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Ace was a Yonko commander. So is katakuri. Ace was debatebly not in his peak when he fought Teach, he had so much more potential imo. Katakuri is more less in his peak right now.

Seeing how one of the major reasons Ace lost was because his emotions got the best of him, Katakuri would not have this issue so I reckon Katakuri takes this high diff.
i dont think a high diff fight makes any sense. Theres no way pre skip bb is being as much of a challenge as g4 luffy. Like you mean to tell me g4 luffy is just equal to ace and preskip blackbeard and magellan for that matter. Theyve gotten waaay strong and katakuri is still above that level.

Honestly the WB pirates are a bit of a joke now. The way the stroy unveiled itself they are definitely the weakest commanders out of the 4 yonko groups. So you cant even use that as a basis for their strength.

Another point is that even with the gura gura and his whole crew BB didnt even try to stand up to akainu he was even a match. I feel like katakuri would put up one hell of a fight before losing to akainu so it clearly shows whos superior in strength. All in all a person who doesnt even know haki has no chance of beating katakuri IMHO.

i just think saying high diff would put blackbeard on doflamingos power level and thats kind of ridiculous.