The Legion of Killers vs the Legion of Hunters, Birka - The Seekers vs the Legion of Pirates

After taming the Cranken and getting a ghost ship in their fleet, the Seekers seek Birka, upon hearing reports that the Legion of Pirates is wrecking havock and spilling blood in the warrior tribes and their villages.
Using Cranken to ascend the sky path, their previous ship does not resist the strong winds and troublesome milky currents and falls down to the blue sea. Luckily, the Seekers manage to arrive at Birka with their ghost ship and Cranken's help.
Upon noticing it, a scout from the Legion of Pirates warn Alan and Kenneth of the bounty hunters' arrival, and they arrange a strategical meeting to discuss their intention and arrange terms.
In it, the pirates seek to gain information on their enemies, while the bounty hunters seek to gain some time and get ready for the fight. Agreeing upon the terms, both crews meet at dawn in a big clearing in the woods.
As strong, dangerous, menacing and numerically superior as the pirates were, they did not resist for long to the cunning strategy of Colt and the speed of Kurasame and Stella. Not even the mean chicken korma that Alan cooked for them was enough to make them resist the hunters strength and coordinated teamwork.
In a last effort, Kenneth almost managed to take out Colt, who barely avoided the killing shot.
In the end, only Jemma stood before her unconscious teammates, and not a bright future ahead of her, decided to forfeit in hopes of sparing her own life.

Crashing an Underworld Party, St. Poplar - Marine Crew 69th Division

After a successful mission on Karakuri, Tsuru congratulates the marines and asks them to deliver some materials, along with getting some others, to St. Poplar, a spring island. Due to the commercial nature of it, criminal activity is quite strong in the island and as such, Nobody and Digger, along with their crew, are asked to stop an ongoing transaction of Adam Wood, a rare and durable wood used to make strong battleships, along with other valious items.
However, this does not come without hard work. Present at the transaction are many Underworld brokers and criminals, among them the infamous Pradura the Hunter and Zexogram the 1000 kilo killer.
With them, Nior, a poisonous blowfish ninja, Shichi, an eel fishman with chains for weapons, and Gamabunta, a Toad zoan with a sledgehammer bigger than he is, stand before them in a hall full of traps and devices that will be used against the good marines.
The forces of justice power through their lines, from Gamabunta, to Shichi and then Nior, enduring their non ending ploys and traps with electricity, poison and smoke, and manage to take them out before they succumb to their wounds themselves.
Next on the menu is the leaders, who used their underlings to weaken the marines, Pradura and Zexogram. Will the forces of justice hold steady?