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    You know, this place has been MY ONLY FORUM. It was my first forum, in 2012, my join date lies, I had Nexus delete my old account once upon a time and came back to catfish the RP. LOL. Anyways, I always loved this website, and used to be on here for hours, I had nothing but free time in my teen years, and kept it going until maybe about three years ago, I traveled a lot and never really had Wi-Fi, or I probably would've been more active the past few years, but as mentioned before, I do work now but am settled down and able to access what I once would refer to as my home to my real life friends. And upon my arrival, I see our home, what once was filled with luscious posts is now nearly empty. I used to RolePlay here, that's how I found this forum and that's most likely how I will remember this forum, though I was active in other parts of it as well from time to time. I miss that though, as was mentioned about the RolePlay in the past, we were kind of a separate community from the regular forum browsers as we'd refer to them I suppose, and were kind of own little toxic ball of doom waiting to explode in front of the non-roleplaying admins faces, and they had enough of that and shut us down. We tried to reboot it, and didn't have much success especially since I took off to travel kind of unexpectedly. I'm not surprised that my RolePlay is still a no mans land. But, f**k guys, excuse my french, but I miss this place and would love to see it booming with activity and would be thrilled to be a part of it. I know a couple of you on here must feel the same way, and I'm sure we could do it. Forums aren't a dying breed, we just need to adjust and adapt. There's lots of ways to appeal and get new members, we could start our own discord channel, start up the old OPB Podcasts, maybe livestream some of the One Piece games, I have a few myself, I'm sure others have it. I WOULD LOVE TO RESTART THE ROLEPLAY. Although, attempts haven't been the best. Attempts are trial and error. I know I could still contact previous members, and potentially have them become returning members. I see other forums thriving, although they are on the google search list, I'm not sure what the reasoning behind us not being on google is, but our forum definitely has the CONTENT to be up on that first page. Maybe we can do something about that, maybe we cant. But I'd be damned if we didn't try. Who's with me...?

    edit.. So, I see 163 guests online. I'm sure some of them are google bots, but they can't all be... We just have to find ways to make them to stay, and I'm just gonna throw it out there real quick, I've played other One Piece RolePlays, none compare to what we had here. There was 90 some odd guests in the Grand One Piece RolePlay section. That has to say SOMETHING.

    edit2... soo.. .. just gonna drop that there. This is proof people can find us, and still wish to be a part of this, obviously wasn't happy with the forum's presence and decided not to return. But what if we can intrigue them into staying? Come on guys, please help me out on this one. I may not deserve it, but OPBForums does.
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    As for the help, why don't u invite your own friends?

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    I quit as staff.

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