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    Vivre Card Databook Information

    13. The birthplace of "Fishman Karate" is, not surprisingly, Gyojin Gai (Fishman District).

    14. Garp is 1 year older than Roger.
    Garp's son is initially 33 years older than Roger's son. Now their age gap is 35 years, since Roger's son died.
    Garp's grandson is initially 3 years younger than Roger's son. Now their age gap is 1 year, since Roger's son died.

    15. A side note from the Starter Set vivre card released earlier in September.
    The 4 core members of the Redhair Pirates: Shanks, Beckman, Yasopp, Lucky Roo.

    Shanks is from the West Blue.
    Beckman is from the North Blue.
    Yasopp is from the East Blue.
    Lucky Roo is from the South Blue.

    Right now we only know that 22 years ago Shanks sailed to Syrup Village in the East Blue, probably on his own, to find Yasopp and invite him onto his ship because Shanks heard rumors that Yasopp is a top-class sniper.
    In the "History" part of Yasopp's vivre card, it says:

    Before ??: joined the Redhair Pirates.

    One possibility is that Yasopp jumped onto the boat immediately after Shanks invited him and came home again 2 years later to make his wife, Banchina, bear his child (Usopp).
    Another possibility is that Yasopp waited two more years in Syrup Village until Banchina was pregnant. Then he left his hometown to join the Redhair Pirates.
    Also, Yasopp is 47 years old, and Shanks is 39 years old. When Shanks invited Yasopp, Shanks was a 17-year-old teenager and Yasopp was a 25-year-old fellow...

    But! The point is! Ben Beckman is 50 y.o. this year.
    He is 11 years older than Shanks.
    We don't know when did Beckman become Shanks' vice-captain (prolly after Shanks visited the Syrup Village since Shanks most possibly went there on his own), but it should be some time before Shanks became a Yonko.
    If Shanks was still a teenager when Beckman, who should then be in his late-twenties to early-thirties, became his vice-captain... that must be some serious charisma of the Redhair.
    It also says on Beckman's vivre card:

    "If Shanks, who is always positive and happy and loves parties and feasts, is the sun, then Beckman, who is quiet and dignified, must be the moon."
    "Beckman is the 'anchor' of the Redhair Pirates."
    "Among all people, Beckman is the person who understands Shanks the best."

    I wonder how did Shanks recruit his most important crew members.
    We only know that he personally went to the East Blue, heard rumors of a top-class sniper (or maybe first heard rumors, then went to the East Blue) and invited Yasopp. Whether he met Lucky Roo and Beckman on the Grand Line or in the North Blue & the South Blue is still unknown.
    But the fact that the core members of the Redhair Pirates are all from different oceans is still very interesting.
    Idk if there're other important members of the Redhair Pirates who are local Grand-Liners...

    The demographics of the Straw Hats are also diverse, they have actual Grand-Liners:
    The East Blue: Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp
    The North Blue: Sanji
    The West Blue: Robin, Brook
    The South Blue: Franky
    Grand Line: Chopper, Jinbe

    Hope we can know more about the Redhair Pirates in the later chapters.

    Set Preview of the Whitebeard Pirates Pack & Alabasta Pack, which will be released early December:
    Whitebeard Pirates Pack includes vivre cards of: Whitebeard, Marco, Ace, Sabo.
    Alabasta Pack includes vivre cards of: Chopper, Dr. Kureha, Vivi.
    (That's all we know according to the info on their product pages on Japanese Amazon. )


    1. Nami and Nojiko are from "Oykot Kingdom" (オイコット王国) in the East Blue. Bell-mère saw two little girls when she almost gave up on her life in the battlefield, and brought them back to the Cocoyasi Village.
    "Oykot" might be a reference to Tokyo.

    2. Catarina Devon is known as "Crescent Moon Hunter" because she is a pursuer of beauty. She hunts down good-looking young ladies, chops off their heads, and puts those heads into her collection.

    3. The name of Revolutionary Army's flagship (the one with a dragon figurehead) is revealed. It is called "Wind Granma".
    Wind → It's not English here, but German. "Wind" was used in names of a variety of German tanks back in WWII.
    Granma → Spanish. It is the name of a yacht which carried 82 Cuban revolutionary fighters from Mexico to Cuba in 1956. Its owner was a Mexican businessman, and he lent it out to Fidel Castro. See the Wikipedia page.
    (The Revolutionary Army indeed is revolutionary...)

    4. Monkey D. Dragon's favorite food is "bocadito". It is a type of "bite size" Cuban snack.
    (Again, the Revolutionary Army indeed is revolutionary...)

    Dragon is 55 years old.
    Garp is 78. Luffy is 19.
    Garp was 23 when Dragon was born. Dragon was 36 when Luffy was born.
    (Dragon, a man who was preoccupied with revolutionary ideal and couldn't spare a second for a family.)

    5. Sanjuan Wolf is from a Giant village in the West Blue. His height at the tallest is 180m. He is 99 years old so that's older than Hajrudin (81 y.o.) and Stansen, but still kinda close to their age group. He is a devil fruit user.
    His stature is officially admitted to be even taller than Wadatsumi.

    From Chapter 595 (translation by Viz), this could be evidence that Sanjuan Wolf has always been a devil fruit user.
    His original words were, "あっつー 足ギリギリ* 体に力も入ら*ー いてっ *にかまれつった"
    My attempt of translation:
    "It's hot in here... My legs are at their limit... There's no strength in my body (I can't move my body properly/My body is paralyzed)... Ouch... A fish just bit me..."
    Viz translators understood 「体に力も入ら*ー 」 as "worn out", maybe after a long excursion or some serious fight. However, the original meaning is "The strength cannot go into the body", and it indicates that one cannot move his/her body properly. It's very typical Devil Fruit user's behavior in water.

    6. Right now, 7 of the 10 Titanic Captains of the Blackbeard Pirates have been revealed. New information is in bold font:

    The 1st Ship: Jesus Burgess
    The 2nd Ship: Shiliew
    The 3rd Ship: ?
    The 4th Ship: Avalo Pizzaro
    The 5th Ship: Laffitte
    The 6th Ship: Catarina Devon
    The 7th Ship: Sanjuan Wolf
    The 8th Ship: Basco Shot
    The 9th Ship: ?
    The 10th Ship: ?

    Two of the 3rd, 9th and 10th ships' captains should be Doc Q and Van Auger if I'm not mistaken.
    We don't know whether Aokiji is one of the ten captains or not.

    The name of Shiliew's sword is "Raiu" (雷雨). It means "thunderstorm" in Japanese.

    Basco Shot's favorite type of booze is Shaoxing wine. Shaoxing is a city in China.
    Shaoxing wine is a type of huangjiu (黄酒, yellow wine). From my personal experience, Shaoxing wine tastes best heated and before dinner.

    Avalo Pizzaro once indeed was a king (probably of a kingdom in the North Blue).

    The Blackbeard Pirates' flagship is called Sabel of Xebec.
    Sabel means "sword".
    Xebec is a type of Mediterranean sailing ship used from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

    Also, the background color of the Blackbeard Pirates' Vivre Cards is black. That of the Redhair Pirates' is a type of maroon color.
    Thus it should be safe to say that the Yonko's Vivre Cards all have their own colors. (Maybe that of Whitebeard Pirates' is white? Big Mom's pink? Just some wild guess XD)

    7. The Arlong Park was once designed as an aquarium in Oda's rough sketches.

    Arlong's favorite food is roasted whole cow.

    In Oda's settings, Kuroobi is the No.2 of Arlong Pirates.

    Kuroobi's bounty is 9 million Belis. It is the same as Jango's bounty when he still was a pirate.
    Chew's bounty is 5.5 million Belis.

    8. Saldeath is 18 years old this year, so he was 16 two years ago. He is the same age as Koby.
    This also explains why he has grown significantly taller in these two years.

    9. Inazuma is said to be "Ivankov's right-hand-man", and "will shoulder the responsibility of the Revolutionary Army's next generation".

    10. Borsalino and Sakazuki are both from the North Blue.
    They both joined the Marines 32 years ago. The fact that they joined the Marines in the same year was mentioned in One Piece Vol.1000.
    Note that Sakazuki is the same age as Dragon.

    11. The favorite food of Captain Nezumi (Mouse) is.....
    .....(drum rolls) ....

    12. Remember the tragic couple Judy and Marie from Sabaody Archipelago?
    They were born on the same date!

    And here is the info of ages, heights, and hometowns.
    New info is in a different color.

    Note that Hannyabal is revealed to be 35 years old this year in the Vivre Card.
    But in Chapter 0, when 22 years ago Shiki escaped from Impel Down, Hannyabal looked like this back then:

    According to the age data revealed in Vivre Card, Hannyabal should be 13 years old back when Shiki escaped.
    However, he was already working in Impel Down.
    We don't know if he just looked old, or if child labor was legal in Impel Down, or if Oda's editor Mr. Naito just made another mistake...


    Sanjuan Wolf 99
    Borsalino 58
    Monkey D. Dragon 55
    Sakazuki 55
    Emporio Ivankov 53
    Genzo 48
    Magellan 47
    Gaimon 45
    Shiliew 44
    Avalo Pizzaro 42
    Arlong 41
    Ipponmatsu 40
    Basco Shot 38
    Kuroobi 38
    Catarina Devon 36
    Nezumi 36
    Smoker 36
    Chew 35
    Hannyabal 35
    Sentomaru 34
    Bell-mère 30 (when she died)
    Inazuma 29
    Yosaku 26
    Johnny 25
    Little Sadi 23
    Tashigi 23
    Nojiko 22
    Nami 20 (18 before time skip)
    Saldeath 18


    Sanjuan Wolf 18000cm (at his tallest)
    Pacifista 689cm
    Basco Shot 573cm
    Avalo Pizzaro 505cm
    Magellan 491cm
    Emporio Ivankov 449cm
    Catarina Devon 361cm
    Shiliew 340cm
    Hannyabal 309cm
    Sakazuki 306cm
    Borsalino 302cm
    Sentomaru 279cm
    Arlong 263cm
    Chew 257cm
    Monkey D. Dragon 256cm
    Kuroobi 252cm
    Inazuma 228cm
    Saldeath 218cm
    Smoker 209cm
    Bell-mère 186cm
    Johnny 186cm
    Yosaku 185cm
    Little Sadi 183cm
    Nezumi 182cm
    Genzo 173cm
    Nami 170cm (169cm before time skip)
    Nojiko 170cm
    Tashigi 170cm
    Ipponmatsu 157cm
    Gaimon 130cm


    East Blue:
    Bell-mère (Cocoyasi Village)
    Genzo (Cocoyasi Village)
    Ipponmatsu (Loguetown)
    Monkey D. Dragon (Goa Kingdom, Dawn Island)
    Nami (Oykot Kingdom, later Cocoyasi Village)
    Nojiko (Oykot Kingdom, later Cocoyasi Village)

    South Blue:
    Basco Shot
    Catarina Devon

    North Blue:
    Avalo Pizzaro

    West Blue:
    Sanjuan Wolf

    The Grand Line:
    Arlong (Fishman District, Ryugu Kingdom)
    Chew (Fishman District, Ryugu Kingdom)
    Emporio Ivankov (Kamabaka Kingdom)
    Kuroobi (Fishman District, Ryugu Kingdom)
    Little Sadi

    Smoker was at Gol D. Roger's execution in Loguetown 24 years ago, but he was born in the Grand Line, so he must have left his hometown for some reason at or before the age of 12.

    A side note from Vol. 1000:
    Hina (34) and Smoker (36) are among the last several students of Zephyr besides Ain and Binz.
    Borsalino (58) and Sakazuki (55) are his first students.
    Kuzan (49) is among the third wave of Zephyr's students.

    Also there's something in the previous Supernova pack of Vivre Card that might need to be emphasized:
    Rayleigh and Shakuyaku are partners, but not in a romantic way.

    It says on Shakuyaku's card:

    「レイリーの良きパートナー*が、 生活には深入りしないらしい。」
    "Although Rayleigh and her are good partners, it seems that she doesn't get involved in / know much about / care much about his personal life."
    Case closed. They are partners on the "we live together and share every piece of info and analyze all the news&intelligence together and I've got your vivre card just as you've got mine but we are not romantically involved" basis.

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