Aa49-Boda
    61. Ab6-Amazon Lily
    62. Ab18-Neo Nippon Island
    63. Ab24-Wall Street
    64. Ac15-Dressrosa
    65. Ac35-Techno

    New World Map


    A25 – Northrend
    A39 – Dinotopia
    B2 - Chrysipolis
    C13 – Atlantis (Underwater island)
    D50 – Moonspawn (Sky Island)
    F32 – Revolutionary Tower
    I21 – Creta
    J4 – Marwoleath
    J36 – Golden City
    L50 – Slayn
    O13 – Sa Kalayo
    P8 – Un Lucky Paradise (Pirate Base)
    P28 – Akron (Sky Island)
    R2 – Nioche
    T50 – Elysium Fields
    V12 – Drift Avalii (Drifting island, coordinates change every scenario)
    V38 – Island of Deception
    W25 – Balkalash (Underwater Island)
    Aa39 – Neo Navy HQ
    Ab2 – Suicide Island
    Ac15 – Firelands
    Ac33 – Murtaje
    Ac49 - Zanxhir
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    Many years after the rule of the Great Pirate King, Monkey D. Luffy.

    The room was cold and the atmosphere tensed around the round table.
    Admiral Scabandari of the Neo Navy slammed his hand on the rough wood, his eyes throwing flames.
    "This pirates scums have destroyed everything we worked for. Our power, our reputation...", he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.
    "This is our chance to strike back. With Monkey D. Luffy long gone and the last pirate kingdom fallen, it's time for the World Government and the Navy to be in charge again."

    "Piiiipipipipiii...!!" a ridiculous laughter was heard from the obese lord that sat on the far edge of the table. "You worry too much, Admiral. We are the Royals of this world. The Kings. We deserve to rule. Who will oppose us? Who will oppose me? Only the fools, piiiipipipipipi!!!"

    "Celestial Dragons...", Admiral Scabandari almost spat the words from his mouth with disgust, " are the downfall of our world."

    The fat lord suddenly got up from his chair, making little difference in height, his hand holding a gun and shaking from fury.
    "You dare address me like that? I am a pure-blood royal, from the most ancient families of the world!! You low life nobody...", but before the Celestial Dragon could finish his sentence he fell on his knees, his hands clenching his throat and gasping for air, his fat cheeks red from the effort.

    "Enough!', whispered Admiral Uriel. "Scabandari, let him breathe!'

    "Worthless", whispered Admiral Scabandari and the Celestial Dragon started breathing again, fallen on his knees with tears running down his face.

    "Admiral Scabandari is right" proclaimed Uriel and stood next to him.

    "That's why we sent our best. That's why this time, we will make no mistakes. That's why this time, we will prevail." She bowed down in front of the Admiral, her long raven hair falling in her pale skin. "I won't let you down", she whispered and left the room, her dark cloak dancing around her full hips.
    Admiral Scabandari smiled, making his eyes even more threatening.

    "Yes. This time, we will prevail."

    Somewhere in the vast sea...

    "Zehahahaha! Look at this beauty we stole from those losers Pinky!", Captain Un of the Lucky Pirates said with pride.
    "Kyaaaa~ this ship so nice Senpai!", said Pinky, her round cheeks painted red and her eyes filled with excitement.
    "Zehahahaha, ,the seas are ours lass! No one can stop us, with your charms and my power no one can oppose-", captain Un's sentence was cut in the middle by a wild roar. A dark shadow covered the sun and the Sea king opened his gigantic jaws to swallow the ship whole.
    "Oh crap", was captain Un's last words and a frantic "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!" echoed from the Sea King's mouth.

    Decide which island you want to visit first and inform us in the QTs. We will then send you the details of the islands so you can make your actions within the time limit given above.

    1. @Joseph Joestar aka Basil
    2. Nekomamushi @Dracula
    3. Gir aka dead man walking @Mephistopheles
    4. @ZoroXLee
    5. @Spiegel
    6. @Min
    7. @Nise
    8. @Inari
    9. @SoulKiller
    10. Inuarashi @Overhaul
    11. @AndrewtheAmericanDude
    12. @SniperKing
    13. @Loni the Lazy
    14. @Rounin
    15. @MelanciaSJ
    16. @Ratchet
    17. @Shaki

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    Scenario 1


    In the distant land of Flaconia, home of Graham the First, a crew docked their ship. It's been a long while since pirates last set foot on Falconia. Under Graham's rule, peace and prosperity characterized the country. So much so that no one gave any credit to the rumours about Graham having made a pact with the devil to earn his position as King.
    Only the members of the band of the Hawk, staying hidden deep in the island's forest knew the truth. The devious plot of their previous leader to marry the previous king's daughter first, become the king next.

    The pirates, clearly having done their homework, split their forces and captain Frostbeard headed to meet this Band of the Hawk and require their aid. There, he met with Yashika, their leader and the two quickly found each other's company pleasant, seeing how they had common interests in Graham's downfall.

    Vade Vilson entered the castle and tried to do some scouting of the enemy from the best place to get info, the marketplace. However, as per his habit, he ended up arguing with the blacksmith about the prices. Nearby citizens reported the conversation to have lasted hours, the tone of it being something along these lines:
    "Vat? Three thousand belli for zis? Zis is preposterous! Do you know who ve are? Ve have vays to make you give us vat ve vant!"
    Alas, the blacksmith didn't take Vade seriously and Vilson was forced to leave empty handed and frustrated.

    The same frustration suffered Yasha. She however gave up a lot sooner, concluding that their financial problem's solution would be the upcoming battle itself.

    And so the crew met up again, this time aided by Yashika and her men. From a secret passage they bypassed the guards and found themselves right outside Graham's chamber, who was at the time taking his beauty sleep.

    "Quiet now, and be very very careful" warned Yashika.
    "Alright, let's do this" said the captain and Yasha nodded in silent agreement.
    They turned to Vade who had a mildly annoyed look on his face.

    "VAAAAAAADEEE VIIIIIILSSOOOOOON" he screamed after a few seconds of staring each other and broke Graham's door.
    The king, alarmed but not losing his composure, jumped out of his bed and reached for his rapier.
    "You. Yashika, haven't I taught you years ago how big the gap between the two of us is? Now that he is gone, none can oppose me."
    Yashika, her eyes fixed on Graham, didn't flinch. "I am not alone this time, Graham"
    "These mongrels? Those will make the difference? You are still so naive, Yashika. I will have to remind you who stands before you. Remind you of the power I have acquired!"
    His eyes widened when he saw everyone trying to attack him at once. "What is this? Do you people have no honour?"
    "Sorry, we are pirates." Yasha calmly replied.
    The king, even though he got wounded fought for his life vehemently but in the end, he succumbed to his wounds, unable to handle the combined assault of the three pirates.

    Somewhere in the vast world

    "At the sound
    Of the first bird singing
    I was leaving for home
    With the storm
    And the night behind me
    And a road of my own"

    “Aight, this island looks good to buy some equipment in be on our way”, said Jerk as he tied his small boat in the bay.
    Stony jump off the boat and walked towards the town, leaving Jerk behind her. “Could you be any slower?”, she complained when he caught up with her. Jerk rolled his eyes under his glasses and entered the town.

    “Do you notice anything weird?” he asked Stony as he looked around.
    “Apart your ridiculous outfit?” she noted sarcastically, ”no, nothing.”
    “We haven’t seen a single man since we walked on this island.”
    “Oh, you miss the company, don’t you”, replied Stony with an even more sarcastic and slightly irritated tone, but before Jerk could reply, a small thin lady on her late 40s interrupted them.

    “Welcome, you lovely people”, she embraced them all of the sudden with a warm smile. “My name is Weddia and I am the Mayor of this town, hihi”, she giggled. “I would like to give you a tour, but first I need to know the purpose of your visit.”
    “Oi, oi lady, that’s some top secret info you are asking to learn”, Jerk butted in.
    “Shut up, you idiot. Excuse him, he likes to roleplay as Che Guevara. We came here to shop some equipment we need.”

    The lady seemed confused. “H-he?”, she asked with her eyes filled with doubt.
    “Oh yeah, that mad jerk here likes to dress up as a lady. Go figure.”’ concluded Stony and shot a deadly glance to Jerk who was enjoying all the attention.
    “So he is a guy?” asked Weddia with a renewed interest and took him by his arm, “so have you considered marriage?”
    Jerk removed his hand fast as if an electrical current had shocked his body “marriage? Despicable. Listen…lady, I am free bird. I like to fly here and there. Can’t settle down with only person, gedit?”
    “Tsk, another unwilling groom”, said Weddia and started stretching along with the other girls and ladies that had gathered round.
    “You idiot, you gone and did…Let’s just walk away.”
    “We are surrounded”, whispered Jerk “…RUN!” and run they did towards the forest of the island, with the Union of Mother’s in Law chasing them all the way there until they managed to lose them in the thick woods.

    “Pheeeewww, that was close”, said Jerk as he sat down on a rock to rest.
    “Close? You crossdress imbecile, we can’t enter the town now! We have a mission to finish!”
    “Hm, that might be problemaaaaaaaatic”, he screamed as the rock he was leaning on was pushed to the side and he fell flat on the ground.
    A scared man appeared from the gap that seemed to be an entrance of a cave.
    “Are you here to get married?” he said with a demanding tone.
    “We are here to shop and if you even consider asking me to become your wife I will chop off your manhood and feed it to this Weddia bitch!”
    The man opened his eyes in shock “It’s ok guys, they hate marriage as well!”, he shouted and more men came out from the cave.

    A long conversation and many inappropriate Okama jokes later…

    “So they have taken over the island and try to force all men to marriage? This is despicable. We must act you can’t stay here and take this! Are you with me men?”
    “YES!”, replied the crowe in union to Jerk’s proposal and Stony rolled her eyes as they advanced to the town.

    Weddia has been prepared. The moment they entered the town she tried to grab Jerk and put a wedding suit on him but he took advantage of his range and with the combined efforts of Stony, they defeated Weddia. A big fest was organized in honor of Mad Jerk the Okama that saved the Men and the title of “Ultimate Absent Ruler of the Island" was given to him. Their small boat set off in the middle of the night for the next destination when suddenly a drunk Jerk fell into the sea. Stony rolled her eyes and contemplated if she should let him drown until she notice he was swimming back.

    “Where on earth are you going you drunk fool?”
    “I forgot my cigarettes!!”, he replied and kept swimming back.


    "Captain, do you hear this?"
    "Hear what, Seni?"
    "I am trying. Do you hear anything, mr. Anderson?"
    "I ain't hearing shit"
    "Why am I not surprised, mr. Anderson"
    "GOAT my ass" laughed Seni
    "Your ass is hardly your best attribute, Seni" answered mr. Anderson, staring at her chest.
    "Stop staring at her and focus, Spider"
    "Whatever you say captain" sighed Anderson "The Spider" Silva
    "So? Do you hear it?" asked Seni again.
    They both nodded, perplexed.
    "What is this scream? Mrglrgrlrgrl?"
    "Oh no, I think i recognized this" said captain Terry "The Biceps" Crews after a moment of contemplation. "It's murlocs" He pointed ahead, a massive cloud of dust coming their way.
    As the cloud came closer to them, the figures of the murlocs became apparent, the amphibians rapidly approaching them with murderous intentions. When they reached a distance of a few meters from the crew, who by the time had assumed battle positions, they halted. A single murloc, came forth, raised its flippers and pointed them to Crews.
    "Hail, Murloc Warleader!"
    "We come in peace!"
    "Err...guys, help me out a bit here"
    "Captain, there's no hope in trying to communicate with them" said Seni
    "Seriously? Are we really doing this? Talking with the fish?"
    "What? Yes I am talking about you"
    "Mr. Anderson"
    "Absolutely fishie. Man, I am getting too old for this shit."
    "Rrrrrwl. Mrgl-Mrgl. Aghubrugle. Wmrwl!"
    "Yeah sure, whatever"
    "Mr. Anderson stop!"
    But it was too late. The Murloc Warleader was consumed by hatred, determined to direct it towards the Spider. There was no turning back anymore.
    "The leader" said Terry "The Biceps"
    "What about him?" asked Seni
    "He's powering up. Take him out before it's too late"
    Both crewmates nodded and assumed positions. Seconds later, all three of them attacked the warleader.
    Interrupting his power-up, Teddy Crews' crew made short work of the murloc warleader.
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    Somewhere in the vast sea

    "With the day came the resolution
    I'll be looking for you
    La la la la..."

    “Woaaaaah, this island looks beautiful” said Thorne as he entered the exotic forest with Moby flying around here and there.
    “I greet you kind sir”, said a native of the island, a young man wearing sandals with wings and what appeared to be a handmade flying device on his back.
    “Sirius Icarius, champion of the flying convention and representative of our town”, he extended his hand in a warm greeting.
    “Thorne and my friend Moby.”
    “Magnificent! Your friend. It flies on it’s own!”
    “Ah, it’s a he. A Mink. A monkey Mink. A flying monkey Mink to be exact.”
    “Superb!”, said Sirius with an awed looked on his face, “I like you already so I will be your personal guide in our island. We have a calm and peaceful town but some very dangerous places as well, I make sure to make your stay as safe as possible.”

    Thorne was intrigued by hearing that dangerous places exist on the island; he was after all informed that a ship with a great treasure has crushed nearby this place. Sirius was a man with great curiosity for everything new, so he listened carefully to Thorne and his cause, his past adventures and his thirst for new places to explore. Thorne tried to fish as many information as he could but Sirius seemed reluctant to share any information that could harm the newcomer and his divine friend.
    “I told you, we don’t speak of that place. Everyone that went there never came back. It’s dangerous. We fly over it, never walk there…the sea brings evils with the evening tide>” Sirius look was scared but Thorne could discern a glimpse of curiosity hidden underneath the fear.

    “Listen, I will go. Thank you for help but I need to explore that place. Please don’t try to stop me.”
    “Nooooo, ifanything happens to you I will be responsible! You can’t!!!...go alone! I will come with you!” gave in Sirius and they set of for the deep forest.

    The fog was thick near the water. The evening tide has started to rise and the sun light barely reached there. A wild roar was heard from the thick fog and a scaled tail whipped the air, so fast that the three had barely any time to dodge the sudden attack.
    Icarius was shocked by the huge Sea King that risen from the water.

    “Leave this to us!”, said Thorne and they got lost in the fog.
    His forehead was sweaty and his heart pounded hard on his chest. “This is impossible Moby! Our hits do nothing on him!”, yelled Thorne and dived on the side to dodge the beast’s teeth. As he did, his eyes noticed the red spot between his eyes.
    “There Moby! Hit him between the eyes!”, instructed Thorne and with a swift move the flying monkey Mink dived his daggers into the Sea King’s head. The best fell in the water with a wild roar, spraying the two with sea water and golden coin from what appeared to be a shipwreck in the bottom of the sea.

    The party that was thrown to celebrate the arrival of Moby the Flying Monkey Mink, killer of beasts and protector of the flying town was the biggest the island has ever seen. In the middle of the night, while the town was still celebrating, Thorne and Moby took off for their next destination, with a small pouch of gold and an old, torn page of paper in their hands.

    Neo Navy South Base

    "So tell us why did you pick us specifically? Never mentioned that in your long ass speech, captain Munsu" exclaimed Zabuza.
    "Well, the Admiral handed me a sheet of paper listing all the fucked up individuals like yourself and was told to pick the ones I feel are capable of handling their own in this mission."
    "I see" Zabuza looked around, his eyes meeting the third member of the crew, still trying to overcome the uneasy feeling he got every time he saw her bone mask.
    Dressed in green, with her leather boots on the table, Lucieila stayed silent, observing her companions, taking their measure. "Not too bad" she thought.
    "What is up with those fangs all over your clothes anyway?" he asked her.
    "You don't like them?"
    "Oh really, you stay silent all this time and you reply about your stylistic preferences?"
    "Silence, you two. Don't make me regret my choice already.Let's go over it once more. Our plan is simple. Complete annihilation to the pirates in this area using any means necessary. We are a special division formed for that reason only. We will be around each other for a while so you guys better get comfortable together. Don't look me that way blondie. I do not want any unnecessary drama. Also, while we are at it there is another marine crew out there in the huge sea having similar objective to us. So expect to have some friendly company later on. Aight you guys are dismissed now! Out of my sight"

    Couple of days later..

    "CAPTAIN Major Commodore of the First Legion Third Multiplication Double Admiral Artillery Vanguard Marine Company! Munsu Sama!!! Welcome to Neo Navy Base!" said a soldier.
    "How many times did I tell you to just call me captain...." Munsu sighed."Anyways it seems we have finally arrived.". Munsu lit up a cigarette as Zabuza walked by and stood beside him holding a glass of beer.
    "How did you gain that long ass title again captain?" Zabuza said while drinking taking a sip.
    "By killing pirates scum!" Munsu replied. They both then landed on the island and started walking as Lucieila followed behind silently.

    "Well well well, if it isn't Munsu. Oh pardon me, you are a captain now."
    "Vanity-kun" Munsu threw his cigarette to the ground. "Out of my way"
    "Or else?"
    "Or else"
    "Hahaha, you think I am afraid of you just because you have a couple of clowns accompanying you now? Think again, Munsu." taunted him the marine elite.
    Zabuza and Lucieila made to move but where stopped by their captain's glance.
    "Mock me again, Vanity-kun. Make my day"
    "Just look at them Munsu, seriously. Guuurl, those boots with that skirt? Come on! And you big guy, ripped sleeves? Did they just unfreeze you from a previous decade?" Vanity-kun continued, laughing maniacally now.
    "Alright Vanity-kun. Don't make it boring. Give me your best. On the count of 3"
    "Bring it on Munsu!"
    Was the last thing Vanity-kun heard before getting attacked by both Zabuza and Lucieila at the same time. Too busy fending them off to hear Munsu thriumphantly walking toward him. "You got one thing right, Vanity-kun. I am a captain now"

    Vanity-kun tried his best but he never stood a chance against the three of them. Munsu stopped his crewmates in time not to kill the poor marine elite.

    Island Of Apes

    The Beings of Darkness stepped foot on the Island of Apes and rushed to explore it. Captain Pace's trademark smirk quickly vanished from his face and replaced itself with a scowl.
    "What is this? Are there no people on here?"
    "I found no one either, sir. Perhaps if you were willing to cooperate with the rest of us instead of going on your own we would be more successful, ya idiot." replied Izuna cathing her breath."
    "What did you just say to me?""Me? Nothing, I was just saying we should stick together."
    Pace angrily stared at her for a moment.
    "I suppose you are right"
    "She is, I scouted as well and I assure you I only saw some monkeys around" said Frank, lighting up a cigarette.
    "Monkeys you say?"
    "Yes, why, know anything about them?"
    "I know this island"
    "Oh really?"
    "Then please tells us about it, ya retard"
    "Ignore her, she's still mixing the words, idiot"?
    "You too, Frank??"
    "Sorry, got carried away. Give me a break already and tell us. I have some sleep to catch"
    "Right, right, the monkeys, I know everything about them. Follow me."
    And so the crew found itself deep in the forest where hidden behind a tree they watched the apes sitting around in a circle, a larger ape in its centre.
    "What are they doing?" asked Izuna
    "This is their king, Oran"
    "Oran. Oran Kun Thang"
    "Fascinating" replied Frank "what of him? I sense money nearby"
    "You senses are ever so accurate my friend. You see the apes, they kill everyone that steps on the island and give their belongings to Oran as tribute"
    "So we just have to take them all out right, ya bastard?"
    "Not all of them, they are too many. If we just take out Oran though..."
    "Makes sense. How do we go about it though? Perhaps if I dress up as an ape and try to bait him? Or wait, what if we gather some bananas and make a path with them and he follows it and we make a hole in the ground and..."
    "I believe you are going too far Frank, ya shithead" cut in Izuna. "Pay attention if you may. He is just a dumb ape"
    "Worry not my friends, didn't I tell you I know everything about them?" "All we need to do, is challenge him to a duel. Be careful though, he uses a technique called Apeman Karate"
    "And how do we challenge a gorilla?"
    "It's simple"
    "Do tell ya moron"
    "Like this" He stepped forward. "Oran Kun Thang, we challenge you to a duel!!!!" he screamed and waved his arms wildly.
    King Oran growled and immediately charged at Pace. Pace, carrried away, did the same, not noticing that the rest of the apes throwing bananas at him until he slipped on one of them and landed on his face.
    "Ten belli, was it? Pay up ya ox" smiled Izuna
    "You little rascal, I shouldn't have taken this bet knowing him"
    Izuna, her smile widening prompted him to aid their captain and Frank duly followed.
    The trio some not so successful karate and many bananas later, managed to knock Oran out and the moment they did, the apes fell to the ground, in submission.
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    “Hrrrm. That seems like a nice island to plunder. “, noticed Captain Zemu Smythe of the Colossi Pirates as the ship docked in the bay. The crew left the ship and many heads turned as Lara walked among the crowd. Before they could leave the bay to enter the city a thin, kind, old man stopped them.

    “Excuse me for the delay dear s-sirs”, he said while looking at the giant with a scared look “and lady”, he continued and made a small bow to Lara “but if you wish to stay in our city you need to pay taxes for entrance, a small amount for taking a spot in the doc and taxes for your daily presence here. Oh also, you need to pay the ticket to enter the city.”
    “Oh that will be all?”, replied Lucius with a sarcastic tone and Lara shot him with a deadly glance.
    “Yes, of course if you wish to visit some monuments in the city, there’s extra tickets for that but you can pay in the entrance there”, concluded the old man.
    “Alright, alright, how much is it?” asked Lucius while rolling his eyes.
    “Ah, just 15000 Beli for today.”
    “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?”, said the whole crew in union with a shocked look in their faces.
    “Can’t I just kill him?”, whispered Lucius to Zemu who entertained the idea for a bit before replying.
    “Oi, you old geezer, why you need so much money?”
    “Well, you see the city has expenses, we are a touristic area. We need to maintain the bay, pay the city guards, there are expenses for cleaning-AAAAAWW!!!”, the old man screamed as Zemu lifted him on the air and brought him close to his face, so close that he was able to witness the legendary long nose hair of Zemu Smythe, the longest that has been seen in the history of his hairy tribe.
    “I don’t like cleaning”, growled the giant and threw him on the ground. “Consider us sparing your life as a payment”.
    “That was a discreet entrance as always. Congrats to both of you”, Lara scowled them and started walking to the city.
    “What did I do again???” complained Lucius with a serious face but Lara was too far ahead and too enraged by his despicable name to hear him.

    The city was vivid and full of people, who despite the ridiculous prices in the markets seemed to enjoy the atmosphere.
    “Hey, come here”, said Lara to Lucius as he was trying to reason with Zemu who was arguing with a guy trying to sell him a nose hair trimmer. Lucius followed her with suspicion, his hand on his daggers under his black shirt.
    In between the wide market and city streets the narrow roads looked as if they belonged to another city. Dirty, sloppy and full of people begging for money. A little girl came closer and extended her hand “I am hungry”, she cried to them and a piece of gold fall into her hands.
    “You are dirty. I like you.” said Zemu and smiled back to the girl who was looking at him as if he was Santa.
    “What’s happening here?”, asked Lucius.
    “This is where the less fortunate and wealthy people live”, replied Lara “since they can’t pay the taxes the Queen is asking from them. Apparently, the majority of the people living in the city are all part of the palace staff, while the common people live like beggars in the streets.”
    “This…this Queen with her cleaning taxes. I don’t like her.”
    “I was asking around and apparently we can’t enter any territory without having to pay. “
    “Let’s kill her. She is ruthless, she only cares about money and has betrayed her people. A traitor, that’s all she is!”, proclaimed Lara enraged before shooting a deadly look on Lucius as if he was responsible for all the bad things in the word.

    Deep in the night in a luxurious chamber in the palace

    The Queen was changing to her night robes when she heard faint whispers by the closet. She had no time to check what was happening before a smoke cloud engulfed the room and felt cold steel piercing her back. She tried to fight back and managed to land few hits on her enemies, but they were stronger and better organized than her.
    The next morning the town was shocked. The infamous Colossi Pirates had invaded the palace and took the Queen as a hostage, while they discovered her secret safe with the money she has been stealing all this time through taxes and fees.

    In the town center, a large stage was set. The Colossi pirates had gathered all her treasures and proclaimed they will give to the people what has been stolen from them. The council was relieved from the fall of the Queen and welcomed the Colossi pirates as the new leaders of this island.

    Zemu held a gigantic axe on his hands, the Queen fallen on her knees.

    “For your crimes against the people of this land and for your clean ways I claim your life!”, he announced and before he swing the axe he threw mud on her face. Suddenly the Queen’s golden hair fell off, revealing a bold head. Her makeup was washed away as the mud fell off her face, revealing the manly features.

    “A man?????”, screamed Zemu in shock and his axe fell from his hands chopping of the Queen’s head.
    “An Okama!!!”, replied the crowd with a cheerful voice as the reign of the covetous Okama Queen came to an end.

    Somewhere…not very vast…

    Sweat run down her face as Iris removed the brick on one of the walls. She sighed with relief and then waited silently in the dark. The tall man walked in, but before he could lay the food down a swift hit left him unconscious.

    Iris was running in the scorching sand when finally she found it. Finally, more food and water. Tears ran down her face as she felt the sweet taste of water running down her dry throat. She knew what she had to do. She couldn’t stop. Not now, not ever. She ran back carrying bags of food and water in her already strained back. Sadaharu was waiting for her as always. He smelled the bag of foods and his face was lighted by a smile.
    Iris fell on her back, trying to catch her breath as Sadaharu fed.

    When she walked on the exit she didn’t hesitate.
    “Oi,”, said Bodybill, as he stood guard on the exit “go back lass. I wouldn’t want to hurt your pretty face.”
    Iris didn’t move, not even blinked as she said, “Sadaharu, go get your bones boy!”

    Headquarters of Neo Navy

    "You asked to see me Admiral Scabandari?" said Uriel with a soft voice as she walked on the wide office.
    "Those imbeciles...", said Scabandari and gritted his teeth.
    "Who again?" asked Uriel as she rolled her eyes from the many times she heard that intro on this office.
    "Those marines clowns we sent to seize the fallen territories and impose our power to the seas!!', exploded Scabandari with a wild roar "calling me here, to ask if we have a spare doctor in the bases! As if I am responsible for the recruits!! That's it! If they dare annoy me again I am sending them off to clean toilets in the marine bases!!! STOP LAUGHING URIEL YOU ARE ENRAGING ME EVEN MORE!!!"

    Uriel tried to hold back her laughter at the face of Scabandari that had turned red from anger.
    "I will make sure they do as they should", she replied with all the seriousness she could gather at the moment.
    "Fine!", he screamed back at her "Prepare my ship!"
    "Nooo, where are we going again? We have plans, we have so many teams to coordinate, we can't just leave so you-"
    "The ship Uriel!"
    "Fine", she gave up, her eyes rolling so much that she looked as she suffered a stroke.


    You have around 2 days to decide your next destination and submit you actions.
    Don't forget to update your stats as well.

    1. @Joseph Joestar aka Basil
    2. Nekomamushi @Dracula
    3. Gir aka dead man walking @Mephistopheles
    4. @ZoroXLee
    5. @Spiegel
    6. @Min
    7. @Nise
    8. @Inari
    9. @SoulKiller
    10. Inuarashi @Overhaul
    11. @AndrewtheAmericanDude
    12. @SniperKing
    13. @Loni the Lazy
    14. @Rounin
    15. @MelanciaSJ
    16. @Ratchet
    17. @Shaki
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    Scenario 2

    The Independent Pirate

    Shock and terror was the main stars in the yearly Okama Parade. A deadly attack by a still unknown shooter took place during the parade with target none other than the famous Okama Queen Vangart.
    The Okama Parade is Okamaland's most famous event and as every year, the celebrations have started from early morning. Little did they know the citizens of Okamaland that this year's parade will truly go down with a bang.
    A little over 4 in the noon, while the grand chariot of the parade with Okama Queen Vangart had entered the main Plaza of the town, a mysterious man was spotted in the roof of the town hall. A shot was heard and panic spread all over the plaza. A brave young woman managed to rescue Queen Vangart, since her partner was the one to pinpoint the suspicious man. The man, that seems to be an okama was patrolling around the roofs for any suspicious moves and was able to pinpoint the suspect, unfortunately not before he was able to shoot.
    Thankfully, his partner was able to rescue Queen Vangart since she dived on top of her, pushing both to the ground to avoid the shoot.
    "He is not my partner!!", was the only announcement the lady did, while we were unable to find the man/okama that rescued the Queen.
    Vangart was taken to the hospital and left soon after with just a sore hip. The assassin was killed during his arrest in his attempt to escape.

    Jap lab Island

    Hours had passed since Munsu and his company had entered Jap Lab's town, but all 4 of them had the same raised eyebrow expression fixed on their faces for the whole duration, something that was starting to be reason for concern for Lucieila, even behind her bone mask.
    "All these inventions captain, they look so strange. Are there any of worth, I wonder"
    "Wouldn't count on it, Zabuza, wouldn't count on it."
    "Perhaps we could try some out. Like that machine we saw earlier that claimed to be able to make rum out of broccoli?"
    All three turned to him with the same expression.
    "Yes, Zabuza, perhaps we should and then make that rum and force you to drink a tank of it!" replied Munsu, lighting a cigarette.
    "Captain, why are we here then?"
    "Why that's a good question, Vain-kun. We are here because there have been reports about a scientist, some wacko called Erasio, is connected to strange incidents taking place in this island. The info we got speaks about connections with the mafia and alarming suspicions about building weapons of mass destruction"
    "So the answer is simple"
    "We kill this Erasio" said Lucieila, completing Zabuza's sentence.
    "Let's have some more beer first though."
    "Wait what?"
    "First good thought of the day, Zabuza"
    "Thank you, captain"

    And the two carried on drinking and smoking for several hours, initiating the young Vain-kun to "the ways of a marine", while Lucieila kept writing in a piece of paper with increasing intensity. When the young recruit asked her what was she writing she quickly hid the paper but Vain saw that by that point it was almost torn apart. He quickly went and whispered to his captain who reassured him that everything is alright but after letting a couple of minutes pass sternly oderded a slightly confused by the sudden change Zabuza to stop loitering around and make his preparations for the upcoming battle .

    They found Erasio in his lab, in the middle of an experiment. With disgust they noticed that the subject was a human, proving the information they had acquired earlier true.
    "Dr. Erasio! You have gone too far! This stops here!"
    The scientist clearly hadn't noticed them breaking into his facilities. Sweating, he tried to maintain his composure.
    "Not so easy. Not so easy. Behold my mightiest inventions!"
    Bombs, traps, peculiar weapons. Some of them worked, some of them failed miserably, but it wasn't enough to stop the determined marines.

    Blazing island

    “Keep your guard up and move very silently”, said Frostbeard, that looked like a dark rock moving along the empty plain, smeared in ash.
    Yasha rolled her eyes “I don’t think we are fooling anyone disguised as a huge moving rock and a stone that screams “VAAAAAAAAAAAADE VIIIILSOOOOOOOOOON” all the time”.
    “It’s ok I have taken other measures in case we are discovered”, continued Frostbeard and took some meat of his backpack. A spear was thrown and landed right in front of Vade’s foot, who was leading the way. A tribe of dark skinned, bulky, short men appeared from the ashy ground surrounding the crew.

    “Abuhara gamun!’ shouted a man who seemed to be the tribe’s leader.
    “We come in peace”, announced Frostbeard and offered them the meat.
    “Dagun do kurdo!” replied the man and few other men came closer to smell the meat that Frostbeard was holding in his hands.
    “It’s good”, he tried to explain to them.
    “Daku daki deru go!”
    “Gabun do!”
    “I don’t understand what you are trying to say!”
    “Ouch!” yelled Yasha as a kid bitten her calf.
    “Nom-nom”, said the kid.
    “Oi, no!” replied Frostbeard with a worried look.
    “Nom-nom?” asked the leader with an excited look and the kid nodded.
    “NOM-NOM”, he then screamed and the tribe started chasing the crew that continued shouting “NO NOM-NOM!!!”

    The crew was tied in the edge of a small volcano as the tribe was dancing around the fire, chanting frantically and making tricks with stones to produce sparks.
    “I told you it was a silly plan”, said Yasha.
    “Ok, hold on I almost got this”, replied Frostbeard as he cut through the ropes.
    “VAAADE VIIIILSON”, screamed Vade as he charged in the tribe but was stopped by arrows flying all around him.

    A tall figure emerged from the dark and the whole tribe bow down to him as they whispered “Sorangar!”
    “I think he is their leader. We must defeat him”, said Frostbeard and charged at the man who unsheathed his blade and spat on it, setting his sword on fire.
    The man seemed skilled but soon enough the crew realized that he tricks with fire had no power and were only meant to distract them. A swift strike and Sorangar's head fell lifeless on the ground.
    The tribe sacrificed the fallen leader’s body on the volcano and prepared a large feast, in honor of their new leaders with plenty of meat that no one from the crew touched, since they were very suspicious for the origin of that meat.

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    Flytrap Island

    “I…I don’t like this island!”, said Lara with a worried look as she gazed through the endless forest ahead of them.
    They had anchored in a nearly destroyed bay and all they could see ahead was thick vegetation and forest trees.
    “Let’s just look around,” said Lucius and went ahead with his daggers on his hands “we will need to cut through this to go in”.

    Sweat was running down their faces that have turned red from the effort and the bug bites.
    “Ouch! Something bit me again!”, complained Lara.
    “I don’t like this jungle. It’s too humid, it makes my hair curl”, said Zemu and continued his pointless effort to tame his thick hair.
    “We can just get back to the ship.”
    “No we can’t! Look Lucius”, pointed Lara behind them “the path you carved in the forest is gone! What have you done we are trappeeeeee-“, Lara’s voice turned into a scream as she was dragged from her feet into a huge plant, that has opened its petals to reveal a set of thorns and what appeared to be a mouth. Lucius dived behind her but before the plant could devour Lara, it’s was torn apart from its root by Zemu
    Lara swiftly got up to run back to Lucius who had frozen in the same spot. “Don’t move!”, he shouted at her.
    “We are surrounded”, he said in a calm voice as he looked around them, at the same plants that tried to devour Lara. “They follow our moves. We must be fast and coordinated to-“, his sentence was cut in the middle by a thick cloud of yellow smoke that surrounded the spot and a frantic, unknown voice that screamed: “RUN!!”

    They ran through the plants that seemed to get disoriented by the smoke until they reached an opening.
    “That was close.”
    “Let’s try to reach those hills up there to see if we can find a way through the forest.”
    “Nhhm, that will be hard to do alone’n.”
    “Yes, but if we stay here we will be eaten by the plants!’
    “And the bugs!”
    “That seems reasonable’n argument’n!”
    “Wait, who’s talking like that?”
    “AAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!”, screamed the crew in union by the appearance of the stranger.
    “AAAAAAAAAA’N!!”, screamed the stranger in reply to the crew.

    Zemu lifted him on the air in his hand. “Who are you?”, he demanded.
    “I am Theseus’n, champion of the island’n!”, he said and posed gazing in the horizon.
    “What’s he looking at?”, whispered Lara. “No idea, the yellow smoke must have messed his brains” replied Lucius and they both shook their heads in agreement.
    “I like him. He is dirty”, Zemu was entertained by the newcomer.
    “What happened here?”, asked Lara as they sat down to listen to the tale of Theseus, Champion of the Flytrap island.

    A long conversation about arachnids’n and the fall of the island later’n….

    “So this Aragog spider has taken over the territory.”
    “Spider?” asked Lara with a curious look.
    “It’s settled then. We find this arachnid and kill it so we can get back to the ship”.
    “Arachnid?”, asked Lara with a curious look.

    The trees grew taller and thicker as they moved deeper into the jungle, hiding the sun light and a thick fog cloud had settled in their path.
    “We are close’n.”
    “Aye, ready up crew, we have an evil spider to kill!”
    “Spider?” asked Lara with a curious look.

    A figure moved in the far end of the path. A huge round body with thick brown hair emerged; eight glistering yellow eyes and eight strong feet moved threatening their way.
    “THIS IS A SPIDER??” screamed Lara and tried to run away but fell into Lucius’ arms who was standing behind her.
    She was confused and outraged for a second but decided that the huge spider was a better option than Lucius arms and turned around to attack the Aragog.

    “That was a nasty bugger”, said Zemu with a smile, clearly satisfied by the dirty fight that left them covered in green, slimy fluids and webs.
    “Hey, look what I found on its nest!”, said Lucius with a satisfied look.
    “Oooh, that fruit looks delicious!”, said Zemu and tried to take it and eat it.
    “No! It’s not just a fruit! It’s a devil fruit!!”

    Hanun Island

    After the battle with the Apes, the Beings of Darkness were pleased to see that the inhabitants of Hanun were humans.
    "Alright let's do this" said captain Pace. "Objective numero uno: sell the bananas we got from the Apes."
    "Yay! I do it!"
    "Better not, Izuna. You will scare the customers away."
    "That is never my intention, moron"
    "Case in point"
    "You can be the mascot, Izuna. Wouldn't you like that?" said Frank.

    During the selling of the bananas, they managed to get much information about the island and most importantly, about the infamous Queen Azhar. A stunning young lady, lady Azhar became queen despite her young age, after the mysterious disappearance of her parents. Queen Azhar was rumoured to be very fond of games hence the great garden maze around the palace that holds all kind of mysteries and wild animals. The queen apparently never married and thus the majority of the visitors of the island are wannabe grooms for her. So far, no one has succeeded in charming her and to make matters worse, few of them have returned from the palace.

    "I sense a chance for money here, captain"
    "Your senses are ever so accurate my friend Frank"
    "How to get in the palace though? Dig a tunnel maybe or somehow catapult ourselves in? Hmm."
    "Worry not, I have the right plan for this"
    "Which is?"
    "We will dress up as grooms and enter that way!"
    "How about me, shitface?" asked the 12yo.
    "What about you?" asked Frank
    "You will dress up as well!"

    And so they entered the palace. The maze was as glorious as it seemed from the outside but after walking for a while, they were stopped by none other than the queen herself.
    "Greetings, travellers. Did you come here to meet me?"
    "We greet you, your Majesty. Yes, we have come here for you. We are chosen by our country as candidates to marry you and join the forces of our kingdoms"
    "Even the young boy?"
    "Yes, even him"
    "You are brave men, traveller"
    "That we certainly are, your Majesty"
    "I like you, traveller, you and I have something in common"
    "I feel the same, your Majesty"
    "However, you have to prove me your strength. If you survive the maze, you will get your wish granted" she said and ran away.
    The crew tried to follow her but got lost in the maze. Trying to find their way out, they noticed in horror the reality of Queen Azhar of Hanun. She was the one responsible for the disappearances of the grooms. Evidence of that, the scattered limbs of the unlucky men who had fallen. And the weapon of her crime, the wild animals that resided in the maze.

    The queen appeared in the distance behind large animals that approached them slowly, salivating in anticipation of fresh meat. She raised her voice to taunt them.
    "Do you like my pets, travellers? They seem to like you!"
    None of the three responded to her taunts. They assumed battle formation.
    "Sic 'em!" shouted the queen and the wild beasts attacked.
    Alas, captain Pace and his crew were not like the grooms. Skillfully evading the animals, they quickly closed the distance with the queen who horrified begun to flee.
    "Not so fast, you Majesty. I told you, we came here for you, not your pets."
    And that was the end of Queen Azhar of Hanun.

    Wild Wild…Beasts

    The heat had seized and the corridors of this floor were cool and moist. Iris stopped for a moment to catch her breath. She heard distant screams and ruckus all around her and she continued her run. The fight with the guard had exhausted her already strained body but she knew she had to continue. A voice was heard, much closer than the others.

    “You have saved my life. I could have rotten in there; I now owe it to you. So, take me with you!” Takeru announced with sparkles in his eyes, his small body bouncing on top of Sadaharu’s head.

    Sadaharu was leading the run, with Iris right behind.

    “Don’t need it. Now scram-” Iris dismissed coldly.
    “Uh-oh” Sadaharu’s interrupted, not long before their abrupt halt were filled with mass screams.
    “Is there another way out?” Iris asked.
    “Nope, only way out smells right around that corner.”
    “Oi, Tontatta”
    “Time to prove your worth”

    RAAAAMEEEN, a howl was heard from far away and a massive figure approached the three. Iris looked at the beast with confidence, her hands caressing the hilt of her blades as Sadaharu growled at the beast, revealing his fangs and his intentions. A small ball was thrown from Sadaharu’s head that engulfed the beast in fire and smoke…

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
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    "This place is nice" said Anderson "The Spider" Silva, relaxing in the spa of the big red house of Bellisola, which in reality was nothing more than a luxurious club with exotic escorts.
    "Yes, the clothing stores were amazing and the Venetian style so dreamy! Ah, I could live here forever!" answered a happy Seni.
    "Ye ye, those too, for sure, for sure"
    "Let the girl enjoy the place too, fam" intervened their captain Terry "The Biceps" Crews.
    "Anyway, focus you two. We didn't come here for vacations. What we came here for is dat sweet mafia booty."
    "Oh I am here for this as you see captain" answer Silva smiling at one of the employees who was looking at him. The girl returned the smile.
    "Mr. Anderson! I ain't gonna repeat myself. Listen carefully. We gonna meet with the mafia tonight and we will try to swindle them. We ain't want no engage before that. Spend the rest of your hours making contacts here and in the city so that everyone get the memo that we come in piece okay?"
    The two nodded in agreement, both with suspicious smirks, for different reasons.

    In the evening, the team arrived to the set meeting place, home of the Tratore family where Lorenzo Santobello welcomed them himself along with his family. The crew smiled at each other seeing the familiar face of Dezire, the lady of the red house, wife of Lorenzo.
    "Welcome to mi casa, amici! Come in, we have lots to discuss" announced Don Lorenzo.
    "Pleased to make your acquaintances" answered Terry Crews to which Dezire frowned. "No need for this act, Terry darling. Once you enter my club, you have no secrets from me, don't you know? My girls have told me everything about you and your crew. Thanks to the man on your side, mostly." she said with a smile to the Spider
    "Why am I not surprised, mr. Anderson?"
    "Captain, I assure you they are to be trusted. I think we should make a change of plans. I should have told you already. I apologize."
    "The man is right" , Dezire started again. "You see, you might have fished for info in our city but what you don't know is that there's a CP7 unit in disguise on this island at the moment. I am certain of it, those filthy marines think they can pull a fast one at us but they underestimated my information network. However, even I have failed in sniffing them out."
    "And this, we will entrust to you, Terry Crews. Find them and eliminate them and the Tratore family will show you its generosity. The choice is yours."
    "Alright Don Lorenzo you got me. I gotta admit yanno I kinda like you guys. Back in the hood I grew up, guys like you were hard to find. Tough but fair amirite? I suppose we have a deal, right fam?"
    "Fam for family, Don"
    "Ah si, I like this one, Dezire"
    "My man, gonna be good doing business with you"
    "Alright don't push it, senior Crews. Do you have anything about those CP7?"
    "He doesn't, but I do" intervened Seni. "I saw two suspicious individuals earlier while I was in the marketplace. They won't be a problem by tomorrow, senior Tratore"
    "Excellent, seniorita. You put even my girls to shame. And I don't mean only when it comes to spying." said Dezire with a wink, making Seni blush.

    And so they followed Seni, who lead them straight to the hotel room where the CP7 agents, Anabel and Denton were hiding. Perhaps due to the recent meeting and bargain with the mafia, the crew attacked in the mafiosi way, ambushing the agents when they least expected it and throwing everything they had to them, eliminating the agents fast, efficiently and using quite a bit more power than needed.

    Somewhere in the wide ocean…

    “Look Moby at this building!”, said Thorne as he gazed in a big building that looked like a huge trumpet. Cheerful tunes were heard all over the town plaza and Mody was flying around dancing in the tunes.
    A loud bang was heard and many heads turned.

    “Outrageous!” said a chubby man with a renascence like costume and a slim, curly mustache. “Are you trying to rob me? You Rockias are truly good for nothing!”, continued the man as he stepped out of the store.
    “Oi you Symphonia bastard, who do you think you are insulting you fat snob?” replied an angered man with long black hair and beard, dressed in dark leather with many tattoos on his body.
    “Who did you call bastard you vermin?” said the fat man and charged at him.
    They exchanged few punches before the crowd could separate them and set them on their way.

    “What’s happening here?” asked Thorne but Moby was too busy headbanging to reply to him.
    “It’s always like that lately”, said a young girl that was standing next to Thorne. “Are you new here?” she asked with a curious look.
    “Ah yes, hello. I am Thorne and the peculiar monkey dancing like crazy is my friend Moby.” The girl giggled at the sight of Moby. “Are they always arguing like that?” continued Thorne.

    “No, not like that. The Rockia and the Symphonia families always argued but lately it has been worst. After lady Melodia and Punkrocku ran away together things has been bad. The families started receiving threats from each other and they both swear that their children have been kidnapped by the other family. Bu-but it’s not like that! They loved each other, they wanted to be together. And…and now their families are preparing for war”, concluded the girl and her eyes were wet under the sunlight.
    “It would be better for you to leave if you don’t want to get caught up in a war”, she warned him.

    “They are your friends, right?” asked Thorne the girl and she nodded in agreement.
    “How are they preparing for war? I looked around, there’s not a single place that has weapons” asked Thorne with curiosity.

    “I…I don’t know what’s going on. There are rumors that both families are being equipped with weapons, but I don’t know who would do that! We are peace loving people; we have never had a single war in the history of our island. I tried to tell them that Punkrocku and Melodia are together, but they didn’t believe me. And now they will kill each other while their children might be in danger!” concluded the girl and started crying.
    “It’s alright, don’t worry. War is an...ugly thing”, said Thorne and his eyes were filled with bitterness, “I will help you stop this war.”

    Few days later…

    “Are you sure this is the right way?” asked the girl worried as they walked in the ruins of the old town.
    “Yes, Moby is an excellent spy and he is certain that a suspicious man is hiding here”, replied Throne and sighed as Moby was flying around and breakdancing at the sounds of hip-hop music, making his claim sound completely empty.

    They entered a building that seemed long abandoned and empty, but it was still standing well against time. A shadow moved in the far end of a hallway and Moby disappeared.

    “Stay behind me lass”, said Thorne an approached in the next room.
    “Well, well, well…from all the people in the world you were the last one I expected to find here”, a tiny figure emerged from the shadows.

    Thorne sighed, “You scheming, filthy Tontatta mafia, I should have expected the likes of you here. Trying to start a war and sell your weapons.”
    “That trick always works. Oi, tell that monkey bastard to leave the kids alone”, replied the small Tontatta as Moby appeared with the missing kids behind him. "I am not joking Thorne. This building is full of explosives; I won’t let you take them away!”
    “Sterov, you filthy scum, I had enough of you’, said Thorne with a calm voice and unsheathed his blade.

    The families were rejoiced to see their children again, so much that they agreed to put aside their past arguments and join their kids in a union that would signify peace between the families.
    The wedding was grand and the party lasted all night. Thorne gazed at the sun rising up from the horizon as they sailed in the calm waters, disturbed only by the sounds of metal music and Moby’s frantic headbanging show off to their new friend.

    Revolutionaries Tower

    The wind blew cool and shooting on top of the tower, blowing away Silchas silver hair, his teal eyes glistering in sunlight.

    “My leader”, announced its present a tall man “I come with news!”
    “Join me Beolen”, replied Silchas and the man sat next to the leader.
    “There has been an attempt to assassinate commander Vangart in his home island”, said Beolen and Silchas eyes darkened.
    “The attempt was stopped the last minute by one of our own.”
    “That pleases me”, said Silchas in a calm voice.
    “The CP9 agent was killed in the siege sir, so we couldn’t get any information out of him.”
    “This is sad to hear…” continued Silchas and gazed at the horizon. “So Scabandari is on the move, as expected”.
    “Yes, but we managed to tap the marine Headquarters, leader. Their communications have been intercepted. Scabandari has left the base. Do you want us to cancel the retrieval mission, sir?”
    “No, Beolen. Never. We must protect our own, now more than ever. I will be gone for a while”, he said in a calm tone and turned to look at Beolen, “You and Ilsa are in charge here”, he concluded and stepped on top of the tower.

    He gazed around his town for a long moment before he jumped to the void. His silver hair floated into the air for seconds before Silchas Ruins turned into a wyvern, his silver skinned wings glistering in the setting sun.

    "I of course represent the perfect balance.
    Wit, physical prowess and a multitude of talents to match my natural grace. When combined with my extraordinary ability to waste it all, you see, standing before you, the exquisite culmination"
    the 9th

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