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    The Fire Festival and Oden's Avengers

    We are aware of this event that is a facade and really is to celebrate wickedness. I think there are themes that may be connected. As Sandman pointed out there are card game, liquor and kabuki themes. With the Headliners and Kaido.


    What I found when I looked further was that Tobiroku (Flying Six) meant Festival Stars. It reminded me of not only the kabuki theme, but also the Fire Festival and Big Mom's commanders epithet. Which was Sweet Stars. It's like everything is a show. The way Teach figuratively referred to his plans. Big Mom being dramatic with how the plan to kill the Vinsmokes and having the wedding. There was even a chapter called Actor. Where everyone was putting on an act. I remember Capone being astonished at Sanji's acting skills. He actually fell into the act a lil too much tho. He couldn't keep it together. Snji being the actor isn't just some hunch. Oda has drawn him like Otani Oniji who is usually drawn in with his hands out.

    I find it interesting that the first time we're formally introduced to the Calamities, we get beast form (Jack), human form (Queen), and hybrid form (King). If all of this is accurate, is it possible that King spends most of his time in hybrid form like Chopper does? I think spending most of your time in hybrid mode says a lot. It reminds me of
    . If a DF user spends a long duration in Kairoseki, they can build on their base abilities. We see it in the prison mine right now. Luffy's getting a lil buff. Also similar to wearing weights in manga.
    God, I got so off topic. Anyway, it was cool to see Drake in his hybrid form. It's not the same at all, but I wonder if any of the Calamities or Festival Stars are awakened, but different from the Impel Down Jailer Beast. Different as in they don' come off as simple and obedient. Those Jailer Beast seem not all there and sound, even tho they were obedient. An interesting thing is that the Jailer Beast carried Kanabo/mace/club, just like Kaido does. Put that into perspective with how King dresses like Magellan and Shiryu. Are the Beast Pirates former Jailers and inmates? It is also interesting that Queen and Morley give me an Okama vibes. King's mouth piece is somewhat similar to Karasu's and King's goggles are like Lindberg's. I'm guessing that King can take flight like Lindbergh. I'm guessing King is a Quetzalcoatlus or a Pterodactyl as well. Those are 2 prehistoric creatures. Morley was said to be the 1 who basically created Level 5.5. Is there a chance that some of the founding Beast Pirates and the 4 Commanders of the Revolutionary Army escaped Impel Down together?

    I think the Fire Festival will be similar to the WCI Wedding, but it'll be less closer to the end of the arc than the Wedding was. What's interesting is that the liquor/sake, kabuki plays and card games tend to be at festivals like this. Similar to how Big Mom had massive amounts of food and music at the wedding and as a theme for her crew.

    Fun Fact
    Drake and Hawkins (the real ones) died after the battle of San Juan in the Anglo-Spanish War to dysentery. Will they die to San Juan Wolf? Reeeeeeeaaaaaaaach

    Oden's Avengers

    I don't trust most of these guys that are being recruited from Wano. All this time, they never came up with their own plan for revenge. I bet at least 20% of them have switched sides. I believe Asura Doji hasn't switched sides because he wants no parts of it. I only came to say that this guy with the large hat has caught my eye a lot, just like everyone else. His hat with the diamond shape is interesting tho. As we all possibly do, I read the chapter secrets. What I hoped was there wasn't tho. That is the large hat in Minatomo's (Franky's boss) spot.

    The diamond is in the center of the straw hat. I think that guy has either been to Minatamo's shop or is there right now. I know some might dismiss it as everyone has that hat, but I don't think so. Not with the diamond shape that big there.
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